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asia 2015
Pan Pacific Hotel, singapore, june 8-10
Helicopter Investor Asia, June 8 2015
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08.15 Registration and coffee
13.00 Lunch
09.05 Welcome and Opening Remarks
Alasdair Whyte, Editor, Helicopter Investor
14.30 Maintenance and helicopter values
• Scheduled versus unscheduled maintenance
• What issues should financiers worry about?
Neil Book, President and CEO, JSSI
Kevin Thomas, Senior Vice President,
Business Development & Strategic Planning, JSSI
09.15 Asia’s offshore energy markets
• How big is Asia’s offshore market?
• Key new fields projects off Australia, Malaysia,
Indonesia and India
• How has $60 oil changed the market?
James Hearn, Analyst, Infield Systems
09.45 Helicopter values: Is this the end of a
bull market?
• How will falling oil prices hit values?
• Are we about to see a buyer’s market?
• Which types will go down first?
David Crick, Partner, Lloyds
Tony Ellis, Regional Director, IBA Group
10.20 Morning coffee
10.50 Operators panel: Operating in Asia
• How many operators does Asia need?
• What causes Asian operators the most headaches?
• How big does an operator need to grow?
Moderated by Jeffrey Lowe,
Managing Director, AsianSky Group
11.40 Debt finance for rotary assets
• Helicopters versus other high value assets
• Securing helicopters
• Other options – export credit
• Financing lessors versus operators
Mike Kahmann, Managing Director and Group Head,
Business Aircraft Finance, CIT
15.00 Alternative asset finance options
• Debt versus leases versus export credit
• Japanese operating leases
• Tapping the capital markets
Senior representative,AirFinance
15.30 Structuring helicopter transactions
• Managing local jurisdictions
• Repossessing helicopters
16.00 Afternoon tea
16.30 Financing helicopter operators
• Why private equity likes helicopter operators
• Opportunities for mergers and acquisitions
17.00 Helicopter leasing panel: Opportunities in Asia
• Leases versus loans
• Will lower oil prices turn investors against
• Is the operating leasing boom ending?
Senior representative, Waypoint Leasing
Nigel Leishman, Executive Vice President,
Lease Corporation International
17.45 Close of conference and cocktail reception
12.20 The state of the helicopter market in Asia
James Wang, SVP Helicopters and Services
Marketing, AgustaWestland
Lionel Sinai-Sinelnikoff​, Vice President Customers, Airbus
Lead sponsors
Corporate Jet Investor Asia, Day 1, June 9 2015
08.15 Registration and coffee
09.05 Welcome and opening remarks
Alasdair Whyte, Editor, Corporate Jet Investor
09.15 The state of the market
•Asia’s business aviation market in 2015
•Is Asia now a mature market?
Mike Walsh, Executive Director, Asia Business Aviation
Association and CEO, Asia Jet
09.45 Panel discussion: Aircraft demand – what is hot and
what is not
•Southeast Asia vs China vs the rest or Asia
•Is Asia still a large cabin market?
•Opportunities for smaller aircraft
Chris Bogaars, Vice President, International Sales –
APAC, Textron Aviation
Nilesh Pattanayak, Regional Vice President for
Southeast Asia Sales, Bombardier
Claudio Camelier, Vice President Sales & Marketing
Middle East and Asia-Pacific, Embraer Executive Jets
Senior representative, Dassault Falcon Jet Corp
10.40 Broker panel: Is the only way up?
•Is Asia still a new aircraft market?
•How easy is it to export aircraft from Asia?
•What is the gap between Asian sellers and international buyers?
Don Dwyer, Managing Partner, Guardian Jet
David Dixon, President, Jetcraft Asia
Alireza Ittihadieh, President, Freestream Aircraft
11.30 Morning coffee and networking
12.00 NetJets China takes on Asia
•Why is now right for Asia?
•Is the market ready for fractional?
Robert Molsberger, COO, Executive Jet
Lead sponsors
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12.30 Supporting Asian aircraft
•Is there enough OEM support for the growing fleet?
•Benefits of maintenance programmes
Michael Mechler, Regional Sales Executive, Rolls-Royce
Gary Martin is Vice President, Services Sales and
Programs, Business Aircraft, Bombardier
13.00 Lunch and networking
14.15 Asia vs the rest of the world: A financier’s
•What stops buyers from doing deals?
•What can aircraft buyers do to get finance?
Mike Kahmann, Managing Director and Group Head,
Business Aircraft Finance, CIT
14.45 How big will the Asian fleet be in 2020?
•How quickly can the market grow?
•Can infrastructure cope?
15.30 Afternoon tea and networking
16.00 Cross-border transactions: Is it getting easier to
move aircraft?
•De-registration and registration issues
•Repossession and Cape Town
•Which jurisdictions should be avoided?
16.30 Panel discussion: Opportunities for Asian operators
•Aircraft management vs charter
•What causes the biggest headaches?
•Local versus international operators
Moderated by: Charlie Mularski, Senior Vice President,
Universal Aviation
Björn Näf, CEO, MetroJet
Mike Walsh, CEO Asia Jet
Carlos Gomez, CEO, TAG Aviation
17.15 Cocktail reception hosted by ExecuJet
Corporate Jet Investor Asia, Day 2, June 10 2015
09.00 Welcome and Opening remarks
13.00 Lunch
09.15 Asia fleet review 2015
14.00 Risks and opportunities in Asia
•Is the region slowing down or about to speed up?
•Which types are winning?
•Where are pre-owned jets moving to?
Jeffrey Lowe, Managing Director, AsianSky Group
09.45 International finance panel – funding the growth
•Private banks versus asset lenders
•Are financiers becoming more relaxed about local
registration changing?
•Are lenders too focused on their own niches?
Sharon Ho, Director, UBS
Mike Kahmann, Managing Director and Group Head,
Business Aircraft Finance, CIT
10.30 Operating and managing aircraft in China
•The start of consolidation - how many operators
does China need?
•The shift from ownership to management?
•Will fractional work in China?
•Is there room for foreign financiers?
•What is happening with airspace restrictions?
by April 17
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and save
•Which countries should we be watching?
•Which ones are opening up?
•Identifying Politically Exposed People
14.30 The rise and rise of Asian UHNWIs
•How will falling natural resource prices hit Asia?
•How to reach Asian UHNWIs
•Is there a UHNWI business jet culture in Asia?
Mykolus Rambus, CEO, Wealth-X
15.00 Panel discussion: The evolution of China’s
leasing market
•What lessons have been learnt from the first five
years of business jet leasing?
•Have speculative orders worked?
•Are leasing customers looking for new aircraft?
•Can international lenders compete in China?
•Can Chinese leasing companies compete abroad?
11.30 Morning coffee and networking
15.45 Is India about to take off?
Is infrastructure improving?
The rise of third party management
Has Kingfisher scared financiers away?
Sidanth Rajagopal, Partner, Kaye Scholer LLP
Sakeer Sheik, Managing Directo, Titan Aviation
12.00 Asia vs the rest of the world – an operator’s
16.15 Oxford Style Debate: A 360 degree analysis
of the market
Jenny Lau, Founder, SinoJet
Eric Wong, CEO, NetJets China
•Does everyone in business aviation need an Asia
•How hard is it to find staff?
•Which region’s customers are the easiest to work
17.00 Close of conference and cocktail reception
12.30 Case study: Managing a serious aircraft incident
•What can financiers do to protect themselves?
•Can financiers rely on AVN67?
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