Planon Universe

Planon Universe
A proven, innovative, easy-to-use IWMS platform
Planon Universe includes:
Innovative software solutions
Proven and ready-to-use best
Easy-to-use and role-based
Value based license models
Efficient cloud deployment
Customer centric services and
PLANON universe
Organizations are in a continuous search to make their workforce as
effective and productive as possible to improve bottom line results,
competitive edge, and shareholder value. More than ever, facility and
real estate managers are challenged to deliver high performing
workplaces that encourage people to work, collaborate, innovate, and
learn. By continually balancing investment in the physical environment,
supportive services and innovative technology, facility and real estate
managers can gain more efficiency and quality in their processes,
measurably reduce corresponding costs, and successfully contribute to
their core business.
Planon Universe is an innovative Integrated Workplace Management
system (IWMS) platform that unifies all stakeholders in a continuous
improvement process that aims for the optimum in workplace
performance. Be it a single desk or a complex environment of
connected buildings scattered around the globe.
Organizations benefit from Planon Universe immediately as this IWMS
platform combines innovative software solutions with proven best
practices and easy-to-use interaction for all workplace stakeholders. To
gain even more efficiency, Planon Universe can be operated in Planon’s
secure and reliable cloud service that further reduces Total Cost of
Ownership (TCO) and increases your flexibility.
Innovative software solutions
Planon Universe offers a full IWMS suite of software solutions that are operated from one
technology platform, truly based on a single-source-of-truth, and integrated by design.
This ensures organizations full transparency across their portfolio and processes, allowing
targeted efficiency improvements and cost reduction actions. Due to the high configurability,
Planon software solutions are future-proof and drive business innovation and agility. These
solutions offer processes in:
Real Estate Management
Providing strategic information and
streamlined processes for optimizing
any real estate portfolio. This solution
enables optimal support throughout
the real estate lifecycle, facilitates
the primary processes, and reduces
accommodation and operational
Space & Workplace
Providing tools to plan, manage, and
operate different accommodation
and workplace concepts. This
solution helps optimize space
utilization, improves the occupancy
of meeting spaces and workplaces,
and increases the service level for
Maintenance Management
Ensuring optimal asset performance
for buildings, installations, and
equipment, while enabling costefficient maintenance. This solution
combines accurate planning with
execution of preventive and conditionbased maintenance to reduce costs,
minimize disruption, and enable
business continuity.
Sustainability Management
Measures and monitors the
sustainability profile of buildings and
processes in a continuous circle and
enables improvements. This solution
helps to reduce an organization’s
energy consumption and emissions
and facilitates reporting compliance
with local or national legislation.
Integrated Services
Integrates people and workplacefocused FM and IT business services
into a single solution, allowing
control and monitoring throughout
the request-to-delivery process.
This solution monitors Service Level
Agreements and helps to increase
employee productivity and customer
PLANON universe
Proven and ready-to-use best
For all software solutions, Planon Universe includes a suite of best practices called
Accelerator, accelerating the initial implementation and driving continuous innovation to
improve your organizations’ performance.
Accelerator encompasses over 30 years’
of combined experience in 2,000
worldwide implementations into a
standardized best practice that includes
proven and ready-to-use processes.
Accelerator provides pre-configured
processes, including workflows,
catalogues, reports, dashboards,
templates, roles, authorizations, data
import facilities and configuration
descriptions. It provides the tools to run
operations efficiently and effectively.
Besides the default Accelerator best
practice, Planon Universe also offers
market specific versions and a version
especially for service providers.
PLANON universe
Benefits from Accelerator include:
•Shortened time-to-value: Accelerator
reduces the time and effort spent in
initial design and implementation by
offering true out-of-the-box business
processes that ensure fast and
measurable results.
•Working with standards: Accelerator
includes industry standards from IFMA,
BREEAM and many more that enable
benchmarking, chain integration, and
the use of a common language.
•Simplified implementation: Accelerator
allows you to use business processes
immediately without any design and
configuration effort. After having your
first experiences, you can decide to
easily implement specific changes or
local additions.
•Integrated processes: all Accelerator
processes are interconnected and
integrated-by-design, driving more value
from your Planon solution and
facilitating cross-discipline processing,
reporting, and analyses.
•Ongoing innovation: Accelerator offers
the flexibility to adapt Planon
innovations and new business
processes very easy and fast. This
ensures alignment with evolving needs
and allows you to innovate continuously
to maximize your core business
“After implementing the Planon solution we can report information
easily and consistently to save us considerable time.”
Wil Boemen, European Head of Facility Management &
Sustainability – Iron Mountain
PLANON universe
Easy-to-use and role-based
Planon Universe unifies all workplace related personas in one integrated platform. Core
business employees, managers, FM or RE specialists, field engineers, or service providers;
all users get access to relevant functionality in a very easy way, aligned with their profile and
needs. By supporting different user interactions on multiple devices, the user acceptance
of Planon Universe is extremely high and the length of time it takes to learn is very short.
