Press Release Ambiente 2014 Prêt-à-porter! Villeroy & Boch presents the trends 2014

Press Release Ambiente 2014
Villeroy & Boch presents the trends 2014
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Press release
February 2014
Artesano Provençal: French savoir vivre
Artesano Original: The master plan, perfected
La Classica Nuova: New luxurious tableware collection
Anmut: Le concept à succès Anmut s’enrichit
Cooking Elements: Something new for "master chefs" at home
Colored Cutlery: Caffè Club and S+
Lumière Pure: New, strictly limited glass collectio
Verso: a new form for an existing design concept
Samarkand Rubin: the fascination of the Silk Road
Mariefleur: Successful collection expands
Mariefleur Gris: New products in Greige
Year of the Horse: Limited Design Collection
World of Coffee Caffè Club with a new colour
A trip around the world with NewWave Caffè Cities of the World
Easter 2014
Spring Collection at a glance
Modern Spring: A contemporary springtime festival
The Creators of Easter
Christmas 2014
Christmas Collection at a glance
Press release
Artesano Provençal
February 2014
Artesano Provençal –
French savoir vivre French savoir vivre is distinguished by a lightness of being, a love of excellent cuisine and a particular attitude towards work and life. All this embodies Villeroy & Boch’s new collection, Artesano Provençal. It is the perfect
combination of artistic lightness and distinctive form. The charming floral
décor gives the clear lines of Artesano Original a touch of urban romance.
Artist Isabelle de Borchgrave drew inspiration
from the countryside of Provence
The décor of Artesano Provençal originates from the paintbrush of Belgian
artist Isabelle de Borchgrave and was designed by hand. The floral motifs
and natural colours were inspired by her many trips to Provence.
"When I think of the wonderful holidays that I spent with my family and
friends in Provence I don't only think of the famous fields of lavender but of
the beautiful countryside all around, which is blessed with an incomparable
intensity of colour. And the scent of wild roses, fresh herbs – all that is balm
for the soul. It is exactly this feeling of well-being that Artesano Provençal
should bring into every home," says Isabelle de Borchgrave.
When Artesano Original was presented at the beginning of 2013, lovers of
the collection described it as "modern", "striking" and "uncomplicated".
The collection was selected in Chicago for the GOOD DESIGN award
2013 from among several thousand products by leading brand manufacturers. This made it even more important that the new décor should respect
the sophisticated design language. The aim was to strike a balance of floral
country-chic and contemporary flair that would flatter the material-mix of
the collection. With Artesano Provençal, Isabelle de Borchgrave has created a new, unusual décor that is true to Villeroy & Boch’s brand and history.
“For Villeroy & Boch, the collaboration with Isabelle de Borchgrave allows
us to launch an artistically charming collection. Artesano Provençal taps
into the German-French roots of our brand”, says Nicolas Luc Villeroy,
member of the board and head of Villeroy & Boch’s Tableware Division.
“It brings the brand's historical tradition of floral décors to a new, contemporary level.”
Artesano Provençal with wild roses and vibrant geraniums
The artist opted for geranium flowers in vibrant orangey red and full
blossoms and buds of wild roses in an intense shade of purple. The rosemary-green border has a graphic feel, breaking up the floral décor in a very
pleasing fashion.
The plates and bowls of various sizes can be perfectly combined with
one another and allow a range of versatile uses – from antipasti to soup
and from salad to pasta. It is the perfect collection for casual entertaining.
When accented with Artesano Provençal oval serving bowls, the Artesano
Original three-tier server of acacia wood with slate platters creates a statement-making focal point for any gathering. It brings the flair of Provence’s
nature to the table and can be used for a great variety of delicacies such as a
multi-layered breakfast, a gourmet afternoon tea, or a sushi dinner.
Isabelle de Borchgrave
Isabelle de Borchgrave was born in 1946 in Brussels and is an internationally renowned artist. Since 1994 she uses paper to create costumes and other decorative accessories (including lamps and vases), which are exhibited
in international galleries. Isabelle de Borchgrave also worked with Villeroy
& Boch between 1979 and the early 1980s and designed two series of tiles:
"Weekend" and "Harmonie".
Learn more on Isabelle’s website:
Product information: Artesano Provençal
• Premium Porcelain
• Dishwasher-safe
• Microwave-safe
Press release
Artesano Original
February 2014
The master plan, perfected –
Artesano Original expanded to include new accessories
“Urbanization” and “Natural Living” are two of the biggest international
trends right now: In interior design natural materials are in high demand,
ideally in diverse combinations, but which also work in an urban environment. Enter Villeroy & Boch, presenting Artesano Original – a collection
that brings both into harmony. For this a simple, artisanal design has interpreted the country roots of the company in a way that is both authentic and at
the same time modern. Artesano Original comes to life from combining the
materials of pure white Premium Porcelain, natural acacia wood and cork.
The Aretsano Original collection was selected from among several thousand products of the leading manufacturers to receive the 2013 GOOD
DESIGN Award in Chicago.
From dining table to living room
Now attractive products are joining the existing tableware series to expand
the range of Artesano Original: from the dining table to the living room.
The dish set now includes new serving platters for example, for grilling,
pizza or antipasti, two new bowls and a tray with a base. There are also
new products expressing the collection’s combination of materials: oil and
vinegar decanters and salt and peppershakers made of glass as well as the
perfect trays of acacia wood to carry them.
However, in the future, Artesano Original won’t only be found on the table. New products have been developed for the living room that perfectly
complement the collection. The flowerpots in three different sizes are the
perfect embodiment of the mixed-material style with their metal handles
and acacia wood. Candlesticks, lanterns and picture frames made of wood
complete the offering of living accessories.
Artesano Hot Beverages for coffee and tea drinkers
The coffee and tea series Artesano Hot Beverages made of glass complement the assortment and take up the current trends coffee and tea. Artesano
Hot Beverages offers every coffee and tea lover just the right glass for their
own favorite drink – handcrafted out of heat and cold resistant borosilicate
glass in an elegant, sleek design. Until now, there were four double-walled
cups – from espresso to latte macchiato cups – and four larger cups that
offer good heat insulation to choose from. Now an additional sized cup
is being added that meets the coffee volume requirements of commercial
standards for latte macchiato, for example. Both teapots with stainless steel
filter and ceramic lid as well as the little ceramic stoves with a stainless
steel insert for the tea light remain part of the assortment.
