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Volume 2, Issue 3
October 25, 2012
Carve a face into Halloween
Top 10 Pumpkin
Jack-o-lantern Face
Scary Face
The Words Happy
8. Scary House
9. Skeleton
10. Team Logos
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Inside this issue:
Pin into Pinterest
Historic and Spooky Sites
Price at Semi-State
Students of the Month
Too Old to Trick or Treat
Deere Farms
Editorial: Keep Costumes
By Peyton Blank
Lanesville Jr/Sr High
School— This fall a reignited trend in the
Lanesville area is occurring, carving pumpkins. It is a fun activity
to do with friends, a
significant other, or
younger siblings.
There are many designs to carve into a
pumpkin. One of the
most popular designs,
according to Lanesville
girls, is a smiley face.
Pumpkin carving kits
are often used to carve
pumpkins. These kits
include a scooper,
stencil tool, carving
tool, and stencils.
Getting a pumpkin is
the first step; local grocery stores are great
places to get pumpkins. Hubers and Richmer Farms also sell
pumpkins. To have the
best pumpkin one
must make sure there
are no bruises or broken stems. Complications like these can
lead to a faster spoilage. Be sure to buy a
pumpkin that is approximately
inches tall so there is
enough room to make
designs and for a candle to burn inside.
Every year there is also
the question of what to
do with the pumpkin
seeds. One popular
thing to do with the
seeds is eat them. After scooping them out
of the pumpkin clean
the seeds, then lay
them out to dry for a
day or two. After they
are dry put them in the
oven. Finally, you can
eat them! The seeds
are low in calories and
can be eaten by the
Another cool idea to
do with the seeds is
make the pumpkin
look like it is puking.
After carving an open
mouth on the pumpkin
hang the leftover seeds
out of the mouth.
If one is not comfortable with carving a
pumpkin there are
which, include painting
the pumpkin or putting
creative stickers on it.
Decorating a pumpkin
is a fun activity to enjoy
during the fall season
for all ages!
Pumpkin carving of Mr.
Fredrickson, from the Disney movie UP, was carved
by senior Daniel Cox. In
the past, Cox carved Michael Jordan, Einstein, and
many others.
V O LU M E 2 , I S S U E 3
PSAT/ NMSQT completed for the sophomores and
By: Cassidy Richmer
Lanesville Jr/Sr High School - On
October 17, 2012, the students
finished their PSAT/NMSQT for
the year. PSAT stands for Preliminary Scholastic Assessment
Test and NMSQT stands for National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. For the first four hours
of school, students took the five
part test. There are two critical
reading skills sections, two math
problem–solving sections, and
one writing skills section. The
test takes about four hours in
all, and every student takes it
their sophomore year. Taking it
junior year is also optional for
the students.
Some good reasons for taking
the PSAT include, it helps you
prepare for the actual SAT or
ACT if you choose to take it, and
you get feedback on your
strengths and weaknesses. It
also can help you later in life
when you want to go to college.
Mrs. Morgan says, “ The PSAT
measures critical reading, math,
and writing skills. It helps show
your strength and weaknesses
for the actual SAT.” She also
says, “It can tell a student their
AP potential, and shows college
ready skills. “
The PSAT can also help you get
This is a PSAT practice booklet to
help students prepare for the test.
Lanesville students had their practice booklets handed out the
week before fall break so they
would have plenty of time to
ahead in college. The scores of
a students PSAT/ SAT can be
seen by many colleges. Colleges
over-view them to see whether
they can find potential. They
send out scholarships to the
students they think are good
enough to be in their school.
Mrs. Morgan also enforces the
idea of taking the PSAT as a junior in high school as well. She
says, “It’s a really good idea to
take it as a junior as well because that is the only time you
can qualify for the National
Scholarship Program.” As it
shows you can only enter the
running for the scholarship if
you a junior in high school.
Preparing for the PSAT as soon
as possible is a good idea as
well. There was a small booklet
passed out by Mrs. Schalk that
had all the information about
the PSAT. It showed what
types of questions would be on
the test, and format that the
test was in. Inside the booklet
was a smaller booklet which
gave a full length PSAT test for
the students to practice with.
After the test a few of the students were interviewed about
the test. Sophomore Sean
Cobb says, “Most likely the
SAT test will be harder.”
Sophomore Candice Zambella
says, “The critical reading parts
of the test were the hardest.”
Others thought that the math
was the hardest. Overall the
PSAT was a success, and the
school is hoping to see good
The PSAT test is administered at
schools on two dates. Lanesville’s
PSAT was given on October 17th.
Courtesy of: www.dentonisd.org
V O LU M E 2 , I S S U E 3
Pin into Pinterest
By Taylor Spielmann
post pictures of ideas it’s called
pinning. Simmons says, “I would
recommend for anyone to use
Pinterest because it gives you
great ideas and different activities to do.” Her favorite idea
she has gotten is different food
recipes, and like many people
Simmons has the Pinterest app
on her iPhone.
