March 2012 Edition Vintage Lingerie Jill Salen

March 2012 Edition
Vintage Lingerie
Jill Salen
Embellish Magazine
Issue No 9
“Before I start I must confess
that I love everything relating
to vintage textiles! This book
is no exception - it explains
the techniques and includes a
picture and date of the
vintage lingerie piece,
followed by a grid pattern…
that also includes sketches of
the lace detailing…”
ISBN: 9781849940054
Great Big Book of Fashion Illustration
Martin Dawber
2000 Pattern Combinations
TEA Magazine
NSW Dept of Education
TEA Magazine
NSW Dept of Education
“This is a book of photos…
some of the images would
need to be sensored for
junior classes… It is full of
truly beautiful and creative
modern fashion illustrations,
it does tell you what
mediums were used…”
“Using symmetry, repeats and
simple geometric shapes, you
can show students how to
create their own fabric. There
are also sites on the internet
who will print fabric you
design… this book makes a
worthwhile addition to the
school library.”
ISBN: 9781849940030
ISBN: 9781849940078
Colour in Art Quilts
Janet Twinn
Get Creative Magazine
Autumn 2012
Quilters Companion
Vol 11 No 2
“This beautiful book is for quilters
who want a deeper understanding of
colour. Renowned art quilter, Janet
Twinn, covers everything from colour
theory and harmonizing fabrics to
colouring methods, using colour to
evoke atmosphere and place and
working in both monochrome and two
colour. Stunning images from today’s
top quilt makers demonstrate a range
of possibilities.”
“A beautifully photographed,
designed and printed book that will
give any reader a thorough
understanding of how to use colour
in their quilts. Learn how colour
impacts mood, atmosphere and
ISBN: 9781849940009
How to Be Creative In Textile Art
Julie Triston & Rachel Lombard
Embellish Magazine
Issue No 9
“Wow! With a strong
emphasis on stitched textiles,
loads of eye candy and the
best book full of advice you
are ever likely to read, these
two ladies take you through
the process… through to the
end product… Well worth a
look and a valuable addition
to any designers book shelf.”
ISBN: 9781849940061
The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting
Sarah Veblen
TEA Magazine
NSW Dept of Education
“Highly Recommended
For those who did not have
one of ‘those’ parents, have
no idea what a fitting muslin is
and did not study fashion at
TAFE this is a fabulous
reference… Large photos and
clear instructional text make
this book usable for both the
teacher and the student.”
ISBN: 9781589236080
Complete Fabric Artist’s Workshop
Susan Stein
Granny Square Book
Margaret Hubert
Embellish Magazine
Issue No 9
“Born from a love of
designing fabric journal
pages, Susan has compiled
a variety of surface design
techniques to show how-to
and in some instances what
to make with the samples…
To finish off there is an
Artist’ Gallery to get you
ISBN: 9781589236639
Embroidery & Cross Stitch,
Classic Knitted Treasures
“This book proves that
granny squares are anything
but dated and boringly
basic! Learn how to crochet
funky and fashionable
projects, including felted
coasters, scarves, cardigans
and bags and how to design
your own. “
ISBN: 9781589236387
Hello My Name is Amineko
Embroidery & Cross Stitch
Volume 19 No 8
Handmade Magazine
Volume 30 no 3
“He’s no ordinary crafty creature
however, he has become an internet
sensation, sparking the imagination of
crafters all over the globe. This adorable
volume contains step-by-step instructions
and illustrated patterns for Amineko and
his accessories… The hundreds of colour
photos are sure to provide you with
endless inspiration and show how this
simple pattern is incredibly versatile and
how unique each Amineko can be…”
“In Japanese, ‘ami’ means to crochet and
‘neko’ means cat, so Amineko is literally
a crochet cat. This adorable volume
contains step-by-step instructions and
illustrated pattersn for Amineko and his
accessories, along with a series of
photos in comic strip form where the
passionate author re-enacts for us the
daily activities of Amineko and friends.”
ISBN: 9781589235717
Martha Stewarts Crafts For All Occasions
Martha Stewart
“I always think that Martha’s
books are good value simply
because of the sheer volume
of information and ideas
contained within. Plus they are
beautifully styled and laid out
and easy to understand. This
is a great standby… you will
surely find something in here
to suit your skills and budget!
