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AB Strikingly Evinced.
Ml you," the limn with tli
fh MIWUK us Hlftv ••iinii1 il sHtiht lull
the Riunc, "WIIMI lu'HitcM tiif funs
rhcre Is tho i-i»rtului> I V 1 t!»« ,\ *ti> n.i
' li*K Id s w it puiut s;:im<» itf twill. Thi'.v
WUit llwlr nwtl tvitiu tn "Win, of emit-so
but It's the tlm> piny that"—
"RHKII!" intofi-niiii'd the limn will'
tlti> white half iitirl Mnek eypiu-mvH
"They don't cure a diim nlnrtil: th<» lltu
play.' All they wnnt Is to sen the hmiu
teii'm witi. i'v« soon thorn npiilnuil tlu
other toimVs errors when they heUiod
"ftot! TUpy ohi'or it brilliant play
no matter which side makes it. Tlvrc
are 20,000 iieopl'1 helv today not lie
cause they are stuck on seeing thel)
own side -win, but because"—
Just then everybody rose to his feetUttered n wild ypll nnd began a nisi£or the outside.
An Old Tlmo
Aa amn^liiK mill dotalli>d m?i-tnnvt of n
m w m a u BOOU In fh«>' AtluiiMi-, wriiion
upptti-ontly In jtiimi l'nlth, fiula with tinf.u'.()\\lu,!>
di-w l l p l l u u
,,f t i n - I Q i i u n k - l ,
which may [WHHlhly Imve Wvu i\ m>al
or a BPII Hon. "That inniishH' 1B nhout
oljrht feet IOIIR, hla nkln la brown and
toAvny, ttlthiiut any scales, all his mo
tlons are llko those of men, the eyes
are a proportionable size, a little
mouth, a largo and Oat nose, very
white teoth, biaelc hair and olilu covered frith a mossy beard, a sort nf
\vhlskerrt under the nnao, tile ears liko
thoBe of mpUi Qns between the llngors
of hla hands and feet like those of
ducks, in it word ho to a well shaped
man. Which Is certified to be true
by Captain Oliver Morln and John
Martin, pilot, and by the whole crow,
consisting of two-an<l-thlrty men." ^ n
article i'ironl Brest in the "Memoirs of
Only one man was out, and a mm- Trevoux." TBe monster wns mentionbatter was at the b a t ed In the Gazette of Amstettiam Oct
But the man on third had sneakod If 12, 1720, where, it la said, It was seeti
with the winniiiff rim. "The home team In the ocean In August of the same
Jiad won.—chlcajirt Tribune.
year.—St Louis Globe-Democrat.
New 6VfaW Hat.
has ft n<nv stt-aw hat.
Paid two dollars Wi' It too.
ifqthef Badly tells him that
Was a foolish thing to do.
Mother murmm-s with disjrtist
At the way dad has behaved;
Says that his new hat Is just
Like the old Orte that she saved.
"Tlml IH ivipltul,'1 nlu» Rnid "1 uniH
toll It lo (lie kltiMf.
"No," sin. luMt-.uitly addod, "t won't
for If yon toll uncle a good story IK
l'urijow In a ilny or two tlntt It wiu
told to him and goes about fopeittlnp
it to every one us Ills own."
Information Wanted.
Simmons had returned from his vacation. "I certainly enjoyed the husking b\?eB," he said to the young woman
"AVero you ever In the country during
the ttoason of husking bees?"
"Husking bees!" exclaimed the girl
"flow do you husk a bee, anyway) M*.
HoVv to ftead the Mdort.
Pew people can toll at a glance
whether the moon is waxtug or waning. Here Is a whimsical rule to remember by. It 1B Very simple to those
Just Too Lato.
who know Latin ami Is uot difficult
"When did you learn that he was one
for those who do not The drat thins of the bank's most trusted employees?"
is to notice whether the moon is like * "The day after he absconded with
FatheV listens With a srrtlto
a D or a C—that is, whether the full the funds."—Detroit Free Press.
