ADHS 2015 PROM RULES OF CONDUCT If you are bringing a

This form must be completed and turned in when you purchase your ticket. Tickets are on sale after school in the
gym lobby starting May 4 and ending May 7.
This year’s Prom will be held at the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel located at 421 S. Salisbury Street, Raleigh, NC on
May 09, 2015. The event will begin at 8:00 pm and conclude at Midnight.
Please read and sign the following:
To ensure that the Prom turns out to be an evening that we all enjoy, we ask that you obey the following rules and
1. This is a WCPSS event and, therefore, all WCPSS policies, procedures, and regulations apply. The use of alcohol,
drugs, tobacco, and/or any other controlled-dangerous substance before, during, or after the Prom is strictly
prohibited by state law as well as school policy and procedure. Anyone found in violation of this rule will be referred to
the authorities and referred for school discipline on the first day of return to the school. Parents/Guardians are strongly
encouraged to monitor and supervise all pre and post Prom activities.
2. Improper behavior will result in automatic expulsion from the Prom and referral for school disciplinary action.
3. The school reserves the right to withhold access to the Prom to anyone who has been placed on suspension on the
day prior to the prom.
4. All bags and personal belongings are subject to be searched.
5. All Prom attendees are required to submit identification upon request. The administration reserves the right to
deny admittance to the Prom at their discretion. All Guests must bring photo ID with them to the prom.
6. Once you enter the Prom, you may not leave the Prom until you are leaving for the evening. NO EXCEPTION. Once
you leave the Prom, you may not re-enter.
7. The dress code will be enforced. (Prom attire required – No jeans, tee shirts, tennis shoes or very short dresses.)
Please read the above information before signing below.
I, __________________________________ have read and understand the rules and regulations.
(ADHS Student attending prom)
I agree to comply with the above rules and regulations.
Student Signature _________________________________________ Date __________
Parent/Guardian Signature __________________________________ Date __________
If you are bringing a guest who is not an Athens Drive student, the application for a guest can be found
online at and return to the Front Office no later than Monday, April 27.