Lanesville High School- Pinterest is a way to get creative ideas
online. Pinterest is starting to
become a very popular website
to visit around the world for
creative ideas.
Pinterest is similar to earlier social networks and image bookmarking systems based on the
same idea. It allows users to
“Pin”, or save, images and categorize them on different boards.
They can follow other users'
boards if they have similar
tastes. Popular categories are
travel, cars, film, humor, home
design, sports, fashion, and art.
The Pinterest app for iPhone
was last updated in May 2012,
and an iPad app is currently
available for purchase.
Pinterest Mobile, launched in
September 2011, is a version of
the website for non-iPhone users. In December 2011, the site
became one of the top 10 largest social network services, with
11 million total visits per week.
When student Alexa Jones was
asked, “How often do you use
Pintrest?” she replied “I pretty
much get on or use it every
day!” Her favorite thing is all the
pictures and ideas you can get.
Like most people said Jones
found out about Pinterest
This is the Pinterest logo, also
used as the app. This website
was created in 2010.
through friends, Facebook, and
Twitter. Her favorite ideas she
has gotten are hairstyles, outfit
ideas, and nail designs.
Lanesville student Frankie Simmons uses Pinterest every day
after school. She actually has an
account where you can post
your own pictures, ideas and
anything creative. When you
Becca Riley says that she is addicted to Pinterest and gets on it
every day if she has the chance.
She found out about it from her
sister Rachel, their favorite category to look at is fashion. When
Riley was asked do you recommend Pinterest for other people, she responded by saying,
“Heck yeah! Best thing ever!”
With an account, Pinterest pulls a person’s favorite
categories on his/her homepage when signed in. Pinterest has grown significantly from its original creation.
V O LU M E 2 , I S S U E 3
Local church hosts annual supper
By Caryn Eisert
Lanesville, Indiana— Do you
want a good home cooked
meal? Well here is your chance
to get a great meal; on October
27, 2012. It will be from 4 p.m.
to 9 p.m. at St. John’s Lutheran
Church. The church will host
their annual church supper,
serving great food and also providing a craft bizarre.
David Hussung, who is heading
the supper for his second and
final term, is excited for the supper again this year. He said, “I
like the fact that we (St. John’s)
[have] a diverse group of individuals from different age
groups coming together for one
purpose and working towards a
goal.” St. John’s Church Supper
is not just open to the St. John’s
congregation, but also open to
local churches and community
members. Last year St. John’s
Church Supper served about 800
people and they hope to increase those numbers this year.
St. John’s has always hosted an
annual supper as long as chairmen, David Hussung, can remember. He went on to say,
“The supper used to be held the
first Saturday of December; this
date was also the annual IU
verses UK basketball game. The
meal was also served in the old
fellowship hall (today the St.
John’s Library), as of now the
meal is served in St. John’s Lutheran School’s gymnasium.”
Hussung also said, “If you come
to the supper, come hungry!”
The meal is served family style,
where all side dishes are placed
on the table. The menu for the
supper is a choice of fried
chicken or fried oysters, the side
dishes include; green beans,
mashed potatoes, homemade
chicken and dumplings, cranberry sauce, and coleslaw. For
dessert, St. John’s has a wide
assortment of pies and cakes
St. John’s hosts this supper annually and it is a good home
cooked meal. The tradition has
been going on for over 50 years
and it still going strong. David
Hussung was the first chairmen
to not be a member of St. John’s
Martha Society, also to not be a
Adult tickets are $8, ages 6-10
cost $4, and children under 5
are free. Also take out is available for people who don’t want
to sit and
Ladies of St. John’s Church roll oysters for the dinner.
This is an annual event that happens every morning
before the supper.
V O LU M E 2 , I S S U E 3
Local historic sites bring spooks to patrons
By Mercedes Isham
Kentuckiana — Looking for some
local haunted houses this Halloween? Kentuckiana has a multitude
of locations that are legitimately
believed to be haunted that are
sure to make your heart race; one
of which, is the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky.
The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is an
old tuberculosis (TB) hospital that
was shut down in the early 1980s.
Though its purpose shifted from
treating patients with TB to caring
for the elderly in 1961, this historic
site is said to be haunted by ghosts
of former TB patients. The reason
people credit the hauntings at
Waverly to these patients is because of the way in which many of
them died.
At Waverly Hills Sanatorium, one of
the most notorious rooms is room 502.
It is said that the ghost of a nurse
who committed suicide there haunts
the room to this very day.