Or attempts sometimes to showMother how they've chartjjed the style. semicircular curve is on the vight or
She will not believe It, though.
the left 1'f the moon shows a b that
Be at war with your vices, at peace
Mother thinks It Is A shame.
naturally stands for decreaeit
"It with your neighbors and let every ne\v
bad can never make It clear
Why lie shouldn't wear the same
year iind you a better man.—Franklin.
But then conies in the givat principle
Straw hat that he Wore last year.
"The moon is always deceitful," and
Joke of a Sultan.
Father says: "I •never scold
one has to understand the opposite of
When you get a hat that's "new.
The sultan of Turkey once played a
what the moon says, so that a moon
i don't tell you that your old
Mat Is good enoUfeVi to do."
which shows a t> is a waxing moon, j-oke at the expense of some medical
Mother sadly asks him thon
while a waning moon is like a C.
, experts at Constantinople. When, the
plague broke out in his capital the
Why he cares what people say
Or should still be stylish When
sultan asked if anything was known
Ko is Married aiiyway.
* t o the cause, "On being informed
—Chicago Record-Herald.
says it is "decreasing," in which case ]
that it was to be found In the state
they will understand that it is waxing, [
Of the drinking water, he called at
Never Fails.
"while a waning moon will deny that;
once for six empty bottles, which he
Brown—I've got an excellent plan tot it is "decreasing."—New York Sun.
.getting rid Of duns.
•Gfeen-Ah! That so?
Brown—I have—never fails.
G-reen—Then, old fellow, yoil must
Set me into the secret, for I'm worried
.to death by 'em.
Brown— Weil, I've tried it several
times o£ late, and 1 find the man nevei
«iomes ftaek.
Green—Aye, aye! Wfeat do yo\i do?
Brown—I ]>ay him.—'Brooklyn Times.
Chicagb Lullaby.
'Street car claWging e'er attend thee;
Automobile toots befriend thee;
Noisy stearfijMpe slumber lend thee.
Sleep, my pretty one, sleep!
.Squalling felines aid thy slumberr
K'lVeters thy sense encnttber;
^Whistles soothe thee, atiy nunrt)er.
Sleep, my "pretty one, sleep!
lluokster's crying lend ttiee shrillftes
Wagons Tattling break the 'stillness;
Engines goaVd thee "from an illftess.
Sleep, my pretty One, sleep!
Should tbere come a sfleftt mlnxite
Waken ftot With Walling in it.
Very Booft will they begin It.
Sleep, my -pretty one, sleep!
C h i o I t e r Ocean.
"Patience—Were you i t the stra'wsfoerry shortcake festival?
Patrice—On, yes.
"How Was it?"
"Very enjoyable."
"1 heard every One NvhO found a
istrawberry had to sing a song?"
"That's right"
"Well, it must have been awfully
"It Vrasnt. We had only two sOngsI"
—Tonkers Statesman.
feridal Tourists.
The bride looked oil the mountains,
The river's golden strand.
"Italian garden fountains
Were tihlcling near at hand.
••She spake With cooing "Kindness,
"How fair these Vistas are!"
TShe "bridegroom in his "blindness
SbWed doWn "beneath the car.
$"rdrh thence aid he deliver
Softie Words about a chain,
Such Words as -made her shiver
With aii astonished pain.
Then to the balmy breezes
She hummed these lines and smiled,
•"Where every prospect pleases
And only mail is riled."
—Frederick l£dxon in Judge.
