Longarm Quilting Services

Longarm Quilting Services
We have a selection of quilting patterns and
designs, including blocks, borders, sashing
and Edge-to-Edge designs. We will work
with you to help you choose the designs and
quilting thread that will turn your quilt top into
a treasured quilt.
Quilt Preparation
• Choose high quality, 100% cotton fabric.
Polyester blends can cause slipped or skipped
• Choose a print cotton fabric for the backing that
will blend with the top thread color. A different
color thread for the bobbin will usually show on
the top, creating unsatisfactory results.
• Backing fabric must be at least four inches
larger on all sides (total 8”
wider and 8” longer) than the pieced top. For
Queen/king size and larger, add a couple extra
inches. If your pieced backing is larger than
needed, do not trim it down; however, please be
sure that the ends are straight.
• The quilt top must lay flat. Measure your quilt
top across the top, bottom, and at the center.
These three measurements should be the
If not there may be puckers in your
finished quilt.
• Check to be sure all seams are secure. You
should stay stitch around your entire quilt to
ensure that seams do not pull apart.
• Remove selvages from backing seams. Press
backing seams closed and to one side. Clip all
stray threads from pieced top and back. Stray
threads will show through (shadow), especially
on light backgrounds.
• Use one safety pin to mark the top of the quilt.
Remove all other pins and threads, as well as
buttons and other embellishments.
• Quilt must be clean and free of any odors.
• Quilt top and backing fabric must be completely
pressed. All seams should be pressed flat.
Ensure that all seams are fully sewn. An open
seam could catch the foot of the machine and
cause disastrous results.
• Quilt top should be trimmed down to final
finished size. We will not cut or trim a quilt top.
• We reserve the right to refuse unfamiliar
backing fabrics such as sheets or decorator
• If you pre-washed the fabrics in your quilt top, it
is highly recommended that you pre-wash your
backing fabric also.
• Quilt top and backing must be brought in as
separate layers, pressed and neatly folded on a
• We will only use our batting and it is included in
the per square inch price.
These guidelines are to ensure that
we provide you the best possible
finished product.
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Longarm Quilting
➢ Edge-to-Edge Machine Quilting
➢ Semi-Custom Machine Quilting
➢ Binding Service
Store Hours
Monday-Friday...........9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday..................9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Please call for a quilt check-in appointment
email: [email protected]
website: www.tjsfabrics.com
Quilt Categories
• Edge-to-Edge – A single pattern is used
on the entire quilt top. Many designs are
available to enhance or complement your
quilt's design. Prices vary according to
quilt size. (See Longarm Price chart)
• Semi-Custom – Edge-to-Edge design in
center with a different border design or
custom meandering design. Cost is $.03
per square inch.
• Custom – Specific placement of patterns
in blocks, sashing, borders, and setting
triangles. Multiple block designs, border,
and stripping designs – Cost is $.035 per
square inch.
The price of quilting your quilt is determined by
several factors. The longarm quilting fee is based
on the size of the quilt in square inches. For
example if your quilt measures 75”x85” then your
quilt is 6375 square inches. If you choose an
Edge-to-Edge design that is $.021 per square inch
the price of your quilt, including batting provided
by TJ's Fabrics, will be $133.88. You may choose
cotton or poly/cotton batting. There is an
additional charge for binding which is previously
$.05 per
linear inch
$.05 per
Machine stitch binding to quilt linear inch
Serge edges after applying
$.03 per
linear inch
Hand finish back
$.20 per
linear inch
Fullness and/or puckers within a quilt
and its borders cannot be quilted out.
We can not guarantee that puckers and
tucks won't be sewn in. In some cases
excessive fullness in borders may
result in the quilt corners not being
square. The flatter your quilt top lays,
the better the finished quilt will be.
Mechanical Disclaimer
Longarm Quilting Prices
Charges include batting
Longarm Service
• You may choose to have us make and
attach binding with mitered corners to
your quilt by machine so your quilt is
ready for you to finish by hand. We also
offer a binding finishing service so your
quilt is completely finished.
• Binding charges:
Make Binding
Fullness Disclaimer
$.021 per square inch
$.030 per square inch
$.035 per square inch
Other charges
Please be aware that sewing machines,
including longarm machines, are
mechanical devices. Although we do
our utmost to ensure perfect results
every time, on very rare occasions
mechanical problems can occur, which
may cause minor damage to a quilt top
and/or backing.
Estimates are Free
Based on fabric selection
Minor quilt repairs
securing outer seams,
pressing backing.
$15.00 per hour –
minimum $10.00
Trimming after quilting
Prices are subject to change
Payment in full is required before