Bespoke Dream Coats

Bespoke Dream Coats
Bespoke Dream Coats are the premier Enlightened Platypus
luxury experience. Simply peruse our brochure, choose
your ideal color theme and style options, send us your
measurements and let Lisa Marie take care of the rest. Soon
you’ll be twirling in a one of a kind piece of art that perfectly
reflect your unique sense of style.
An Overview of the Custom
Creation Process
Our journey begins with a simple little questionnaire we call
our “Dream Coat Builder”. Each question in the builder is
designed to help you consider the many style elements that
make Enlightened Platypus Dream Coats so much fun. On
the following pages you’ll find loads of pictures and detailed
explanations of each option so that you can make informed
decisions and choose what is right for you.
Here at Enlightened Platypus we know more than anyone how exciting bringing a vision to life can
be. However, we have to step back down to earth every once in a while and this is one of those
times. It is very important that you read through all the information in this brochure and the FAQs
before placing your order. This way you can be sure that you understand the process and have a
chance to clarify any questions you may have, before committing to your custom order.
© 2012 Enlightened Platypus
Now that you’ve given some thought to your coat and have read through the information it is time
to place your order! Contact us directly through Etsy (click the Contact button on the shop page)
and we will be happy to go over your order with you and answer any questions you might have.
We treat each creation as a work of art and will want to be sure that we fully understand your vision
before we approve your order. Once your order is approved, your initial 50% deposit will be due.
After we have finalized your custom design, it will be time for you
to take your measurements. Custom Dream Coats are expertly tailored to fit your unique shape, so it is important to take several measurements accurately. We suggest you find a soft tape measure and a
friend to help you follow the directions on the Measurements page.
Once you have provided all of your measurements Lisa Marie will begin to work her
magic, interpreting your vision into a color
palette. This is an intensive process of combing through our extensive sweater collection
to choose the perfect shades and textures to
capture the essence of your concept. When
Lisa Marie is satisfied, she will stitch up a tiny
patchwork sample we call a “quiltling”. Your
quiltling will be mailed to you along with an
assortment of bodice options to ensure that
we have honed in on the perfect color and fit.
Once you have made your selections and approved your palette
we will be ready to begin crafting your one of a kind creation.
This is the hardest part! Dream Coats take time, love, and tons of positive energy to bring into the
world. Depending on length and style an Enlightened Platypus Dream Coat may have as many as
200 individual pieces that are hand cut from vintage knits and meticulously pieced with careful attention to color, pattern, texture, weight, and stretch. Heaps of planning, oodles of measuring, and
tons of careful attention to detail are what make our coats a delightful mix of art and fashion.
Your Dream Coat will be complete in 4 to 6 weeks after we have received your final approval. So
please be patient while Lisa Marie works her magic.
When your coat is ready to make the journey home we will contact you on Etsy to announce the
good news! Your final 50% payment and shipping will be due at this time. It won’t be long until
you are one of the lucky few twirling and dancing in your very own custom made Dream Coat! We
LOVE getting photos of our happy clients modeling their new works of art so please feel free to send
some our way!
Bespoke Dream Coat Builder
What 3 words best describe your vision?
Here are some ideas to get you started: bright, muted, rainbow, joyous, gothic, elegant, wild, psychedelic
What colors would you like your coat to feature?
Are there any shades of the colors above that you do not want?
(ie: a green coat that should not include olives)
Fitted Flared Petal Cuffs
Tiny Squares
Custom Crocheted
Tie Waist
Fairy Queen
Would you like to accent any
areas with patchworking?
(see page 13 for details and pricing)
Would you like to add any
accessories to your order?
(see page 18 for details and pricing)
EP Signature
We will need your complete set of measurements before work can begin on your custom creation.
Height: No cheating!
Bust: Don’t squish yourself! Measure all the way around your bust and back at the fullest
part. If you are taking your own measurements, use a mirror to make sure the tape
measure is parallel to the ground all the way around.
Underbust: Measure under your breasts as high up as you can go. Be sure to keep the tape
measure parallel to the ground across your back.