Product information: Artesano Original
• Premium Porcelain
• Dishwasher-safe
• Microwave-safe
Product information: Artesano Hot Beverages
• Borosilicate Glass
• Hard Paste Porcelain
• Stainless Steel
• Dishwasher-safe
Press release
La Classica Nuova
February 2014
New luxurious tableware collection –
La Classica Nuova: timeless elegance and
a modern-functional aesthetic
A modern interpretation of timeless elegance – this is the demanding
design concept at the heart of the new high-quality tableware collection
La Classica Nuova, with which Villeroy & Boch brings exclusive but unostentatious luxury to stylish tables. Here the European brand manufacturer reflected upon the formal ideals of the past. Drawing inspiration from
the company's own design portfolio, the sophisticated tableware collection
La Classica Nuova allows the historical roots of Villeroy & Boch ceramics
to be experienced firsthand while meeting the demands of present-day style
and food trends.
The design language of La Classica Nuova pleases with clear lines, great
aesthetic quality and functionality. The focus on ideal proportions and
elegant harmonies is central. Echoes of classic and classicist architectural design give La Classica Nuova its strong character, creating forms that
appear both idealistic and sensuous – a successful symbiosis of classic and
Surprising presentations – classically elegant
The new collection La Classica Nuova relies on presentation and surprise,
both defining features of contemporary high-class food, whether in the food
service industry or at home. Not only Michelin-star chefs but also ambitious
home cooks can surprise their guests with unexpected treats. La Classica
Nuova offers a perfect setting for the effective staging of baking creations
– on spectacular tableware that, unlike so many others, is not seduced by
experimental forms but instead presents itself with classical elegance.
The La Classica Nuova range includes both traditional tableware articles
of the finest Premium Bone Porcelain and matching glass accessories. The
tableware comprises various plates and cups with saucers, as well as dishes, bowls, and platters in various sizes. A coffee pot, tea pot, milk jug and
sugar bowl complete the tableware offerings, providing everything required
for both dinner and afternoon tea.
Equally pleasing with décor: La Classica Contura
In addition to the pure white collection there is a decorated option,
La Classica Contura, which can be used alone but can also be wonderfully
combined with the white version. Inspired by domes and rotundas the décor
underlines the clear design language of the tableware with fine lines and
graphic patterns.
To complete the table-settings a selection of matching accessories has been
developed: glass candle stands in two different sizes with matching candles, and coordinating knife rests and napkin rings, also of glass.
Product information: La Classica Nuova
• Premium Bone Porcelain
• Dishwasher-safe
• Microwave-safe
Product information: La Classica Contura:
• Premium Bone Porcelain
• Decorated using lithographic techniques
• Dishwasher-safe
• Microwave-safe
Press release
February 2014
Successful Anmut concept further extended –
Modern floral décor and new on-trend colour
The exclusive colour concept Anmut My Colour that plays with strong
trend colours on classically round tableware relies on the exciting fascination of contrasts. The balanced, harmonious form of the classic tableware
Anmut was developed for Villeroy & Boch by Karl Leutner in the 1950s,
and has since lost none of its elegance. Now combined with expressive
colours and appealing décors it becomes the perfect stage for unusual tablesettings. Designed as a mix-and-match system of décors that offers a harmonious choice of colours and decorations, Anmut My Colour provides a
diverse range of possibilities for individualisation – for every interior genre
and personal taste, for every season, and always in high-quality style.
Anmut Flowers – like a bouquet of fresh flowers
For 2014 Villeroy & Boch presents Anmut Flowers, a new décor that makes
a colourful, flowery and young impression, but is also designed to convey the upmost elegance. Anmut Flowers luxuriates in colours, radiating
a unique mixture of floral romanticism and fresh dynamism. The range
includes various plates and cups, a sugar bowl and milk jug, and a choice
of bowls and platters that feature as true eye catchers.
Anmut Flowers and the overall Anmut concept will delight lovers of traditional table presentations who like harmonious and complete table-settings
and who also enjoy ease and comfort in their own home. The tableware
can be individually combined as desired, secure in the knowledge that all
the items match perfectly together – whether coordinated with the white
Anmut or the modern Anmut My Colour in high-quality Premium Bone
With Anmut Flowers Villeroy & Boch reinforces yet again its role as a
trendsetter, with market research showing a clear move away from white
and towards decorated tableware. Indeed, two years ago Villeroy & Boch
paved the way for this trend with the bestseller Mariefleur – which captured
the unmistakeable emotive style of the renowned brand with luxurious floral décors that appear hand-painted and radiate a particular lightness and
appealing warmth.
Emerald Green – a pure classic
Villeroy & Boch are extending the colour world of Anmut My Colour with
the new trend colour Emerald Green, an expressive green currently most en
vogue in the world of fashion and interior design. This interesting colour
option is strikingly elegant with white, but can also be harmoniously combined with the Anmut Flowers and Anmut My Colour décors.
The 2014 colour concept of Anmut My Colour consists of eight shades that
are applied as a broad band of colour on the rim of the tableware and bordered with a fine edge of real platinum. There is a choice of Forest Green,
Pink Rose, Red Cherry, Rock Grey, Ocean Blue, Petrol Blue, Savannah
Cream and the new Emerald Green. The bases of the plates and large areas
of the hollowware present a striking contrast in pure white.
Anmut My Colour comprises ten products per colour. A buffet plate, a dinner
plate, a breakfast plate, a soup plate, a French bol, a coffee cup and saucer,
a mocha cup and saucer, and a handled mug are available in each version.
In addition, the existing décor line Anmut Bloom, characterised by stylised
flowers, has been extended to include a tea service comprising a tea cup and
matching saucer and a six-person teapot.