"had filled In his presence, all from the
same one of the palace wells, plft'ced
Cost of First Class Traveling.
his own seal upon them, and then',
While on the Pacific ocean 1 met a without divulging their community of
life insurance man who told me that origin, handed all six to a prominent
he traveled constantly and that his analyst. To his amazement the reexpenses, afloat and ashore, averaged port sent in was that fom- of the sam$11 a day. He kept no expense ac- ples contained plague microbes.' The
count, he said. At the end of the 5*ear fifth was merely putrid water, and the
he charged the company $11 a day for ; sixth was qxrite pure. Abdul Hanlld
expenses, and that was almost exactly | calmly shrugged his shoulders and
What he spent 1 made a calculation; kept his thoughts to himself.
and found that the present trip hasj
cost "us §11 a day -each, almost to a |
Would Pill the Bill.
Some who have attended councils
If you want to know what traveling
costs, here is an estimate yon may -de- and associations can appreciate this
pend upon. This means rapid travel- story of the late Uev. Dr. Norman
ing, by railroad and steamship, and Macleod of Edinburgh. Going into a
sightseeing in the towns With the as- room in which was a cage containing
sistance of a guide. The estimate in- a large owl, he surveyed It for a long
cludes the purchases a traveler is com- time. The owl sat unmoved, placid
pelled to make and cannot be reduced and erect, His mien was dignified, his
much unless yoxi travel second class horns impressive, his eyes cold and
and deny yowself majiy things.—)Ed observant, his countenance sagacious
and critical. At length Gorman broke
XV. "HOWe In His Travel Notes.
silence, "Mais, ye wad niak" a splendid
moderawtorr-Chrlstian Register.
His Morning Duty.
Ministerial duties and increasing digSentimeWialishh.
nity have not robbed a certain minister
Of his cherished boyhood accomplish- "Here's a very good definition of ft
ment of making fritters. He frequent- sentimentalist."
ly 'exercises this skill at breakfast time, "Let's hear It."
much to the delight of the younger " 'A sentimentalist is a person "who
members of the family. "Edith, the Xveeps over a fallen column, b~ut Is
four-year-old daughter, recently took too lazy to help set i t up again.'"—Birtea With a member of the congrega- mingham Age-Herald.
tion. After the silent grace the little
one, looking at her unmarried hostess, \
remarked With pity:
! "1 am convinced," said Mrs. Meek"You don't have any one to pray for, ton, "that women are especially qualiyou, do you?"
\ fied for the duties of statesmanship."
Said one Of the ladies present, smil- j "Why7"
I "Because most of the women 1 have
"I suppose your papa prays for you known were natural born lecturers."—
three times a day."'
j Washington Star.
"Oh, no, he doesn't," "was the inMis Undertaking.
nocent and earnest answer. "He fries !
Timeseed—This term 1 Kin
in the morning and prays in the aftergoing to undertake the study of t>adn
noon!"—Philadelphia Ledger.
and Greek. Old Hardfax— iTm! I
Common Weakness.
| suppose them dead languages does
An Interesting light Is thrown on the | need aft undertaker.—Chicago News.
purely human side of the late Edward ]
A Realist.
VXI. Of England hy a story told Of his |
Inability t6 resist the temptation to. "If there were four flies on the table
appropriate a particularly good anee-1 and 1 should kill one, how many would
| "be left?" inquired the teacher.
Some one told a delightful story to "One," answered a "bright little girl
One of_ his__majestx's young nieces,. —'the dead One!"—London Tit-Bits.
He Knew,
A. teacher in « big elementary school
•frail given tessons to an infants' class
•on the Ten Commandments. In order
So test their memories she asked:
"Can atiy little child give me a cominaiidment with only four words in it?"
A hand Vas raised immediately.
"Well," said the teacher.
" 'Keep Off the Grass,'" ^ a s the reK
^ k Globe.
"Silver flate
that Wears"
A Mint Julep.
The Laziest dhaf>.
Ho -wouldn't help thr< toilers
That plmved thf flf-lds for bread,
"And lamllTiK a fish every minute
Is too much like work," he said.
And if ever he gets to slofy,
•\ Whera ms.ny fin a-n^el sings,
He'll tell 'am, "I'm Jes' too tired
To aaj) -them ht-avenly -wings."
—Atlatita Constitution.
