867. 872. Green Cased Colorless Glass and Alvin Sterling Overlay

Green Cased Colorless Glass and Alvin Sterling Overlay
Decanter, late 19th/early 20th century, flaring baluster form,
with engraved leafy scroll overlay, and faceted colorless glass ball
stopper, ht. 10 in.
Two Tiffany & Company Sterling Souvenir Spoons, late 19th
and early 20th century, the first depicting the Statue of Liberty,
the second from the 1939 New York World’s Fair, the handle in
the form of the Trylon, inscribed to reverse of bowl, approx. 2
troy oz.
Shreve Crump & Low Sterling Art Nouveau Repoussé Bowl,
late 19th century, the low bowl with bulbous sides, chased and
embossed with carnation stems on textured ground, with slight
scalloped rim, and on low flowerhead-form feet, gold-washed
interior, dia. 8 in., approx. 17 troy oz.
Set of Four Aesthetic Movement Sterling Flatware Items, last
quarter 19th century, comprising a Whiting pickle fork, tomato
server and table spoon, each with twisted handle and folded leaf
pattern; and a Gorham sauce ladle with floral molded bowl with
scrolled stamen and curved handle, approx. 4 troy oz.
Two Sterling and Sterling-lidded Dresser Articles, late
19th/early 20th century, a floral engraved oval picture frame with
ball feet and easel back, lg. 11 1/4, and a Dominick & Haff
sterling lidded colorless cut glass jar, ht. 5 3/4 in., approx. 4 troy
oz. weighable silver.
Set of Twelve Shiebler Sterling Demitasse Spoons, late 19th
century, with shaped stems, terminals molded with varying leaves
and shoots, approx. 5 troy oz.
George W. Shiebler Co. Gold-washed Sterling Tea Strainer,
late 19th/early 20th century, with leaf-form bowl and loop stem,
lg. 4 5/8 in., approx. 1 troy oz.
J.E. Caldwell & Co. Reticulated Sterling Cake Plate, late 19th
century, pierced with Renaissance Revival-style cherubs, dolphins
and griffin grotesques, on low foot, monogrammed, dia. 11 in.,
approx. 16 troy oz.
Gorham Sterling Aesthetic Movement Figural Seafood
Server, late 19th century, one end a double tined fork, the other
a shell form-spoon, the stem modeled as if wrapped in seaweed,
and mounted with various shell specimens, cattails, and a small
fish, lg. 11 3/8 in., approx. 2 troy oz.
Impressive Gorham Sterling Centerbowl, date marked 1899,
ovoid, with grotesque male masks to the pair of ear handles, body
embossed with C-scroll cartouches, fruit and floral sprays, and
lion masks, on oval foot with acanthus rim, and scrolled fish scale
and acanthus feet, ht. 8, wd. to handles 14 1/2 in., approx. 73
troy oz.
Six-Piece Gorham Sterling Tea and Coffee Service, late 19th
century, comprising coffeepot, teapot, kettle on stand with
burner, covered sugar, open sugar, and creamer, pear-shaped
bodies, with C-scroll and flowerhead rim, with fluted and
flowerhead handles, on scrolled feet, coffeepot ht. 9 1/8, approx.
126 troy oz., together with an associated Mappin & Webb
Prince’s Plate tea tray, lg. to handles 29 3/8 in., (7 items total).
Boxed Set of Twelve George W. Shiebler & Co. Sterling
“Amaryllis” Teaspoons, late 19th/early 20th century,
monogrammed, lg. 5 7/8 in., approx. 9 troy oz.
Howard Sterling Co. Reticulated Sweetmeat Dish, c. 1900,
teardrop shaped, with S-scroll and flowerhead rim, reticulated
sides, gold-washed interior, with bifurcate loop handle to short
end, with two ball feet, with small engraved presentation
inscription, ht. 3 3/4, lg. 9 3/4 in., approx. 11 troy oz.
Gorham Sterling Loving Cup, 1900, squat vasiform, with three
loop handles, on spreading foot with S-scroll rim, engraved with
presentation inscription to one side, ht. 9 in., approx. 40 troy oz.
Dominick & Haff Sterling Kettle on Stand, date marked 1900,
squat pear shaped, chased and embossed with floral swags and
lobing, swing handle, on ovoid base enclosing burner, on paw
feet, ht. to handle approx. 12 1/2 in., approx. 77 troy oz.
Nine-Piece Engraved Sterling Dresser Set, 1900-15, The
Sweetser Co., comprising hair brush, clothes brush, hand mirror,
powder jar with sterling lid and etched colorless glass body, two
small sterling lidded colorless cut glass jars, a nail file, shoe horn,
and button hook, all with flowering vine engraving and
monogram, mirror lg. 7 1/4, hairbrush lg. 8 3/4 in., approx. 6
troy oz. weighable silver.