ISBN: 9781446301760
Tilda’s Winter Designs
Tone Finnanger
A Spoonfull of Sugar
“a delightful book that
contains simple sewing
projects and papercraft
ideas with Tilda’s fabrics
and embellishments… All of
the projects are beautifully
styled and photographed
and are very inspiring with
lots of decorating ideas… all
the pattern templates are
available in the back…”
“This is such an inspiring book as it covers 225 craft projects,
using lots of different crafting techniques, covering all the
major holidays. With Easter fast approaching, I have been
looking over the Easter section where there are lots of
projects/techniques for decorating eggs, Easter table settings,
gift bags and baskets.”
ISBN: 9781446302057
Bag Making Closure Techniques DVD
Lisa Lam
TEA Magazine
NSW Dept of Education
“Recommended. This
DVD is well worth the
money for the information
on zippers alone. It is all
about closures. It has good
instructional detail, the
photography spot on and
Lisa Lam knows her stuff. I
learnt heaps watching
ISBN: 9781440311635
How Your Horse Moves
Gillian Higgins
Fast & Fun Knits
Claire Garland
Equine Excellence
Autumn 2012
Classic Knitted Treasures
Edition 1
“Take a fresh look at Equine
anatomy and biomechanics
with this graphic guide to
how horses move,
presented from inside out.
Understand how the bones
and muscles work together
to produce movement by
seeing the musculoskeletal
system painted in a real
equine canvas…”
“If you need a quirky and fun
project to knit for someone
special, this book is for you.
There are 10 projects for
everyday wear and
decorations for your home…
These small projects are a
great way to use up those
pesky scraps of wool, most of
them need less than one ball
of yarn to complete…”
ISBN: 9781446300992
ISBN: 9780715338698
Country Almanac of Housekeeping Techniques
Richard Freudenberger
“A practical no-nonsense
guide to being frugal and eco
friendly at home. This book
favours the slow cooking and
slow living way of life, take
your time with process, live
with less stuff and enjoy life
more fully. Accompanied by
the loveliest of illustrations this
book is another must have…”
ISBN: 9781592334131
Malta Spitfire
George Beurling
Australian Defence Mag.
March 2012
“George Beurling, nicknamed
“Screwball” who in fourteen
flying days destroyed twentyseven German and Italian
aircraft and damaged many
more… Malta Spitfire tells his
story and that of the gallant
Spitfire Squadron 249… A
classic first published in 1943.“
ISBN: 9781906502980
Knitted Dinosaurs
Tina Barrett
Classic Knitted Treasures
Edition 1
“A long time ago in a land
before history, awe inspiring
giants roamed the Earth. Unlike
the critters in this book they
were not soft, cuddly and
squishy. Author Tina Barrett has
gathered together 15 wonderful
patterns to indule your inner
palaeontologist or to make for a
dinosaur obsessed child…”
ISBN: 9781861088178
Machine Embroidered Quilting and Applique
Eileen Roche
Quilters Companion
Vol 11, No 2
“Learn Eileen’s technique of
quilting and appliquéing in the
hoop at the same time with an
embroidery machine. You won’t
have to spend time cutting and
piecing and then quilting.
What’s more, there is a DVD
included demonstrating all of
the techniques in the book.”
ISBN: 9781440213984
The Sewing Machine Classroom
Charlene Phillips
More 90-Minute Quilts
Meryl Ann Butler
TEA Magazine
NSW Dept of Education
Get Creative Magazine
Autumn 2012
“basic machine knowledge
such as how to tension a
bobbin, to detailed
explanations on what all the
different feet do, this is the
book for you… added bonus
most will easily recognize the
Bernina feet, as they are the
most commonly used
machines in school.”
“how-to techniques for creating
a basic 90-minute quilt,
including several methods for
easy half-square triangle units.
There is also step-by-step
instructions for over 20 quilt
projects, including baby quilts,
lap quilts, tablecloths, wall
hangings, pillows and
community service quilts“
ISBN: 9781440216008
ISBN: 9781440214073
Sew Serendipity Bags
Kay Whitt
TEA Magazine
NSW Dept of Education
“a gorgeous book of 12 bag designs that
expand into 20 fresh and pretty projects.
I have spent ages drooling over the
lovely designs in the book… All the
projects have been constructed from
modern and colourful fabrics and they
look so good, that you want to make
them all! … with full sized pattern pieces
inside an envelope pocket on the back
cover…It really is an attractive book and
would be a handy addition to your
sewing library”
“Worth the Money
Selection of bags is good, full sized
patterns are included and
instructions are well written and
supported with clear diagrams.
