Macramé plant hanger

Macramé plant hanger
To make a plant hanger in RibbonXL, you need:
- 8 strings of 7 m of RibbonXL (about half a roll)
- a wooden or metal O-ring
- 4 wooden beads with a large hole (optional)
- Plant pot or vase
Square knot
Half square knot
Step 1: Get started, make ‘the head’ of your plant hanger
Cut 8 strings of 7 m. Fold them in half and drape them through a metal or wooden O-ring. Then bound the yarn
together with an extra piece of RibbonXL using a wrapping knot. We made a wrapping knot of about 5 cm.
Step 2: knot ‘the body’ of your plant hanger
Divide the yarn into four groups of four strings. Each group of four strings is called an arm. Make about 12 square
knots with a total length of about 15 cm. Repeat this for the three other arms. Drop down 10 cm (leave it unknotted)
before knotting half knot twists. After knotting about 5 cm, add a bead to each arm by threading it on the ‘middle
strings’. Fix them with a half knot twist. Continue knotting another 5 cm of half knot twists.
Wrapping knot (5 cm)
Square knot (15 cm)
Unknotted (10 cm)
Half square knot (10 cm)
Alternating square knots
Step 3: Create area to hange in plant pot or vase
Now join two halves from separate arms together by alternating square knots. Make sure that the strings do not
cross over each other. Tie 3 or 4 rows of alternating square knots (depending on the size of your plant pot) and check
if your plant pot fits well.
Step 4: Tail of the plant hanger
End the plant hanger by binding the yarns together with a wrapping knot or with alternating square knots. Make a
tassel by cutting of the remaining yarn.