Gorham Sterling Artist Designed Art Nouveau Desk Tray,
possibly after Harold Perry Erskine (American, 1879-1951),
oblong with acanthus incised rim, the center modeled as a pond
with an inquisitive fish appearing at center, rim mounted with a
figure of a seated male faun holding pipes, incised signature
“Erskine,” wd. 10 1/2 in., approx. 33 troy oz.
Tiffany & Co. Sterling Fruit Bowl, 1902-07, ovoid, with
everted rim embossed with openwork fruiting blackberry vines,
monogrammed to center, dia. 10 1/4 in., approx. 18 troy oz.
Two Tiffany & Co. Clover Decorated Tablewares, a side bowl,
1902-07, dia. 6 1/4, and a tazza on trumpet foot, 1907-38, ht. 3
1/8, dia. 7 7/8 in., both with stamped and reticulated rims of
clovers and flowers, approx. 17 troy oz.
Gorham Sterling Five-Piece Tea and Coffee Service, c. 19041907, comprising teapot, coffeepot, hot water kettle on stand,
covered sugar, and wastebowl, each with serpentine body, angular
handle and oval foot, ht. of coffeepot 8 5/8 in., approx. 94 troy
Gorham Art Nouveau Sterling Five-Piece Tea and Coffee
Service, 1906, comprising baluster form coffeepot, teapot,
creamer, and ovoid covered sugar and open sugar, all with
hammered surface, and crabstock handles, chased and embossed
with poppy flowers above crabstock feet, monogrammed,
coffeepot ht. approx. 9 1/2 in., approx. 127 troy oz.
Five-Piece Dominick & Haff Sterling Tea and Coffee Service,
1906-08, comprising teapot, coffeepot, kettle on stand with
burner, covered sugar, and creamer, ovoid bodies embossed with
curved lobes and C-scroll cartouches, with gadrooned rim, ear
handles, and ball feet, teapot engraved to underside of base as
trophy for the Brighton Steeplechase, and dated 1907, kettle
engraved as trophy for the Empire State Steeplechase, and dated
1908, all monogrammed, teapot ht. 7 1/2, approx. 135 troy oz.
Seven-Piece Gorham Sterling Tea and Coffee Service, c. 1907,
comprising vasiform coffeepot, teapot, kettle on stand with
burner, covered sugar, open sugar, creamer, with reeded rims, and
ear handles, coffeepot ht. 12, together with a large serving tray,
lg. to handles 26 1/2 in., all engraved with a crest, approx. 256
troy oz.
Tiffany & Company Sterling Tazza, 1907-39, with circular top
engraved to the center with a flowerhead, the edges with
entwined laurel wreathes, circular stem and foot, dia. 9 in.,
approx. 19 troy oz.
Tiffany & Co. Sterling Fruit Bowl, 1907-38, bowl with lobed
sides, the wide waved rim chased and embossed with wild rose
flowers, dia. 12 in., approx. 27 troy oz.
Set of Four Tiffany & Co. Silver Soldered Tazzae, 1907-47,
with downswept rim with rocaille C-scrolls and shells, on trumpet
foot molded with scrolls, monogrammed and engraved with crest,
dia. 9 3/8 in.
Pair of Tiffany & Co. Sterling Reticulated Bread Baskets,
1907-38, oval, with trefoil and panel piercing accented with floral
and swag engraving, and applied scroll rim, monogrammed, lg.
11 in., approx. 23 troy oz.
Nest of Three Tiffany & Co. Sterling Platters, 1907-38, each
with serpentine ogee and thread borders, edge and interior
decorated with C-scrolls, fish scales and flattened leaftips,
cartouche-shaped center, lg. 17, 19, and 22 in., approx. 180 troy
Two Tiffany & Company Sterling Covered Vegetable Dishes,
1907-38, one circular, the other oval, each engraved with
fishscale, C-scrolls and flowerheads, thread borders, interior
similarly engraved to the upper border, lg. 10 and 11 1/2 in.,
approx. 88 troy oz.
893 (3)
Pair of Tiffany & Co. Sterling Bowls, 1907-38, shallow form,
acid-etched with stylized petals and C-scrolls, on low foot, dia. 7
1/4 in., approx. 21 troy oz.
Tiffany & Co. Sterling Fruit Bowl, 1907-38, graduated
hexagonal, with reeded rim, wd. 9 1/8 in., approx. 17 troy oz.
Tiffany & Co. Sterling Georgian-style Sauceboat, 1907-38, of
typical form, with leaf-topped handle, ogee rim, on three hoof
feet, monogrammed, ht. 4 1/2 in., approx. 13 troy oz.
