Calf Laser Silk Roses
by Alma
Asuka – Asuka Weaves
by Osborne & Little
Collection Moresque - Granada
by Alidad for Pierre Frey Ltd
Collection Moresque – Alhambra
by Alidad for Pierre Frey Ltd
Fabric Design
Sponsored by The World of Interiors
8 Design & Decoration Awards 2005
Durbar Hall
by Designers Guild
By Ulf Moritz for Sahco
A ‘highlight’ fabric from Ulf Moritz, Magnolia is a floral design in textile
relief. Like scattered flowers on a silk net, this design is perfect for panels,
blinds and cushions. ‘Interesting use of the material... Beautifully simple
and chic...’ were among the judges’ comments.
Design & Decoration Awards 2005 9
Ulf Mortiz Scala Wallcoverings – Rococco
by Ulf Moritz for Brian Yates (Interiors) Ltd
New Contemporary Collection Two
by Cole & Son (Wallpapers) Ltd
Cascade from the Silhouette
Tantalize, XL Collection
by Nono Designs Ltd
by Peter Gomez for Interiors Europe
Wallpaper Ltd
Ladies Galore from the
Silhouette Collection
by Peter Gomez for Interiors
Europe Wallpaper Ltd
Wallcovering Design
Sponsored by Chelsea Harbour Design Centre
Chelsea Harbour
Design Centre
10 Design & Decoration Awards 2005
Fragments of Liberty
By Claire Coles at Cho Cho San
Wallcoverings by Claire Coles represent both a refinement of walls and of the
art of collage. Coles stitches together various patterns and media new and old,
creating intricate, layered surfaces that combine texture, colour and
composition. Here, vintage wallpaper and leather create delicate floral patterns
that seem to be sown, grow, blossom and flourish on a fertile (paper) soil.
Judges’ comments include: ‘Love it!’, ‘Would love to commission her!’, and
‘Wow! - Intricate and arousing.’
Design & Decoration Awards 2005 11
Little Butler
by Avilion Ltd
The Single Kitchen
by Alberto Colonello for Boffi
by Poggenpohl Moebelwerke
Fine Contemporary Cutlery
by CGA Design
Kitchen Product Design
Sponsored by Gaggenau
12 Design & Decoration Awards 2005
By Varenna at Poliform
This sleek kitchen features beautiful aesthetics, distinct details and integrated
handles. Allowing combinations of materials and finishes, it is the perfect
option for an open living space that links kitchen and reception areas. ‘Stylish,
upscale and modern,’ opined the judges. ‘Would like to see more.’
Design & Decoration Awards 2005 13
Flocked Metal Furniture
by Thomas & Vines Ltd
by myfotowall ltd
Surface Design
14 Design & Decoration Awards 2005
Summer Flowers Mosaic
by Marco Brago for Bisazza
by Scin
Concrete Rug Tiles
By Eileen Elliott at Cho Cho San
Handprinted with images of kilim and Persian rugs, Eileen Elliott’s concrete
floor tiles are a bold combination of opposites. The weight and austerity of
polished concrete is balanced by delicate patina on its surface, a subtle texture
that seems almost ephemeral atop the most solid of surfaces. ‘Beautiful, subtle,’
said the judges, and: ‘So clever, interesting, stylish.’
Design & Decoration Awards 2005 15
Wet Room Floor System
by Solidity Ltd
Serenis Shower Enclosure
by Pearson-Lloyd for Ideal
by Piero Lissoni for Boffi
Xenon Thermostatic Shower
by Samuel Heath & Sons
Bathroom Product Design
16 Design & Decoration Awards 2005
Stone Radiators
By Marble Heating Co
Stone radiators are a result of modern scientific advances, combined with
ancient knowledge of using natural stones as heating elements. Heat
accumulates below the surface of the stone and is radiated evenly in all
directions. Convection, where the ceiling gets warmest first, is almost entirely
avoided. The radiators can be made into any shape, with different finishes and
30 different colours. The judges responded to the happy marriage of technology
and style: ‘Elegant, new and unusual.’