P O P U L A K ^ 3 L B ( ! T R I 0 I T Y A N D T H E W O R L D S A DV A
i'nr i ii'i. You 111'tijoy il- auil wnnilpr at bow littli* yiiu kiww of fculs Cuci
phetinmMumi. AMOUR othor articles that ; i i
11 C*yn
omft ADV^IBB
A Miracle of the Age!
A Roniatic story of a Monster
Bhip ttidijo Power D^volnpuwnt
Ancient Tauks of Adtm— lllnminateil
Flying JTIBII— WUrolprtR BotWnr-m (Jer-
many and America—Wonders of Liquid
Ait—Scott Expedition in Fitma—"Pulquo" the Curso of Mexico—Stories of
UhineBe Railroading—Klectricity in
Police work—Oxygpn in Aviation—and
these are only typical of the
200 Facilitating Subjects
of rWmiriUK luti'Vost, which, with
2QQAbsorbing Ulustratlons
iino of the most lntinvstlUK of mnmiJust liiiti1 this lirlef Mimmary of K«II«1
Mntlnti Pl.'tim- Doniirtiwiit of the Uitiwt \ihoto
!)\HS"< HIM stnrtos with nil thi> I'ilctuuthiK details
ui motion pictwiv iiwilui't.ii.iu.
WorliVs Pk'tm-o Gallpry of Hiriklnnr photoptv«ph» fnmi nwrywhoiv. VPo
Tlu> (h-Piit teliwhif ill Rivtlivn tolls simply and onii>rtiilnlttirly tho CanlnatW ston- of
cloi'trlclly and shows how to makp nnd dn things with it yoniwlf.
Many ortn-v llvivnw.toli>s on moiliM'ii PMCWSK in all lliii's. Vivid Hvlnit nli'tnrrs nnd
sinrli's of thi> world lna>it|im--tini>w»rlnir- I'dnratlmml npliftinu. This innin-iiM. ontcrtalnmrtit- of-!i)»pages-- 200 snWeetx - WA illastvatioiis -awnii* >-.m m
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Alric R. SteirHman, Surrogate, of the
County of St, Lawireaei\ and according to the Statute in sudi caisea
unad© and provided, Notice is hereby given toall persons having claitoa
•against the estate of p . Julia Baaton kite of Madrid 4n said County,
deceased* that they 'are required
to exhibit th© sairne, with th<? vouchers thereof, to the subscriber at
his office in (Hie Village of MadWd, N. Y., in said County, on or
•be-fore the 1st day of February next.
Frederic J. Merriman) Administrator, bated, July 15th, 1913.
t^reseirt tWi Cotipoo at dcilct'fi store ahi tc«rivc one of the Cimpbdl Broom HdHon free
StibacrJbe now for t h e
4 I St. Lawrence, Stat^ of N«\v York, AlricR. Herriman, Surrogate of th©
0- Aim«lia P. Sniith, ^Plaintiff. a|rf»in=it County of St.Lawrence and accordin
' AbM^ H. Grace, Alttei-t 'P. Cam- to the statute in such ca-as mad« and
<rtock, Minnie C. CotaistOek, liis^'if^, providied. Notice is hereby given
temttia L. M'©e!k^'r, Minnie L. Drake, to all persons having claims againts
Harriett J. Fisher, Williism T. Eaa- tlie-estate of Thomas Rotiseeau late
tioin, Ella i t Baston, his
, ni
of Wa-ddington in said County, deM. Bastoin, Henty J. te
, Lillian ceased, that they are required t o
Bastion, Nettie E. B y
t, Geofge exhibit th-e same, with the vouchers
w . Peas-e, M:aTilla P.
aimWlaiti,, thereof, to the subscriber, at hia
J.Sas'fco'nGi'1leai>J&, LeeW. G
ir&sidience in the town of WaddingHeteu L. Gilles'pie, A. Jatnes Gillea- ton in said County, on or fbefore
•pie, (Ralph C. Q-illespi^, Frederic J . the 15th day of Felbruary next.
