Crochet Soft Packer Pattern

Crochet Soft Packer Pattern
The dick
First we make a curving base so that our penis points down. We are working in a ring, and
the trick to creating the curve is to place tall stitches on one side, and low stitches on the
other side, for 5 rows.
1) Make a ring of 16 chain stitches (16)
2) Double crochet into the first 6 stitches. (Yellow in the sketch above). Single crochet 2
times. (orange). Slip stitch 6 times (blue). Single crochet 2 times. (orange) (Total: 16
3) Repeat 2 (16)
4) Repeat 2 (16)
5) Repeat 2 (16)
Now we start the straigh part of the shaft:
6) Double crochet in each stitch (16)
7) Repeat step 6 until your penis is of a good basic length. I did 6 rounds.
Now we start to make the penis head:
8) Make one round of single crochets. (16)
9) With double crochets, increase in every stitch, to create the first outward bulging of the
head (32)
10) Single crochet in every stitch for one round. (32)
11) Decrease in every third stitch for one round, still using single crochets. (about 25)
12) Decrease in every stitch until you have closed the hole. End with a couple of slip
stitches as you see fit, and bind off.
13) Pull the end of the yarn into the body of the penis, and stuff it to desired firmness. I
used cotton whool and scraps of yarn from other projects.
The balls
To create the balls, I did a simple almost symmetrical sack, and then stitched it together
down the middle to create two "testicles", and a nice cushion for the penis to rest on and
keep it stable where you place it. Number of stitches aren't very important here, just chain
as many as you want the sack wide.
1) Chain 16. Turn. (green stitches in sketch below)
2) Double crochet into each stitch in the chain (skipping the stitch closest to the hook) to
create the bottom base of the sack. (yellow stitches below) We are then going to start
working in the round with this as the start, to create something like a small basket.
3) Start a round of double crochet around the edges of your bottom base bit. Make one or
two stitches at the short ends. (blue stitches below).
Double crochet in spiral
Double crochet
4) Double crochet in every stitch for as many rounds as you feel the sack needs height. I
did 4.
5) Decrease in every other stitch for one round.
6) Decrease in every stitch for one round.
7) Leave the sack open at the top so you can fill it. What I did then was end my round in
the middle of the sack, and then I just did a row of slip stitches through the whole piece
down the middle, to create two parts of it. At the bottom, just pull the yarn through the
last loop, and then pull the end inside the sack.
8) I then stuffed each section to form a testicle.
Slip stitch
Using a tapestry needle, sew the dick to the balls. I attached the dick with some random
stiches, around the whole base of the dick. If you need some hints on sewing crocheted
parts together, hereʼs a good tutorial:
I then stiched in the open bits of the sack to finish off, and wove the yarn end into the
inside of the sack to hide it.