Design & Decoration Awards 2005 17
Tobago from Caribe
by Zoffany
Space Heater
by Product Resolutions Ltd
Baroque Collection
by Cast Design
Hello Stranger Bench
by Citysquared
Outdoor Product Design
Sponsored by Chelsea Harbour Design Centre
Chelsea Harbour
Design Centre
18 Design & Decoration Awards 2005
Cantilever seat
By Citysquared
Developed as part of a wider collection of contemporary furniture for gardens
and public spaces, Cantilever provides garden designers and landscape designers
with a fresh take on architectural furniture. The collection aims to explore
ways in which it can contribute to urban regeneration by developing products
that engage public interest on a number of levels. Made entirely of stainless
steel using a combination of high-tech and traditional techniques, it is 100%
recyclable. ‘V. strong,’ said the judges, in an unintentional double entendre.
‘Public spaces definitely.’
Design & Decoration Awards 2005 19
Mandarin Seat
by Anthony Critchlow Designs
Capsule Furniture
by Kelly Hoppen
Abigail Settee
by Q Collection
by Jimmie Martin
Furniture Design
Sponsored by Colefax & Fowler
20 Design & Decoration Awards 2005
‘Wave’ sideboard
By Pinch Design
The Wave Sideboard is designed to deliver both functionality and beauty for
home and office. The design marries a highly decorative sculptural element
with a commercial minimalist aesthetic to create a dynamic though calm piece
of furniture. All the openings are camouflaged in the pattern, creating a clean,
apparently continuous front surface. ‘Modern and fresh,’ said the judges:
‘Beautiful and special.’
Design & Decoration Awards 2005 21
Flocked Chandelier
by Thomas & Vines
Twig Wall Light
by Vaughan Ltd
Louis 5D
by Blandine Debos for Roset Uk Ltd
Portobello Road Table Lamp
by Mark McDowell for Fine Arts
Lamps at Rebecca Scott
Lighting Product Design
Sponsored by Zimmer + Rohde
22 Design & Decoration Awards 2005
Bourgie Lamp
By Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell
Of classic inspiration, revisitng the classic baroque lamp, the revolutionary
characteristic of Bourgie is that it is made entirely of transparent polycarbonate.
On the one hand it is classicality, richness and tradition – and on the other it is
innovation, transparency and irony. A special coupling system allows it to be
set at three heights, to be used as a desk, table or bedside lamp. ‘Fab value!,’
said the judges, and another ‘I love it!’
Design & Decoration Awards 2005 23
Pebbles Brown Rug
by Allegra Hicks for The Rug
by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Vitra
Oak Leaf
by Deirdre Dyson Contemporary Carpets
by Nina Campbell
Object of Desire
Sponsored by The World of Interiors
24 Design & Decoration Awards 2005
New Fine Bone China Collection
By Jasper Conran for Wedgwood
Building on the pure shapes of his original collection, Jasper Conran has added
fun and a decorative element to an already successful range. Anticipating the
use of more colour in our homes, Jasper has created five new ranges: Platinum
Stripe/Band, Colours, Green Chinoiserie and White Chinoiserie. ‘Wedgwood’s
traditional delicacy and elegance well reflected,’ thought the judges, ‘in dense,
modern, vibrant colours.’
Design & Decoration Awards 2005 25
House Biddle Cursi
by Peerutin Architects
Manhattan Pied-a-Terre
by Morris Sato Studio
‘Having fun in Knightsbridge’
by Rabih Hage
Ferme de Moudon
by Nicky Dobree Interior Design
Modern Residential Interior
Sponsored by Poliform
26 Design & Decoration Awards 2005
Apartment overlooking the Bosphorus
By Zeynep Fadillioglu Design
The astonishing view of the Bosphorus, where eastern and western cultures
come together, is the focal point of this living space. The house’s unique
location has influenced the design to combine antiques and modern art in a
fusion reminiscent of the culture of Istanbul itself. The use of materials,
furniture and natural light makes this an outstanding project with a
contemporary and comfortable feel – according to the client’s request,
a sophisticated and personal space created through distinguished design.