There are some embellishments to
the bags which are interesting.”
ISBN: 9781440214158
Just 30’s
Angelo Van Boggart
Huggable Crochet
Christine Lucas
Get Creative Magazine
Autumn 2012
Restored Cars
Mar-Apr 2012
“Using simple stitches and
construction techniques, this
book shows you how to
make 19 different animals,
measuring from thirty to forty
-six centimeters. Crochet a
snuggly squirrel, cow,
penguin, dolphin, lion,
giraffe, koala and more! Plus
each pattern is done in two
different colour schemes.”
“the writers celebrate this
fabulous decade with a
lookback at the cars and car
companies that gave us such
great memories. For the
Australian enthusiast it is
interesting to note some of
the changes in American
models to the local
ISBN: 9781440214233
ISBN: 9781440214288
Push Stitchery
Jamie Chalmers
TEA Magazine
NSW Dept of Education
“Some artists work is
beautiful, some thought
provoking with content, some
imaginative in the way they
combine tectile mediums… a
showcase of 30 artists and
their work is sure to inspire
some of your students, if not
ISBN: 9781600597879
Making Mini Books
Kathleen McCafferty
I Phone Artistry
Dan Buckholder
TEA Magazine
NSW Dept of Education
TEA Magazine
NSW Dept of Education
“For those teachers who are
looking for a Junior
Technology project this book
may kindle some useful,
useable and creative ideas.
You may be able to work
collaboratively with the
English Department to
create Zines.”
“Recommended. Now I know
more about changing the
settings to take better photos,
which apps help to take better
photos and using apps to edit
and create special effects, all
on the iphone. P.S. the screen
dumps make this book an
easy read.”
ISBN: 9781454702009
ISBN: 9781454701279
100 Pretty Little Projects
45 Quilt Blocks Flowers
Trice Boerens
TEA Magazine
NSW Dept of Education
Machine Embroidery
March 2012
“a compilation of 4 other…
books; pincushions, pillows,
purses etc. If you have them
you don’t need this, but if
you don’t the textile projects
included are quite quick,
easy, appealing and varied.
A great book for projects for
easy Textile and Technology
“a handy and practical guide
for creating beautiful floral
themed quilts. It features 45
unique designs… Each flower
block comes in two
sizes...instructions are clear
and concise and include
piecing diagrams, cutting
templates and photos of the
finished block.”
ISBN: 9781600595769
ISBN: 9781600595837
Weekend Crafter: Books and Journals
Constance E Richards
From Felt to Fabric
Catherine O’Leary
Get Creative Magazine
Autumn 2012
Textile Fibre Forum
Issue 105
“Geared specifically for the
beginner, this book offers a
variety of simple and
attractive projects, ranging
from a traditionally bound
wedding album to a trendy
‘jelly-bean’ book, all
accompanied by easy to
follow instructions, colourful
how-to-photographs, plus
“produced by a caring and
talented maker. The many who
have taken workshops with
Catherine O’Leary already
know this in person and it’s a
joy to see her well designed
and colourful approach
conveyed with flair… Nuno
Felting are explained... Highly
ISBN: 9781600599941
ISBN: 9781600596674
Whoopie Pies
Viola Goren
“a fabulous cookbook which
shows you how to make over
80 varieties of pies. Those of
us in Australia, haven't grown
up with Whoopie Pies.
However they seem to be
growing in popularity and after
looking at the book, I can see
the attraction…”
ISBN: 9781936140527
Road Hogs
Eric Peters
Restored Cars
Mar-Apr 2012
“Climb into one of America’s
classic luxury cars from the
1960’s and 1970’s… Lavishly
illustrated, this book
celebrates the magnificent
performance luxury cars that
rolled out of Detroit during the
classic era.”
ISBN: 9780760337646
New Creative Collage Techniques
Nita Leland
TEA Magazine
NSW Dept of Education
“fabulous information on
design elements and
principles, information on
colour and activities on how to
create a ‘good’ collage… it is
one of those funny books that
readers will either find
inspiration or wonder why they
bought it. I belong to the
former group of readers.”