Overbust: Measure from your shoulder seam (the seam on a t-shirt that goes from your
neck to your shoulder) straight down over the fullest part of your bust to just under your
Center Back Bodice Length: You’ll need a friend for this one! Measure from the nape of
your neck down your back to your waist line.
Arm length: Measure from the top of your shoulder to your wrist. Make sure to keep your
arm bent with your hand on your hip. DO NOT add extra inches to this measurement;
we will do that for you.
Upper arm: With your arm hanging loose at your side, measure wherever it is biggest
above your elbow.
Waist: Measure around wherever it is the smallest (if you have “no waist” measure around
yourself directly below your bottom ribs). Make sure the tape measure is parallel to the
ground all the way around.
Hip: Measure wherever you are widest. Make sure the tape measure is parallel to the
ground all the way around.
Pullover Hoodie
50% Deposit: $149
50% on completion: $149
Total Price: $298
Dream Hoodies are an easy, everyday
wearable piece of art; a way to express your
unique artistic spirit while just bumming
These hoodies embody the comfort of your
favorite sweater on a cold day with the
panache and magic that is a signature of every
EP design.
Dream Jacket
50% Deposit: $184
50% on completion: $184
Total Price: $368
Dream Jackets are comfortable and
easy to wear on a daily basis. These
unique, zippered sweater jackets
provide extra length through the
bodice to hug your curves and really
show off an hourglass figure. The
double ended zipper offers you the
convenience of adjusting the fit of
your jacket for whatever you may
choose to layer up with underneath.
Perfect Pixie
50% Deposit: $275
50% on completion: $275
Total Price: $550
Perfect Pixies are our shortest,
lightest and flirtiest style Dream
Coat. These mini Dream Coats
are roughly 35”-37” from the
nape of the neck to the bottom
hem. The unlined skirt should fall
to mid-thigh and can be tailored
shorter for more petite fairies.
This is the perfect lightweight coat
for warmer spring and fall days or
even cool summer evenings.
Pixies are slightly longer and fuller than my
Perfect Pixie style and take your coat to a higher
level of luxury and functionality by adding a satin
lining to the skirt and hidden welted pockets at
the hips. This Dream Coat is roughly 40” from
the nape of the neck to the bottom hem for the
regular version and 36” if you order it petite.
50% Deposit: $340
50% on completion: $340
Total Price: $680
50% Deposit: $394
50% on completion: $394
Total Price: $788
My Nymph style is a twirly below the knee
choice for those of you looking for a bit
more drama in your Dream Coat design.
The longer, fuller skirt features 3 rows of
hems, which allows for intricate patchwork
Nymph coats also feature satin skirt lining
and deep, fleece lined hidden pockets.
By far my most popular style, the
Dryad offers a huge, satin-lined
skirt for your twirling pleasure
while still being casual enough for
everyday wear. This style has an
inherent versatility to it and can be
designed in the spirit of elegance or
50% Deposit: $490
50% on completion: $490
Total Price: $980
Dryads fall at around 50” from
nape of neck to hem, or around
46” for the petite version. My
signature hidden pockets are
included so you can easily carry
just about anything you might
need on your next adventure.
The Empress is by far our
most sensational and aweinspiring style. With hem-lines
often reaching a wonderfully
ridiculous 30+ feet, these
magical creations are sure to
make you feel like a fairytale
50% Deposit: $549
50% on completion: $549
Total Price: $1098
The length of an
Empress style Dream
Coat will depend
on your height
(recommended for
fairies 5’4” or taller)
and can vary from a
petite 52” to as long
as 60”. The massive
skirt is lined with
billowing satin and
includes fleece lined,
hidden pockets.
Hem Options
Dream Coat hems are all those lovely horizontal rows at the bottom of the skirt. The
longer the coat you choose, the more hem choices you’ll have, so be sure your favorite
option is available in your chosen style.
Rows of Ruffles
This hem style is an option for any length
of coat and creates the most dramatic
The coat style you choose will determine
the number of rows in your hem.
These bricked hems are a fun way to add
a bit of patchworking to your design.