Tiffany & Co. Sterling Cake Plate, 1907-38, with central
monogram and incised line detailing, on low foot, dia. 10 5/8
in., approx. 20 troy oz.
Tiffany & Co. Queen Anne-style Sterling Bowl, 1907-38,
round, with wide rim and low foot, dia. 10 1/8 in., approx. 22
troy oz.
Tiffany & Co. Sterling Pointed Antique Flatware Service,
1907-47, “Queen Anne”/”Faneuil” patterns, comprising twentysix teaspoons; eighteen butter spreaders; fourteen dinner forks
(four backtipt); thirteen dinner knives; twelve salad/dessert forks;
twelve bouillon spoons; seven cream soupspoons; six backtipt
teaspoons; six place spoons; four cocktail forks; serving spoon,
sauce ladle, and a master butter knife, some monogramming,
approx. 142 troy oz. weighable silver.
Assembled Set of Eight Gorham Sterling Service Plates, three
1908, one 1909, and four 1927, with reeded rim, engraved with
crests or presentation inscriptions, dia. 10 in., approx. 83 troy oz.
Gorham Sterling Four-Piece Tea Set, 1908-09, with waisted
urn form coffeepot, ovoid teapot, covered sugar, and helmet
creamer, with angular handles, monogrammed, coffeepot ht. 8
1/2 in., approx. 49 troy oz.
Gorham Sterling Hot Water Kettle on Stand, 1912, urn-form
finial and bell-form top, the body with fluted and cut corners and
with engraved flowerheads to the borders, stand with openwork
splayed legs and feet, ht. 13 in., approx. 52 troy oz.
Four-Piece Assembled Georgian-style Tea Service, comprising
a three-piece Gorham tea set, 1915-17, ovoid, with lobing to base
of bodies, angular handles, teapot ht. 5 1/2, together with a
Roden Bros. hot water pot, Toronto, similarly styled, with short
spout, ht. 9 1/2 in., approx. 35 troy oz.
Gorham Sterling Two-handled Serving Tray, 1916, serpentine
foliate handles and leaftip cast edge, inner border repoussé
molded and engraved with leaves and flowerheads, central
engraved floral cartouche, monogrammed, lg. 30 1/8 in., approx.
152 troy oz.
Wallace Sterling “Kings” Pattern Partial Flatware Service,
comprising: twenty-four teaspoons; twenty-three soupspoons; ten
place spoons; six iced tea spoons; six forks; five demitasse spoons;
four cream soupspoon; serving spoon; sauce ladle, large carving
fork; and a small carving fork, monogrammed, (82 pieces),
approx. 131 troy oz. weighable silver, sold together with similar
electroplate fish set for four and two serving pieces.
Unger Brothers Sterling and Colorless Cut Glass Flask, early
20th century, glass body with sterling cap, base with sterling
mount, front impressed with head of a Native American chief with
feathered headdress, lg. 5 1/8 in.
Three American Sterling Porringers, early 20th century, two by
James T. Woolley, and one marked GJH, two engraved with
names, lg. to 7 1/2 in., approx. 23 troy oz.
Gorham Sterling “Mythologique” Pattern Partial Flatware
Service, early 20th century, comprising twelve teaspoons, twelve
dinner forks, twelve bouillon spoons, twelve ice cream forks,
twelve dinner knives, twelve iced beverage spoons, twelve salad
forks, thirteen coffee spoons, fruit knife and fork, sugar tongs,
large two-piece carving set, small two-piece carving set, tomato
server, pie slice, two large serving spoons, small ladle, butter
spreader, salad serving fork, monogrammed, (111 pieces), approx.
122 troy oz. weighable silver.
Three American Sterling Teawares, early 20th century, a pair of
Baldwin, Miller Co. pastry tongs with quatrefoil nips, lg. 7 7/8, a
strainer with handle formed as a milk maid, lg. 6 5/8 in., and a
ovoid strainer with turned wood handle, approx. 7 troy oz.
Three American Sterling Tea Infusers, early 20th century, a
Whiting hinged tea ball, a Webster urn form example, and an
unmarked finely reticulated tea ball, all with chains, approx. 2 troy
Dominick and Haff Sterling “Labors of Cupid” Flatware
Service, early 20th century, comprising twelve of the following;
dinner forks, teaspoons, dinner knives, seafood forks, salad forks,
iced beverage spoons, luncheon forks, cream soupspoons,
luncheon knives, butter spreaders; three-piece carving set and pie
slice, 124 pieces, approx. 184 troy oz. weighable silver.
Durgin Sterling and Cobalt Glass Classical Revival Covered
Urn, early 20th century, slender form, reticulated with flat leaves,
urns and flutes, with angular handles, domed lid with urn finial,
and trumpet foot, with cobalt glass liner, engraved detailing, ht.
