Come To The 23rd Annual
Corner of Steubenville Ave. and 7th St., Cambridge
Silent Auction begins at 8:30 a.m. Live Auction begins at 11:00 a.m.
Antiques at 1 p.m. • Classroom Baskets at 3 p.m.
• Raffle with a $1,000 top prize • Chinese Auction
• 50/50 Prizes • Classroom Baskets • Food and Fun! •
This is just a partial list - too numerous to list.
These items, plus many more, will be up for bids in the St. Benedict Auction this weekend. Items are numbered as they appear in the auction book. Items beginning with a letter “S” are in the silent auction. Live
auction items do not have a letter “S” in front of the number.
These items close at 10 a.m.: S008 Cambridge Class Lot Georgian Tumbler Amber, Georgian Tumbler
Pink, sundae ice cream dish; S009 Cambridge Glass lot of 3 All Milk Glass 2.5" Hat, 4" Drinking Cup, 3"
Match holder; S010 Cambridge Glass Rosepoint Creamer Miniature; S011 Cambridge Glass Misc Lids (3)
Cambridge small bowl; S012 Cambridge Class 5 pc Misc Ashtrays 2 square (clear & yellow) 1 stackable
clear, 1 blue caprice, 1 yellow caprice; S013 Cambridge Glass Candlestick Holders (pair x2); S014 Near
Cut Cambridge Glass 2 green glass 1 vase 1 sundae dish; S015 Cambridge Glass Lot of 5 Shot Glasses
Multiple patterns; S016 Cambridge Glass Square Bottom Ashtrays x3, 3 square bottom shot glasses; S017
Green Depression Glass; S018 Set of 7 Depression Glass Boots; S019 Set of 8 Grape Milk Glasses, 1
pitcher; S020 Imperial Milk Glass one 12" platter, 1 milk glass covered candy dish; S021 Depression Glass
Butter dish; S022 1 Near Cut Pitcher & 6 Near cut cups; S023 Green Large Glass Bowl, 1 Near Cut yellow
Candy Bowl, 1 candle holder; S024 Candy Dish with matching ashtrays; S025 Fenton Thumbnail Candy
Dish w/lid; S026 4 Bud Vases in holder; S027 Royal Crystal Rock Pitcher; S028 Green Dec. Glass, 2 bowls,
1 bird candy dish, 1 small bud vase; S029 Glass Terrarium; S030 4 Clear Glass Vases; S031 3 Clear Near
Cut Vases; S032 3 Red Glass Vases; S033 4 Pc.Colored Glass Floral Bowls/Dishes; S034 3 Pieces Near
Cut Dishes; S035 Antique Pottery Owl Cookie Jar; S036 USA Pottery Bean Pot; S037 Milk Glass Hobnail
Lot 2 lamps, 3 vases, 1 oval Dish; S038 2 Near Cut Crystal Bowls; S039 Green Near Cut set of 6 Glasses;
S040 8 pc Misc Glass Candy Dishes, ashtrays & relish plates; S041 3 Pieces misc china; S042 Clear
Small Glass Platter Fruit - pink beads; S043 Set of 2 Sundae Bowls; S044 Swan Pottery w/small pottery
animals; S045 9 pc Pottery platter and bowls set; S046 Pair of Universal Potter Pitchers w/cork tops; S047
(6) Universal Pottery Blue Rose; S048 Universal Pottery Bowl w/ lid; S049 Universal Pottery 6 coffee cups,
1 cream 1 sugar, 1 casserole dish w/lid; S050 Universal Pottery Green Cup (set of 6); S051 Multiple Miniature China Tea Sets; S052 Set of 2 Presidents Plates & USA Pottery Coffee Cups; S053 Glass Animals;
S054 Salt n Pepper Lot of 17 sets; S055 Hummel Figurines and New Hummel Key Chains; S056 Hand
Knit Women's Scarf By Andrea Wright; S057 Hand Made Baby Quilt 1 By Eileen Rittenbeck; S058 Hand
Made Baby Quilt 2 By Eileen Rittenbeck; S059 Crocheted Afghan By AndreaWright; S060 Quilted Wall
Hanging & Books Donated by Almost Sisters Quilt Shop & Barbour Publisher;S061 Longaberger Woven
Traditions Measuring Cup (New); S062 Round Longaberger Basket; S063 Longaberger Bread Basket w/