Photo courtesy of: www.thecabinet.com
The methods used during the
time period to treat TB patients
residing at Waverly Hills were
very experimental due to the fact
that the medical field was far less
advanced and the fact that TB
was a very sudden widespread
epidemic. In addition to the fact
that the procedures health professionals used were not thoroughly tested before they were
applied to patients, many of these
treatments were exceptionally
cruel. One popular treatment for
TB in the late 1920s was thoracoplasty which consisted of opening up the chest and removing
two to three ribs at a time so that
the lung would have more room
to expand and heal. Not only did
this procedure fail at exceptionally high rates, but many people
died during the surgery.
So many people died at Waverly
Hills Sanatorium on a daily basis
that they even had a body chute
to discard remains. This site is
said to be one of the most
haunted places on the grounds.
Waverly Hills is open to the public
year round for paranormal investigations, and they are conducting
their annual Haunted House Friday & Saturday nights during the
month of October.
Tickets are $20.00 a person, and
October 27 is the last chance
to see the Scare-a-torium for yourself!
Another spooky place a tad closer
to home with equally compelling
history, is the Culbertson Mansion.
The Culbertson Mansion is a state
historic site in New Albany, Indiana
that is thought to be haunted. Multiple sources stated the site manager did not want the site to be
thought of as a site for paranormal
activity; which, the site manager
confirmed on the phone by stating
she was not at liberty to discuss
such things.
Visitors report dimmed lights, whispers, footsteps, and items disappearing at the Culbertson Mansion.
Some staff and visitors have also
reported seeing apparitions of grayhaired ghosts roaming the mansion’s halls. Whether you believe
this location to be haunted or not,
the site is sure to provide some
spooky tales on their Ghostly Happenings tours and Haunted House
they throw in the month of October.
Believers of ghosts and nonbelievers alike enjoy the rich history of these places each year to
immerse themselves in the spirit of
All Hallows’ Eve. Though most
places offer manmade scares, these
sites may offer a legitimate supernatural encounter. You decide.
V O LU M E 2 , I S S U E 3
Price races to semi-state
ake, placing 10th with a time of
17:09. Lanesville’s boys’ varsity
By Olivia Bays
team placed 5th at sectionals with
Lanesville Jr/Sr High School— a score of 135, one point higher
Brandon Price, a senior cross country than the fourth place team Provirunner at Lanesville Junior/Senior dence who had a score of 134.
high school, qualified for the semistate cross country competition on Price had one week to train beSaturday, October 13, 2012 at the tween regional competition and
regional competition. Price ran a semi-state. To prepare, Price did
16:58 at regional, a personal record workouts that his coach, Evan
for this season, which placed him in Bridges, gave him. These workouts
13th. This qualified him for the semi- were similar to the workouts given
state race. At semi-state, Price placed during the regular season; the
63rd with a time of 17:03. Price was only difference is that he was
the only one from his team to make it working out without his team. “I
don’t enjoy workouts without my
to the semi-state level.
team because they are usually
Price also did well at sectionals, plac- who I pace myself off of. Without
ing 14th with a time of 17:14. Also do- them, it makes it harder to push
ing well at sectionals was Travis Ka- myself,” Price stated.
swered “the team” he calls
them his second family. “I
couldn’t do any of this without
them,” Price credits his success on his coach “He inspires
and pumps me up. He always
gets me ready to run.”
Price plans to continue his running career throughout college. The colleges that are
looking to recruit Price include
Franklin, Hanover, University
of Southern Indiana, and Wabash. Price is still undecided as
to which college he will be
running for in the future.
Aside from sectionals and regionals, the boys’ varsity cross country
team had an uneventful season.
They brought home no first place
wins due to the fact that this was
Price running at regionals. Price has
been running cross country for seven
Lanesville’s boy’s varsity team accepts their fifth place
ribbons at sectionals. The boy’s varsity team has made it
to regionals three out of the past four years.
V O LU M E 2 , I S S U E 3
Students recognized in the month of September
By Kirsten Henke
Lanesville Jr/Sr High School—
The faculty of Lanesville has
chosen the following students
for student of the month to recognize them for the great tasks
they do. Here are some of the
students that work exceptionally
hard and do the very best they
can in school.
Grayson Boone, 7th grader,
“Always nice to his classmates
and comes to class prepared
and ready to learn,” says Mr.
Book. Ms. Davis says, “Grayson
is always positive and willing to
jump to any task.”
respectful, kind and helpful to
all her classmates,” says Mrs.
Schalk. Ms. Yost said, “Olivia
Lavey is very prepared for class,
pays attention, and learns the
Conner Smith, 9th grader, “asks
great questions, pays attention
in class, and is kind to everyone,” says Ms. Taylor. Mrs. Yost
says, “He asks questions, he
completes assignments on time,
and has a good attitude.”
Nikki Yates, a 10th grader, “puts
everything into her work. Her
memoir was exceptionally written and developed,” said Mrs.
Schalk. Mr. Book says, “Nikki
always has a smile on her face.”
Olivia Lavey, an 8th grader, “is
dedicated to her school work,
Noah Frazier, 11th grader, is “a
good worker, dedicated, and an
upbeat student,” says Ms. Taylor. Ms. Davis said, “Noah is always engaging and thinking.
