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Welcome to Fiber Footprints, the 2011 ASDP National Educational Conference in Portland OR, October 1218 You will be glad you took the time to explore the possibilities listed in this extensive brochure. Find the
perfect opportunities to expand your skills and horizons, network with talented professional colleagues and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding
of our organization!
The 3-day core conference is full of excellent opportunities to explore new
directions for your business, be inspired by the fabulous fashion show and the
entries in the Threads Magazine “Zero Waste” Challenge, toast the Lifetime
Achievement Award Honoree, Pati Palmer, at a glittering reception, and relive ASDP’s best moments and accomplishments at a 20th Anniversary Celebration Banquet.
We return to Portland in this special anniversary year leaving a new set of
“green” fiber footprints in the place where our national organization was first realized. It is a lovely city, full
of creative artisanal energy and fabulous fabric stores! Come early or stay an extra day or two to see the
sights on one of our four tours or build up your business and sewing skill sets in one of the six master classes
available for exceptional small group learning. Sign up early to assure your spot!
We are a non profit organization for professionals engaged in sewing and
design related businesses. Our goals include providing:
Networking and referral opportunities
Leading edge technical education
Business training for profitability
Professional image development
Marriott Portland
City Center
520 Southwest Broadway
Portland, Oregon 97205
Easily accessible from the Portland airport by MAX Light Rail, our hotel is located
in the center of Rose City close to shopping, fine dining, and the art museum. We
have negotiated a rate of $129.00. You must make your room reservations separately from the Conference registration process by contacting the hotel directly. There
are only a limited number of rooms at the guaranteed rate, so it is advisable that
you book early. Be sure to mention that you are with ASDP when you register.
Please book your room before September 15, 2011. It is advisable that you make
roommate arrangements prior to reserving a room. See full travel and hotel details
near the end of the conference brochure.
Conference Schedule
Tuesday, October 11
7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Conference Check-in — Hotel Lobby
Wednesday, October 12
7:00 am to 8:00 pm
Conference Check-in — Hotel Lobby
8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Pre Conference Master Classes (Day 1)
Lunch On Your Own
M1 – Fitting Pati Palmer
M2 – Websites Patrick Clafiln
M3 — Bras Mary Claflin
Thursday, October 13
7:00 am to 8:00 pm
Conference Check-in — Hotel Lobby
8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Pre Conference Master Classes continue.
(Day 2)
Lunch On Your Own
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
T1 MaryHill Museum and Pendleton Mills Tour
Lunch at Museum Included
T2 Fabric Stores Tour CANCELLED
4:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Garment Check-in — Salmon Room
Threads Challenge Finalist Garment Check-in
Members’ Showcase and Runway Show Check-in
Critique Check-in
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Opening Reception sponsored by Brother
Friday, October 14
Core Conference
7:00 am to 8:00 pm
Conference Check-in — Hotel Lobby
Breakfast on your own
7:00 am to 8:00 pm
Garment Check-in — Salmon Room
Threads Challenge Finalist Garment Check-in
Critique Check-in
8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Core Conference Classes
Members’ Showcase and Runway Show Check-in
Friday Continued
8:30 am to 11:30 am Core Conference Classes A
A1 — Jeans, Jennifer Hasemann
A2 — Cutting, Laurel Hoffman
A3 — Grading, Judith Baer
A4 — Fitting Pants, Joyce Murphy
A5 — Duplicating, C. Eisler CANCELLED
A6 — Ribbon Works, Debbie Bone-Harris
A7 — Draping, Catherine Stephenson
A8 — Adv. Illustration, C. Kimball CANCELLED
11:30 am to 1:15 pm
Lunch On Your Own
1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Core Master Classes (A) Continues
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Dinner On Your Own
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Garment Check-in — Salmon Room
Threads Challenge Finalist Garment
Members’ Showcase and Runway Show
Critique Garments
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Champagne Reception
8:00 pm
Pati Palmer— LTA Announcement
Saturday, October 15
7:00 am to 6:00pm
Conference Check-in---Hotel Lobby
7:00 am to Noon
Garment Check-in —Salmon Room
Members’ Showcase and Runway Show &
Critique Garments
7:00 am to 8:15 am
Chapter Representative Meeting Continental Breakfast Included
8:30 am to 11:30 am
Core Conference Master Classes (B)
B1 — Welter Skelter, P. Crockett CANCELLED
B2 — Inter-Relationships, Sarah Veblen
B3 — Quick Books, D. Frewer Social Networking, A.Wolf CANCELLED
B4 — Fibonacci Meets Escher, D. Severson CANCELLED
B5 — Perfect Little Sheath, Helen Haughey
B6 — Stitching Line/Industry Secrets, Janet Pray
B7 — Sew Much Style, Nancy Nix-Rice
B8 — Hems, Claire Shaeffer
11:30 am to 1:15 pm
Keynote Speaker Linda Przybyszewski
1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Core Master Classes (B) continue
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Dinner On Your Own
5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Fashion Show Rehearsal
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Members’ Showcase
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Runway Show
Sunday, October 16
Core Conference Continues
7:00 am to 6:00 pm
Conference Check-in---Hotel Lobby
8:00 am to 9:30 am
Annual Meeting
Breakfast Included
10:00 am to Noon
Panel Discussions
P1 — Starting A Sewing Business
P2 — Getting A Line Started
P3 — Optional Garment Critique
Noon to 5:00 pm
Vendor Market
Noon to 1:15 pm
Lunch on your own
1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Sunday Shorts
S1 — Silk, L. Stewart CANCELLED
S2 — Publishing, Leslie Littell
S3 —Instructing Youth, Vivian Burns
S4 —Smocking, Sharon Blair
S5 — Unusual Fabrics, Linda Kubik
S6 — Fabric Flowers, Judith Baer
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Anniversary Cocktail Party — Cash Bar
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Anniversary Celebration And Banquet
Monday, October 17
Post-Conference Master Classes And Tours
8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Post-Conference Master Classes
PM1—Fur, Katie Frohmberg CANCELLED
PM2 — Tailoring, Pamela Powell
PM3 — Technical Outerwear, Rochelle Harper
Lunch On Your Own
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
PT1 — Nike Tour/Portland Opera
Boxed Lunch Included
PT2 — Fabric Stores Tour
Boxed Lunch Included
Tuesday, October 18
8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Post-Conference Master Classes Continues
Lunch On Your Own
Early Bird Special
There is an Early Bird discount for members who register this year between July 1 and July 15, 2011, so sign
up early! We suggest you print this brochure to review and make your choices. Classes have space limits and
will be filled by a first registered policy. If the class you choose is already full, you will be placed in your next
available choice, as noted on your registration form. Registration closes September 18th, 2011 at 8:00 pm
EDT and any class that has not reached its minimum registration numbers by September 10th is subject to
cancellation by ASDP. All noted kit fees are payable directly to the instructor at the beginning of your class.
Conference registration fees are different for members and non-members; if you qualify to be a member and
would like to join the Association before you register for conference, you may apply online at and click on “Become a Member”. Conference registration for non-members
will open August 1, 2011 at 10:00 am EDT.
You may pay via PayPal or by check made out to ASDP. You will find details on the registration form itself. All
forms and payment must be received, or postmarked, by July 15 in order to qualify for the Early Bird discount. We will be accepting completed registration forms either electronically, via
[email protected] or in the mail to:
Robin Bolton
140 South Second Street
DeKalb, IL 60115
Pati Palmer is the author or editor/publisher of dozens of books and
how-to DVD’s and creator of eight Palmer/Pletsch sewing notion products, including PerfectFuse™ Interfacings. She is McCall Pattern Company's "Fit Expert" and #1 licensee. Her patterns have alteration lines
printed on the tissue. She has been an educator for an interfacing
company, a department store buyer, and has conducted seminars
throughout North America and Australia. She currently teaches workshops in Portland, Oregon where she trains consumers and teachers.