11 in., approx. 10 troy oz.
Set of Twelve Gebelein Silver Nesting Tumblers, early 20th
century, comprising three nests of four, each numbered to the
base, dia. 2 1/2 to 3 in., approx. 40 troy oz.
Pair of Towle Sterling Open Vegetable Bowls, early 20th
century, ovoid, with reeded rim, monogrammed to one end, lg. 8
7/8 in., approx. 20 troy oz.
Pair of Gebelein Sterling Open Vegetable Bowls, Boston, early
20 century, ovoid, with ogee shaped rim, monogrammed, lg. 9
3/4 in., approx. 26 troy oz.
Two Pair of American Sterling Open Salts, early 20th century,
one Tiffany & Co., 1907-38, ogee molded, with reeded rims, dia.
2 5/8, the other Bixby Silver Co., round, with beaded rims,
monogrammed, dia. 2 3/8 in., approx. 6 troy oz.
Pair of Queen Anne Style Sterling Three-Light Convertible
Candelabra, Currier & Roby, early 20th century, retailed by
Gebelein, marked “antique reproduction,” with girdled sconces,
and serpentine candle arms, on paneled baluster stem, and
weighted base with canted corners, full ht. 11 in.
Medallion Pattern Silver Plate and Steuben Colorless Glass
Milk Jug, 20th century, the glass body set into frame with
pierced patera girdle with two female medallion uprights,
wirework loop handle with single medallion, on trumpet foot, ht.
5 1/4 in.
Sterling Tazza, Roger Williams Silver Co., early 20th century,
round, with high loop handles, on trumpet foot, with engraved
borders, and central monogram, ht. 4 5/8, wd. to handles 10
3/8 in., approx. 14 troy oz.
Three American Sterling Flatware Serving Pieces, late
19th/early 20th century, a Durgin “Chrysanthemum” serving
spoon with gold-washed bowl, lg. 9, and a pair of Dominick &
Haff “No. 10” salad server, fork lg. 8 5/8, spoon lg. 8 7/8 in.,
all monogrammed, approx. 8 troy oz.
Gorham Sterling “Versailles” Punch Ladle, early 20th century,
lg. 11 in., approx. 6 troy oz.
Three Silver Serving Spoons, two American sterling, one a
King-variant stuffing spoon retailed by Caldwell, lg. 13, and a
Gorham “King George” spoon, monogrammed, lg. 8 3/4; sold
together with a Continental sifting spoon, maker’s mark WB,
bright-cut monogram, lg. 8 3/4 in., (3 items total), approx. 12
troy oz.
Gorham Sterling “Rondo” Pattern Flatware Service, 20th
century, comprising twelve of the following; dinner forks, dinner
knives; luncheon forks, bouillon spoons, butter spreaders, and
seafood forks; twenty-four teaspoons, cold meat fork and spoon,
sauce ladle, large serving spoon and fork, approx. 102 troy oz.
Tiffany & Co. Sterling “Chrysanthemum” Flatware Service
For Twelve, comprising twelve of the following: dinner knives,
dinner forks, teaspoons and cream soupspoons, luncheon knives,
luncheon forks, fish forks, dessert spoons, ice cream spoons, salad
forks, butter spreaders, and demitasse spoons; two sauce ladles, ice
cream ladle, fish slice, pudding spoon, two table spoons, small
tongs, one medium size serving spoon, and one small serving
spoon with pierced bowl, 154 pieces total, approx. 247 troy oz.
weighable silver.
Assembled Group of Lily Pattern Flatware, early 20th century,
comprising six Gorham dinner forks; eleven bouillon spoons, ten
teaspoons, one luncheon fork, five luncheon knives, twelve dinner
knives, two salad servers, butter spreader, and pastry knife all by
Whiting; Reed and Barton cold meat fork and spoon; four
teaspoons, ten seafood forks, and one luncheon knife by
International, most monogrammed, approx. 67 troy oz.
Gorham Sterling Classical Revival Pitcher, early 20th century,
ovoid, with short spout and scrolled handle, impressed with scroll
and flowerhead-topped panels, spreading foot with berry rim, ht.
9 7/8 in.
Gorham Sterling “Lancaster” Partial Flatware Service, early
20th century, comprising twelve dinner forks, ten luncheon forks,
nine tablespoons, and eleven dinner knives, 42 pieces,
monogrammed, approx. 51 troy oz. weighable silver.
American Sterling Centerbowl, early 20th century, Davis and
Galt, retailed by Gorham, floriform, the rim deeply stamped with
grape clusters, and engraved with grape leaves, dia. 14 in., approx.
28 troy oz.
