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Ruffled Pillow Sha
Fits Standard Size Pillow
Materials Needed:
Pillow Top & Back
Pillow Ruffled Band
1 1/8 yard of fabric
¼ yard fabric
1/8 yard fabric
*This yardage will accommodate directional and non
non-directional fabric.
1. Cut pillow case in to the dimensions below:
(A) Pillow Top
(B) Pillow Back
(C) Ruffled Band
(D) Accent
19” x 22”
19” x 36”
7” x WOF (If you don’t want a ruffle cut this piece 7” x 19”
2” x 19”
2. Fold the accent* (D) piece in half (lengthwise)
(lengthwise), wrong sides together and press. Should be 1” x 19” now.
3. Fold the Ruffle Band (C) piece in half, wrong sides together and press and mark or pin every 10 ½”, to help you gather
the Ruffle Band evenly.
4. Gather the Band to create the ruffle…using your favorit
favorite method.
5. Sew the accent piece (D) and the Ruffled Band (C) together ¼” from the raw edge, matching the marks and aligning
the ends.
6. Lay the Pillow Top (A) (22” x 19”) right side to right side of Ruffled Band (C) and stitch ½” seam, making sure the
Accent* (D) seam is enclosed in the seam.
7. Zigzag raw edge to finish and press seam towards the Pillow Top. Top stitch the seam for a more finished look .
8. Fold under (wrong sides together) one end (19” length) of the Pillow Back (B) ¼”, press and then fold it over the other
¾” to create a finished hem and stitch.
9.Lay the backing fabric right side up on a table. Lay the top fabric right sides together with the back fabric.
fabric The unsewn
ends should be together. Take the back fabric with the finished hem and fold it over the top of the top piece
overlapping the ruffle. The fold should be 8” from the hem to the fold. ((Make
Make sure the pattern is going the desired
direction) Stitch
itch end and side seams together. Make sure to sew the ruffle and accent into the seam. See diagram
10. Serge or overcast stitch to finish. Turn right side and enjoy!
8” total
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