Those are traits I truly appreciate.”
Caryn Eisert, a 12th grader, “is a
hardworking student and a
great role model for younger
students,” says Mrs. Schalk. Ms.
Taylor said, “Caryn is a very caring, kind student. She is very
helpful and considerate.”
Purple Pride Press congratulates these students for their
great achievements.
V O LU M E 2 , I S S U E 3
Cooking up new recipes for this Halloween
By Sherrie Hubler
Lanesville, Indiana- This fall for
Halloween there are all new
recipes and treats to make for
One of the most popular treats
that comes out around Halloween is Caramel Apple Suckers.
They are a huge hit and a lot of
people love them.
A new recipe for cupcakes this
fall is "Broken Glass" cupcakes.
The recipe for the cupcakes is 4
1/2 cups of cake flour (not selfrising) 2 tablespoons baking
powder 1/2 teaspoon ground
cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon freshly
grated nutmeg Salt 1 1/2 cups
whole milk 1 tablespoon pure
vanilla extract 2 sticks plus 2 tablespoons unsalted butter,
room temperature 2 1/4 cups
granulated sugar 7 large egg
whites, room temperature. Preheat the oven to 350; cook the
cupcakes 18 to 20 minutes.
Another good recipe that many
people like is caramel apples.
This is a really simple treat to
make for Halloween. All that has
to be done is get the favorite
kind of apples and melt caramel
and roll the apples in the caramel and add different toppings.
After these steps let them dry.
Once they are dry, then they are
ready to serve and enjoy.
Owls have been a big deal this
year, they have been put on
everything from shirts to suckers.
Owl Treat Ingredients:
1. Graham Crackers
2. Mini Marshmallows
3. Chocolate chips & Candy corn
You prepare these treats by taking however many graham
crackers you wish to have and
placing marshmallows in a microwave safe bowl. Once in the
bowl, you put the marshmallows
in the microwave for 6 to 7 seconds. Do one marshmallow at a
time. Once this is completed
that, take a marshmallow and
set it on top of the graham
cracker. This is when the Chocolate chips and Candy corn come
in; take two chocolate chips for
the eyes and a candy corn for
the nose.
banana all over with it. Then for
finishing touches add the chocolate chips for eyes.
White Chocolate Ghosts: For
these, line a baking sheet with
wax paper and set it aside. Then
chop desired amount of white
chocolate (about 2 ounces).
Place in a small microwave-safe
bowl. Microwave on high about
1 minute or just until melted
and smooth, stirring every 20
seconds. Then Place melted
chocolate in a small resalable
plastic bag;
seal bag. Use
scissors to
snip a very
small piece
off one corner of the
White Chocolate Ghost’s on lollipops,
makes it easier for Trick-or-Treaters
to eat. This was published on FoodNetwork.com with other ideas for
Halloween treats.
Graham cracker owls are great for
kids. They are also easy to make.
Banana Ghosts Ingredients: For
this recipe all that is needed is
three simple things, Bananas,
Vanilla Icing and Chocolate
Chips. Make these treats by cutting the banana in half. After
this take the icing and cover the
bag. Take the small ghost shapes
on prepared baking sheet. Add
two miniature semisweet chocolate pieces to each ghost for
eyes. Allow to stand until white
chocolate sets. Peel off waxed
paper. Then they are ready to
serve and eat. Try all these recipes and more for this Halloween
V O LU M E 2 , I S S U E 3
Scare on into Halloween movies
een movies is called 13 Nights of
By Makkena Witt Haley
Lanesville Jr/Sr High School-What
are your favorite Halloween movies? Whether they are scary or
even just the kiddy Halloween
movies they are all enjoyable during the month of October when
Halloween occurs. What are some
Halloween movies teens and others favor to watch during October?
From children to the older folks
some of their favorite Halloween
movies are Nightmare on Elm
Street, The Great Pumpkin Charlie
Brown, and even Children of the
Corn. Several people were asked,
what their favorite scary movie is
and one teen, Evan Peele, answered with, “My favorite scary
movie to watch during Halloween
is My Bloody Valentine.” That
same question was asked to Blake
Collins, she responded by stating
“My favorite scary movie is Insidious.” Those same people were
asked other questions one such
as, what is your favorite non scary
Halloween movie. Replies to that
question involve Beetle Juice and
Nightmare before Christmas.
Some other scary and non scary
Halloween movies are Halloween,
Halloween 2, Friday the 13th, Halloween Town, The Grudge, and
Jeepers Creepers.
In addition there are many great
Halloween movies to choose from
to be your favorite Halloween
movie. Watch on TV and in the
theaters for new scary and non
scary movies near you. They
could become your favorite of all
Here is a picture of the new
movie Hotel Transylvania. This
movie came out on September
27, 2012.
