Welcome to our First International Online Newsletter!

Newsletter, September/October 2011
Welcome to our First
International Online Newsletter!
We are pleased and excited to bring to you our first international jewelry artist’s newsletter, “Jubili’s Jewels”.
We are proud to have customers from all over the US, as well as from such countries as England, Australia and
Russia! From near and far, we appreciate our customers, who we consider our new friends, and through this
newsletter, we’ll share our common enjoyment of jewelry arts and crafts with you!
We’ll feature product news, helpful tidbits, project samples, and on our web site...FREE patterns! Let us
know what you like that you’ve seen, and what you’d like to see! We aim to please, to educate, and to spark
your creativity and enthusiasm! We love to hear from you, so let us know what you think! We hope you’ll be
pleased with our newsletter and our ever-expanding web site. Please spread the word about our fabulous e
commerce web site to your beading, knitting, and mixed media hobbyist friends and family. We hope to be
your premier source for inspiration and supplies on the internet!
Miyuki’s Newest Beads
In case you haven’t seen these new Miyuki additions, we’re excited to showcase them for you here!
Tila Beads
Left: Sku# TL-2008
Right: A Jubili Jewelry original
Tila Bead Matte Met Patina Iris by Jes Lynch, a former employee
This great new addition to the Miyuki collection is
a flat rectangular bead (measuring 5 mm x 5mm x
1.9 mm), with two parallel holes, each measuring
0.8 mm. We’re having great fun designing jewelry
for Tila beads, and judging from all the magazines
featuring Tila bead designs these days, so is
everyone else! Look for next month’s
Long Magatamas
Sku# LMA-140FR
Long Magatama Matte Tr Red Orange AB
If you like the look of daggers, you’ll probably love
Miyuki’s new “Long Magatama”. Shaped somewhat
like a dagger, the Long Magatama’s hole is slanted.
Because of the slanted hole, the beads will all lean
in one direction when strung. Long Magatamas are
a good choice for fringes and as bead groupings.
Jubili Beads & Yarns® Newsletter
September/October 2011
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“The BEST place anywhere to nurture your creative spirit!”
The Beader’s Angle
Jubili Beads & Yarns® Online is a proud source of Miyuki brand seed beads! Now with over 2,000 different
colors, shapes and finishes in our online store, we make it easy to find your favorites! Why did we choose
Miyuki? Not only for the huge variety of different beads. Miyuki beads also offer consistently reliable
uniformity of size, shape, & color of all of their beads, from batch to batch.
For those new to beading, the Japanese and Czechs make the largest variety of seed beads, although other
countries such as Taiwan, India and France make them as well. What are the important differences between
Japanese and Czech seed beads?
Color, Size & Shape Uniformity
The Japanese and Czech beads both have a
number system for naming the bead sizes, but
the systems are different. Miyuki bead size
numbers range from size 2/0, (read as just
“2”, and also written 2/0), to 3/0, 5/0, 6/0,
8/0, 11/0, & 15/0. It’s important to remember
that, the smaller the number, the bigger the
bead. Therefore, Miyuki’s largest seed bead is
the 2/0, and its smallest is the 15/0.
Japanese beads, especially those made by
Miyuki, are known for their high degree of
uniformity between different beads of the
same type. That includes uniformity of color
between batches, bead width & shape, the
measurement and smoothness of the bead’s
hole, (or “lumen”), and the consistency of
size between beads of the same size. This
small range of variation in Miyuki beads makes
them excellent for hand or loom bead
weaving, as your “bead tapestry” is
smooth, neat, and unrippled.
Czech Beads
Left: Sku# J8-147FR
8/0 Matte Tr Emerald AB
Right: Sku# J11-151FR
11/0 Matte Tr Cobalt AB
The Czech bead numbering system is slightly
different, and includes sizes 9/0, 10/0, 13/0,
etc. Some bead books will offer a chart of the
different beads from both countries, and the
conversion or comparison sizes between the
two types.
Take a few Czech seed beads, such as the 6/0
beads, and look at any two seed beads of the
same size side by side. You’ll notice the bead
widths and even slightly irregular shapes look
totally different. Use this to your advantage!
Although not always desirable
for a bead weave pattern, the non-uniformity
of Czech beads can give you a fun, eclectic
look to your bead creations, such as
free-form designs, bead stringing, and even
bead embroidery.
Coming Next month in The Beader’s Angle:
What ARE Delicas?!
Left: Sku# DBL-0325 Right: Sku# DBLC-0056
8/0 Delicas Matte Met Blue Iris (F)
8/0 Raspberry Lined Crystal AB Cut
Jubili Beads & Yarns® Newsletter
September/October 2011
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“The BEST place anywhere to nurture your creative spirit!”