She was honored as AAFCS Entrepreneur of the year and is in the Sewing Guild Hall of Fame. She was instrumental in the founding of the
national ASDP organization
Although thinking green has become the fashion of late, American dress specialists have always been devoted to conserving fabrics, time, and money. Join
us in welcoming Linda Przybyszewski who will enlighten us with a talk that begins with the quixotic tale of home economist Helen Louise Johnson, a tiny
woman with the face of a Dresden figurine and a will of steel. She began a campaign to standardize women’s dress that ignited a national debate in 1916. Linda will trace the evolution of flour sack clothing from a desperate effort by
poor farm women to keep their families decently clothed to a national recycling effort that had the Bureau of Home Economics sponsoring sack-dress
fashion revues. Using sacks, graduate students at the University of Alabama
designed a three-year wardrobe for a teenage girl that cost a mere $22.50.
World War II brought restrictions on fabric and the Consumer’s Victory Pledge: “I will waste nothing—and I
will take care to salvage everything needed to win the war.” Dress designers showed women how to cut
women’s suits from old men’s suits, children’s clothes from men’s old shirts, and how to whip up an assortment of pretty collars and dickeys to turn one plain dress into an entire wardrobe. The 1950s brought prosperity and plenty, but the Baby Boomers who re-discovered the thrift-shopping had other things in mind.
From Johnson’s Biennial Dress to the Dish-Towel Dress of the 1970s, Americans have always been thinking
Linda Przybyszewski is an award-winning historian who earned a Ph.D. at Stanford University and now
teaches the history of dress at the University of Notre Dame. Trained as a legal historian, she has spoken at
the United States Supreme Court. More recently, her research has taken a turn towards her first love: dressmaking. She comes from a long line of amateur dressmakers and her grandmother’s Singer Slant-O-Matic
from 1958 is one of her prized possessions. Her latest book project is entitled, Nation of Slobs: How Americans Learned--And Forgot--How to Dress. It is the story of home economics programs taught Americans to
dress in the 20th Century and what happened after the Baby Boom generation revolted against them. She is
now serving a term on the Board of Directors for the Master Sewing and Design Professional Certification
Class Descriptions
Pre-Conference Master Classes
Wednesday, October 12th & Thursday, October 13th
Pant Fitting and Sewing Class
Pati Palmer
Description: Following a slide presentation about the Palmer/Pletsch System of Pant Fitting, each attendee
will be measured for pant size and given their pattern. They will then prepare the tissue for tissue-fitting after
Pati demonstrates important preparation tips. Everyone will watch the others being fitted which will help
you fit clients in pants. Pati will demonstrate alterations. After the tissue is fitted, you will cut out a pant in
fabric and prepare it for fabric-fitting. Pati will demonstrate important sewing techniques that affect pant fit.
The class will be held at The Fabric Depot’s Palmer/Pletsch School of Sewing. Transportation will be provided.
Class is limited to the first 12 to register. There are restaurants for a quick lunch nearby.
Kit Fee: $10 includes a Palmer/Pletsch McCall’s pant fit pattern. Make check out to Palmer/Pletsch.
Minimum Enrollment: 10
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Kit Fee: $10
Sewing Machine Needed (limited number available)
Skill Level: All Levels
Create Your Own Website
Patrick Claflin
Description: Whether you serve a small community or clients from around the world, maintaining a web
presence on the Internet has become an essential part of business in the 21st century. Happily, web site
management is no longer the exclusive domain of computer geeks. With a little training, anyone can create
and maintain a professional web page.
In Crating Your Own Wbesite, students will learn the basics of web site construction inclining, outlining, managing photos, and linking to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. We will explore some of the common pitfalls of web design and how to avoid them. We will also touch on selling products or services on the
web via PayPal. By the end of class, students will have constructed a workable website ready for publication
to the web.
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 25
Skill Level: Basic Computer Skills
Lap top computer needed to participate in this class
Breakout Class: Make Your Own Bra
Mary Claflin
Description: Do you have trouble finding a bra that is comfortable and actually fits? Come join us and learn to
make your own. Class will focus on making a bra that is comfortable to wear. You will be sewing a basic white
simplex powernet bra, with or without underwire. You will also learn how to fine-tune the fit so that you end up
with a pattern for a perfect fitting bra.
Register for this class before September 1st and receive a free custom bra pattern drafted to your measurements!
(to receive a custom pattern, students must register before September 1, 2011 and contact instructor at
[email protected] no later than September 10, 2011. Students registering after September 1, 2011 will
receive a standard bra pattern in their size.)
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 20
Kit Fee: $50 (pattern and materials for 3 bras)
Sewing Machine Needed (limited number available)
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Post-Conference Master Classes
Monday, October 17th & Tuesday, October 18th
PM 1 Sewing With (Real) Fur
Katherine Frohmberg
Due to Katie’s passing, this class has been canceled. Katie was a warm, loving person who had a passion for
her sewing. She will be truly missed.
PM 2
Pamela Powell
Description: The aim of this class is to bring together the different methods used to construct a jacket that
can be considered a contemporary tailored garment. Shrinking, stretching, stitching, and taping will be taught
in order for you to develop both your construction skills and designer’s eye.
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Kit Fee: $20
Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced
Sewing Machine Needed (limited number available)
PM 3 Breakout Class: Technical outerwear trunk show and workshop
Rochelle Harper
Description: Explore a variety of innovative forms in fleece and technical outerwear clothing with Rochelle,
author of two books on the subject, as she presents an extensive trunk show that highlights intriguing edge
finishes, effective seaming and construction techniques and embellishment. From Micro fleece, to microfiber
water-repellent, to Gore-Tex type laminates, discover techniques and ideas for working with the characteristics of these fabrics whether thick and fluffy, stiff and inflexible, or super stretchy, you will find ways that these techniques translate into many other categories of clothing design and construction.
After the morning trunk show, and visit to RCT Fabrics, a national resource for technical outer wear fabrics,
get started on your own vest or jacket project. (Rochelle will be available for pattern consultation in the
weeks prior to class so you can come with your pattern sized and ready to cut, or already cut out.) Bring your
fabric and notions with you, or purchase them the first morning of class at RCT fabrics http:// .Then, enjoy two days of a relaxing project process constructing a personalized garment. Whether it’s chic, fashion forward or simple and straightforward, use Rochelle’s innovative techniques to get where you want to go. Here are examples of topics covered:
 Micro fleece as appliqué, cording, and combination edge finishes
 Hot cut synthetic appliqué
 Function for thermal & moisture management: seams, top-stitching on laminated & dense fabrics
 Fashionable and Chic, Outerwear Art pieces: fit, materials mixing, and notion compatibility
 Bottom line: make design and construction choices based on characteristics of fabric, considerations of
bulk, stretch, stabilization, synthetic or other fiber considerations, etc.
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 18
Kit Fee: $5
Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced
Sewing Machine Needed (limited number available)
Thursday, October 13th
T1 Maryhill Museum/Pendleton Mill Tour 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Our private bus will take you up the Washington side of the beautiful Columbia River gorge. First stop is the
Pendleton Mill in Washougal, WA. There you will take a tour to see wool being dyed and woven. You will
have a chance to purchase fabric and Pendleton garments in the outlet store. Next we will continue to the
Maryhill Museum in Goldendale, WA. We will have boxed lunches there and then have a tour of the Theatre de la Mode Mannequins. These mannequins were dressed by the most famous designers of Paris and
sent around the world after WW2 to let everyone know Paris fashion was alive and well. They are displayed
in beautiful sets and there is nothing else like this in the world. Our bus will cross over to the Oregon side of
the Columbia River and make a stop at the beautiful Multnomah Falls, on our way back to Portland.