Four American Sterling Spoons, Wallace child’s spoon with catform stem; Shiebler demitasse spoon with foliate terminal and
beaded stem; Concord Silversmiths small serving spoon with fruit
and foliate terminal; and a small leaf shaped spoon, approx. 2.5
troy oz.
Eight American Sterling Flatware Articles, six engraved corn
picks, Wallace “Irian” pattern sugar tongs, and a Durgin “Louis
XV” pattern sugar shell with leaf molded bowl; sold together with
a Japanese export spoon, (9 items), approx. 3 troy oz.
Twelve Tiffany & Company Sterling “Strawberry” Pattern
Berry Forks, early 20th century, each handle molded with a leafy
strawberry and bifurcated stem, lg. 4 3/8 in.; together with a
Gorham-style Aesthetic Movement small spoon, 13 pieces total,
approx. 8 troy oz.
Black, Starr & Frost Sterling Tray, early 20th century, scroll
and husk wreath engraved border, with reeded rim and handles,
monogrammed, lg. to handles 18 in., approx. 47 troy oz.
Towle Sterling Cake Stand, early 20th century, rim stamped
with beaded leaf cartouches, outer rim with flute piercing
accented with paterae, with short openwork handles, on trumpet
foot, dia. 12 in., approx. 20 troy oz.
Note: Matching lots 981 and 983.
Woodside Sterling Co. Jensen-style Covered Bowl, early 20th
century, the shallow bowl with lid with bud and leaf finial, raised
on four stylized leaf and bud legs, and tiered round base, ht. 6
in., approx. 20 troy oz.
Redlich & Co. Queen Anne-style Three-Piece Sterling
Demitasse Set, early 20th century, girdled pear-shaped coffeepot
with tiered lid, fruitwood handle, with conforming creamer, and
open sugar with Onslow handles, coffeepot ht. 10 1/4 in.,
approx. 23 troy oz.
Four-Piece Frank M. Whiting Sterling Dresser Set, early 20th
century, comprising a hand mirror, hair brush, clothes brush, and
comb, decorated with Art Nouveau poppies, monogrammed,
together with an Art Nouveau style white metal mounted
colorless glass perfume, hand mirror lg. 10 1/2 in.
Redlich Sterling Salver, early 20th century, molded rim pierced
with rocaille C-scrolls, with crested monogram to center, dia. 14
1/8 in., approx. 31 troy oz.
Five-Piece Durgin Sterling Tea and Coffee Service, early 20th
century, paneled vasiform coffeepot, teapot, kettle on stand with
burner, open sugar, covered sugar, and creamer, coffeepot ht. 6
7/8 in., approx. 105 troy oz.
Set of Thirteen LeBolt Arts & Crafts Hammered Sterling
Plates, early 20th century, comprising six side plates, dia. 6 3/8
in., and seven chargers, dia. 11 troy oz., each with an applied
stylized monogram, approx. 125 troy oz.
Gorham Sterling “Chantilly” Pattern Flatware Service, early
and mid-20th century, comprising twelve luncheon knives, thirtythree luncheon forks, twelve bouillon spoons, twelve salad forks,
twelve dessert forks, six dinner forks, seven seafood forks, twelve
iced beverage spoons, thirty-six teaspoons, six coffee spoons, five
dessert spoons, twelve cream soupspoons, seventeen butter
spreaders, fourteen dinner knives, four tablespoons, two tomato
servers, pie slice, two cold meat forks, jelly spoon, sugar shell, two
small ladles and a large serving spoon, (210 pieces); together with
six teaspoons and four cream soupspoons in the Gorham
“Norfolk” pattern, approx. 209 troy oz. weighable silver.
Set of Twelve Dominick & Haff Hammered Sterling Side
Plates, early 20th century, with all-over hammered surface, and
applied Greek key rim, monogrammed, dia. 6 in.
S. Kirk & Son Inc. Sterling Fruit Bowl, 1925-32, on domed
foot, monogrammed, dia. 9 in., approx. 22 troy oz.
Pair of S. Kirk & Son Inc. Sterling Repoussé Condiment
Servers, 1925-32, with central loop handle surmounting three
conjoined floral repoussé dishes, monogrammed, ht. 3 1/2, wd. 6
1/4 in., approx. 12 troy oz.
Stone Associates Sterling Kettle on Stand, post-1937, maker
likely Arthur L. Hartwell, ovoid body with plain upright handle,
serpentine spout, lid with vasiform finial, raised on ovoid stand
with flattened ball feet, and bifurcate uprights, (lacking burner),
ht. 13 in., approx. 53 troy oz.
Gyllenberg & Swanson Arts & Crafts Sterling Fruit Bowl,
Boston, 1926-30, the oval bowl with vertical lobing and shaped
rim, lightly hammered surface, lg. 11, approx. 22 troy oz.;
together with a similarly styled Reed & Barton open vegetable
dish, date marked 1931, lg. 10 1/4 in., approx. 13 troy oz., both
pieces monogrammed, (2 items total).