Product information: Anmut Flowers / Anmut My Colours
• Premium Bone Porcelain
• Decorated using lithografic techniques
• Dishwasher-safe
• Microwave-safe
Press release
Cooking Elements
February 2014
Something new for "master chefs" at home –
Cooking Elements: high-quality knives and
kitchen utensils
The collection Cooking Elements, introduced by Villeroy & Boch last year,
caters with great success for one of the strongest lifestyle trends of the present day: cooking. It is nowadays impossible to imagine television without
cookery shows featuring famous chefs or other celebrities, competitions
for professional or ambitious amateur chefs are booming, and on the internet recipes and preparation tips abound. Cooking behaviour is changing as quick convenience meals are replaced by well-balanced and freshly
prepared foodstuffs. At the same time the equipment required is becoming
increasingly high-quality and professional, even at home.
A basic product range of 28 articles in a modern, timeless style was designed for the first phase of Cooking Elements, with all items characterised
by an intelligent multi-functionality and combinability to provide innumerable preparation and serving options. In a second step the Cooking Elements portfolio is now being extended to include another product area that
is indispensable in any good kitchen: knives and practical kitchen utensils.
Kitchen knives with stainless steel blades
Kitchen knives with stainless steel blades are essential for the preparation
of food and for carving the finished meal. For Cooking Elements Villeroy &
Boch has developed five different knives with lastingly sharp blades made
of high-quality and rust-proof special blade steel. The knives are ideally
suited for all cooking and serving tasks. Ergonomically formed handles of
untreated wood ensure that the knives are extremely comfortable to hold,
while the bolster provides balance and protects the hand.
The meat knife for both raw and cooked meat is distinguished by its specially shaped blade that ensures a clean smooth cut. The matching meat
fork is ideal for turning meat and can be paired with the meat knife to
provide an ideal carving knife and fork. The pronounced serrated edge of
the bread knife cuts effortlessly through even crispy crusts. The chef's knife
with its conventional broad blade is intended for slicing meat, fish and vegetables as well as for chopping herbs or nuts. The small vegetable knife is
especially suitable for preparing, garnishing and cleaning vegetables, fruit
and salad. The Cooking Elements range of knives is completed by a Santoku knife – the Japanese name originates from "San" meaning three and
"Toku" meaning virtues, and indicates the suitability of the knife for meat,
fish and vegetables. The special fluted edge of the Santoku knife prevents
food from clinging to the blade and so reduces dragging when cutting.
To ensure that the knives retain their sharpness, wooden or plastic chopping boards should be used. If necessary the knives can be sharpened using a high-quality
sharpener. Optimal storage is provided by a knife block
equipped with an easy-care insert which can be removed
and cleaned under running water.
New kitchen utensils
As well as the high-quality knives the Cooking Elements
range has been extended to include other kitchen utensils: a mortar and pestle, a lemon squeezer and a spice
grinder made of ceramic, as well as tongs, a nutmeg grater
and a spatula of stainless steel.
Kitchen knives with ceramic blades
Knives with high-quality blades made of special ceramic
also offer extreme sharpness and perfect cutting properties. The Villeroy & Boch Cooking Elements collection
includes four knives with acid-resistant ceramic blades
that are also completely rustproof, hygienic and anti-allergic and do not leave behind any taste or odour. Their
extreme sharpness and ability to hold an edge guarantees long-lasting and precise cutting. The ergonomically
formed handle and light weight of the knives ensure they
are easy and comfortable to use. The ceramic blades cut
extremely well but as they are also rather delicate, care
must be taken when using and cleaning the knives. They
should be washed by hand.
There is a choice of a meat knife for preparing boneless
meat and carving joints, a chef's knife for slicing fish, poultry, vegetables and boneless meat, and a vegetable knife
for preparing, garnishing and cleaning vegetables, fruit
and salad. A ceramic bladed Santoku knife is also available and, furthermore, a swivel peeler for peeling fruit
and vegetables which is particularly suitable for longer
vegetables such as courgettes, cucumbers and carrots.
Mortar and pestle
A mortar and pestle is ideal for the crushing of spices,
nuts, dried seeds and herbs. The soft circling pressure of
the pestle gently pulverises the spices, allowing them to
develop their fine aroma. The rough grinding surfaces of
the pestle and the inside of the bowl ensure perfect results, while the pestle's large head makes it especially effective. The porous, rough surfaces render the pestle and
mortar unsuitable for oily or fatty concoctions. The mortar and pestle may be used in the kitchen, but also allow
freshly ground spices to be served directly at the table.
The mortar and pestle are made of Premium Porcelain
and may be quickly and easily washed in the dishwasher.
Lemon squeezer
The new hand lemon squeezer is made of dishwasher-safe Premium Porcelain and allows lemons, oranges,
grapefruits and limes to be squeezed directly into a glass
or bowl. It is easy to use and simple to clean.
Spice grinder
The spice grinder is not only suitable for the grinding
of salt and pepper but also for dried spices and herbs.
The high-quality ceramic grinding mechanism is completely rust proof and guarantees an unadulterated fresh
taste. The ergonomically formed top and the transparent
glass container feel agreeable to touch and ensure easy
handling. A practical lid allows the hygienic closing of
the grinder and grinding mechanism. The grinder can be
easily taken to pieces for cleaning. The individual pieces
are then washed with washing-up liquid and left to dry
– the grinding mechanism must dry for at least 24 hours.
In order to ensure that the mechanism does not become
damp the grinder should not be used over steaming food,
for instance at the cooker.
Press release
Coloured cutlery
February 2014
Cutlery with on-trend flair –
S+ and Caffè Club bring fresh colours to the table
A perfect table setting requires beautiful cutlery. High-quality stainless steel
cutlery is never out of place, but anyone with the courage to be different can
also use cutlery to add splashes of colour to their table presentations.
Using white tableware brings complete freedom of choice, allowing you to
play with popular trend colours or your own particular favourites. But there
is also cutlery that matches with decorated tableware. And whether you opt
for harmonious tone-on-tone or striking contrasts depends simply on your
own personal taste and individual style.
S+ creates trend colour accents
For the cutlery series S+ Villeroy & Boch has combined a clear, minimalist stainless-steel form with coloured silicon – a surprising and innovative
mix of materials that is both functionally and aesthetically convincing. The
coloured silicon coating on the handles brings softness and warmth to the
cool stainless steel, transforming it into an individual and emotive cutlery
that is pleasant to hold. It is also dishwasher safe, food safe and colourfast.