ISBN: 9781440309212
Elemental Journal: Composing Artful Expressions
Tammy Kushnir
Socks a la Carte Colorwork
Jonelle Raffino and Katherine Cade
Get Creative
Autumn 2012
Classic Knitted Treasures
Edition 1
“shows you how to craft a
wide variety of journals to
hold your secrets or express
your inner thoughts and
shows you new ways to use
wood, paper, fabric, plastic
and metal in your art. It
includes 15 projects using
everything from tree bark to
dismanted photo albums…”
“Make your socks fun and
exciting with this great book!
Containing 20 cuff patterns, 20
body patterns ,seven heel
patterns and seven tow
patterns you can mix and
match the parts to make
literally thousands of different
colour combinations.”
ISBN: 9781440305368
ISBN: 9781440309236
Tony Holmes
The History of the World in 100 Weapons
Chris McNab
Australian Defence Mag.
March 2012
Australian Defence Magazine
March 2012
“Discover what it felt like to
be a fighter pilot during
World War II, flying some of
the most iconic plans to
have ever graced the skies
during combats when both
man and machine were
tested to the limit. This
volume reveals the greatest
aerial match-ups…”
“The noted military author,
Chris McNab set himself a
monumental task when he
decided to select the 100
definitive weapons he believed
shaped the history of the
world… extensively illustrated
and well written but is not
overly technical…”
ISBN: 9781849085205
ISBN: 9781849084826
Homespun Magazine requested a copy
of the gorgeous Bicentennial edition of
Sense & Sensibility
to be used in a stylized photo shoot.
We of course, were happy to oblige!
ISBN: 9780956494245
Art Journal Workshop
Traci Bunkers
Get Creative Magazine
Autumn 2012
“The beautiful illustrations in
this book break down the
entire working process of
journaling with step-by-step
photos and instructions from
start to finish. You’ll learn how
to use different media such as
paint, photographs and
collage, while following
journaling prompts…”
ISBN: 9781592536849
Best of Business Card Design 9
“...the mother of all business
card collections… The
business cards are exhibited
in a variety of layouts, frames,
backgrounds and angles
keeping every page a little
different. I have never seen
business cards of such
beauty and quality before,
and I have seen many many
collections before.”
ISBN: 9781592537907
46th Design Publication Annual
Best of Letterhead and Logo Design
“46th Publication Design
Annual by Society of
Publication Designers and
published by Rockport
celebrates the most
outstanding editorial design
produced in 2010, created
for editorial publications
across all print, web and
tablet platforms.”
“another great graphic design
book published by Rockport…
a collection of logos and
letterheads collated from a
variety of graphic design firms
and individuals from around
the world… I am almost
tempted to say they are the
best designs I have seen yet,
which would be appropriate
seeing it is a ‘best of’ book…”
ISBN: 9781592537501
ISBN: 9781592537914
365 Habits of Successful Graphic Designers
Laurel Saville et al
“The illustrations,
photographs and design
samples are wonderful, they
certainly support the main
arguments raised in the
book… In the right hands,
someone who can digest
this information and really
apply it might get a good
kick out of 365 Habits…”
ISBN: 9781592537372
Design Elements: Color Fundamentals
Aaris Sherin
TEA Magazine
NSW Dept of Education
“Good information on color
theory for textiles but an
excellent resource for
Industrial Technology
Multimedia, IST, graphics or
for a design course. Chapters
on meaning and emotion and
organizing with color are
informative and well
supported with graphics.”
ISBN: 9781592537198
Graphic Designers Essential Reference
Timothy Samara
“outlines some essential
tools of the graphic designer
including a good computer,
sable brushes, swatch
books with spot and profile
colours, gouache, loupe,
erasers, steel ruler and
triangle, cutting mat, knife,
lucite brayer and a bone
folder… The educational
section is really great…”
ISBN: 9781592537433
Fashion Details 1,000 Details
Macarena San Martin
Embellish Magazine
Issue No 9
“The tag lines says it all… With
382 pages, you would surely
have to get some design
inspiration from within. It is
aimed at younger, cutting edge
designers, not designers of
timeless classics or figure
flattering solutions (although
some of the ideas could be
applied successfully here)
ISBN: 9781592537167
60 Quick Baby Knits
Get Creative Magazine
Autumn 2012
“From cozy cardigans and a
whimsical blanket shaped
like a sheep to a pinwheel
beret, embroidered booties
and tiny legwarmers, this
book has something for
everyone knitting from tots
aged 0 to 24 months.”