T2 Fabric Shopping Tour
9:00 am to 4:00 pm CANCELLED
Portland is a Mecca for fabric shoppers and don’t forget we don’t have sales tax, saving you between 6 and
10%! We will be visiting some of Portland’s favorite stores. From the hotel, we will walk to Josephine’s Dry
Goods for fine fabrics. Just up the street is The Button Emporium featuring buttons from all over the world.
We will be picked up by our bus and taken to RCT Fabrics which specializes in high tech fabrics and polar
fleeces. The bus will then whisk us to the Fabric Depot where you will find 40,000 sq ft. of gorgeous fabrics.
Our box lunches will be delivered there and we will eat on the bus as we are taken to our next stop. The
Mill Ends Store is another large store that specializes in fabrics bought from garment manufacturers. Then
we’ll make a quick stop at the nearby Pendleton Outlet for fabrics, wool blankets and interesting notions.
On our way back to the hotel you can sit back, relax and admire all the goodies you have adding to your fabric stash.
Tours Continued
Monday, October 17th
T3 Nike Tour/Portland Opera 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
This tour will give you a behind the scenes peak into some of Portland’s top design talent. We will start in
the morning with a visit to the Nike campus. Our group will have the rare opportunity to visit the sample
room and the scanning/fitting room to see what goes on there. You’ll see the detail that goes into creating
the Nike line. We will then travel to the east side of Portland’s Willamette river and have a boxed lunch.
Next we’ll visit the Portland Opera’s costume department to see all that goes into the beautiful costumes
worn in their productions.
T4 Fabric Shopping Tour
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Portland is a Mecca for fabric shoppers and don’t forget we don’t have sales tax, saving you between 6 and
10%! We will be visiting some of Portland’s favorite stores. From the hotel, we will walk to Josephine’s Dry
Goods for fine fabrics. Just up the street is The Button Emporium featuring buttons from all over the world.
We will be picked up by our bus and taken to RCT Fabrics which specializes in high tech fabrics and polar
fleeces. The bus will then whisk us to the Fabric Depot where you will find 40,000 sq. ft. of gorgeous fabrics. Our box lunches will be delivered there and we will eat on the bus as we are taken to our next stop.
The Mill Ends Store is another large store that specializes in fabrics bought from garment manufacturers.
Then we’ll make a quick stop at the nearby Pendleton Outlet for fabrics, wool blankets and interesting notions. On our way back to the hotel you can sit back, relax and admire all the goodies you have adding to
your fabric stash.
Core Conference Classes
Friday, October 14th Classes
A1 Customized Jeans
Jennifer Hasemann
Description: Students will first have the opportunity to try on j stern design jean muslins made in every size
then use the fit muslin to identify which adjustments are necessary to customize their jeans pattern to get
a comfortable, stylish fit. There are two kinds of adjustments that affect the fit of the pattern. First, learn
how to adjust the back crotch curve to “make enough room inside” your jeans so you can sit down. Then
adjust the pattern pieces so that they sew together to fit around your shape. These adjustments include
adjusting the front/back rise to get the waistline in the right spot, adjusting the leg pattern pieces to fit the
length of your leg, and adjusting the width of the front/back leg pieces. After adjusting the pattern pieces,
each student will sew their own custom fit muslin from heavy weight muslin.
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 20
Kit Fee: $35
Machine Needed (very limited number available)
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced With Some Pattern Fitting Experience
A2 Cutting Difficult Fabric
Laurel Hoffman
Description: In the morning students learn high-end design room cutting techniques, including how to prepare fabric for cutting, and how to convert a home sewing pattern so it can be used in industry. The students are shown how to check that patterns sew, and how to true patterns so they can be used to cut
prints, stripes, and plaids to match. The students learn how the industry spreads patterns to speed cutting,
achieve maximum use of the fabric, and avoid shade distortions. Techniques that are shown include use of
a Cutters Must list, blocking, cutting to match, how to cut and use notches, how to use grids and tracing
paper to achieve cutting on grain, and how to bundle the cut garment for the sample maker. Included in
the demonstrations are cutting techniques for chiffon, Lycra (spandex), micro-fiber, silk, knits, lace, and
tulle. Marker making used to applique lace on multiple bridal gowns is explained. Students are shown how
designers in the industry design high-end wedding bodices as they cut and pin the lace for applique`.
In the afternoon each student prepares the patterns for and then cuts a miniature, sleeveless dress to
match from symmetrical, small-plaid cotton fabric. (Fabrics, drafting and sewing instructions, tracing paper,
and the master pattern are included in the course kit.) Next each student sews a practice strip of plaid to
match without first pinning or basting, as done in industry. She repeats the procedure with the shoulder
seams of her miniature dress. The instructor then demonstrates how the rest of the dress is sewn together
using pull-through, clean-finish methods, high-end sewing techniques that eliminate seam finishes and
hand-hemming. The students watch, following the procedure in the handout. Students complete the dress
at home, unless time permits them to finish it in class.
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 15
Kit Fee: $25
Machine Needed (very limited number available)
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced Sewers Who Wish To Learn Haute Couture Cutting Techniques
A3 Pattern Grading Made Easy
Judith Baer
Description: Pattern grading can be easy with a method of slash and spread. Whether you need to grade
sizes for bridesmaid dresses or you want to develop a small line of clothing, this is an easy way to grade
your patterns. In this class we will be grading pattern pieces up and down in size. The class will be hands-on
using pencils, grid rulers, scissors and tape to cut and spread or overlap dotted paper to grade patterns.
We will be truing the patterns and comparing the bodice fronts, backs and sleeves. I worked as a production patternmaker in the garment industry, and I’d love to pass on some of the techniques I used.
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 15
Kit Fee: $10
Skill Level: Intermediate To Advanced
A4 JSM Pants For Women
Joyce Murphy
Description: This 1-day lecture/demo class is an overview of the essentials of fitting using the JSM Pants
for Women System, (Joyce Murphy’s innovative system for fitting pants). It includes hands-on pants fitting
practice and a custom pattern grading exercise to provide you with the tools you need to do a better job
fitting pants and adjusting pants patterns for your clients. (Note: It does not include a personal fitting.)
It is all about fitting the body space as you will learn from Joyce’s theory lesson on body space. The rest of
the fitting falls into place around that.
Come to class with a pair of sample pants sewn from the JSM Pants Block. Practice the fitting techniques
on a partner as Joyce presents them. (Or come without sample pants to observe the fitting scenarios taking
place around you.) Techniques include aligning and centering the pant leg over the client’s leg.
In this system, a record of the changes is made as you fit. The series of changes becomes a plan for adjusting the pattern. Practice custom grading (half-scale) in class.
Joyce will also address how to apply these techniques to altering pants including the waist, seat and stride
adjustment that tailors find so useful.
You will be amazed at how much easier it is to fit pants when you have an orderly system of fitting techniques in your repertoire. .
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 15
Kit Fee: Approximately $22
Machine Needed (very limited number available)
Skill Level: Intermediate To Advanced
A5 Duplicating Your Favorite Garment
Catherine Eisler CANCELLED
Description: Instructor will demonstrate a variety of techniques to rub-off a garment in order to make a
pattern that can be used to duplicate a garment’s fit and style features. Students should bring a favorite
garment to rub-off during class.
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 20
Skill Level: Sewing Experience And Basic Patternmaking Skills
A6 Manipulated Magic With Fabric And Ribbon Work
Debbie Bone-Harris
Let yourself take a journey down the roads of yesteryear while making
some incredible flowers, leaves, and trims with fabrics and ribbons. It
is unbelievable the spectacular forms that ribbon can take. In this
workshop the vintage art form of ribbon work is explored that can be
incorporated into garments that exude an era of the “hopeless romantic”. If you’ve attended one of my classes in the past, rest assured
we’ll be working on new techniques and flowers in this hands-on
class. You will learn to manipulate various fabrics and ribbons into luscious flowers with ruffled edges and
pleated petals, whether to use in wedding bouquets, millinery objects, bags or your own creations. Ribbon
boards will be displayed to entice your sweet tooth for this addictive revived art form.