And there is a pleasing spin-off: no more rattling or slipping of cutlery on
porcelain and glass, when clearing the tables.
S+ is available in seven fresh on-trend colours: Lila, Kiwi, Chili, Petrol,
Sun, Taupe and a new Blueberry, providing diverse presentation options.
It matches very well with the current tableware colours and décors of
the brand manufacturer, such as Anmut My Colour or Anmut Flowers.
Furthermore, the S+ colour concept also allows all shades to be combined
in a bright mix and match, bringing colourful touches to white tableware.
In additional to the five main pieces: table fork, table knife, table spoon,
coffee spoon and cake fork, there are 24 and 30 piece sets, each available
in a practical metal box.
Caffè Club for colourful afternoon teas
The modern tableware concept Caffè Club is ideal for the uncomplicated
enjoyment of daily coffee. Available in various elegant colours and adorned
with sophisticated décors, the functional Caffè Club cups and plates are
both stylish and suitable for everyday use.
So that baked treats can be enjoyed alongside the coffee, there is a small range
of cutlery designed to coordinate harmoniously with the porcelain items. The
existing coffee spoon and the somewhat smaller mocha or espresso spoon is
now joined by a new cake fork. All the cutlery features a colour accent on
the handle in shades designed to match exactly with the colours of the series
Steam, Berry, Caramel, Cornflower, Vanille and also the new Peppermint. All
colours can be used individually but can also be wonderfully combined with
one another – creating attractively varied occasions.
Press release
Lumière Pure
February 2014
New, strictly limited glass collection –
Lumière Pure: the perfection of traditional glass art
Glass art has a history at Villeroy & Boch: For over 170 years high-quality
products made of glass have been offered that meet the highest standards
because of their handcrafted quality and style. In 2014 the brand manufacturer is presenting a high-quality glass concept consisting of vases, lanterns
and bowls that remains true to the successful tradition, but at the same time
bridges the gap to the world of modern furnishings: Lumière Pure.
The new glass concept Lumière Pure consists of nine hand-blown articles
that are made of a very high quality crystal and embellished with classically
elegant crystal cuts. Because cutting the selected crystal glass requires two
separate cutting processes involving significantly more effort than traditional
lead crystal, the production of each article takes on average twice as long. But
the result is stunning: Lumière Pure constitutes luxurious art works that only
glass blowers and glasscutters with an intuitive feel for form as well as many
years of experience, strength and stamina can create.
Each article has its own, timeless design that was individually created with
thoughtful consideration to each form. Demanding combinations of a variety
of traditional cutting techniques were used such as surface grinding, tapered
cutting, olive cutting, ball joint cutting and fluting – traditional cutting techniques that have been reinterpreted for Lumière Pure to create a classical
look. A completely unique and new effect emerges according to each interpretive choice of the glasscutter.
In the bows and edges of the perfectly accentuated contours of all the products together a unique play of light emerges amongst the refracted spectral
colours of sunlight. Special polishing techniques allow the precise contours
of the cuts to radiate uniquely in their full splendor. The high-quality vases,
lanterns and bowls from Lumière Pure emphasize the luxury of the set table
and at the same time represent elegant decorative objects and sparkling eye
catchers in the whole living area.
Every piece of Lumière Pure is unique with an extremely limited selection
of 300 pieces and bears the signature of the glassmaker and the glasscutter.
Elaborate lettering made of real gold completes the article in all its singularity. The articles of the collection are offered in high-quality premium packaging and make the perfect exclusive gift for connoisseurs and collectors alike.
Press release
Vase concept Verso
February 2014
Coloured glass vase collection is updated –
Verso: a new form for an existing design concept
Classical forms reinterpreted and combined with modern colours – Villeroy
& Boch introduced a vase collection in 2012 based on this design concept
that is well suited for many furnishing styles and makes diverse, seasonal
decorating possible. Since then, this successful series has been continuously updated, whether with new colours or – as it is now for 2014 – for the
first time with a brand new form, Verso. The collection now includes four
basic forms: Numa, Nek, Tiko and the new Verso.
For Verso a sleek form was chosen that gradually opens up from the bottom
– just the opposite, as it were, of Numa. Verso is a harmonious fit in the
existing design concept and can be superbly combined with the best articles. The new form is available in the colours of Pure Stone, Artic Breeze,
Midnight Sky, Caribbean Sea, Soft Raspberry and Sweet Caramel making
it an ideal fit for all common flower arrangements.
The Complete Assortment
Numa constitutes classic straight vases in an ever so slight upwardly tapering form, while for Nek a striking form with a long, narrow neck was
created that is reminiscent of an elegant bottle and perfect for extravagant
single flower arrangements. Tiko on the other hand, consists of organically
bulbous vases.
All of the articles in the vase collection were produced using the traditional
overlay method and consist of four layers of real coloured glass – a production technique that can only be achieved by a glass blower with many
years of experience. The four basic forms Numa, Nek, Tiko and Verso are
available depending on the model in up to three different sizes.
The colour concept uses both muted and bright colours allowing for many
individual compositions – harmonious and also contrasting. Depending on
the model, the colours Pure Stone (gray), Midnight Sky (dark blue), Artic
Breeze (white), Caribbean Sea (turquoise), Sweet Caramel (brown), Soft
Raspberry (Rosa), Deep Cherry (red) and Juicy Lime (green) are available,
the high quality coloured glass lending them a brilliant and elegant effect.
All of the vases have been created as decorative items that both individually
and also combined together have the potential to be real eye catchers.
Press release
Samarkand Rubin
February 2014
Samarkand Rubin: the fascination of the Silk Road
Gift article series Samarkand becomes premium collection
Villeroy & Boch’s successful gift article series, Samarkand, inspired by
the historical metropolises along the fascinating Silk Road trade route, is
now becoming a premium collection. The décor Rubin will be expanded to
include a dinner, bread and soup plate, an oval tray, two bowls and a mug.
This advances the gift article collection to a table collection without losing
its unique gift article character. On the contrary, the new pieces, which just
as the whole collection combine oriental folklore with local traditions in a
timeless and noble interpretation, also make for ideal exclusive presents.