MetrSitti-aii as adiministratot Xvith
Walter Veitch, Executor; Sellar
t h e (Will aanestid of Williaaa H.Stes Leishtman,
Atty. for Executors datt o a , rdeoa'ased, a. Herrimatt as a d - ed July 23d,
!mi!ahti«ato* bf t h e >obds, chattels,
land feTefditjs of H. Julia Eastitfn, fi©«eai5ed, Ot-vill^ A. feabcoct, Pataiy
W. OS-afefcoek, Ids Wife, a n d Thiotoais
Wellta^s, Th© People of t h e S t a i e
of JSfev Yoi-k, de&Uidiaiits.
fee *•<& tet bt wa iMit TtoA w
Tot (tihe aJbove naim^di'd'ef eswiatitg:
. 'Hlehot
VOtx* tifi kit Ui G^ld. Silrer,
You ifcS-e lie.'pe'by siinnaotied: t o asusJ r
a Tt»dma itone^
W<sr !tih© cO! in this action,
lanid *o -seirvio (a oo£>y of your aiiisyer
o n t h e plaintiffs a t torney* within
S-Akunnft M Vauo.
I t w e n t y <diays aft«fr t h e service ol
.'. this Sttotoons, «xelusive of t i e day
Me CalPs Magazine—One Year V&ltte $0.50
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The Madrid Herald—One Year
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No Wonder cost of living's high
And people have to stint.
They make the rtoggonp money;
Then they keep It in the -mint.
And they keep it there for years tmd
And try to get our goats
33y circulating all around
Those little paper Tiotrs.
—Philadelphia, Press.
The Lirhlt,
"My husband," said Mrs. Meekly,
""has pawed the limit."
"What has he done?"
"He was ill last night and made me
get a mustard plaster for him, and aft•er I put it on he turned reproachfully
•and said to me. 'Your mustard plasters
•<3o not hurt like thfiRe that my mother
used to make.' "—Pathfinder.
nraiiHi, j i n c n mt>>
tlin tnyati>rv
Her Bad Accident.
"Did you ever have a bad accident?*'
The lady chauffeur bit her Up.
"I met my husband by accident," she
i c ; and, in ottsi> of 'your
o to* or answer, \u6jtwill )«> tak^iii'ii^ain^t you by
ttofault fm* t-ho ivlief clei-nonded in
tho 'complaint, total to bo held ta
t h e County of Bt, LaAWent?!?, Dated
this 15th 'day of August, 1013. W a t - .
tetman & Waterman, Attorneys for
PLaiatiff,, OKioo and,' Pastofiee ad1dn-esai 99 Poa-d atreet, 0*den.Bblu'(?«
New Yoi'k,
T.o Abbie H. Grace, Albert P,
Oamfltocfc, Williaiii T. Baa ton. Ella
M. lSa9to.ii, Hetea M. Basbox\, Heiil'y
J. Eastonj Lillian Eastoin, Nettie E,
Dygea-t, Mimji© L. Dral?«, Harriett
J. l'ish'eir and' aeo.i4ge i\V. Pe
Th« £oa%e^o.lng stituinioniSi is
Upo.u you iby
publication, pursttia&t
'to an ol'd'611' of Hon. John M, Bai-r.
Special SuKr>o.g£.te of the. Coutttyi
fli t h e Ooamty of St, X*aw»eottfce.
New Y w k State, dkxted the 27t3ii
'ojayj ^ Atogu4t> 1913, .and filed w i t h
the ooto-pl-aiUit in t h e 'office of the
•office of t h e C t e k of St, Lawrence
County afofoaaid; a t Canton, N.Y. a n d Waterman, Plain™
tiff's Attoriieya, 99 Bord 24ikeet,
N, Y.
Mr MilW. HIP mi.l>
small Boy (handing druggist hall
dollar)—Five five-cent cigars, and give
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