women´s collection is inspired by

MOSAIC women´s collection trend text
spring/summer 2013
Mosaic spring/summer women´s collection is inspired by
wonderful microscopic structures and shapes of the nature,
birds and animals. Summer collection takes us travelling
around the world, bringing elements and inspiration from
Japan, Morocco, Mexico and Normandy. Different cultures
have brought here kimono-inspired designs, bold colour
combinations, flower and shawl patterns, aquarelle nature
motives and lace.
Mosaic spring/summer collection surprises with colours that
can be enjoyed in pure surfaces and in patterns: cobalt
blue, lilac-purple, light yellow, orange, coral red and neon
lime green. Bright colours are neutralized by black, grey,
natural browns and beige.
Spring outerwear collection offers formal coats together with practical and casual styles. Spring
emotions are added by bright colours like blue, coral, yellow and different shades of light beige.
Special attention should be given to a Chanel style coat with velvet ribbons, and the embroidered
white luxurious coat. Summer overcoats include classic zakard, soft structured coats, trench coats
in various lengths, and soft windbreakers from linen and poplin.
Spring fashion loves formal costumes and Mosaic collection is recognized by elegant clean
design and feminine silhouette. Every true lady should have at least one bright-coloured costume
jacket and timeless Chanel style jacket in her wardrobe. Catwalks still adore the boyfriend jacket to
which Mosaic has added feminine details like satin lapel and pocket detailing that make this
product a universal garment that can be worn either daily to the office or as evening wear.
Summer brings more comfortable atmosphere in terms of jackets. There are many comfortable
natural linen jackets decorated with colours, interesting details or embroideries. For more festive
occasions, Mosaic designers suggest a shiny satin jacket or a jacket with luxurious flower pattern.
Dresses are feminine and figure-friendly. The main fashion trend is print and graphic patterns that
are especially nice on satin or in contrast colours. True harbingers-of-spring are yellow and lime
green dress, for more modest ladies Mosaic suggests neon accessories. New fashion elements
include geometric designs-cuts, colour blocking and embroideries inspired by origami style. Good
old stripes are back, either horizontal or vertical, in different widths and rhythms.
Summer dress collection offers good choice for office and summer parties. A straight office dress is
always chic; linen and cotton dresses are really comfortable in summer, and feminine maxi dress
catches attention everywhere. Clean design is decorated with flounces and print patterns.
Spring blouses collection offers timeless classic styles decorated with frills, new details, design
cuts and print patterns. For more festive occasions Mosaic designers suggest chic satin blouse
with feminine sleeves. A tip for ladies: bright colours near face add shine to the general look and
Knits come in fascinating colours, patterns and stripes. Colour palette include red and pink, cold
greenish-blue, motives from kaleidoscope, colour blocking and dip dye effect where the stripes are
softly combined. Amazing lime green cardigan worn together with a pencil skirt results in a very
chic almost Armani-style set. Two-in-one knit creates the impression of wearing a cardigan and a
Mosaic summer skirts and trousers are playful and offer formal elegant style together with casual
linen. In addition to pencil skirts, Mosaic offers A-shape skirts, diagonal-cut skirts with unique print
patterns, bellflower-shaped and wider linen wrap skirts. A true eye catcher is a maxi skirt with
amazing colour palette. Summer blouses are mainly made of natural fabric and decorated with
interesting pattern, lace or frills. A clever garment is a top made of suit fabric that combined with a
skirt made of same fabric; make a perfect set that looks like a dress. This set is especially wellsuited for women who have hard time finding a suitable dress because of different top and bottom
Spring/summer accessories are colourful and eye-catching: collar-like necklace worn close around
the neck or on top of a shirt; jewelry with colorful crystals which look like patterns in a
kaleidoscope; plastic crystals in extremely bright colors, including neon; and a massive bracelet
that covers the whole wrist. The trendiest are the pastel-hued narrow belts and the ones with two
The dominant fashion trend of bright colors and diverse pints is also evident in scarves and shawls.
Fashionable ladies wear a necktie, pleated scarf or the one decorated with floral prints. Clean
white surfaces are also in vogue, and worn together with other white elements so that the overall
image is all white. Trendy bags are practical and can be easily combined with various outfits. A
colourful bag is the must have accessory this season!