Although there are many older
scary movies that came out years
ago, many directors are still coming out with great Halloween
movies, even if they are the kiddy
Halloween movies. Some of those
great Halloween movies that have
come out this 2012 Halloween
season are Hotel Transylvania,
and Franken weenie.
Along with the movies that come
out in the theater there are TV
channels that show famous Halloween movies all October long.
One channel that does is ABC
Family. The TV special for Hallow-
The movie poster for Frankenweenie hangs outside Corydon
Cinemas. Frankenweenie was
released September 20, 2012.
V O LU M E 2 , I S S U E 3
Lady Eagles are prepared to soar
By Brandon Price
Lanesville, Indiana- The Lanesville girls’ basketball team is
starting out this season the
same way they did 2 years ago,
with a new head coach. The new
head coach Kevin Smith was
hired on June 17, 2012.He was
hired after an interview process;
Smith had to go through the
Lanesville school board to be
going to need to be major improvement to the team this
year. The defense is one of the
major weaknesses from last
year. Coach Smith said, “The
biggest improvement the team
has to do is defense; they gave
up almost 56 points per game
last year.” This is one of the
highest in the state according to
Coach Smith. He also said, “That
shot selection need to be improved; the team needs to learn
what a good shot is.”
Upcoming seniors Emma Bays
and Brooklyn Keinsley say, “We
are very excited about having a
new head coach, and he will be
teaching us more things this
year than last year.” “The starting of a new coaching job is
tough” said Coach Smith. He
said, “The hardest part is the
short time to prepare before the
season starts.” “The bonding
time for the team and the coach
is not as good as he would
hope.” he said ,“the team and I
will be getting to know each
other as we go in the season.”
The Lanesville girls are looking
to improve on last season’s record of 4-16. Coach Smith said,
“That there are more questions
than answers right now” when
asked how the season will go.
He went on to say, “but with
most of the team back, I look for
an improvement over last year.”
With conference in the question, Coach Smith said, “The
conference is one of the toughest he seen, all the teams are
very close and that every game
The goals set for this season are
big, Conference, Sectionals, and
growing as a team. Coach Smith
said, “I’m not setting major
goals for my seniors, but one
goal is to compete in every
game.” He went on to say, “That
may mean we have to work
hard in all the factors included
into the game, but if we do that
we will be competitive.” There is
The Southern Athletic Conference was tough last year, with
Lanesville going 1-4 and finishing 4th out of 5 teams. Borden
won the conference with a perfect 5-0. The team is hoping to
improve on the record this year
with the entire team back from
last year’s team, besides Kayla
Smith. Coach Smith said, “New
Washington and South Central
are going to be the toughest in
the conference with most of their
teams coming back from last year.
He then went on to say, “If we improve on what I want to improve
on then we can compete with any
team in the conference.”
Sectionals are another big question for the Lady Eagles this year.
The sectionals have almost the
same teams as in the conference,
the switch of Henryville for Rock
Creek, and with the addition of
Christian Academy. These teams
are all competitive and can compete to win. Lanesville, Borden,
New Washington, and South Central are top ranked teams. The
Lady Eagles have never won a sectional title and hope to make this
year the first one in school history
for them.
Caryn Eisert shooting free throws in practice. Eisert has played basketball since the
4th grade.
V O LU M E 2 , I S S U E 3
How old is too old to Trick-or-Treat?
By Madi White
United States - Most parents
would say that you should stop
twelve or thirteen because kids
are teenagers at that point.
When asking the students of
Lanesville Jr/Sr High School the
question “How old is too old to
trick-or-treat,” they responded
with a different very different
age limit. The answers varied
between one hundred and seven
to nine. Clearly some of these
responses are not possible but
show their sprit to trick or treat.
parents for one hour. I’m not
sixteen so me and my parents
are going and I’m a pirate,” this
quote was anonymous. Mrs.
Baker said “I think you should be
able to trick or treat as long as
you want to … no age limit!”
most students agree with Mrs.
In my opinion people should
stop trick or treating around age
eleven or twelve because you
are a teenager Halloween is for
younger kids to get candy and
dress up once a year. If you want
to dress up then you can go to a
Anna Ingle, Emma Bays, and Ian Bridges
demonstrate their true Halloween spirit
by dressing up each year. Last year, Anna
dressed up as a frog; Emma dressed up
as a lady bug; and Ian was an Amish
similarly to handing
There were two other
popular responses like
out candy at your
Survey Results
“NEVER” or “when I
house you could
die”, but some people
drive your car and
took it more seriously
Trunk-orand responded with
treating. At Trunk3
thirteen through four1
could dress up yourthrough twelve. It was
a surprise to see how
self and decorate
many people still trick
your car as well. The
or treated, it also
cars could have cool
shocked me that so
themes like Dorothy
many people said to stop at In a survey consisting of sixty students these were the responses
and the yellow brick road
that were submitted. Most students commented around the
age thirteen or fourteen.