Unifying all stakeholders in one platform supports full end-to-end chain integration and
enables full monitoring and control.
“We simply need reliable management information about our
worldwide portfolio to meet our targets.”
Ian Dunning, Global Facilities Director, Unilever
PLANON universe
Role-based interactions include:
•Easy-to-use and intuitive Self-Service
apps that support business employees
in their daily work by easily requesting
a service, finding a colleague,
searching for a free desk, booking a
meeting room, or checking into a
•Self-explaining and web-based
Self-Service functions like reserving a
meeting room for recurring meetings,
ordering lunch or guests catering,
entering a travel request, preregistering
visitors, or simply to query your
requests and their actual status.
•A personalized start page where all
Planon users can immediately access
information and functions that are
relevant to them. This includes
graphical dashboards, KPI’s, my
requests, my approvals, gadgets (such
as Google Maps, Twitter or traffic and
weather information), and immediate
access to all Planon solutions and
relevant processes.
•Rich functionality in an easy webbased and consistent interaction for
front office hosts, back office specialist,
planners, managers, financial
controllers, or administrators. This
includes task specific interfaces,
context sensitive interactions, extensive
authorizations, graphical workflows,
CAD integration, intuitive plan boards,
easy search functions and extensive
•Specialized mobile apps for field
engineers that need to execute their
assigned maintenance or services
work on building and assets across the
portfolio. This includes functions like
time registration, health and safety
validations, stock management, job
closing, documentation and customer
sign off.
PLANON universe
Value based license models
Planon Universe is based on a persona centric software license model that is aligned with
the different types of users and the functionality and technology they need. This allows
organizations to compose a license that exactly meets the need of their business, making
their license both transparent and scalable. As value is driven by functionality and flexibility,
Planon Universe by default includes extensive configuration tools, integration tools, and
reporting facilities. This ensures a complete license that includes everything you need. Planon
Universe is available in two license models:
Perpetual license
Allowing you to use Planon Universe for
an unlimited period of time. The perpetual
license is offered in combination with an
annual maintenance contract that
guarantees your helpdesk support and
availability of software updates.
PLANON universe
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Allowing you to use Planon Universe on a
monthly pay-per-use basis in a flexible
model that supports increasing or
decreasing your license.
The SaaS license automatically includes
helpdesk support and by default includes
Planon’s secure and reliable full cloud
Efficient cloud deployment
Planon Universe can be installed either on your premises or within Planon’s state of the
art cloud platform that is based on Amazon technology. The choice for on premise or
cloud deployment is determined by your company’s IT strategy and resources availability.
By default, cloud deployment benefits from lowest TCO, maximized continuity and best
Key other benefits from Planon’s our
cloud deployment include:
•Full unburden in Planon Universe
exploitation as installation of software
updates and new releases, backups
and IT infrastructural maintenance is
full included.
•Use of special cloud based
collaboration tools that allow easy
interaction with helpdesk staff, product
specialist or sharing experiences with
other customers.
•Easy access to online knowledge,
e-learning offerings and special
instruction video’s for specific topics.
•Easily online manage your Planon
Universe licenses, temporarily extend
your license for specific personas
during peak times or decrease your
license whenever needed.
•Speed up your initial implementation
process and reduce the need for
internal IT resources, efforts, and IT
infrastructure by simply consuming
Planon Universe via this cloud service.
PLANON universe
Customer centric services and
Planon Universe encompasses professional services during its full lifecycle of use within your
organization, from preparation and implementation until use.
Planon’s highly educated and experienced consultants help worldwide customers to constantly improve the use of the software,
drive innovation in their processes, and get the best value from their solutions. Planon Universe delivers services from a one-stopshop principle, securing quality, ensuring continuity, and taking full responsibility for customers’ needs. Planon’s services include:
Preparation services
Optionally review or redesign your
business processes, write business
cases or Return of Investment scenarios,
and prepare project organizations to
ensure a smooth and result-oriented
10 PLANON universe
Implementation services
Including project management,
configuration of interfaces and
integrations, business consultancy,
eventual fine-tuning of Accelerator, and
training. These services are based on
standard methods and ensure an
on-time and in-budget project.
Exploitation services
Include Planon’s professional 24/7
helpdesk, e-learning, training, application
management services, technical support
and software maintenance on interfaces.
“By using one integrated solution instead of multiple tools, we
considerably reduce potential data failures in isolated systems.”
Pascal Milland, Vice President Facilities Management Services,
PLANON universe 11
With over 30 years of CAFM experience, Planon is the leading global provider of
software that supports organizations in optimizing their real estate and facilities
management processes. Planon’s software has been completely designed in-house and
is fully integrated to deliver reliable management information. Gartner – the leading
independent technology research organization – has consistently rated Planon as a
global leader in their Magic Quadrant for Integrated Workplace Management Systems
(IWMS). Planon has implemented its comprehensive solutions for over 2,000 clients,
supported by offices around the world. To learn more about Planon’s IWMS software
visit or follow us on Twitter @Planon_US or @Planon_CA.
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