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Mock Rib Slouch Hat Crochet Pattern
Difficulty rating: Intermediate
Dimensions: Sizes: Small (Medium, Large)
Head circumference: 55cm (58cm, 61cm)
- 4mm crochet hook
- 3 x 50g balls of 8 ply or DK/8ply yarn
- Darning needle (optional)
Gauge (width only is given as height is not critical):
- Vertical rib (cable) pattern 4in/10cm to 18 dc
- Horizontal rib pattern 4in/10cm to 19 dc
Abbreviations (Standard UK abbreviations used):
ch: chain
dc: double crochet
lp: loop
RS: right side
sc: single crochet
tbl: through back loop
trc: treble crochet
WS: wrong side
yo: yarn over
Special stitch explanations:
FPtr (Front Post treble): yo, insert hook from front to back to front around the post of the
stitch below, yo and draw up a lp, (yo and draw through 2 loops on hook) twice.
HRt (Horizontal Rib treble): insert hook in same ch as previous st, draw up a loop, insert
hook in next ch and draw up a second loop, draw this second loop through the other two
loops in the hook.
For helpful tutorials with step by step instructions, see the links on the following page:
Vertical mock-rib pattern:
Horizontal mock-rib pattern:
ch 103 (109, 115) leaving a long yarn tail.
Row 1 (WS): 1 dc in ch closest to hook, HRt to last
trc in 4th ch from hook, trc in each ch to end. Turn.
ch, work an additional sc in last ch. Turn.
Row 1 (RS): ch 1, dc in 2nd ch from hook, *FPtr in
Row 2 (RS): ch 2 (this counts as a trc throughout),
next ch, dc in next ch; rep from * to end. Turn.
trc in 3rd ch from hook tbl, trc tbl in each ch to
Row 2 (WS): ch 1, dc in 2nd ch from hook, dc in
end. Turn.
each ch to end. Turn.
Repeat rows 1-2 until the hat measures 12in/31cm
Repeat rows 1-2 twice or until 'ribbing' edge is the
from the cast on edge. Pull yarn end through the
desired height, ending with row 2. Turn.
loop to secure.
ch 1, dc in 2nd ch from hook, *2dc in next ch, 1 dc
Fold the hat lengthways with the right side facing
in next 15 (16, 17) ch; rep from * 5 times, dc in
inwards (images 1-2). Using the long yarn tail from
each ch to end. 104 (110, 116) ch. Turn.
the cast on edge, sew or dc through both layers to
join the edges together along the side, then across
the top of the hat to close it (image 3). Turn the
hat right side out. Fold the corners in towards the
centre of the hat crown. Using leftover yarn, tack
the corners together. Weave in ends (image 4).
©2013 Susannah Mackay & Smack Creations