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 15
Kit Fee: $15
Machine Needed (very limited number available)
Skill Level: Basic sewing skills
A7 Slash, Twist, And Turn: Draping Techniques For Textured Designs
Catherine Stephenson
Description: This hands-on draping class will focus on the different draping techniques needed to create
textured clothing through using fabric slashes, twists and turns. The student will explore more complex
shapes than taught in basic draping classes. The class will also cover fabric interweaving, added fullness
and design darts. Students will work on half scale dress forms—either their own form or "Barbie" or they
have the option of purchasing a simple tag board/foam dress form provided in the optional kit.
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 20
Optional Kit Fee: $25 A temporary half scale (size 8) dress form made from tag board covered in thin foam
and mounted on a sturdy can base. Designed for usage during the class. You can keep for further usage,
but it is not designed for long term usage.
Skill Level: Basic Draping Experience –No Basics Will Be Taught
Fashion Illustration For Any Body, Advanced
Carol Kimball CANCELLED
Description: Fashion Illustration for Any Body, Advanced
The follow-up to her 2-day Master Class. Students bring in concepts, sketches, lengths of fabric and/or garments and
how to draw (or correct) each is done in rotation, going around as many times as the schedule permits.
Also covered will be how to take a design to commercial printing standards, using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator,
or simply the photocopier at the office store.
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 18
Skill Level: Students Should Already Have Taken Carol’s Basic Illustration Class
Saturday, October 15th Classes
B1 Welter-Skelter—Not Your Ordinary Welt Pocket
Patricia Crockett CANCELLED
Description: Welt Pockets don’t need to be just a simple rectangle. Learn techniques for curved, “s” shaped, triangle, arrow and round welt pockets, and those are just the double welts. Then there is all of the shapes that a single
welt pocket can become plus all the shapes that an applied welt pocket can develop into. Tricia will share her years
of experience constructing welt pockets.
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 20
Possible Kit Fee: $5
Machine Needed (very limited number available)
Skill Level: Intermediate Sewers
B2 The Inter-relationship Between Design, Patternmaking, And Fit
Sarah Veblen
Description: Design, patternmaking, and fit have an interesting inter-relationship, each one supporting the other. In
this class, we explore how to think about making patterns for garment designs, including how to get started; how to
distill a garment design down to its most basic elements; how design elements and pattern work influence each other; how the wearer’s figure impacts design; and how to let fit enhance and drive the design.
We’ll start with basic garments, and then move on to more complex or unusual garment designs. The class is a combination of lecture and demonstration, followed by exercises that students will work out in half-scale patterns,
which will be provided. There will also be time for participants to work on a half-scale pattern for a more complicated design of their choosing, based on a picture or drawing they have brought, a picture from the collection Sarah
brings, or an idea they develop in the class.
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 25
Skill Level: Basic Understanding Of Patternmaking Practices
B3 How Much Am I Making Anyway? (Part I)
Dianne Frewer CANCELLED
Description: Have you ever asked yourself this question and really did not know? Consider finding the answer. This class will give you the basics in computing just what you need to know to calculate what your rate
per hour SHOULD be. Bring your computer with Quick Books or Microsoft Excel loaded. This class will help
you create a spreadsheet that will be interactive so you can see what happens if and when your expenses and
revenue change (we will be discovering the versatility of Quick Books and/or creating formulas with Exel!)
Knowing your way around a computer will make this easier to understand. Bring any of your own figures to
input, i.e. rent, utilities, cost of advertising, taxes, equipment rental, and so forth. When we have completed
our session, you should then have a better idea of what you could be making.
Learn How To Utilize Social Media To Create Brand Loyalty & Internet Buzz (Part 2)
Angela Wolf
Description: Learn how to set up and why it is important to utilize social media marketing to stand out
amongst your competitors and create loyalty amongst your clients. Quickly learn how to set up a Facebook
fan page, twitter, Linked-in, blog and u-tube accounts. Most importantly, learn what to share and how to create the "buzz" around what your product or service offers. You will also gain insight into site stats and how
you can utilize this to your advantage. You will leave this class with all the tools necessary to begin your own
social media marketing campaign!
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 15
Lap top Computer is necessary for both parts of this class. Quick Books or Exel need to already be loaded
on your laptop for part 1 of this class.
Skill Level: Computer savvy, knows his/her way around a computer program, basic knowledge of bookkeeping, this will not be a basic computer course.
B4 Fibonacci meets Escher: Color Blocked Day Dress
Denise Severson CANCELLED
Description: The student should be willing to think outside the “garment sewing technique” box and understand that quilt piecing techniques can yield a striking, stylish garment. Using the unique convergence piecing technique, the student
will complete a stunning and slenderizing color blocked day dress.
The majority of the dress will be completed combining piecing and
speed garment construction techniques on a serger. Depending upon
the degree of fit in the base pattern selected, a zipper may not be
necessary as the bias of the center front and back panels aid in the fit
and ease of the dress. Denise is authorized to teach this class; members will be authorized to sew and sell up to 5 garments per year using this unique seam techniques. Must bring your own serger as no
sergers will be supplied. Regular machines can be used so long as
they have a good zigzag or overcast stitch, although this will slow the
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 15
Serger Needed (Regular machines will slow process)
Skill Level: Intermediate To Advanced
B5 Breakout Class: Perfect Little Sheath Dress
Helen Haughey
Description: We all admire the chic style of former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and her elegant
and sophisticated sheath dresses. Although relatively simple to sew, the fit of a sheath dress decides: is it
fashionable or frumpy? In this class we will look at all the elements essential in developing a fashionable
sheath dress — one that is fashionable for your body. This is a class for every custom clothier who at the
end of the day is out of time to design yet another garment for herself to wear to that special occasion. This
class presents every custom clothier the opportunity to have their own perfectly fitted muslin.
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 15
Kit Fee: $10
Machine Needed (very limited number available)
Skill Level: Intermediate To Advanced
B6 Industrial Short Cuts 1/The Stitching Line
Janet Pray
Description: Morning Session - The Islander Sewing Systems techniques are a valuable opportunity for professional seamstresses to make more money and turn out better looking garments all at the same time.
Learn to sew faster, easier and better with speed techniques from the garment industry, adapted for home
sewing including; cutting, pattern preparation, handling fabric without pins, flat felled seams, pockets, mitering and more. All of the techniques will be demonstrated by Janet and then repeated by the student.
This class will impact all you sew from this point forward.
Afternoon Session - Have you often admired topstitching on ready-to-wear garments but are afraid to try it
on your own? Janet will teach you how to topstitch accurately plus where and when to topstitch, what
thread to use, which feet to use, what stitch length to use on which fabric types, how to create beautiful
double topstitching, why interfacing is so important for good topstitching and many helpful tips on what
needle types to use. And as an added bonus, she will share some very helpful industry tips on handling the
fabric during the construction process so no pins or basting are needed.
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 18
Kit Fee: $20
Machine Needed (very limited number available)
Skill Level: Intermediate To Advanced
Sew Much Style!
Nancy Nix-Rice
Description: Make every client look simply fabulous!
She’ll be thrilled and come back for more. And more …
Her friends will be dazzled and beg to know her style secret. ..
And you’ll be smiling all the way to the bank.
Come learn all the details of color, line and design that let you create “points of connection” between your
client and her new clothes. She may not understand WHY, but every garment you advise her on will have
that “something special” that makes her look and feel like a million.
This class will show you ways to connect custom clothing with a client’s:
Color temperature
Color value Color intensity
Body silhouette Body scale
Facial shape Facial scale
Personal style expression
Color contrast (this is a biggie!)