Tiffany & Co. Sterling Queen Anne Style Porringer, 1938-47,
a reproduction of a Christophers and Gardiner marriage
porringer, including a copy of the original inscription, lg. 7 5/8
in., approx. 10 troy oz.
Large Gorham Sterling Tea Tray, 1927, elongated octagonal,
with rounded rim and cut out handles, lg. 25 3/4 in., approx.
105 troy oz.
Tuttle Sterling Charles II-style Footed Bowl, 1944-45, marked
as a reproduction of a London, 1655 design by Robert Neale,
made for Shreve, Crump & Low Co., the sides molded with
shallow lobes, accented with line engraving, on low conforming
foot, monogrammed, dia. 8 7/8 in., approx. 26 troy oz.
Tommi Parzinger Designed Arts & Crafts Sterling Covered
Bowl, first half 20th century, with maker’s monogram PVR, likely
that of Peter Reimes, the hammered bowl with short raised sides,
the slightly domed lid chased with band of curved stylized leaftip,
with quadripartite bud-form finial centered by a wooden bead,
dia. 7 in., approx. 20 troy oz.
Tiffany & Co. Sterling Cigarette Box, 1947-56, rectangular,
with impressed linework to borders, wood-lined interior, hinged
lid with central monogram, 9 1/4 x 6 in., approx. 31 troy oz.
(including lining).
Six-Piece Classical Revival Sterling Tea and Coffee Service,
Ellmore Silver Co., mid-20th century, comprising urn-form
teapot, coffeepot, creamer, covered sugar, open sugar, and kettle
on stand with burner, with gadrooned rims, peaked lids,
monogrammed, coffeepot ht. 10 3/4, approx. 113 troy oz., sold
together with an associated silver plated tray, lg. to handles 28
3/4 in., (7 pieces total).
Durgin-Gorham Sterling “Fairfax” Flatware Service for
Eight, 20th century, sixteen teaspoons; eight each: dinner forks,
luncheon forks, dessert forks, dinner knives, luncheon knives,
cocktail forks, butter spreaders, demitasse spoons, iced tea spoons,
tablespoons, cream soupspoons; six cheese knives; three place
spoons; serving fork; two-piece carving set; two cake servers; two
fruit knives; cheese knife, sugar spoon, olive spoon, jelly slice,
bonbon scoop, sauce ladle, pickle fork, lemon fork, and a
asparagus server, monogrammed P, approx. 108 troy oz.
Woods & Chatellier Sterling Cigarette Box, made for Tiffany
& Co., 20th century, rectangular, the hinged lid with a mottoed
coat of arms, wood lining, wd. 7 in., approx. 26 troy oz.
Silver Gilt Ecclesiastic Chalice, 20th century, with gold-washed
sterling bowl, on multi-knopped silvered metal stem and
spreading foot, engraved with name at base, ht. 9 in.
American Sterling Water Pitcher, mid-20th century, retailed by
Shreve, Crump & Low Co., balustroid, with plain applied band at
the ogee rim, serpentine handle, ogee foot, ht. 8 7/8 in., approx.
30 troy oz.
International Sterling Modernist Centerbowl, mid-20th
century, boat shaped, with light lobes and ogee rim, with fruitfilled cornucopia-shaped handles, on ball feet, lg. to handles 14
1/4 in., approx. 46 troy oz.
Towle Sterling “King Richard” Pattern Part Flatware Service,
mid-20th century, comprising sixteen dinner knives, sixteen
dinner forks, twenty-four teaspoons, twenty-four salad forks,
sixteen bouillon spoons, four seafood forks, four butter spreaders,
master butter spreader, cheese scoop, tomato server, vegetable
spoon, and jelly spoon, with fitted case, approx. 141 weighable
troy oz.
Five-Piece Reed & Barton Sterling “Hampton Court” Tea
and Coffee Service, 1949-55, comprising teapot, coffeepot,
kettle on stand with burner, open sugar, and creamer, all lobed
pear shaped or squat ovoid, with scroll and shell rims, on acanthus
feet, coffeepot ht. 9 1/4 in., approx. 123 troy oz., sold with a
silver plate tray, (6 items total).
American Sterling and Colorless Glass Two-Bottle Tantalus,
made for Tiffany & Co., 20th century, the egg-shaped decanters
mold-cut with diamonds, with sterling collars and cork stoppers,
set into base with telescoping central arm with angular handle,
sold together with two Stieff Colonial Williamsburg reproduction
bottle tickets, bottle ht. without stoppers 7 3/4, stand ht. 10 in.,
approx. 14 troy oz.
