Development Officer TOR

Ashoka Arab World
Terms of Reference for Development Officer
Position Title: Development Officer
Reports to: Ashoka Regional Director
Employment: Full-time
The Development Officer is responsible for assisting the Regional Director in implementing the
Development Plan, which includes the following tasks:
1. Fundraise between $300,000 - $1 million per year for Ashoka Arab World
2. Develop knowledge management systems for Ashoka’s Arab World fundraising efforts:
a. Organize, update and create files of Ashoka’s Arab World donor history and current
activities. This includes to create a list and tracking document of all past and current Arab World donors
with time line, grant purpose, grant amount, funding cycles, and reports already submitted and to be
submitted by Ashoka (soft and hard copies)
b. Prepare quarterly report to Arab World Executive Team
c. Manage internal database of Ashoka (salesforce and any other programs that Ashoka is using)
3. Manage carefully and responsibly, Ashoka’s Arab World current relationships with donors and
a. Prepare all due reports for donors and partners as required. This includes narrative, graphics,
and financial reports
b. Create a donor tracking system with updated information of current donors, their grants,
current relationship status with Ashoka, and Renewals
c. Create a report tracking system with updated information on pending reports and submitted
d. Follow-up with current donors and partners’ requests as needed
4. Prepare all development narrative reports and updates for Ashoka’s headquarters as required
5. Diaspora: Supervise regional effort for the engagement of the Diaspora and support Global Diaspora
initiative implementation.
6. Engage Prospects: potential donors and partners. This is working closely with and under supervision
of Regional Director:
Registration No. 42/4002 34/2004
Ashoka Arab World Regional Office 93 Abdel Aziz Al Saud Street – 7th Floor – Apt.1 Manial – Cairo – Egypt
Tel : (202) 25328586 – 23655336 – 25314775 - 25314779
Fax : (202) 23654404
a. Develop a tracking document, listing ALL prospects with whom Ashoka has initiated
b. Develop fundraising strategies for contacts establishes by Regional Director
7. Develop and Enhance Engagement Strategies for prospects and current donors and partners:
a. Research all prospects tracked in the prospect tracking document (mentioned above).
Research could include but is not limited by philanthropic and business interests, backgrounds, likes, etc.
b. Write all required funding proposals (graphics, narrative, budgets)
c. Developed all required engagement strategies. This includes prospect/donor identification,
mapping and profiling, strategy creation and implementation
8. Design new phase of Arab World fundraising efforts with corporations and foundations
a. Create a list of potential corporations and foundations with whom Ashoka could partner or
work with (corporate prospecting)
b. Create a list of products and services Ashoka can offer to corporations and foundations
(WISE, Collaborative Platforms, etc)
9. Events Organizing
a. Lead and be the focal point for planning, organization, and execution of the Arab World Social
Entrepreneurship Program (ASEP)
b. Coordinate fundraising efforts for Arab World Social Entrepreneurship Program
b. Lead or provide support to other fundraising events as needed
9. Media and Outreach Support
a. Work with Media and Outreach staff on messaging and streamlining outreach efforts with
Development goals
10. Financial management and budgeting
a. Develop budgets for upcoming fiscal year together with Financial Manager
b. Assist Finance team in financial reporting to Ashoka donors and Ashoka headquarters
c. Assist Finance team in maintaining financial database
11. Recruitment
a. Assist recruitment team in the process of interviewing candidates for vacant position in
Ashoka team
b. Assist recruitment team with scanning received applications for vacant positions in Ashoka
12. Performance management
a. Together with her/his supervisor, Development officer will develop a performance agreement
at the beginning of her/his term. This agreement will include goals, measures and expected results and
will be the baseline for the performance review to take place after the first six months and the end of
the year.
b. Together with her/his supervisor, Development officer will develop an annual plan of action.
This plan will be created at the beginning of the year and updated on a monthly basis.
c. Based on annual action plan, a monthly workplan with all activities to be executed during the
month will be sent to Regional Director.
Registration No. 42/4002 34/2004
Ashoka Arab World Regional Office 93 Abdel Aziz Al Saud Street – 7th Floor – Apt.1 Manial – Cairo – Egypt
Tel : (202) 25328586 – 23655336 – 25314775 - 25314779
Fax : (202) 23654404
d. Development officer will send a weekly time-sheet to be sent at the end of Thursdays to the
Operations Manager.
e. Development officer will send a monthly report with all activities executed during the month;
to be sent to Operations Manager, Financial Manager and Regional Director on the 25th of each month.
1. Education
B.A. in a relevant field, preferably Social Sciences, Business, Economics, or Political Science
2. Experience and Requirements
 5 years of fundraising and development experience is required.
 Excellent writing and analytical skills
 Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications
 Applicant must have strong initiative, independence, creativity, and sound judgment. They must
be service-oriented and flexible, with excellent communication and organizational skills.
 Applicant must be a team player with a high level of commitment who is able to manage multiple
high-priority tasks at once.
3. Language
Fluency in written and spoken English. Proficiency in written and spoken Arabic a plus.
Work Conditions:
1. Hours
 Applicant must be willing to work in the office 70% of the time, and in the field 30% of the time.
 We work normal office hours (9 a.m. until 5 p.m., five days a week) 50-60% of the time.
 We work until 6 or 7 p.m. at least 20 % of the time.
 During major events, we work until 8 or 9 p.m. (25 % of the time)
 Sometimes, we work during holidays, if necessary. (10% of the time)
2. Compensation
Starting salary is 12,000.00 LE per month with a possible raise after a 6 month evaluation period.
The minimum employment commitment is 2 years.
Applicants should submit their CVs and motivation letters to [email protected]
Published on 11.05.2015
Registration No. 42/4002 34/2004
Ashoka Arab World Regional Office 93 Abdel Aziz Al Saud Street – 7th Floor – Apt.1 Manial – Cairo – Egypt
Tel : (202) 25328586 – 23655336 – 25314775 - 25314779
Fax : (202) 23654404