Facial structure
When you learn to visually correct her figure challenges - not just fit around them - you can make her look
10 pounds thinner … instantly.
And when you show her how to mix and match a dozen strategically coordinated garments into nearly 100
stylish combinations, she’ll want you to sew all of them for her. And another dozen after that.
And did we mention that all this information will also help YOU look your personal best every day? After all,
you are your own best advertisement.
For more information and examples of Nancy’s image and wardrobe work, visit
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 25
Skill Level: All Skill Levels
B8 Hems, Hems, And More Hems
Claire Shaeffer
Description: This workshop will focus on tailored and narrow hems including when to use various hems and
how to sew them. Participants will complete 7 tailored hems using a variety of different interfacings, hemming stitches and edge finishes. They will also complete 3 narrow hems. All fabrics and supplies will be included in a kit.
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 15
Kit Fee: $10
Machine Needed (very limited number available)
Skill Level: Intermediate To Advanced
Sunday, October 16th
Annual Meeting and Breakfast 8:00 am — 9:30 am
Breakfast included
Panel Discussions 10:00 am— Noon
The first two discussions will begin with an introduction of the panelists and a description of their expertise
on the subject. The rest of the session will be open to questions, answers and discussion of the particular
topic. The third panel is a little different. Please see the description below.
Choose One Panel Discussion
P 1 How to Start a Business
Panelists—Janet Pray, Abby Riba, Sharon Blair
P 2 How to Start A Line
Panelists—Angela Wolf, Eddy Sanford, Ann Williamson
P 3 Garment Critique Session
Panelists—Sarah Veblen, Barbie McCormick
Get personalized guidance on your sewing and design skills. Panelists will analyze and critique a garment or
ensemble of your choice. Using information that you provide on a questionnaire submitted with the garment, Sarah and Barbie will assess your skills relative to what you were striving to achieve when making the
garment. They will offer valuable feedback on which skills are your strong points, which skills can be improved, and how you can improve those skills. You may observe the critiques of fellow sewers and designers
and learn from their assessments as well. Choosing to participate is purely voluntary. Anyone may participate, regardless of how little or extensive your sewing experience is. This session is not part of
the Master Sewing and Design Professional Certification Program (MSDP), but it may offer direction for
readying your skills to pass the construction and/or design modules. Garments and questionnaires must be
checked in during “Garment Check-in Times”. Please refer to the schedule at the beginning of this brochure.
If your garment is a Threads finalist, check it in as so. Then, if you have signed up for this critiquing session
for your finalist garment, your garment will be critiqued after the Threads Challenge judging process.
Sunday Shorts 1:00 pm — 4:00 pm
S1 Silk, From The Orient To Portland
Linda Stewart CANCELLED
Description: The class will include a history of silk and describe in detail how silk is grown, processed and woven and also cover appropriate care methods. Learn to choose the best silk fabric for your projects, whether
they are garments, wearable art or home dec. There will be examples of several types of silk, including raw
silk, dupioni, charmeuse, China and Burma silk, as well as a chance to “cook” and unravel a silk cocoon and
find out what is really inside.
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 25
Skill Level: All Levels
S2 Electronic Publishing—Tips For Creating A Class In A DVD Format
Leslie Littell
Description: Leslie will use her experience in creating the designer interview video for the 2010 conference as
well as serving as the production coordinator for the Tambour Beading DVD project to present guidelines and
tips for others interested in publishing in this manner. This workshop will review methods, costs, and copyright processes. Examples will be shown and handouts provided.
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 20
Skill Level: All Levels
S3 Keep On Sewing! Instructing Youth And Young Adults How To Sew And Construct Garments
Vivian Burns
Description: This workshop will offer outlines as to how to make sewing appealing to the younger generation
of apparel designers and garment sewers. We will address patience, focus and capability issues. Finally we
will offer a hands-on project typically used by So You… to successfully teach youth!
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Skill Level: All Levels
Maximum Enrollment: 15
S4 The Art of French Smocking
Sharon Blair
Description: French smocking is a way to shape fabric and create new surfaces for your projects: apparel,
accessories, bags and home decorating, such as pillows and quilts. The technique was favored by Henry
VIII’s contemporary, Francois I. It was used for his garments for their famous meeting arranged by Cardinal
Wolsey: 1520’s Field of Cloth of Gold--this was basically a fashion show “smack down.” The French style was
brought to the English court, where it was incorporated into designs of Henry’s family symbol, the Tudor
rose. The technique eventually spread to French Canada where it became known as Canadian smocking or
lattice smocking.
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 25
Kit Fee: $25
Skill Level: Basic hand sewing techniques
S5 Beautiful Fabric, Unusual Finishes
Linda Kubik
Description: Hand-woven and loosely woven fabrics are sometimes difficult to work with. These fabrics provide challenges and opportunities for creative seam and edge finishes. Participants will learn various construction techniques and finishing details as well as tips for single layer construction.
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Maximum Enrollment: 25
Kit Fee: $20
Skill Level: Basic Sewing Skills
S6 Hand Made Fabric Flowers
Judith Baer
Description: Today’s fashion magazines are covered with garments and accessories that are adorned with
beautiful fabric flowers. In this class we will be making a half dozen different flowers with a variety of fabrics and techniques. Judith will bring fabric, patterns and written instructions for making the flowers. She
will also bring a swatch book on ideas of how to use your new flowers.
Minimum Enrollment: 12
Kit Fee: $20
Skill Level: Basic Sewing Skills
Maximum Enrollment: 15
Baer, Judith: Judith has been working in the fashion industry for over 40 years. Today she has a line of art to wear that she sells
at art shows and in boutiques across the nation. For over twenty years she worked in Los Angeles as a production patternmaker
for several companies including Carole Little, Nancy Johnson, Rialto and Traces. Prior to her move from San Diego to L.A. she ran
a dressmaking business making wedding gowns, drill team uniforms, and custom clothing. She was the winner of the “Viewer’s
Choice” award for the 2007 Bernina Fashion Show “Diamond Odyssey”.
Blair, Sharon: Sharon studied couture sewing in Paris at the Paris American Academy. Sharon has a bachelor’s and a master’s
degree and advanced studies in apparel. Her apparel life began more than 20 years ago as a custom clothing business called
BlairWear. That company now offers two wholesale lines of clothing: Studio SKB and SKPDX. Both sell women’s ready-to-wear
made from eco-fabrics. She also owns and directs Portland Sewing, an apparel design and business school in NE Portland. Sharon’s work has been featured in national and local publications: Threads, SewStylish, The Oregonian, Willamette Week, The Mercury, UltraPDX and local fashion shows. She has appeared on KATU’s AM Northwest as the “Sewing 101” expert
Bone-Harris, Debbie: Debbie’s accomplishments include:
Washington State University, Masters in Clothing and Textile Design, 2005
Belle Armoire magazine, Designer Collection featured artist, May/June 2010
Belle Armoire magazine, Nov/Dec 2010, 3-page article and featured garment
Designer for the 2006 and 2007 Bernina Fashion Show, debuting in Houston, Texas. Placed in the top ten viewers choice
both years.
Washington State Clothing and Textile Advisor since 1996
City and Guilds of London Machine Embroidery graduate
Jenny Haskins Certified Instructor
Instructor for vintage ribbon work, free motion embroidery and master of embellishments
Burns, Vivian: Vivian is the owner of So You…Sewing and Design Studio and founder of where she instructs
youth and adults how to design and sew apparel. Vivian also spent time in her career as a buyer and merchandiser.
Claflin, Mary: Mary learned how to create practical, well made garments from her mother at a young age. From her grandmother she learned the delicate and demanding art of handwork.