Frank Smith Sterling “American Chippendale” Pattern
Flatware Service, 20th century, comprising twelve of the
following; dinner forks, cream soupspoons, bouillon spoons, large
place spoons, grapefruit spoons, salad forks, demitasse spoons,
seafood forks, butter spreaders, ice cream forks, and teaspoons;
eighteen dinner knives, six tablespoons, three graduated ladles,
tomato server, pie slice, pastry slice, master butter spreader, ice
cream slice, pickle fork, cold meat fork, sugar tongs and two salad
servers, monogrammed, 169 pieces; together with six similar
spoons and a cold meat fork, approx. 160 troy oz. weighable
Group of Twelve Sterling Flatware Items, comprising a Georg
Jensen “Acorn” pattern sugar scoop, a Gorham “Cambridge”
asparagus serving fork, a Wallace “St. George” place spoon, a
Shiebler floriform bonbon spoon, a pair of International “Mille
Fleur” tablespoons, and a set of six feather-edge George III coffee
spoons, London, 1776, makers’ mark SB IB, monograms, approx.
13 troy oz.
Wallace Sterling “Grand Baroque” Pattern Partial Flatware
Service, 20th century, comprising twelve dinner knives, twelve
dessert forks, twenty-four teaspoons, eleven soupspoons and four
serving forks and spoons, approx. 108 troy oz.
Wallace Sterling “Grand Baroque” Partial Flatware Service,
comprising twenty-four of the following: dinner knives, dinner
forks, bouillon spoons, salad forks, and seafood forks; forty-eight
teaspoons, two butter spreaders, salad serving set, cold meat
serving spoon and fork, sauce ladle, jelly spoon, serving fork, and
pickle fork, (177 pieces); together with twelve English silver
demitasse spoons, Sheffield, 1912, JR maker, approx. 213 troy oz.
weighable silver.
Stieff Sterling “Stieff Rose” Pattern Partial Flatware Service,
20th century, comprising ten dinner knives, ten dinner forks,
seven bouillon spoons, six grapefruit spoons, ten teaspoons, nine
ice cream spoons, six sugar/jelly spoons, nine iced beverage
spoons, six cream soupspoons, three salad forks, five master butter
spreaders, four butter spreaders, pastry knife, six large serving
forks in three sizes, pie slice, fish server, master butter spreader,
sugar tongs, pickle spear, sauce ladle, three tablespoons, two-piece
carving set, two anchovy forks, five small serving forks, two small
serving spoons, and nine large serving spoons in three sizes,
monogrammed, approx. 171 troy oz. weighable silver.
Wallace Sterling “Grand Baroque” Partial Flatware Service,
20th century, comprising twelve dinner forks, eight luncheon
forks, twelve salad forks, twenty-four teaspoons, twelve butter
spreaders, three tablespoons, jelly spoon, sauce ladle, two serving
forks and two serving spoons, approx. 122 troy oz.
Durgin Sterling “Fairfax” Pattern Partial Flatware Service,
20th century, comprising twelve of the following dinner forks,
dinner knives, luncheon knives, salad forks, luncheon forks;
twenty-four teaspoons, eight bouillon spoons, six grapefruit
spoons, master butter spreader, large two-piece carving set, small
three-piece carving set, cream ladle, sauce ladle, soup ladle, four
tablespoons, pie slice, pastry slice, jelly spoon, cold meat fork and
spoon, large beef fork, large serving spoon, (118 pieces), in a
fitted case; together with twelve mother-of-pearl handled fruit
knives, four serving pieces and two napkin rings, approx. 132 troy
Six Small American Sterling Tablewares, 20th century,
including a Woolley hammered sauce boat, a Gorham Queen
Anne style milk jug, a pair of Bailey, Banks & Biddle reticulated
side bowls, and a pair of Tiffany & Co. reticulated nut cups,
approx. 22 troy oz.
Five Tiffany & Company Sterling Serving Pieces, a “Flemish”
pattern serving spoon; “English King” pattern sardine fork;
“Winthrop” pattern serving spoon and pie slice; and a small knife,
eight oz. troy oz. weighable silver.
Group of Sterling Flatware, mainly Steiff, comprising
“Repousse” eleven demitasse spoons, pair of vegetable servers,
serving spoon, “Stieff Rose” stuffing spoon, cold meat fork,
pickle fork, and pastry slice; together with two similar demitasse
spoons and an olive fork, approx. 25 troy oz. weighable silver.
Eight Sterling Flatware Serving Pieces, a Gorham “Angelo”
shovel form spoon, a Durgin “Chrysanthemum” asparagus fork, a
Gorham “Chantilly” asparagus fork, Gorham “Strasbourg” spoon,
Durgin “New Queens” fork, a master butter, an Aesthetic
Movement sauce ladle, a tomato server, and a Dublin, 1837 King
fork, approx. 22 troy oz. weighable silver.