wood divider; S064 Small Longaberger Basket w/liner; S065 Oval Longaberger Basket; S066 Longaberger
Utensil Basket w/liner; S067 Bloomer Candy Company Chocolates; S068 New Scentsy Warmer Set; S069
Better Homes and Gardens (New) 5 pc Scented Wax Warmer 8 cube set; S070 Candle Basket; S071
Boyd Bears and Book; S072 Photo Album and Frame Ornaments; S073 Santa Fe Décor; S074 Live Well
Basket; S075 Garden Basket; S076 I Smile Sign Basket; S077 Stone Animals on Glass Jewelry Tray; S078
Glass Vase with Flowers; S079 Portrait of Christ Newly Weds Basket; S080 DecorativePlate & Willow Tree
figurine Basket; S081; Framed Oil Painting Basket; S082 12 New Ceramic Ornaments; S083 Surfer Girl
Pkg Décor; S084 French Memo Board (New); S085 Antique Lamp; S086 American Flags; S087 Vintage
Sailboat Bookends/Books/oil paintings; S088 Pair of Vintage Framed Prints; S089 Vintage Wooden Stool;
S090 Wooden Magazine Rack and 2 shelves; S091; Wood Display Case; S092 Large ceramic display platter; S093 Artificial Plant w/Basket; S094 2 New Throw Pillows; S095 New Blue Twill Medium Love Seat Slip
Cover; S096 New 2.5 Tea Kettle (1 of 2); S097 New 2.5 Tea Kettle (2 of 2); S098 His/Hers Travel Mug Set;
S099 Southern Living Cookbooks (set of 11); S100 Vegetarian Cookbooks; S101 Cutlery & Cookbooks;
S102 Currier & Ives Basket; S103 Deco Creamer and Sugar; S104 Cherry Tone Bowl; S105 Watermelon
Basket; S106 Beer Stein & Salt n Pepper Shaker; S107 Pumpkin Plates and Cookie Cutters; S108 Crate
& Barrel Dishes and Vintage Glasses; S109 Martini Basket; S110 Sandra Lee Votive Candles & Cut Glass
Drinking/Wine glasses; S111 Wine & Cheese Set; S112 Champagne & Wine Glass Basket/Chiller; S113
Sangria Slush Basket; S114 Desperate Housewives Game & Wine Basket; S115 Wine & Wine Accessories; S116 Lo Flow Pitcher & Glass Desert cups; S117 Painted Dinnerware Set; S118 Kitchen Bouquet;
S119; Lunch Plate and Cup Set; S120 Antique Pottery Tea Pot; S121 Baking Set; S122 Bread Basket;
S123 Cookbook & Baking Pans; S124 Sundae & Toppings Basket; S125 Sundae & Banana Split Basket;
S126 Kitchen Tools Basket; S127 Vintage Drinking Glass Sets; S128 Pyrex Cooking Collection; S129 Set
of 4 Glass Carafes; S130 25th Anniversary Platter & Set of Glasses and Bowl; S131 New Spielgelau Wine
Glasses Set of 4; S132 New Vintage Wine Glass Set of 4; S133 Swanky Glasses; S134 Glass dishware pot
& cake cover; S135 Set of 7 Misc drinking Glasses; S136 Ceramic Beverage Decanter; S137 Microware
Supreme Baking Dish w/Lid; S138 Microware Supreme Baking Dish w/Lid; S139 Glass Plate Set; S140
Set of Green and Cream Vintage Dishware; S141 Tupperware (12 pc); S142 New Vintage Pyrex 2.5 Qt Deluxe Buffet Server; S143 Set of 4 Cast Iron Skillets; S144 Vintage Drinking Glasses; S145 Pyrex Colored
Bowls (set of 4); S146 Serving Bowl & Bakeware Basket; S147 Cup/Bowl/Plate Assortment; S148 Kitchen
Assortment 1; S149 Kitchen Assortment 2; S150 Twister Nuwave Copper, grinder, grater, mix & blender;
S151 18 Rack Spice Holder & Cookbooks; Gift Certificates; Event Tickets; Sports Memorabilia and More!
For more information about the St. Benedict School Auction contact the school office at 740-432-6751.
Auctioneer: Randy Pollock and John Rome
Auctioneer is licensed & bonded in Favor of State of Ohio