ISBN: 9781936096138
Susan Bernard
Taylor Swift
Andrew Vaughan
Newcastle Herald
Weekender Magazine
Country Music Capital News
“We’re celebrating Taylors
22nd Birthday and you could
receive a present! Together
with book distributor
Capricorn Link, Capital
News is giving away copies
of the magnificent 160 page
hardback… a wealth of
photographs, album artwork
and archive memorabilia.
It’s a must have.”
“In a great case of Hollywood
serendipity, Norma Jean
Dougherty breezed past
glamour photographer Bruno
Bernard on Sunset
Boulevarde in 1946. He
offered to take some test
shots and so began a
partnership, relived here by
Bernard’s daughter…”
ISBN: 9781402780011
ISBN: 9781402788123
Inside Stars
Andra Serlin Abramson
Inside Volcanoes
Melissa Stewart
Helix Magazine
March/April 2012
Helix Magazine
March/April 2012
Reviewed by Nate aged 10
“I learnt about nebulae and
binary stars. The illustrations
and pictures were awesome!
I particularly liked the picture
of the black hole. If I were to
change anything, I would
make sure the Big Bang was
presented as a theory.” 7/10
Reviewed by Calum aged 10
“I liked Inside Volcanoes
because it had a lot of
interesting pictures and facts
about volcanoes. I learnt that
the deadliest eruption was in
Indonesia and it happened in
1815. 92,000 people died in
the eruption!.. 8/10.”
ISBN: 9781402781629
ISBN: 9781402781643
3 page feature
2012 annual healthy living guide
Fabric-By-Fabric One-Yard Wonders
Rebecca Yaker
40 Fundamentals of English Riding
Hollie H. McNeil
TEA Magazine
NSW Dept of Education
Equine Excellence
Autumn 2012
“This book is absolute bang
for your buck. 101 - yes 101
projects and patterns, all for
use with only one yard of
fabric - around a metre for
the non-imperial readers.
There is a huge variety of
“Editors thoughts:
...I loved this book so much I
contact Hollie; she is going to
work with us on an article in our
next issue and is also
considering coming to Australia
for a series of clinics and
seminars. What a great idea to
incorporate a DVD it makes
such better understanding…”
ISBN: 9781603425865
ISBN: 9781603427890
Farm Anatomy
Julia Rothman
Mend it Better
Kristin M. Roach
Herald Sun, Melbourne
Home Magazine
“The knowledge in the
American guide, a kind of
illustrated catalogue of farm
things, is frankly, fascinating.
Rural-life enthusiasts will no
doubt love flicking through
its cheerful pages. The
written details are sparse the beauty is all in the
gorgeous illustrations.”
“‘Wear your patches with pride’
is the byline of this book and I
love how inventive and unique
many of the ideas presented
here are. This book is also a
really great introduction to
sewing for beginners – it
includes info on setting up a
sewing kit and includes
instructions for the simplest of
ISBN: 9781603429818
ISBN: 9781603425643
Question of the Day
Al Katkowski
TEA Magazine
NSW Dept of Education
“This book is a selection from
the Question App Of The Day
and asks ‘what do you now
know to handle on your own
that you used to seek advice
about’ and ‘to what extent can
you be counted on’ as well as
341 other thought provoking
questions you an use to
encourage insight…”
ISBN: 9781599632926
Art of the John Deere Tractor
Lee Klancher
Restored Cars
Mar-Apr 2012
“Long regarded solely for the
utilitarian value, John Deere
tractors of the 20th century
were in fact at the vanguard of
industrial design. This exciting
new collection comprises more
than 200 specially
commissioned photographs
detailing 30 incredibly rare
production and prototype
ISBN: 9780760339497
Matt J Martin and Charles W Sasser
Mission to Berlin
Robert F Dorr
Australian Defence Mag.
March 2012
Australian Defence Magazine
March 2012
“takes the reader on a World
War II strategic bombin
mission from an airfield in
East Anglia, England to
Berlin and back. Told largely
in the veteran’s own words,
Mission to Berlin covers all
aspects of a long-range
bombing mission… on their
perilous mission.”
“The Nintendo generation has
taken to the battlefields of Iraq
and Afghanistan where
remotely controlled aircraft are
killing America’s enemies and
saving American lives. Matt J
Marting is considered a ‘top
gun’ in the world of unmanned
aerial vehicles… he has flown
hundreds of missions…”
ISBN: 9780760338988
ISBN: 9780760338964