Two Sets of Six Sterling Cocktail Cups, 20th century, Frank W.
Smith, comprising a set of martini stems, ht. 4 3/8, and a set of
thimble cups, ht. 2 in., monogrammed, approx. 16 troy oz.
Set of Twelve Watson Gold-washed Sterling and Basse Taille
Enamel Demitasse Spoons, 20th century, retailed by Georg
Jensen Inc., New York, stems enameled in shades of blue and
yellow, lg. 4 in., in fitted case, approx. 6 troy oz.
Eleven Sterling Cocktail Related Tablewares, 20th century, a
set of seven Victorian-style Gebelein bottle tickets, a pair of
Gebelein Georgian-style bottle tickets, a single bottle ticket, and a
Tiffany & Co. miniature novelty oil can vermouth dropper,
approx. 7 troy oz.
International Sterling “Royal Danish” Flatware Service, 20th
century, comprising twelve of the following: dinner forks,
luncheon forks, dinner knives, luncheon knives, salad forks, and
bouillon spoons; eleven teaspoons, ten seafood forks, eleven
butter spreaders, eleven demitasse spoons, three tablespoons, cold
meat spoon and fork, jelly spoon, two small ladles, small serving
spoon, two-piece carving set, sugar tongs, five small and one large
serving fork, approx. 144 troy oz.
American Sterling Gravy Boat, 20th century, of typical form,
with ear handle, beaded rims, on square foot, ht. 4 3/4 in.,
approx. 11 troy oz.
Tiffany & Co. Sterling Salver, modern, with scalloped low rim,
engraved to underside with presentation inscription dated 1987,
dia. 12 in., approx. 31 troy oz.
Gorham Sterling “Strasbourg” Pattern Partial Flatware
Service, modern, comprising nine teaspoons, eight dinner forks,
eight dinner knives, seven salad/dessert forks, six cream
soupspoons, in wood case, (38 pieces), approx. 44 troy oz.
weighable silver.
Five-Piece American Sterling Tea and Coffee Service, 20th
century, vasiform teapot, coffeepot, covered sugar, open sugar,
and creamer, with leaf-wrapped reeded rim bands, coffeepot ht.
10 1/4, approx. 70 troy oz. weighable silver, sold together with a
Reed & Barton silver plate tea tray, lg. to handles 28 1/4 in.
Pair of Handmade Georgian-style Gravy Boats, 20th century,
with ogee rim, flying flat leaf loop handle, on three shell-topped
feet, ht. 4 3/4, lg. 7 7/8 in., approx. 23 troy oz.
Note: Matching lot 984.
Reed & Barton Sterling “Windsor” Divided Vegetable Dish,
20th century, with ogee rim and lobed sides, central divider, lg.
11 1/2 in., approx. 18 troy oz.
Nine Tiffany & Company Sterling “Wave Edge” Pattern
Flatware Items, 20th century, six seafood forks, sugar shell and
two large tablespoons, approx. 14 troy oz.
Reed & Barton Sterling “Marlboro” Pattern Flatware
Service, comprising twelve: dinner knives, dinner forks, bouillon
spoons, butter spreaders, and salad forks; twenty-four teaspoons; a
pastry knife, pie slice, pair salad servers, sauce and gravy ladles,
jelly spoon, demitasse spoon, pickle fork, olive fork, a two-piece
carving set, and a small serving spoon, approx. 88 troy oz.
weighable silver.
Sixteen Small Sterling Twisted Stem Flatware Articles, 20th
century, all with different style stem, some likely artist crafted,
thirteen demitasse spoons and three hors d’oeuvres picks, approx.
5 troy oz.
Set of Twelve Towle Sterling Side Plates, 20th century, with
flute pierced rim accented with paterae, dia. 6 in., approx. 36 troy
Note: Matching lots 937 and 983.
Set of Six Reed & Barton Sterling Dessert Bowls, 20th
century, round, with rolled rim, on trumpet foot, monogrammed,
dia. 4 1/8 in., approx. 19 troy oz.
Towle Sterling Tazza, 20th century, rim stamped with beaded
leaf cartouches, outer rim with flute piercing accented with
paterae, with short openwork handles, on trumpet foot, dia. 10
in., approx. 14 troy oz.
Note: Matching lots 937 and 981.
American Sterling Covered Vegetable Dish, 20th century,
maker’s mark AW & S, oval, with leaf-wrapped reeded rim, lg. 11
7/8 in., approx. 36 troy oz.
Note: Matching tea and coffee set, lot 978.
Handmade Sterling Georgian-style Salver, 20th century, ogee
molded and reeded rim, on three scroll feet, dia. 12 in., approx.
30 troy oz.