After graduation, Mary went on to expand her skills working as a wedding consultant and dress designer. Mary is also a professional kilt maker. In 1987 she took a position as a stitcher for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSFA) in Ashland, Oregon, one of
the biggest and busiest theatrical costume shops on the west coast. Besides stitching costumes for OSFA, Mary’s theatrical resume includes design and construction work for the Oregon Cabaret Theater, Lyric Theater, Portland’s Stage II and the Berkeley
Mary also has a background in education with experience in working with talented and gifted students as well as adult learners.
Her own formal education includes classes at both Southern Oregon University and the University of Oregon. Along with her husband, Patrick, Mary owns and operates Claflin Academy of Sewing and Design, Comfortable Elegance – Custom Bras and Lingerie,
and Claflin Custom Patterns. Mary is a member of American Sewing Guild and the Association of Sewing & Design Professionals.
Claflin, Patrick: Patrick’s experience in computers spans over 30-years and harkens back to the early days of personal computing. He holds a BA in Secondary Education from Southern Oregon University and a MA in Communications from and has taught
classes in business communications and computing at both the secondary and college levels. He currently works as a Data Systems Specialist for the world’s largest manufacturer of specialty foods. Patrick is also a self-taught pattern maker and along with
is wife, Mary, owns and operates Claflin Academy of Sewing and Design, Comfortable Elegance – Custom Bras and Lingerie, and
Claflin Custom Patterns.
Crockett, Patricia: : Patricia is a founding member of the original Custom Clothing Guild of Oregon, forerunner to the Professional Association of Custom Clothiers. She currently is a Full-time Faculty member at the Art Institute of Portland in their Apparel
Design Department. She teaches Tailoring, Patternmaking, Outerwear, Knitwear, and Senior Collection. Before joining Art Institute in 2001 Patricia specialized in sewing tailored garments for local business women and taught in various fabric stores in the
Portland area.
Eisler, Catherine: Catherine holds a Masters degree Applied Professional Studies from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design
and a Master’s degree from DePaul University. She has worked for 30 years in New York and Chicago as a designer, patternmaker. She also does freelance consulting, patternmaking, custom design, and bridal gown alterations.
Frewer, Dianne: Dianne Frewer began her lifelong passion helping her mother make dance and stage costumes for Dianne's
many recitals. In 1976 Dianne started sewing for the public – for money! While she seldom turns down a project, she concentrates her skills on everyday wear: suits, jackets, skirts and slacks, with an emphasis on proper fit and comfort. Her clients include co-workers and friends, American Trans Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Shuttle and Chautauqua Airlines (flight attendant uniforms) and uniforms for several police agencies. The Indianapolis Museum of Art is a special client - Dianne has a black velvet
skirt displayed under a Bill Blass jacket. Some of the more unusual projects have been soft-side luggage and down or Hollifil®
outerwear. She currently holds down a fulltime bookkeeping position with a local law firm and finds time to teach various levels
of sewing to private students, but she really enjoys the challenge of proper fit and strives to make each garment unique for each
customer. Throughout her sewing career, Dianne has always held a job performing bookkeeping duties: a police department
(when she wasn’t dispatching), several community/service organizations, a beer wholesaler, and a bank as a teller. Sewing has
been her solid foundation whenever or whatever the rest of her life was not in order.
Frohmberg, Katherine: : Katie has been sewing for 45 years. Upon retirement from her day job, she became a custom dressmaker and started to indulge her passion for fur. She found that books and articles on sewing with fur provide insufficient detail, are misleading, or just plain wrong. Thus, she is developing a book proposal on How to Sew with (Real) Fur. Her other interests include conservation of vintage materials, reproductions of vintage fashion, tailoring, and millinery.
Harper, Rochelle: Rochelle, a lifelong resident of Portland, has been experimenting, teaching and writing about design and sewing techniques for almost 30 years in subjects ranging from wearable art, to home dec, to athletic and technical outerwear, to
reversible techniques in various fabric weights and textures. She has written numerous articles for THREADS and other sewing
magazines as well as two books on fleece and outerwear for which she has taught extensively. She is a Bernina Artisan and has
developed two ensembles for the Bernina Wearable Art Fashion shows. She is an Instructional Coach and currently teaches Art
and Fashion Design as a Career and Technical Educator in North Clackamas School District.
Haseman, Jennifer: Jennifer worked for a large sewing machine dealer for 10 years where she had the opportunity to take advantage of everything the sewing industry had to offer. She learned how to teach sewing classes and developed her sewing and
machine embroidery skills. In addition, she is a frequent contributor to Threads Magazine. She writes the Embroidery Essentials
Department in every issue.
When the sewing store Jennifer worked at went out of business in 2008, she began to focus on drafting fashion patterns for
home sewers by designing a small line of patterns that included a tee, jeans, khaki pants and a top. She launched her website,
http:// in 2008, and she shares her sewing expertise in her sewing and design blog. She has always had
a special love for jeans and did extensive “research” in the fit and construction of jeans by spending hours at high end department stores trying on every “couture” brand she could get her hands on. She brought all her conclusions to the drafting table by
incorporating this research into her jean patterns. Additionally, she continues to make adjustments and changes as she learns
new and better ways to fit and construct jeans for every body shape.
Haughey, Helen: Helen currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri but her clientele is spread throughout the United States. She
began her sewing career at a very young age in New Zealand and initially sewed for herself and her family. As Helen recognized
the opportunity to assist women within the community to find a truer, better fit, she expanded her business to clients at large.
Helen has a broad repertoire. Her work includes gowns for wedding and special occasions as well as tailored daywear. Her skill
set has been honed over time to use couture techniques.
Hoffman, Laurel: Laurel is experienced in production patternmaking, sample making, and couture. This has enabled her to scale
down and personalize industrial fashion technology so it can be used effectively in home businesses. She first worked in a couture shop on the Main Line in Philadelphia, and then worked in designing departments, including industrial bridal couture. Having tested her material over 20 years in college classrooms, she is now completing a series of books that present high-end design room procedures
Kimball, Carol: Carol Kimball has been a full-time free-lance artist for over thirty years, with most of her business by commission. Much of it has been in clothing design, patterns (custom and commercial), and garment construction, ranging from theatrical
costuming to couture gowns from the skin out. She has built historical reconstructions for museums, been the art director on several movies, illustrated a number of mainstream books, and taught extensively in a number of fields. Her Master Sketch Pads allow people of any skill (including "I can't") to design clothing at a professional level, supported by her tutorials and CDs. She has
extensive experience in corsetry and is currently developing a line of bras for DDD-and-up women.
Kubik, Linda: Linda is a designer and sewing educator who also weaves. She has taught weavers to sew since 1991 and originated many of the hand-woven sewing techniques now frequently used. She has provided countless home sewers the opportunity
and joy of sewing hand-woven fabric. Linda wrote Sew Something Special, sewing with handwoven fabric, in 1996. She completely revised and updated it in 2007. She currently has 13 understated, elegant designs in her pattern line, Elements.
Littell, Leslie: Leslie holds a BS in Design from the University of Cincinnati and an MA in American History from Rutgers University. She worked in the NY garment industry for 7 years and has been working in academia both in theatre and fashion for the last
24 years. Leslie has designed almost 100 theatrical productions including many Equity shows, two of which were named to the
year end Ten Best lists in the NJ/ NY market
McCormick, Barbie: Barbie started sewing her freshman year in high school, and found she had inherited a knack for dressmaking from her mother and grandmother. Barbie officially opened her alterations and custom sewing business in 1994, and joined
ASDP (then PACC) in 1996. She attended her first ASDP conference in 2000, and has been to each conference since! While Barbie does all sorts of sewing, she specializes in formal, bridal, and couture clothing. Barbie can create a dress from a sketch, picture, or series of pictures, or she can design a gown based off of an idea. She also teaches advanced level sewing classes at Caledonia Fine Fabrics in Boise, Id.