same age group.
or haunted houses to
When asking what ages in
scare people. If you want
Halloween costume party with
the survey people also reto get candy take yourself to
your friends or help a younger
sponded with reasons why they
Wal-Mart and buy a pack of carachose that age group. One of the
sibling but not get candy from
mel apple suckers and snickers,
response I got was “Sixteen is
the people. You could also dress
when you should stop trick or
but they might not have caramel
up and hand out candy at your
treating with your parents. I
apple suckers they sell fast.
own house so that you could
think this is because you’re old
have candy and dress up as well,
enough to break away from your
V O LU M E 2 , I S S U E 3
Haunted houses have crept up again this year
By Blake Collins
Lanesville Jr/Sr High SchoolHalloween, itself, is a fun time of
the year for many people. It’s a
time for candy, costumes, and
Halloween parties. One of the
main highlights of Halloween is
the haunted houses and corn
mazes. Haunted houses, along
with corn mazes, never get old
or boring; and no matter the age
it is always fun. There are
a couple really good
haunted houses around
our area that are definitely worth your time and
your money.
Industrial Nightmare is a
great haunted house located in Jeffersonville,
Indiana. It has some of the
sounds, and costumes.
This haunted house has
almost perfect ratings by every
person that has written a review. Industrial Nightmare is
definitely worth your time and
money. You can also experience
one of the three other haunted
houses all in one location! The
Industrial Nightmare Terrorplex
has four haunted houses all under one roof! Janet Bogard says,
“I thought this was so scary. The
props are 110% great we loved
it. I went with my son along with
his wife and kids. The kids were
freaked out, but wanted to go
again after it was over. It is well
worth the money. We went to
all four and it was awesome,
you will not be disappointed,
very scary!” The dates Industrial
Nightmare is open Friday and
Saturday, September 21st October 6th, and Thursday
through Sundays October 11th
through October 28th, and also
on October 31st.
Field of Screams is one of the top rated corn
mazes in Indiana and Kentucky. Field of
Screams has been going on since 1992.
Devil’s Attic is another awesome
haunted house located in Louisville, Kentucky. This haunted
house started in 2010. The Devils Attic haunted house is a collection of the true elements that
make up many classic horror
films. This haunted house is very
detailed and interactive. It is
said that within the realms of
The Devils Attic you will encounter many of your childhood de-
mons as well as a slight horrific
twist on some of the classic
monsters of Hallows Eve. The
admission for this haunted
house is $17. This haunted
house is said to be one of the
scariest around. The real question is, can you withstand the
horrifying journey?
Another great place to visit is
actually a haunted maze, like
the Field Of Screams. This is
one of the top rated places
in Indiana and Kentucky
also. This is an intense walk
through a 6– acre cornfield.
Each turn is suspenseful and
keeps you on edge.
These two amazing haunted
houses are definitely worth
the drive and money. Also,
both are great for adults
and children. They are both
close in distance and if you think
about it Industrial Nightmare
Terrorplex has a total of four
haunted houses in one. I have
been to Industrial nightmare
and it was not a disappointment
by any means. It would be a
great experience for kids and
V O LU M E 2 , I S S U E 3
New lockers fill the halls
By Alexis Elder
Lanesville Jr /Sr High SchoolThis year, Lanesville’s Board of
Directors made a decision to
replace the lockers that were
older than most students’ parents. My mother has been out
of school for 27 years and the
lockers, the Board of Directors
replaced, were here when she
attended Lanesville Jr. /Sr. High
School during her 7th grade year.
When a survey was conducted
to see how the students liked
the new lockers, there was a
variety of answers. One 7th
grader, Kaeli Yates, commented
“I sort of like the new lockers.
They are a big change.” Yates
also reported that she had to
have someone help her get her
locker open the first time. Many
other students had the same
Jordan Wernert, a current 8th
grade student, was asked what
he thought about the new lockers and he replied “I do not like
the new lockers. They are hard
to get open and it is also making
me late to class.” In addition,
Wernert was asked if he liked
how wide the new lockers were;
he generously replied, “I love
how wide the new lockers are
and especially where the shelf is
now. I can fit all my books in
there perfectly and they are
easy to get out.” Lanna Shafer,
also a current 8th grade student,
said “Yes I do like them. I like
their shape, how they look, the
fact that when you shut them
it’s not loud, and that I don’t
have to put a lock on it. Also one
bad thing about the locker is
that I cannot remember my new
locker combination. I have to
keep a little paper with me that
has my combination on it.”
been put to better use.”
The lockers are going to be a
thing to get used to but many
Lanesville students are ready to
embrace the changes and go
with the flow. They are happy
that they have new lockers and
that these lockers do not smell
Many kids say that they like the
lockers because now they can fit
their books in them. Some of
the seniors wish the lockers
would have been replaced a
long time ago. Now people do
not have to see obscene artwork
and cuss words on their lockers.