Mixed Media Maven
Mixed Media Maven Tip #1
Now 58 years old, I still remember sitting on the
couch with my mother, Eleanor, when she taught me
how to knit at the age of 8. Born left-handed, she
was in the generation that was forced to change to
right-handedness; but she could not change only
2 things: eating and knitting! I remember being
fascinated by the look of concentration on her face
as she watched her every hand motion, thinking out
loud as to how she would transpose each and every
step from left to right-handedness.
Dying to knit or crochet with beads but don’t know
the secret? Here it is….
Somehow she did it, and to this day, knitting, and to
a lesser degree, crocheting, still have a big role in
my gallery of crafts. I have knitted everything from
sweaters, to ponchos, bedspreads, (great wedding
present I was tempted to keep!), a lacy blouse
and skirt set that I wore to several weddings, a ski
sweater for my husband, (still known by his buddies
as “The Sweater”!), and countless little things like
headbands and baby clothes.
So it was a natural progression of my love for
knitting and crocheting when, seeing the new
“novelty yarns” for the first time as a new beader,
my immediate thought was…”WOW! BEADS with
these yarns”!!! That was the beginning of what we
now know as “mixed media”, and I’m proud to say
that Jubili Beads & Yarns®, which opened its retail
doors in June, 2003, was one of the first stores in
the country to combine the two media. Since then,
we have had several of our mixed media designs
&/or products published. These include my original
design, “The Jubili Scarf”, (Beadwork Magazine,
October/November 2004), our Jubili Fiber Hanks &
Cards, (Beadwork Magazine, “Cool Stuff” column,
2005), Crazy Quilt Pendants, (Beadwork Magazine,
“Cool Stuff” column, February/March 2006), and Kris
Buchanen’s Edition 2 of her wonderful
MicroMacramé book series, in 2006.
Web Site Updates
In our web site update section, we’ll let you know
what’s new at Jubili Beads & Yarns® Online, from
news to new inventory, a new YouTube video, or a
Jubili Contest! You won’t want to miss out on any
of our online specials, so be sure to open our
Jubili Jewels Newsletter when it arrives at your
computer! If you like what you see, tell your family
and friends about us, so they too can enjoy our
monthly jaunt into the joyful realm of your
creative spirit!
The Big Eye Needle!
Sku#: JBY4876
2.125” and 5” Big Eye Needle
Sold in two sizes, short (2.125”) or long (5”), this
versatile needle is what you’ll use to string your
beads onto the fiber you choose to use. Use the
Big Eye for stringing beads on ribbon, novelty yarns,
macramé cord, leather cord, etc..
Take to heart these helpful hints, and your
Big Eye Needle will last quite a while!
1. Use the Big Eye for stringing beads on ribbon,
novelty yarns, macramé cord.
2. Each soldered end can be rough on fibers
and strings, so don’t use it if you need your
stringing material to be double-stranded. The
string at the soldered corners can get eroded
and break or fray.
3. If you have resistance to pulling your
Big Eye Needle and stringing material through
something, such as plastic canvas or another
bead, don’t pull on it and put stress on the
soldered end. It can break off while you’re
pulling. Instead, take a piece of plastic shelf
liner cut into a small strip, and gently pull the
whole needle through. Then, support the
soldered end by holding it with your plastic
shelf liner and pulling the joint and fiber or
string out together as a unit.
4. The needle can get pretty banged up if you
repeatedly try to force it through tight spots.
5. It can be hard to find your needle because it’s
so thin. After use, tape it back on a piece of
paper or store in a recycled plastic bead tube,
so you know where you can always find it!
Jubili Beads & Yarns® Newsletter
September/October 2011
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“The BEST place anywhere to nurture your creative spirit!”
Great New Finds!
For your jewelry-making pleasure, we’ll let you know of great new inventory finds, and show you some new
ways how to use them. You’ll find them for purchase on our e commerce web site. Just click the photos below!
Dangle Twist Drops:
Swarovski lovers rejoice!
Available in silver, antique brass and gold finishes,
these twists give your jewelry a fabulous look of
dimension and depth!
Get ready to drool when you see our fabulous
assortment of Swarovski crystal filigree flowers, in
sterling, gold plated, or NEW gunmetal finishes!
Spiral Cages:
Come in silver, gold and antique gold finishes, small
and large sizes. Fun finding whether you put any
beads in the center of the spiral, or you sit your
beads above and below the spirals using head pins.
Snap Clasp:
Available in Antique Copper, Gold & Silver finishes
and single and double strand clasps. Push nubbin
out to open and “pop/snap” it in to close tightly.
Click Here for
We hope you’ve enjoyed this first edition of our newsletter, Jubili Jewels! Let us know what you think, and
the items you’d like to see online! See you next time!
Best regards,
Judy Weinstein,
Owner Jubili Beads & Yarns®
Jubili Beads & Yarns® Newsletter
September/October 2011
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“The BEST place anywhere to nurture your creative spirit!”