The colourful and strongly detailed and elaborate decorative elements
emphasize the oriental character of the concept. The opulent décor Rubin
shows a culturally specific ornamentation and an authentic pattern that expresses the characteristic of the represented countries. Rubin uses the traditional symbolic figure of the elephant to represent India. Fine gold accents
all of the pieces augmenting the high quality of the series.
Impressive table compositions can be created by combining the discreet
Samarkand tableware series with the other colours of the décor and elegant
white dishes. And of course, Samarkand articles make classic pieces for
connoisseurs and collectors on their own as well.
Product information: Samarkand Rubin
• Premium Bone Porcelain
• Decorated using lithografic techniques
• Gold finish
• Dishwasher-safe
• Partly available as gift set
Press release
February 2014
Successful collection expands – Mariefleur interprets floral
décor in a refreshingly new and modern light
A modern interpretation of the classical country lifestyle for a young and
innovative generation – that is Mariefleur, the successful collection introduced in 2012. For Mariefleur, the topic of “floral décor” was not classically interpreted but refreshingly new and modern instead. The colours
chosen were vivid, brilliant colours with high intensity, such as pink, light
green and sun yellow, that radiate youthfulness and modern appeal while
remaining firmly rooted in country stylistics. For the year 2014, the series
is being extended with additional salad plates, dinner plates and serving
plates, along with bowls, in the familiar décor.
Harmonious tableware form with a unobtrusively elegant tone
Mariefleur has been transposed onto the well-known New Cottage form,
which places the focus on the harmonizing characteristics of nature, incorporating contemporary life-style themes and pursuing the design principle
of lightness. The thin body of the table-ware enhances the feeling of delicacy, an impression further heightened by the fine and intricate rendering of
the floral motifs. Because the decoration varies slightly from one individual
product to the next, no two floral motifs are completely identical. All of the
tableware forms coordinate harmoniously with one another. The flowing
transition from base to rim of the flatware is reminiscent of the form of
a cup. The product range in-cludes both round and oval breakfast plates,
dinner plates and soup bowls, while the saucers and cups are available in a
round design only.
Product information: Mariefleur
• Premium Porcelain
• Decorated using lithographic techniques
• Dishwasher-safe
• Microwave-safe
Press release
Mariefleur Gris
February 2014
New products in Greige –
Mariefleur Gris Collection is extended
Mariefleur Gris is a décor line that particularly appeals to people who like
timeless country worlds with a touch of purism and simple elegance. The
décor combines modern purity with typically country-style motifs and an
approach to colour with a high share of Greige, replenished with innovative, radiant colours. Just like Mariefleur, Mariefleur Gris is a successful
collection by the Villeroy & Boch brand and is being developed further.
The series already available is being supplemented with additional salad
plates, serving plates and bowls. Alongside the classic, round form, these
products are now also available in an oval shape.
Mariefleur Gris invites you to tea
Coffee is the most popular hot drink in the world. Tea is becoming an increasingly frequent fixture of everyday life as well. The range includes
coffee and banquet tableware of Premium Porcelain. The pieces of the collection can be individually combined in an uncomplicated, mix-and-match
approach. A matching teapot completes the range.
Product information: Mariefleur Gris
• Premium Porcelain
• Decorated using lithographic techniques
• Dishwasher-safe
• Microwave-safe
Press release
Year of the Horse
February 2014
Limited Design Collection Year of the Horse:
Exclusive gifts with the Asian good luck symbol for 2014
2014 is the Year of the Horse in the Chinese calendar. Villeroy & Boch has
taken this opportunity to introduce an exclusive gift collection to market.
With Year of the Horse the prestigious European manufacturer demonstrates
its great esteem of Asian culture and lifestyle. The luxurious collection
consists of two selected gift articles made of Premium Bone Porcelain: a
richly adorned buffet plate with a timeless yet contemporary round shape,
and a sumptuous ashtray with an elegantly rectangular shape. Both articles are elaborately decorated in shiningly opulent colours dominated by a
strong red with touches of gold.
The Horse as central motif
The central motif of the décor, the Horse, is portrayed as a figure in Chinese
mythology that symbolises power, grace and pride. The main colours of
the décor, a strong red tone and glamorous gold accents, underline these
Villeroy & Boch’s Year of the Horse is a high-quality gift article concept
distinguished by its symbolism. Simple design vocabulary is combined
with an opulent colourful décor to create exclusive gifts perfect for all classically modern interiors.
Press release
Caffè Club
February 2014
The Caffè Club success story continues –
New colours for uncomplicated coffee enjoyment
Upbeat coffee enjoyment is at the heart of Caffè Club from Villeroy &
Boch. With fresh on-trend colours and sophisticated décors, Caffè Club is
perfect for anyone who likes their daily coffee uncomplicated but stylish.
The functional Caffè Club cups are characterised by their suitability for
daily use and their striking design, which features a minimalist, comprehensible design language, haptically appealing handles and attractive colours and décors.
Villeroy & Boch is now extending the colour world of the successful basic
series with the strongly contemporary shade Peppermint, a gentle but expressive tone of green. Peppermint can be used solo as all the décors and
cup sizes of the concept are available in the new colour, but it can also be
harmoniously combined with the existing colours Steam, Berry, Caramel,
Cornflower and Vanille.
The Caffè Club series
Caffè Club comprises five differently sized cups and three saucers made
of high-quality dishwasher-proof Premium Porcelain. As well as espresso,
cappuccino and café au lait cups and a handled mug, there is a small handled mug that is the perfect size for contemporary coffeemakers. There is a
choice of various décors: Caffè Club in white is characterised by extremely
simple white porcelain, while Caffè Club Uni comes in all colours with fine
décor details and saucers with a matching grid pattern. Cups and saucers
adorned with a floral pattern are also available in all colours. All décors are
complemented by the plain white plates and the plates with the floral finish
that come in all colours.
In addition to the range of cups and plates there are selected accessories
in all colours that are also ideal gift articles: coffee tins with windows for
checking the contents, containers for coffee pads, trays and paper serviettes. And, for anyone wanting to try their hand as a Barista, there are
special stencils for decorating the milk froth with cocoa or sugar strands.