Design & Decoration Awards 2005 27
Private Residence
by Richard Shapiro
129 Park Lane
by Johnston Stewart Interior
Wycombe Square
by Helen Green Design
Classical Residential Interior
Sponsored by Colefax & Fowler
28 Design & Decoration Awards 2005
Georgian Townhouse
by John Minshaw Designs
An 18th-century townhouse in the heart of London’s medical district, formerly
a dentist’s surgery, was converted back to single occupancy, retaining only the
front and rear facade and orignal staircases. Ensuring that the property’s former
grand proportions were restored by maximising light, using oversized furniture
and selecting antiques, the designer has allowed the architecture of the building
to speak for itself. ‘A sympathetic restoration,’ said the judges: ‘Elegant and
unfussy with a great sense of period.’
Design & Decoration Awards 2005 29
Staircase for Mr and Mrs G-D
by Marquis et François
Wanscow Walk
by Goodchild Interiors
by John Minshaw Designs
Bathroom for Mr & Mrs D Jones
by Elsie Wood Interiors
Single Room Interior
Sponsored by Gaggenau
30 Design & Decoration Awards 2005
Kitchen in the Biddle Cursi House
By Kitchen Clinic and Peerutin Architects
The brief was to create a kitchen as the key entertainment and living area
which would blend with the glorious setting. The interior space moves
effortlessly into the extensive sea and mountain views. The kitchen offers
simplicity, functionality, practicability – and, above all, glamour,
highlighting the fact that kitchens are for so much more than cooking.
Design & Decoration Awards 2005 31
Knightsbridge Roofgarden
by Andy Sturgeon Garden Design
The Wilson Garden
by Fisher Tomlin
Private Apartment
by Bowles & Wyer
Great British Outdoor Living
by Daniel McCarthy at Woodhams
Garden Design
Sponsored by House & Garden
32 Design & Decoration Awards 2005
Perching Barn
By Acres Wild
The brief was to supply a ‘contemporary country’ setting for this newly
converted West Sussex barn and enhance the views into the garden from
the house, whilst considering issues of exposure to the south-west wind and
of privacy. An existing farm pond was to be enlarged and a decorative Koi
pond created. Intelligent planting and use of shrubs and trees creates four
distinctive areas of the garden which are perfect for the barn and sit well in
the existing countryside.
Design & Decoration Awards 2005 33
ORA Restaurant, South East Essex College
by KSS Design Group
Mortons Club
by BCA London
Infinity Suite, The Langham Hotel
by RPW Design
Ritz Club Bar and Restaurant
by Tessa Kennedy Design
Commercial Interior
Sponsored by Zimmer + Rohde
34 Design & Decoration Awards 2005
Chanel New York Flagship Store
By Peter Marino and Associates
The objectives of this expansion and re-design were to increase retail space by 50 per
cent, to embody the artisan tradition of Chanel and to parallel the technical and
inventive feeling of the newest retail products. A major part of the work involved
adding a third floor of retail space and expanding the glass facade to all three floors.
Inspired by the Chanel No. 5 perfume box, the materials palette is classic ivory and
black with woven silver panels and dramatic lighting. The store is designed to lead
the shopper on a journey through luxurious artisan materials such as gold
aluminium leaf, irridescent ivory textured plaster and white hand-woven leather walls.
Design & Decoration Awards 2005 35
Lower Mill Estate nature reserve
by Lower Mill Estate
Royal Mills Apartment
by Blustin Heath Design
19 Pembridge Square
by Honky Design and N&R
Estée Lauder, Beyond Paradise
for Men
by Connections in Design
Show Home Interior
Sponsored by Osborne & Little
36 Design & Decoration Awards 2005
41 Millharbour – Weston Homes
By Connections in Design
The designers were asked to create a luxury environment to benefit the
lifestyle of an international traveller and businessman. The result: whether
relaxing, entertaining or working, this apartment really does have
everything. Features of note include a bespoke black gloss and inlaid honey
stones dining table, a ‘secret’ study area with hidden storage and
entertainment systems, an LED-lit acrylic map of the area acting as a bed
headboard, and of course a full-length panoramic window.