When Isaac Baumgartle, 10th
grader, was asked if he liked
how wide the new lockers were
he said, “No! I have way to
much room.” Others say that it
is still not enough room. Other
people, like Senior Corey Barr,
say that it is still not enough
room because backpacks do not
fit properly.
The lockers are a great change
to the school. We can only imagine how much they cost. Some
people say that the bigger the
lockers the better. When Corey
Barr, senior, was asked if he
likes the new lockers, his response was, “We didn’t need
them. The money could have
Andrew Highbaugh changes out his
books in his new locker during passing
period. The new lockers allow enough
space at the top to hold textbooks.
V O LU M E 2 , I S S U E 3
Dogs bark for Halloween costumes
By Emily Davis
Lanesville Jr/Sr High School
Dressing up dogs is a bit unusual
to some people, whether it is a
coat and boots for winter or a
little sweater for fall, some people find dressing dogs to be an
odd practice. Is it acceptable to
dress your dogs for holidays, like
say, Halloween? They want costumes too!
I do not find anything wrong
with it. When I asked a few people at our school most of them
said, “It is cute and if people
want to then its fine, but it is
also a waste of money and I
wouldn’t dress my dog.” Some
say they do dress their dog and
it is adorable!
There are many different types
of cool designs for dog Halloween costumes such as, where
the dog dresses as a horse with
a jockey strapped to their back,
or where there are arms attached to make it look like the
dog is standing up.
Some dog costumes are fairly
expensive. Especially considering the possibility that your dog
may not like wearing the costume or might take it off with its
paws. When I searched the
internet to see how much they
would cost, they range from 1330 dollars.
Carlos, a beagle, is dressed as a hotdog for Halloween. A hotdog is a popular costume for
I personally do dress my dog,
he has been a bumble bee and
hot dog. Of course I do not walk
my dog around trick or treating,
that is the extreme to me. If you
want to dress up your dog at
your house on Halloween, I
don’t think it’s a big deal. But if
you walk them around with you
while trick-or-treating I find that
So even if you don't dress your
dog for Halloween, most can
agree they look adorable just
the way they are.
Cali, a puggle, is dressed as a pumpkin
for Halloween. Dressing dogs has become increasingly popular to celebrate
the holiday.
V O LU M E 2 , I S S U E 3
Deere Farms is back and better
By: Hannah Walther
Lanesville Jr/Sr High SchoolWhat is Deere Farms? Deere Farms
is where you can have fun with
your friends and family in the fall.
Deere Farms open September 22
until November 4th. The admission
is eight dollars for an adult and five
dollars for a child age’s three to
twelve. It’s on St. Johns Church Rd
in Lanesville on the right hand side.
Deere Farms has many new attractions this year. They have an animal farm that has chickens, ducks,
geese, turkeys, sheep, baby lamb,
cow and calf, pigs, alpacas, goats,
mini-goats, mini-donkeys, and
mini-horses. Deere Farms have pig
races hourly on Saturdays and Sundays. In the pig races they have the
children chase the pig in a circle to
make them run.
Deere Farms have a Giant Tire
Mountain that they created themselves. Some of the people that
helped create the Giant Tire Mountain were Caleb Clifton, Zach Baird,
Brandon Massey, Austin Yates, Dillon Walther and many more. The
The entrance of Deere Farms welcomes
visitors with two giant ears of corn.
Deere Farms opened in 2007.
Giant Tire Mountains is a good way
for children to have fun. They have
many games children can play
while they are at Deere Farms.
They can play the corn cannon
were you have to shoot an ear of
corn at a target. Deere Farms has a
Giant Pumpkin Bounce House and a
Barrel Train Rides for kids. They
have a playground with swings, a
40 foot tube slide, little kids straw
bale maze, corn box, and corn hole.
At Deere Farms they have a gift
shop of fall decorations like Indian
corn bundles, corn shocks, straw
bales, gourds, and special pumpkins. They have John Deere Tractor
and farm equipment on display.
Deere Farms they has 3 corn mazes
for kids and families. The 3 corn
mazes cover 12 acres. They also
have a pumpkin path that covers
20 acres and you can go pick your
own pumpkin out of the pumpkin
At Deere Farms you can take a hayride across their 165 acre farm and
through the woods. It’s about 30
minutes long. The hayrides cost 3
dollars per person. Daniel Allen and
Jim Baumgart are two of the tractor drivers.
On November 3 a new event is going on. The first annual pumpkin
smashing festival at 1pm. You can
bring you own pumpkins to Deere
Farms after Halloween or you can
buy one of their left over pumpkins
for cheap prices. You will then drop
the pumpkins from a fifty foot high
platform and watch them plunge
into mushy and goo.
Tire Mountain is a play area for children
to climb. Tire Mountain is a new addition to Deere Farms.