Coffee and espresso or mocha spoons made of 18/10 stainless steel with
a decorative colour accent on the handle are also available in all colours,
attractively completing the Caffè Club range.
Adhering to the motto "a little luxury in everyday life", Caffè Club is perfect for anyone who likes drinking coffee and enjoys a few moments of
self-indulgence. Caffè Club items also make ideal gifts – for both uncomplicated coffee drinkers and stylish connoisseurs.
Product information: Caffè Club
• Premium Porcelain
• Decorated using lithographic techniques
• Dishwasher-safe
• Microwave-safe
Press release
NewWave Caffè Cities of the World
February 2014
The trip around the world continues – NewWave Caffè
Cities of the World presents four new world metropolises
The longing to tour faraway countries and explore foreign cultures and traditions remains unbroken. Villeroy & Boch acknowledges this longing with
its NewWave Caffè Cities of the World Collection, carrying the successful
short concept to the next round. The journey this time goes from Cape Town
to Amsterdam and Moscow to Shanghai. Four new décors featuring the typical landmarks of these famous metropolises, interpreted in a modern way
in porcelain with a unique design, expressing each city’s feel for life with
reduced colouring in a artistic fashion.
Four new décors for four new Cities of the World
The design and world of colour of the previous year’s series have been
adapted to create the four new Cities of the World motifs. Each city has
been assigned a main colour that characterizes the charm of the decorations used. Cape Town, the design capital for 2014, takes the colour green,
Amsterdam, the majority favorite in a Facebook vote, is yellow, while
Moscow is blue and Shanghai red. Each city and every cup size has again
been given a décor of its own, designed with black-and-white graphics
punctuated with moments of colour. The matching party plates are world
maps coloured in the respective colour. With an unprepossessing, discreet
sense of colour, the plates provide additional emphasis of the evocative
power of the décors but offer versatile uses at the same time.
The NewWave Caffè line
The short concept of NewWave Caffè is offered in pure white and with décors. The décor concepts are created as annual editions, making the articles
an attraction for aficionados and collectors. Each set comes with one espresso
cup, a café au lait cup and two tumblers in 0.25 l and 0.35 l, along with the
matching party plates – all of it made of Premium Porcelain. For coffee-lovers and globetrotters who have already been along for the Villeroy & Boch
journey, the range still includes large mugs for the cities of Paris, London,
Rome, Berlin, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney and Tokyo. Like the new
mugs, they are offered for sale in an appealing gift package.
Product information: NewWave Caffè Cities of the World
• Premium Porcelain
• Decorated using lithographic techniques
• Dishwasher-safe
• Microwave-safe
Press release
Spring Collection 2014
February 2014
Spring collection 2014 –
New springtime and Easter surprises from Villeroy & Boch
For all who enjoy spring and want to make Easter an unforgettable celebration for the entire family, the spring collection by Villeroy & Boch
is just right. Two successful series, Farmers Spring and Spring Fantasy,
offer a wide selection of seasonal products you can use to decorate your
home, springtime-fresh. Farmers Spring combines a rich variety of motifs from rural living and Easter themes to create a contemporary country
style, while the playful and romantic Spring Fantasy series brings more
traditional Easter motifs to numerous decorative objects. The selection is
enormous: you will find everything here, from springtime tableware for the
perfect table setting to atmospheric light objects to traditional Easter shrub
ornaments and exclusive decorations.
For 2014, Villeroy & Boch has extended its Farmers Spring and Spring
Fantasy collections again, adding a current selection of emotional products:
the new, expressive accessories and porcelain pieces are designed in the
typical springtime colours of green and yellow, accentuated with a touch of
pink and light blue.
Rounding out the offerings of new and colourful springtime and Easter
products are the springtime series Seasonals Spring and Decorated Spring
Accessories, with objects in coloured glass or sandblasted clear glass.
A new series, Modern Spring, is also being introduced, comprising pure
white porcelain items featuring a sleek, clear design. They combine perfectly with many of the Villeroy & Boch tableware series.
Farmers Spring:
springtime and Easter in a traditional, country-style look
Modern country living is very popular today: lots of (city) people are bringing a touch of nature and country living into their urban home settings –
whether with little growing pots with fresh herbs in the kitchen or on the
balcony, or elegant potted plants in living and dining rooms. Particularly
in spring, when the darker winter months are finally behind us and nature
brings us the first blossoms, with fresh fragrances and new colour, country
home living is in fashion.
With the successful Farmers Spring series, Villeroy & Boch brings a little
bit of springtime-fresh, rural living to every home. And it lasts all day long
– starting at breakfast, through a relaxed brunch or a picnic in nature, to a
cozy afternoon coffee or dinnertime in the evening.
For 2014, the brand manufacturer is again extending its Farmers Spring
range, adding porcelain pieces for table settings and decorating. One focus
for the coming year is on the topic of tea. There are new and practical tableware items, such as Tea for One, which makes preparing your own personal
cup of tea quick and simple. For a perfect cup of tea in a mug, there is a
tumbler lid in which to suspend the tea infuser. A cream pitcher and matching sugar bowl are perfect for afternoon tea, and the cookies to go with it
look particularly appetizing on the large serving platter. On both sides is a
hollow which perfectly holds the handled mug, egg cup or tealight holder,
creating the ideal plate on which to serve an atmospheric breakfast in bed.
Little sweet and savory treats can be served in the little dip bowls. And the
Easter table is perfect with the two-tiered egg stand.
There are new Farmers Spring items for use in decorating, too: four porcelain
bunnies with dotted collars, and a lovingly created chicken coop made of porcelain to accompany the figures of cute boys and girls from the countryside.
All of the Farmers Spring products stand for a fresh and clear longing for
the country: motifs depicting original, rural life, a varied décor in hues of
bright green and grass green, along with accents of colour in orange, pink,
red and blue, and a design vocabulary that cites old everyday items, are
executed in the unmistakable Villeroy & Boch style, with ample attention
to detail. The functional product range includes a wide selection of plates,
cups, jars, bowls, serving bowls, tumblers and pitchers in a variety of designs. Also available are an assortment of vases, candlesticks and tea warmer candle holders to transform a table setting into a festive and rustic Easter
banquet or create rural decorative accents throughout the home.