A single row of bricks is available on
Nymph, Dryad, and Empress coats.
Piano Key
One of the most dramatic hem styles,
the piano key hem looks amazing in high
contrast color sets. This option is available
only on Dryad and Empress coats.
Hem Options
Tiny Squares
These tiny squares are wonderful at tying a color
set together. This option is available for your
Nymph, Dryad, or Empress coat.
Extreme Patchwork
The ultimate expression of energy and
pure, unadulterated whimsy, this is the
most time intensive element available
on an Enlightened Platypus Dream
Coat. Each of the hundreds of tiny
pieces is hand-cut and stitched together
to create a vibrant cacophony of color
and texture. The result is a stunningly
elaborate garment brought from
another world into this drab reality of
mass production and bland uniformity.
Patchwork can be added to one, two,
or more areas of a Dream Coat. Each
area is listed separately to allow you
to mix and match to your heart’s
Hoodie/Jacket Hem $45
EP Signature Hood $55
Nymph Hem $250
Dryad Hem $300
Empress Hem $350
Skirt Gores on any style $450
Sleeve Options
Fitted Sleeves
with Thumbholes
Our most popular sleeve style, fitted
sleeves taper down from the bicep to the
wrist to create a flattering slender fit.
Flared Sleeves
with Thumbholes
This style flares out from the bicep
to the cuff to create a very loose
fitting sleeve.
Petal Cuffs
These petal cuffs are hand crocheted
just for Enlightened Platypus. They
come in a variety of shades, but are
limited to a specific set of yarns.
Ordering these sleeves may add 4-6
weeks to your coat’s production time.
Sleeve Options
Custom Crochet Sleeves
These elaborate belled sleeves are made
exclusively for Enlightened Platypus by
renowned crochet artist Dottie Scher.
Once you have approved the color
palette for your Custom Dream Coat,
Dottie will put her own artistic eye
to the design, carefully selecting the
perfect yarns to compliment your color
set. She then hand crafts a unique set of
sleeves just for you! $200
Peek-a-Boo Cuffs
Lisa Marie’s new favorite! These fluttery
ruffles peek out under the finished edge of
your cuff, giving your Dream Coat a touch
of vintage romance. $28
Closure Options
The Classic EP Tie Waist
By far our most requested closure style, the
crossover tie waist is lined and structured
so you can cinch it in as tight as you like for
that perfect hourglass look.
This design allows for maximum adjustability
through both the waist and the bust. Dream
Coats with a tie waist are guaranteed to fit
you now and for years to come.
Full Length Zipper
The full length zipper closure allows your
bodice to close as much or as little as you
This option is only available with an in
studio fitting, please email us for pricing and
Hood Type
Fairy Queen Hood
This perennial fan favorite is
our take on a whimsical 15th
century liripipe hood. A symbol
of fairies, elves, and all things
Besides the delightful theatrical
flair, the best thing about the
Enlightened Platypus Fairy Queen
Hood is that the long hood “tail”
creates a slimming V down the
back helping to accentuate the
perfect hourglass silhouette.
EP Signature Hood
An instant classic!
This easy to wear look is ideal for
all occasions. Our EP Signature
Hood frames your face perfectly
when worn up and creates a
dramatic collar when pushed back
on your shoulders.
Add-on Accessories
One for me, and one for you…and one for me…
Add-ons! We’ve been getting so many requests by our custom clients to use leftover bits
to create a little extra something either for themselves or for someone special. So we’ve
decided to make these add-on items available to custom clients who are purchasing a
Dream Coat or Dream Hoodie.
Add-on items are made with materials from your Dream Coat color set only.
Sorry, these creations are not available for custom order by themselves.
Loved by all! These Dream Sleeves feature
thumbholes and come in sizes average and
large. They make perfect gifts, even for your
favorite tough guy.
3 lengths are available:
Short - Fingerless mittens! $25
Mid - Designed to end at mid forearm. $28
Long - All the way up over the elbow! $38
Combining the fun of a scarf
with a practical and useful
hood. These creations feature
an EP signature hood that looks
fabulous worn up or down. $148