McClintock, Marsha: Marsha is the owner of SAF-T-POCKETS Patterns where she designs patterns suited for travel or everyday. She travels the country teaching at sewing shows, conferences and at the SAF-T-POCKETS annual Sew Inn. In addition
she organizes and leads her Sew Many Options tours for sewing enthusiasts to places like New Your and Toronto. Marsha is a
past president of the Oregon Chapter of ASDP where she currently serves as a treasurer.
Miles, Elizabeth: Elizabeth has been a dressmaker for 25 years and a sewing instructor to both children and adults for over 10
years as well. She loves to pass on her sewing skills and really believes the motto for her business, Sew Fabulous: “The Joy of
Sewing for the Joy of Life.” Elizabeth loves that she has to work in fabric stores and wear sample garments. At this point she
can operate any machine a student brings to class! For over five years she has been the Saf-T-Pockets tour guide to Sew Expo
and she served as official alterationist for the Portland Rose Festival Court for several years.
Nix-Rice, Nancy: Nancy literally grew up in the home sewing industry, managing and owning fabric and sewing machine stores,
operating a sewing school, becoming one of the first certified Palmer/Pletsch sewing instructors, managing the educational department for Baby Lock, writing extensively for McCall Pattern Magazine, Sew News and the (now defunct) Sewing Update and
Serger Update newsletters.
For the past 20 years she has worked as a free-lance image and wardrobe consultant, specializing in working with women who
sew. She authored the Palmer/Pletsch book LOOKING GOOD, which is used as the textbook to train new image consultants at
colleges across the country from City College of San Francisco to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York City. She is
currently in the process of creating a new revised and updated version of LOOKING GOOD, due out January 2012, and she recently completed a video version of the same book.
Nancy has served on the board of directors of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), presented at their national conference, and edited their image magazine, which is circulated worldwide. She has also earned their professional level
of industry certification.
She presents extensively for American Sewing Guild chapters around the country and for the ASG National Conference, as well
as professional women’s conferences including American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, Business & Professional Women International and Nurse Life Care Planners.
Palmer, Pati: President of Palmer/Pletsch Publishing, Author, Designer, Speaker: Pati Palmer is the author or editor/publisher of
dozens of books and how-to DVD’s and creator of eight Palmer/Pletsch sewing notion products, including PerfectFuse™ Interfacings. She is McCall Pattern Company's "Fit Expert" and #1 licensee. Her patterns have alteration lines printed on the tissue. She
has been an educator for an interfacing company, a department store buyer, and has conducted seminars throughout North
America and Australia. She currently teaches workshops in Portland, Oregon where she trains consumers and teachers. She was
honored as American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) Entrepreneur of the year and is in the Sewing Guild
Hall of Fame. She was instrumental in the founding of the national ASDP organization
Powell, Pamela: Pamela holds a three-year tailoring degree from the London College of Fashion in the United Kingdom. She
worked as a couturier for both design houses and her own private client base while living in such cities as London, New York,
and Sydney, Australia before moving to Chicago.
Pray, Janet: Janet has an educational background in business and fine art. Self employed since 1981 as a Fiber Artist, Fiber Arts
teacher and Sewing Instructor, Ms. Pray began her career in the sewing industry creating a unique line of artistic women’s
clothing. Her specialties were coats and scarves sold at fine art fairs and boutiques. While creating her clothing line she found
that dyeing the fabrics became a passion and added tremendous opportunities for creativity. Janet soon began teaching dyeing
and discharge techniques and created the video, “Bleach or Dye”. She also taught industrial sewing techniques developed by her
aunt, Margaret Islander. Janet’s next venture was developing the largest independent sewing expo in the United States, The
American Sewing Expo held annually in Novi, Michigan. Soon after that she took over the operations of the Islander Sewing Systems Company. As the owner of this company Janet published several of her most popular patterns from her clothing line and
went on to design many more garment patterns all with industrial sewing techniques included in the pattern guides. Ms. Pray
wrote the book, Islander Sewing Systems I, and co-authored the popular DVD, Easy Zippers. Recently Janet’s enthusiasms for the
sewing industry lead her to establish The National Sewing Council, a non-profit organization focused on encouraging more people to experience the joy of sewing. Janet serves as the Executive Director for that organization.
Riba, Abby: Abby Riba is a Past President of ASDP and owner of Abby Designs in Florida where she specializes in one of kind
bridal gowns. Abby is president of Kandi Corporation, distributor of hot fix stones, developer of the world’s best selling hot fix
applicator, deColourant, and other products for the sewing and crafting world.
Sanford, Edyth: If you’re looking for stylish, original designs with a mid-century flair, look no further than Edye Sanford’s Designs
from the Edge. An IT manager turned fashion designer, Sanford emerged on the Baltimore fashion scene nine years ago with a
collection of children’s hats that were recognized as Baltimore Magazine’s “Best Kiddie Caps”. Since then, her line has expanded
to include retro-inspired, hip clothing and accessories for women, children, men, the home, and even pets!
Fashioned from a variety of authentic and reproduction vintage materials, Sanford’s ready-to-wear line combines striking prints
with clean lines and remarkable craftsmanship. Designed with these principles, it’s no surprise that Radar, Style Magazine, and
The City Paper have recognized her creations, as “unmistakable”, “swinging”, and “sure to get you thanked”. Her commissioned
works range from custom kilts, to table settings, to television wardrobe for individual clients. The classic-yet-cutting-edge look of
her designs -and enthusiasm for her craft - have earned her the nickname “Baltimore’s Darling Designer.”
Sanford lives in Baltimore’s “Hamroll” neighborhood with her husband, two sons, a pair of pugs, and collection of urban chickens.
Severson, Denise: Denise holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Home Economics with an emphasis in Textiles and Clothing. Her professional sewing includes: alterations, machine embroidery, and soft home dec (window
coverings). She was a Threads Challenge finalist 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 and had juried pieces in the Wisconsin Quilt Expo
2006 and 2007. She has a featured article in Threads Magazine #142, and currently has pending articles.
Shaeffer, Claire: Claire is the author of Couture Sewing Techniques, Claire Shaeffer’s Fabric Guide, High Fashion Sewing Secrets,
Couture Basics DVD, and numerous articles for Threads and Vogue Pattern Magazine. Her areas of expertise include haute couture techniques as well as construction methods used at all price points.
Simons-Murphy, Joyce: (JSM) has degrees in apparel design and education plus 20 years experience running a tailor shop, altering clothes, constructing garments and selling men's made-to-measure suits. As owner of JSM Tailors, Joyce saw a need for new
tools to make tailoring easier. In response to this need, Joyce developed the JSM Hourly Rate Calculator; the Pricing Alterations
Made Easier system; and the JSM Pants for Women system. As owner of JSM Tailoring Tools, Joyce writes for Threads magazine,
trains sewing enthusiasts everywhere in the use of her professional tailoring tools and continues to develop new tools designed
to save fitting time, time making and adjusting patterns and time spent on business tasks thus giving more time to design and
construct custom clothing.
Stephenson, Catherine: Catherine Stephenson teaches Draping classes at The Art Institute of Portland along with Advanced and
Couture sewing classes. She has also owned and operated her Couture dressmaking business for 32 years. She is a founding
member of The Association of Sewing and Design Professionals in 1984 and has served in numerous capacities of management of
ASDP including National President 1998-2000. Currently she is Board Chair of The Master Sewing and Design Certification Program (MSDP). Catherine has a B.S. in Textiles and Clothing and a MaEd. in Education.
Stewart, Linda: Linda Stewart has been a member of PACC/ASDP since 1993 and has served on its Board of Directors. Linda is a
designer of bridal and formalwear, past winner of the Thread’s challenge, and 2006-2007 Bernina Fashion Designer. She has
taught at previous ASDP and ASG Conferences. Linda teaches her class series “Alterations for Professionals” nationwide, has published two books on CDs, and has written articles for Threads and Sew News magazines.