Deere Farms has been going on for
5 years now and created by Jim
Baumgart. Deere Farms has been
very successful so far. There are
lots of different activities for children. At Deere Farms every year
there are about 80 thousand people that come.
V O LU M E 2 , I S S U E 3
Volleyball’s fight falls short
By Joe Ferree
Lanesville 25-14.
Lanesville, Indiana- The Lanesville Jr/Sr High School girls’ varsity volleyball team played in
sectionals October 18, 2012 versus the Borden Braves, at Christian Academy High School. The
girls were very confident about
their sectional chances this year.
This was because they went undefeated in conference.
Lanesville then went on to play
Christian Academy on October
20, 2012. The Lady Eagles fought
hard against the Warriors, but
ended up falling in 4 games. The
first and second games went to
Christian Academy with the
scores of 25-18 and 25-17, and
Seniors Amanda Pavey, Brooklynn Keinsley, and Emma Bays
say that they are all nervous,
because this could be the last
game of their season. They also
say they are going to work hard
in their practices so that they
can be very prepared to play
and win.
Coach Brittany Gayhart said, “I
was happy with our season because we won conference and
we had fewer than 10 losses.”
Coach Gayhart was worried that
because the games had been so
close during the season, they
would also be close in sectionals.
The Eagles ended up beating the
Borden Braves on October 18,
2012 in 4 games. The first game
was 25-14 Lanesville, the second
game was 25-13 Lanesville, the
third game was 22-25 Borden,
and the fourth game going to
The Eagles had a very good season going undefeated in conference and having a record of 17-9
in the regular season. The seniors were disappointed with
their loss since they will not get
to play anymore volleyball
games in high school. Coach
Gayhart says, “I wish I could be
out there doing something
about it, instead of standing on
the side just watching and
Lanesville’s sectional championship win was in 2005. The champions this year, Christian Academy, have won 3 sectional
championships. They were in
2001, 2003, and 2004.
Junior Robyn Schoen makes a hit during the first round of the Sectional
tournament against Bordon. The Lady
Eagles beat Bordon and advanced in
the tournament.
Photo courtesy of News and Tribune
then the Lady Eagles won the
third game 25-20, but lost the
fourth game 25-19.
The Eagles are ready to play
next year with their 4 upcoming
seniors, Chelsea Roy, Jessica
Deweese, Hannah Conder, and
Robyn Schoen. The team has
already begun setting high goals
for next year’s season. They are
prepared to work hard and keep
earning wins for the Lady Eagles
in the 2013 season.
V O LU M E 2 , I S S U E 3
Editorial: Cover up this Halloween
By Meredith Wells
Lanesville, Indiana—As Halloween and its costumes get closer,
it becomes necessary to comment on costume choices. I personally think that some people
show way too much skin with
the costumes that they decide
to wear. You can dress up for
Halloween, but you don’t have
to look trashy with your costume choice.
“In the regular world, Halloween
is when children dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl
World, Halloween is the one
night a year when a girl can
dress [provocatively] and no
other girls can say anything
about it.” This quote, from the
movie Mean Girls, says a lot
about the way people dress on
I know from experience that trying to find a decent costume can
be hard. Most Halloween stores
have rows upon rows of provocative costumes. It may take
time to come up with one that
does not show too much skin,
but I promise, that it is possible.
Wearing lingerie as a costume is
honestly not a costume at all. In
my opinion, a Halloween costume is to be scary. It also can
be an opportunity for little kids
to dress up as their favorite
characters. It blows my mind
when I see costumes of Disney
characters that have been
turned from elegant princesses
for little girls into risqué costumes for older girls. Even if
you do plan on trick-or-treating
and/or dressing up, you need to
be covered up. It is the end of
October, and it will most likely
be cold. Short skirts and clothes
that don’t exactly fit the way
that they should, won’t be comfortable to wear in that kind of
weather. Bottom line, it will be
Think about when your parents
would have you take a coat and
a pair of sweatpants with you
while trick-or-treating. Although
that was to keep you warm,
some people should still wear a
coat and sweatpants to keep
Instead of dressing provocatively, there are tons of different
ideas that are appropriate and
are still very creative. A strong
alternative is to dress up with a
group of friends as certain characters. Madi White, ninth grade,
says that another good alternative would be “...to not dress up
at all and stay in and have a
movie night with your friends.”
I also hate seeing little kids going trick-or-treating with older
siblings, or sibling’s friends that
are dressed inappropriately.
That is setting the wrong example. Young kids look up to older
kids, especially in a small community like ours. If you are
dressed and setting the wrong
example they might think that
that it is a cool thing to do and
want to dress that way also. If
you decide to trick-or-treat with
a younger child, you should be
dressed appropriately.
I think that if you plan on going
out on Halloween and dressingup, you can do it tastefully and
still look good in your costume.