Design & Decoration Awards 2005 37
Origami Light Panel for Jaeger Window
by Anthony Critchlow Designs
Chanel New York Flagship
by Peter Marino & Associates
Hilton, Athens
by dpa lighting consultants
The Greenhouse
by SHH Architects & Elektra
Lighting Ltd
Lighting Installation
38 Design & Decoration Awards 2005
By dpa lighting consultants
The designers were asked to offer ideas that showed broad thinking, coordinating with the interior and exterior fabric of Masala World’s most notable
restaurant to date. The name ‘Amaya’ means ‘without boundaries’. The result
– a stunning lighting ingredient to compliment the entire Amaya dining
experience. The main emphasis is the open show kitchen, which is given a
focus as the source of drama and theatre in the space. The ‘high table’ and
‘party table’ are given accented treatments, while another ‘layer’ of lighting is
provided by candles on walls and in niches to make intimate groupings.
Design & Decoration Awards 2005 39
Light Storage
by Thomas Grimer, Central St Martins
College of Art & Design
by Tom Price, London Metropolitan University
Wysing Arts Centre
by Max Goodchild, Inchbald School of Design
The Old Post Office Hotel & Restaurant
by Jessica Brook, Inchbald School Of Design
Graduate Designer of the Year
Sponsored by Osborne & Little
40 Design & Decoration Awards 2005
Outdoor Wallpaper
By Susan Bradley, London Metropolitan University
This innovative and ingenious design for laser-cut decorative patterns in a
variety of materials, applied in relief to almost any exterior (or interior)
surface, has great potential on a mass market level as well as more bespoke
interiors and exteriors. Seen on a larger repeat it is even more effective.
Design & Decoration Awards 2005 41
New Designer in Practice
Sponsored by Poliform
42 Design & Decoration Awards 2005
Jimmie Karlsson & Martin Nihlmar
Jimmie Martin Ltd
Jimmie Martin Ltd transform and breathe new life into antique furniture.
Using vibrant colours and unusual techniques, mingling the sophisticated
with the sexy, they create pieces that become the focal point of any and
every room. Most of the items are purchased at auction houses and antique
markets, so everything is an original and can be tailored to suit the
customer. Most pieces have been finished off with an image or paint effect
hand painted directly on to the furniture or fabric. ‘We provide an eclectic
showcase of one-off pieces, combining the decadent and quirky with the
nostalgic and urban,’ says ex-model Karlsson. Commissions include a bar
and chairs for Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, work for private clients and
a selection in the new fashion/interior boutique Weardowney.
Design & Decoration Awards 2005 43
The House & Garden Designer of the Year
44 Design & Decoration Awards 2005
John Minshaw
John Minshaw Designs
John Minshaw has received the Designer of the Year Award in recognition
of his masterly restoration of a late 18th Century Georgian town house.
Two years ago this building was a decaying warren of dental consulting
rooms and pokey accommodation. Today it is a gracious family home
incorporating a spacious design studio and office.
John has retained the house’s period integrity and negotiated planning and
English Heritage constraints yet created a classic interior of great elegance;
combinig neoclassical disciplines with the most advanced technology and
materials. Sue Crewe, Editor, House & Garden
Design & Decoration Awards 2005 45
The House & Garden Lifetime Achievement Award
46 Design & Decoration Awards 2005
David Easton
Though David Easton, one of the world’s most sought-after interior
designers, has made his name as a neo-classicist, his erudition and
experience in architecture and decoration are wide ranging and continually
developing. He studied architecture at the Pratt Institute, graduating in
1963 and taking a Fontainebleau scholarship to travel and study in Europe.
Having been ‘seduced by decoration’ at Parish-Hadley, he started his own
interior design firm in 1972 and quickly gained recognition for his
classically inspired, traditional interiors. In recent years he has shifted
towards a more streamlined, contemporary aesthetic. ‘It’s necessary to
move forward,’ he says. ‘I see a desire to simplify life, and for simpler
interiors. I think the future will be about a more intelligent use of resources
and a more intelligent support of lifestyles.’
Design & Decoration Awards 2005 47