Veblen, Sarah: Sarah is a custom fashion designer who focuses on teaching, creating clothing, and writing. Making clothing for
her private clientele for more than twenty-five years, Sarah specializes in fit, innovative pattern design, and quality garment construction. Sarah has been a long-time and active member of the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals and was the overall winner of the 2008 THREADS/ASDP “Fluid Fabrics” challenge. She has written more than twenty articles for THREADS magazine, and has contributed to numerous other publications, including “Secrets for Sewing Knits” in’s 1,000 Clever Sewing Shortcuts & Tips. Her forthcoming book, The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting, will be available in January 2012.
Dedicated to promoting the craft of garment-making, Sarah teaches from her studio in Maryland, online at,
and as a guest lecturer at venues around the United States. She currently offers classes for sewing enthusiasts and sewing professionals on fitting and patternmaking, working with knit fabrics, all levels of sewing techniques, and garment design.
Williamson, Ann: An artist specializing in art to wear, Ann Williamson’s pieces are sewn from various silks and adorned with hand
sewn glass beads and a variety of stitched embellishments such as appliqué, piecing and embroidery.
She has been exhibiting her work since 1990 in national craft shows such as “The Smithsonian Craft Show” in Washington DC,
“The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show”, “Crafts at the Castle” in Boston, MA and American Craft Shows in Baltimore, Atlanta and San Francisco. “Julie’s” in New York City and “Obiko” in San Francisco has carried her work.
Ann taught Contemporary Quilting and Clothing Embellishment at Oregon School of Arts and Crafts from 1981-1991. Her work
has been published in Ornament magazine *2003+, Northwest Magazine, The Oregonian *1991+, Threads Magazine *1989+ American Craft *1985+. She won the award for “Excellence in Craft; Wearable Fiber” Crafts at the Castle 2005 and was a recipient of an
Oregon Individual Artist Grant in 1990. Her web site is
Wolf, Angela: When fashion designer Angela Wolf attained her business degree from Illinois State University, she received a new
sewing machine and serger as a graduation gift from her family. She then began her personal training and pioneered ABO APPAREL, LLC. In 1995, with the encouragement of her now husband, Angela created an 18-piece collection and held a private fashion
show for local women. This show launched her career in custom couture and has led to her recognition as a fashion and couture
sewing expert nationwide.
Conference Extras
Opening Reception: This will be held Thursday evening from 7:00 pm — 9:00 pm. It is a time for friends to
get reacquainted and for new friends to meet. The board members will also be stationed around the room
giving members the opportunity to ask question regarding individual board positions as well as how the
board works in general. Light Hors D’oeuvres and a cash bar will be available.
Champagne Reception: To be held Friday evening from 7:00 pm — 10:00 pm. We will be presenting Pati
Palmer with our Lifetime Achievement Award. Come help us celebrate her accomplishments. Heavy Hors
D’oeuvres and a cash bar will be supplied.
Fashion Show and Member Showcase: Saturday evening we will have our member showcase, fashion
show, and Threads Challenge presentation. The evening will begin at 6:00 pm with trunk shows and other
exhibits by several members. The runway show will start at 7:00 pm with the challenge winners being announced at the end of the show. Applications for the member showcase & runway show are available on
the website at
Recycled Couture: In continuing the “green” theme of this year’s conference Fiber Footprints occurring in
Portland, Oregon from October 12-18th we are offering an optional event for conference attendees to participate in. We are asking those attending conference this year to create or should we say, “recreate” a garment to wear any time during the conference. Each ensemble is to be made from an existing garment(s) or
previously used materials. The idea is to reuse, recycle, repurpose something from your closet, the Good
Will, or even the woodshed to come up with a wearable garment. There are no rules other than to submit a
before and after photograph of your garment. Participants will then wear their garment any time during the
conference. A laminated copy of your “before” photo will be provided for you to wear with your garment so
fellow attendees can see your ideas from beginning to end. The duel photographs will also be displayed collectively during the conference. There will be no judging and no prizes. This is not a competition; we are
just trying to inspire your creative juices in a green manner while having fun and adding an element of excitement to run throughout our conference weekend.
Create a recycled, repurposed garment
Electronically submit before and after photographs (4 at most) to Robin Bolton at [email protected] no later than September 30, 2011
Wear your garment any time during conference
Any questions regarding this optional project can be directed to Robin Bolton, Vice President – Conferences
at [email protected]
Vendor Market: Besides all of the great local fabric stores available on the tours, we will also be having a
vendor market from Noon until 5:00pm at the hotel. Fellow association members as well as local sewing related businesses will be on hand to show you their beautiful wares. So be prepared to skip lunch, save the
calories, and spend the money on items you really need. Pati Palmer will also be autographing books at the
vendor market: Time to be announced at a later date.
Anniversary Banquet: This exciting event will occur on Sunday evening beginning with a cocktail party (cash
bar) at 6:00pm. A scrumptious banquet will then take place at 7:00 pm followed by many surprises, highlights and presentations pertaining to our 20 years of existence. Be sure to attend this wonderful evening of
celebration. We want you there to help us get started on the next 20 years!
Conference Location:
Portland Marriott City Center
520 SW Broadway
Portland, OR 97205
Room rate: $129 Be sure to mention you are with our group to receive the discounted rate and each room
booked reflects on our other hotel services. The direct phone number to the hotel reservation desk is: 1-800
Area Transportation:
The hotel is accessible from the Portland International Airport (PDX) via Max Light Rail. Take the Red line to
the City Center. This will cost $2.05 for an adult 2 hour ticket Otherwise, the airport is 9 miles from the hotel. Approximate taxi cost is $40 based on current gas prices. A hotel shuttle service is available for $14 one
way. Lastly, local car rentals include:
Avis Car Rental — 503/227-0220
Hertz Car Rental — 503/249-5727
Hotel parking is $31 overnight, $16 per day, and $6 per hour. The Max Rail is free within the same zone.
Most classes will be in the hotel. Those that are not will be within walking distance or transportation will be
Food Service: All meals included in conference fees will be within the hotel. Should you have special food
requirements, please be sure to check the appropriate boxes on your registration form. Besides the hotel
restaurants, there are many other great eating establishments close by for times when meals are not provided. A list will be available on site.
Weather in Portland in mid October: Day time temps in the low 60’s generally, with nights much cooler.
What To Wear: Business casual for day events. Evening events give us the opportunity to dress up a bit
more. Many members chose to dress formally for the banquet. And of course we love to be inspired by
each others latest designs (like we have time to sew for our selves).
Church Information: Available on site
Registration form available on line at beginning July 1, 2011. Early Bird pricing
good through July 15, 2011. Non-member registration begins August 1, 2011. Registration ends September
25, 2011. Supply lists will be sent upon registration for each class as well as being available on the website.
Join us for the educational event of a lifetime!
Registration Categories
Full Conference
Early Bird After 7/15 Non-Mbr
2 Classes, 2 Receptions, 4 Breaks, Luncheon,
Showcase, Breakfast, 1 Panel, 1 Short, Banquet
Two Day (Friday, Saturday)
2 Classes, 2 Receptions, 4 Breaks, Luncheon,
Two Day (Saturday, Sunday)
1 Class, 2 Breaks, Luncheon, Showcase,
Breakfast, 1 Panel, 1 Short, Banquet
Partial - Friday Only
1 Class, 2 Receptions, 2 Breaks
Partial - Saturday Only
1 Class, 1 Reception, 2 Breaks, Luncheon,
Partial - Sunday Only
Breakfast, 1 Panel, 1 Short, Banquet
Master Class
2 Day Class
Event tickets
Banquet Tickets