All of the Farmers Spring items are offered in high-quality gift boxes, and
as practical sets – making them the perfect treat, whether for yourself or as
gifts for someone else.
Spring Fantasy:
Creative Easter tradition in classic country style
The Spring Fantasy Easter series offers highly decorative products that
combine Easter tradition and splendid arrays of blossoms to create a romantically playful fantasy world.
The leading role in this classic collection is still played by the Bunny family and their Easter activities – from colouring eggs to baking Easter treats
to their Easter walk. In 2014, it's off to school for the Bunny Family children. With Mother still waving good-bye, the teacher is already waiting in
the classroom. At the bunny school, the children enthusiastically read or
draw – the little pupils are wholeheartedly involved in their work.
The little bunnies' cute school world is reflected in a variety of items in the
collection: along with elaborately decorated figurines, there are also figures
that can be hung on the Easter shrub, treats, tea warmer candle holders, egg
jars and a new egg vase, together with bowls in a variety of sizes.
Also new in 2014 is a limited annual Easter edition consisting of egg cup,
bowl and egg. All of the items, which are only available for sale during the
edition year, come packaged in the exclusive, high-quality gift box and are
stamped beneath in gold: "Limited Edition 2014 – Villeroy & Boch."
Seasonals Spring and Decorated Spring Accessories:
Springtime freshness in glass
Villeroy & Boch rounds off its spring collection 2014 with a selection of
glass accessories. There are chickens and chicks, bunnies and eggs made of
coloured glass to provide original decorations for table, windowsill or server.
The Decorated Spring Accessories are perfect for stylishly decorated tables
and living spaces: elegant, hand-made decorative elements with practical
uses as well. For the décor, a filigree sandblasting technique is used to apply the motif of the dandelion seed head to clear glass items of high quality.
Available are a vase, storm lanterns in three sizes, a glass jar and a little
footed cookie platter; with their inconspicuous and sleek design, they are a
superb addition to any colourful springtime decoration; they lend an added,
sophisticated touch to presentations in white.
Modern Spring:
Easter and springtime decoration with a modern attitude
Modern Spring, the new Easter concept, brings a new design idea to the
springtime and Easter world of Villeroy & Boch: clear, simple forms in pure
white porcelain. Completely undecorated and thus extremely purist, Modern
Spring stands for a modern-day lifestyle that situates traditional celebrations
and customs in a contemporary context: Eastern as a modern celebration of
spring – naturally with the traditional symbols of the bunny and the egg, yet
completely no-frills and with no references to a nostalgic idyll.
Modern Spring is very versatile and can be combined with a variety of
Villeroy & Boch tableware collections. Selecting Anmut My Colour in
fresh green, for instance, highlights the springtime theme of the presentation. Together with white tableware such as NewWave or Urban Nature,
on the other hand, the focus is on the accessories' understated charm. And
in combination with vividly decorative tableware such as Mariefleur or
Mariefleur Gris, tasteful Easter accents can be added to an already freshly
floral table setting. This is how Modern Spring opens up numerous, individual design opportunities – all geared to one's personal furnishing style.
The new series includes a generously proportioned egg platter with depressions in which eggs can be placed or laid, along with straight-lined vases
and tea warmer candle holders in a variety of sizes that all have a design
characteristic in common: a notch in the top one-third. A special touch:
Using coloured bands or ribbons allows other seasonal touches to be created
or a personal note to be struck. These items can be individually repurposed
from one style or season to the next. The offerings in the Modern Spring
series also include an egg-shaped tea warmer candle holder decorated in
filigree openwork, two different, coordinated hanging ornaments, and two
white bunnies in a formal, stylized design.
Press release
Modern Spring
February 2014
A new look for Easter and spring decorations:
Easter becomes a contemporary springtime festival
with Modern Spring
Villeroy & Boch's new Easter concept Modern Spring proves that stylish
spring decorations need not always be playful and romantic, but can also
be refreshingly contemporary with a modern attitude. The unadorned, pure
white porcelain articles with their simple clear design are deliberately
puristic, presenting traditional spring and Easter customs in a surprisingly modern context: Easter becomes a contemporary springtime festival.
Naturally, the time-honoured bunny and egg are retained, but here they are
wholly unadorned with no hint of nostalgic idyll.
Versatile and individual – Modern Spring provides many and diverse decorative options. Varying the presentation can bring either the minimalist or
the springlike nature of the accessories to the fore. Or tasteful reminders
of Easter can be introduced into table-settings – all according to personal
taste and interior style.
Plain and colourful – the new Modern Spring egg platter is simply presented in plain white with hollows to hold the eggs. Colour can be introduced by painted or decorated eggs as desired – stylish and bright.
Plain white and puristic – the two stylised bunny figures in pure white
porcelain provide Easter decorations with a modern touch – restrained but
confident and most expressive.
Fresh, springlike and adaptable – the two Modern Spring vases are not
just wonderful Easter decorations but can be used throughout the early
part of the year. Both the wide and the tall versions are characterised by
a straight simple shape that renders them ideal for colourful bouquets of
flowers. Tip: anyone wanting to minimise connotations of Easter can easily
remove the little bunny ornament.
Straightforward and illuminating – the three different tealight holders
share the same design language as the vases: simple, straight and distinguished by the indentation around the outside. Particularly clever is the
way in which a band or ribbon can introduce additional colour, allowing the
articles to be individualised according to style and season.
Delicate and transparent – inspired by the shape of the egg and decorated
with a filigree perforated pattern, the tealight holder and matching hanging
ornaments introduce a fine transparency to Easter decorations.
Press release
The Creators of Easter
February 2014
From the makers of …
How the Villeroy & Boch spring and Easter collections
come into being
When the colder season is finally drawing to its end, the days are getting
longer and warmer, and the scent of the first tender blossoms is in the air,
then spring is approaching and Easter not far behind. Many people now
want to decorate their homes with accessories and decorative articles that
create springlike freshness. Such as the Villeroy & Boch spring and Easter
collections, which the brand company has for many years been producing,
updating and extending.
