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Hamburg, May 2013
Topic: Own brands
The right one for everyone – OTTO’s own brands
OTTO engages very precisely with the needs of each target
customer through its in-house brands. Find out more about
individual brand profiles and their customers.
Created in 2001
The AJC brand presents up-to-date, fresh lifestyle collections for young
women. The relaxed, casual look includes fashionable shirts, tops and
sweaters as well as jeans, skirts, dresses and blouses. ‘Trendconscious and cool’ describes AJC slacks, and the jeans are
convincing too thanks to their perfect fit and wear comfort. There’s a
choice of many types: stretch jeans, drainpipes, jeggings and even
shorts. They combine well with AJC tops in a range of designs to suit
each personality. Funky designs, colourful all-over prints, appliqué and
sophisticated details make the tops the eye-catching focus of the outfit.
Create beautiful necklines with delicate straps and summery round
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Thanks to its young, dynamic brand presence and fashion competency,
the female AJC customer not only feels understood but also finds
inspiration into the bargain. The typical AJC customer does not follow
trends blindly; her fashion sense includes incongruous styles as much
as colour experiments. Brands are of secondary importance, if at all.
The most important factor for her is individuality. And the price. As
she’s training, studying, or at the very start of her career, the AJC
customer pays particular attention to good value for money. Inspiration
for her constantly changing outfits is something she also gets from her
favourite celebrities, current fashion trends and urban street styles.
Created in 1973
Arizona is the modern mainstream brand for jeans at OTTO. Since
1973, Arizona has embodied jeans as a lifestyle feeling. Arizona is
authentic and trustworthy, and the brand stands for denim in all its
incarnations. The portfolio includes jeans in various styles, sizes and
finishes, which are convincing thanks to their perfect fit, high quality
and attractive value for money. The product line is complemented with
matching basic items. Arizona reinterprets classic jeans in a
contemporary way. The brand also acknowledges international trends
and interprets them for its target group. In 2013, Arizona celebrates its
40th anniversary.
The Arizona customer lives life to the full. She knows what she wants.
Her outfit needs to be practical, uncomplicated and as sporty and
casual as she is herself. It’s no surprise that the Arizona customer
loves jeans in all their forms – an article that always makes her feel
dressed right. Since she feels secure when she's wearing jeans, the
Arizona customer dares to be fashionable and follows current trends.
Her best friend is often her favourite style adviser.
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Created in 1993
The Boysen’s brand offers casual wear with fashionable elements and
is well known for its comfort. The designs and colours of Boysen’s
shirts and tops exude a refreshing lightness and natural charm. Highquality materials and stretch materials ensure high levels of comfort
and a perfect fit. The variety of short or long-sleeved t-shirts and tops
from Boysen's offer the ideal wardrobe for summer and winter. Plain
knits and simple cuts reflect the versatility of the fashion brand. The
fashion range at Boysen’s also includes slacks as well as jackets,
coats and waistcoats in up-to-date styles. Boysen’s dresses and skirts
also offer fashionable variety.
Looking good and feeling good are qualities which are also important
for the typical Boysen’s customer. She loves uncomplicated and
practical clothing with a touch of modern styling. No surprise, since her
family and her home are the centre of her world. Basics in soft
materials are therefore some of her all-time favourites. The typical
Boysen’s customer likes to combine these with timeless accessories.
She gives her outfits her own personal, sporty style with romantic
Created in 1986
Chillytime: feminine and uncomplicated. Inspired by the most important
and current trends, Chillytime offers diverse feminine fashion and
outfits for every day and different occasions.
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With her finger always on the pulse – this is the quality that
characterise the typical Chillytime customer. She wants to be on-trend
and needs variety, as much in fashion as in her hobbies. That’s why
she absorbs trends from her favourite celebrities and her own group of
friends, follows these styles with no hesitation and flavours them with a
touch of individuality. However, price is an important factor here, since
the Chillytime customer keeps a close eye on her budget. An absolute
must-have that appeals to her immediately and often lands in her
shopping basket is an uncomplicated t-dress which she can vary
quickly, depending on trend or mood. She can dress it up quickly with
current accessories for a stroll around town with her girlfriends – or,
styled more plainly, it makes a perfect outfit for the office.
Created in 1999
The Flashlights brand convinces with current, casual cuts and designs.
The assortment in the FLG Shop at OTTO includes a wide selection of
articles such as short-sleeve t-shirts, blouses, jeans, long-sleeve
sweaters, coats and lingerie. The colours and patterns used make the
clothing look young and modern.
Individual tops and bottoms can be combined wonderfully and turned
into very different outfits, depending on the time of day or occasion,
with just a few accessories.
Uncomplicated fashion with a sporty-casual finish – these attributes are
at the top of the Flashlights customer’s wishlist. She likes to spend her
free time together with friends or family. Sports activities, excursions
and social games evenings play just as big a role here as going to the
cinema or cocktail evenings at the weekend. Her creed is that ease
and a zest for life have to be part of everything that she does.
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Her clothes need to be just as relaxed and flexible as she is.
Fashionable, current, feminine and casual - without being provocative
or too experimental. The Flashlights customer emphasises her
personality through accessories such as belts, hats and scarves. Plus
sizes are fine, too.
Created in 1989
Laura Scott fashion offers women a wide assortment of leisure,
business and evening clothes in a feminine and sexy style. Modern
variety and fresh design characterise the collection. The product range
at OTTO reflects the on-trend fashion label; the choice goes from sexily
styled collections to feminine basics. In jeans and blouses, skirts and
tops provide women with perfect companions for their own
personalised look. Laura Scott jackets, skirt-suits and trouser-suits also
ensure a professional appearance in the business world. The Laura
Scott Evening Series offers sexy and seductive dresses. Coats and
jackets from selected materials or leatherette guarantee protection
from wind and weather on colder days. The range of shoes and
matching accessories in the brand’s signature style give the outfit its
final polish and ensure a stylish overall look. This includes ankle boots
and vintage-look shoes just as much as sexy pumps and peeptoes.
Feminine, self-assured, sexy, trend-aware and stylish – this describes
the world of the Laura Scott customer. She is active and successful in
her job. Brands need to underline her own style and give her new
trends or inspiration. Beauty and looking good are important to the
typical Laura Scott customer to deliver a perfect appearance at work
and in her personal life: “I love to dress well” could be a typical
statement of hers.
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Created in 1988
Young, dynamic and sexy! The young, feminine fashion at Melrose
presents itself with a varied product range of designs in a trendy, selfconfident, sexy and seductive style. The label’s styles are crafted in
comfortable, easy-care materials in cheerful as well as understated
colours. Unusual, feminine prints and patterns make the collections
unique. Melrose is characterised by seductive cuts and off-beat
fashionable details. Wide belts, sequins and lacing decorate the
distinctive short-sleeve tops at Melrose. Typical styles of this popular
fashion brand include sexy dresses and in particular tunics in exciting
colours and designs.
If you ask the typical Melrose customer what she likes doing in her
spare time, the most frequent answers are “doing things with friends”
and “going to parties”. But she also likes shopping trips in the afternoon
or cinema in the evening with her best friend, phoning, mobile texting
or reading the latest magazines. Of course, she cares greatly about her
outfits and how she presents herself, because she loves being the
centre of attention. She emphasises her personality through feminine
clothing which accentuates her charms and helps her stand out. She
likes to present herself as beautiful, sexy and seductive. In her latest
shopping hauls, good value for money is important.
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