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Oil & Gas
High pressure systems for testing, control and injection
Resato International BV is registered in the Netherlands
at the Chamber of Commerce, registration number 04059439
Resato International BV
1e Energieweg 13, NL-9301 LK Roden - The Netherlands
PO Box 30, NL-9300 AA Roden - The Netherlands
T: +31(0) 50 501 6877
E: [email protected]
Portable, mobile and workshop solutions in the
fields of testing, controlling and injection with
pressure ranges up to 14.000 bar / 200.000 psi.
To develop products in the oil and gas industry means you have to be an expert and understand the environment in which the products are used. During continuous oil and gas production operations, reliable testing, wellhead control, and chemical injection systems are absolutely crucial.
Resato, your universal supplier of high
pressure systems and components; The
Oil & Gas sector is getting more and more
advanced. Oil and gas are harder to reach
and equipment has to be up to higher
standarts. Safety, accuracy and reliability
have become mandatory features.
Creating real value within our products
By listening closely to our clients for over 30 years Resato understands the oil & gas sector and
offers a high standard of equipment designed for an oil&gas field environment, meeting the latest technical specifications with a sharp eye on environmental & personal safety. Over the years
Resato’s test, control and injection systems have become well known throughout the world for
their reliability and longevity, supreme ease of maintenance and ready availability of spare parts.
Resato works hard to offer solutions that meets or exceeds your expectations. We aim to be a
true partner.
Safety, uptime and costs of defects are more and more important subjects. Accurate and
safe testing of your tools and
equipment is critical for succes.
During service operations the
contractor is often responsible
for the safety of the well. High
quality control systems are
vital for these jobs.
Chemical injection is often
used to activate or boost the
performance of a well, to prevent corrosion, water columns
or hydrate formation.
Choosing the right test equipment is a challenging task. We
have extensive knowledge on
objects, materials, volumes
and pressures, assisting you
in making the right decision
for your testing environments.
We understand that there is
no room for errors during
these service jobs and are
able to analyse both functional and safety criteria, to
create a control system that
meets your highest standarts.
These systems are often placed
in hazardous environments.
With world wide experience
in both injection and pressure,
Resato is the right partner to
deliver a save, reliable and effective injection system.
Resato is one of the few suppliers of oil and
gas equipment worldwide that offers inhouse development and production of systems based on own high pressure pumps,
boosters and components. Combined with
the expertise and experience. Resato is a
true one stop shop.
• Worldwide service
This synopsis of our products is just a
start. View all our solutions, options, addons, client cases and knowledge base at:
• High safety standards
• Manufacturer of the complete solution
• Easy and user-friendly operation
• Easy maintenance