New and surprising articles on the theme of spring and Easter can only be
repeatedly provided because the creative team around Sven Recktenwald,
Product Manager of Villeroy & Boch's Easter and Christmas collections,
develop new products throughout the year. And they also keep a little ahead
of the times. "We have to plan at least a year in advance when we start a
new spring collection. So we were already working on the 2014 collection
at the beginning of 2013," explains the 33- year-old Recktenwald. He and
his colleagues – designers and product developers – share their ideas and
together come up with a new story that will be portrayed by the Easter
"Our classic Easter collection Spring Fantasy consists of highly decorative
products that combine Easter traditions and spring blossoms in a romantic
and playful world of fantasy. A family of bunnies forms the heart of the collection, and we portray what these sweet bunnies do in spring and at Easter
– everything from decorating eggs to baking for Easter to Easter strolls." In
2014 the bunny children are going to school, to the bunny school of course,
where they learn to paint Easter eggs and bake Easter specialities.
Sven Recktenwald explains: "We've used the world of the cute bunny school
for diverse articles in the collection. As well as elaborately ornamented figurines there are hanging figures, treats, tealight holders, egg boxes and a
new egg vase along with dishes in various sizes." The Villeroy & Boch designer Gaby Kremser is responsible for the artistic design of the forms and
décors, employing sensitivity and artistry to endow each individual piece
with that special something. "I always paint the ceramic designs traditionally by hand, using a brush and paint," says Gaby Kremser, who brings her
whole heart and an eye for loving detail to her work. For 2015 there will be
another new Easter story with the bunny family, but customers will have to
wait until the autumn of this year to discover what the bunnies will be up to. "We started thinking about Easter 2015 as early as October 2013, when
we could already see the way the international trends were heading. And
with the latest information on orders we could judge how the current collection would sell – which items were particularly well-received and which
less so," as Sven Recktenwald put it. When the designers then enter into
the development phase Recktenwald is in constant contact with them. "As
Product Manager I am not only responsible for the creative part but must
also always keep an eye on the costs." And also current customer wishes are taken into account, for instance as concerns colour. "Yellow and
green always play a role in the spring and Easter collections," Recktenwald
knows, "but we also break new ground, for example with our current collection Modern Spring."
The series Modern Spring introduces a new design idea to Villeroy & Boch's
spring and Easter world: clear, simple forms in pure white porcelain. Sven
Recktenwald: "Modern Spring is completely unadorned and thus kept very
puristic. The collection represents an up-to-date lifestyle that places traditional celebrations and customs in a modern context. Easter is celebrated as
a contemporary springtime festival." Naturally, the time-honoured bunny
and egg are not abandoned, but here they are portrayed in a wholly unadorned manner with no hint of nostalgic idyll.
After a good quarter of a year the creative phase has resulted in between
80 and 100 designs, and production can begin. For Easter this means that
articles for the 2015 collection are being manufactured from the middle
of 2014. Sven Recktenwald: "The 2014 collection is already being delivered, the production for 2015 begins in July 2014." In autumn items will
be presented at the trade fairs, from January 2015 the new collection will
be available.
There will be further novelties in the Farmers Spring line, which consists
of tableware and decorative articles in a traditional country look. "With
the successful Farmers Spring series we bring a touch of springlike country life into every home – from breakfast to brunch and picnics, to afternoon tea and supper." All Farmers Spring products portray a fresh and clear
love of the countryside. The design language quotes from old-fashioned
everyday objects, while the varied décor reveals the distinctive Villeroy
& Boch signature with much loving attention to detail. Motifs are drawn
from time-honoured country life in light green and grass green enlivened
by splashes of colour in orange, pink, red and blue.
In the meantime Sven Recktenwald is engaged in the marketing of the new
collection. He calculates the retail prices and works with the marketing
department to design the advertising materials. He is usually dealing with
two successive collections at the same time. While he is thinking about
2015, the 2014 collections are being delivered to the shops. And what about
decorating his own home for spring and Easter? "I always like to take items
from the spring collection home with me and use them as decorations. Then
on those gloomy days in January and February I always have a little bit of
springtime in the house."
Press release
Christmas Collection 2014
February 2014
Christmas collection 2014 –
Stylish and atmospheric articles for winter and Christmas
No matter whether you celebrate in grand style or more quietly, with loads
of friends and relatives or just with your nearest and dearest – Christmas represents intimacy, peace, tradition, belonging and nostalgia for the childhood
festivities of the past. Christmastime is therefore the season when we adorn
our homes with emotive decorations that conjure up comfort and cosiness.
With this in mind the brand manufacturer Villeroy & Boch has for many
years presented special collections for winter and Christmas, perfect for creating a festive atmosphere of tranquil well-being throughout the home.
The well-loved Winter Collage collection epitomises the motto "when
fairytales come true". Following "Hansel and Gretel" in 2013, "Cinderella"
now takes the limelight in the magical world of Christmas fairytales.
The gourmet collection Winter Bakery is ideal for the festive enjoyment
of winter specialities such as cupcakes, gingerbread or Christmas cake and
hot drinks like punch, mulled wine or cocoa. In 2014 the range has again
been extended to include interesting novelties.
For the year 2014 a limited annual Christmas Edition featuring high-quality
gold lettering has also been developed. There is a choice of five articles, all
of which are only available in the current year.
Villeroy & Boch has also created festive articles in glass with the series
Seasonals Christmas and Decorated Christmas Accessories which complements to the successful ceramic Christmas range. Attractive additions to
the collections have been developed for 2014.
The series Modern Christmas is completely new, available for the first time
in 2014. It includes accessories such as vases, tealight holders, ornaments
and lighting objects made of pure white porcelain in a simple, clear design.
The products can be perfectly combined with many of the Villeroy & Boch
tableware collections.
The product range for winter and Christmas is completed by the Oscar
Christmas cutlery, which is decorated with festive motifs, and the entrancing home fragrance Esprit de Noël.
Thus with high-quality items and innovative articles characterised by imaginative décors in all product areas, Villeroy & Boch enables the festive
season to be celebrated in particular style.