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The littlest Boy
and Santa Claii
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~ ~ 7 « E ! GREAT hall clock", stationed opposite the foot of
the stairs, struck two.
From his bed the Littlest
Boy listened with a sense
of awe. Never before Had
he heard it .Strike so-late an hour.
Once, indeed, he had heard it strike
ten, but usually it had struck eight—
and when next he was awake it was
striking six and morning had come.
The Mttlest Boy lay and listened.
T h e house was impressively still. The
only sounds audible were the stately
ticking of the monitor clock below,
and the regular breathing of the Biggest Boy and the Biggest Girl in the
room adjoining.
T h e Littlest Boy's eyes were wide
open and gazing inte the velvet blackness close above his face.
he had gone to bed it had been Christmas eve. He was not fully certain as to
the line of demarkatibn, but- it occurred to him that now it was Christmas day! Then he began to blink and
He wondered if Santa Claus had
come yet. Before the grate-fire, down
in the library, were ranged three
chairs; a rocking-chair for the Biggest
Girl, a straight-backed, ordinary chair
for the Biggest Boy, and a huge, roomy
arm-chair for himself. In addition, he
had hung up his stockings to the
He tried to picture to himself how,
If Santa Claus had been and gone,
that chair and those stockings must
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time he goes to the nearest telephone
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"Hello!" Said Santa Claus.
look. At intervals, as some particularly alluring fancy stood out before
him, he gave an ecstatic wriggle and a
few blinks extra.
Oh, the red wagon! And the silver
napkin-ring! Supposing he got them
both! It did not seem to him possible that he could exist without either, and yet-^-and yet—he mustn't exact too much.
If he might take one peep into the
library—just one tiny peep—to find
out whether or not Santa Claus had
He felt that he ought not to yield
to this temptation; and he sighed hard
and twisted. But even in the midst
of his struggle he did yield, for first
his disobedient right foot stole from
beneath the blue coverlet, and next
his disobedient left foot; and in a
moment all of him, enveloped in his
long, pink-flannel night-gown, was
moving resolutely towa/ds .the doorway.
At the landing the stairs turned
sharply. The Littlest Boy also turned
with them to continue his journey.
Now there ahead of him was the monitor clock, staring him in the face,
and ticking loud reproval. From the
library, off the hall, came the reminiscent glow of the grate-fire with which
the Christmas eve had been celebrated.
Down sped the Littlest Boy, boldly
ignoring the astonished clock, down
the remaining flight, and across the
square hall, whose rugs were soft and
comforting. On the threshold of the
library he stopped short, frightened
a t what he had done.
He had caught Santa Claus!
Aye, there was Santa Claus, bending over the big chair, which, the
Littlest Boy glimpsed, was overflowing with packages and things.
I do not know but that the Littlest
Boy would have beat courteous retreat (although, of course, his farther
curiosity was simply tremendous) had
uot Santa Claus suddenly glanced up
and descried him—a small, pink figure, made still pinker by the glowing
coals, framed, wide-eyed, In the library
"Hello!" said Santa Claus, not moving.
"Hello!" responded the Littlest Boy.
"I didn't know you were here."
"Didn't you?" remarked Santa Claus,
straightening up and slowly stepping
liverfcluy have no eq 'al.
"No," assured the Littlest Boy. "Did
you get In through the chimley?"
Happiness is increased not by the
During his whole life—that Is, ever enlargement of the possessions, but of
since he could talk—the Littlest Boy the heart.—John Ruskin.
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Bell Phone 32
!. S , P e G e l l e k e
had been trying to aay •'chimney;'
Helped Him to Hurry.
but, somehow, that " 1 , " being go, slim
Prince Bismarck oni-e told a story ol
and hatchet-faced, always
nimbly the battlefield of Koemggratz; The old
slipped in and elbowed put the "n."
emperor, then- king; of Prussia, dad
' "Did I get i n through the chin* exposed himself and Bis staff to the
bley!" repeated Santa Claus; and then enemy's fliv In u very reckless fashhe opened his mouth In a silent ion and- would not hear of retrentinj;
laugh. "Yes, I dumb down the ckim- to a safe, distance. At htst'l'rince Bismarck, rode up to him. Siiylng: "As a
bley," he said*
"You sa,y 'chimbley' and I s a y 'phim- responsible minister I must insist upon
ley,' but my father says—gays ch— your majesty's retteut to a safe disch—chimneley is: right," informed t h e tance. ;if your majesty were to be
Wiled the victory would be of no use
Littlest Bby.
to us '" The Isjtijr saw the force of tliis
"YQU don!t mean i t ! " returned Santa and slowly retreated. Hut la his zeal
Claus, who, having backed to the window looking upon the side porch, now, returned aftaiu and aguiii tq rue front
with his hand behind him, was deftly "When 1 noticed it." 1'i'iuoe Bismarck
went ou, "I only rose in my saddle
sliding; it up.
and looked at hiui. He understood it
"PleaSe don't go, Santa Claus," be- perfectly tfud called out rather an-'
sought the Littlest Boy. -We'll talk grily, "Yes. 1 am coining:' But we did
real low, so nobody'U hear. That is, not get ou fast enough, and at last I
if you're not In too big a hurry to, rode close up to the king, took my
Btay," he added, politely.
foot out of flip right stirrup and se
"Sure," responded Santa Claus.
j^rerJy£avei.uis-horse an energetic"STek.
"It's almost empty, isn-'t-tt! assert-' Such a thing had never before hape d l h e Littlest Boy. "But I s'pose pened to the fat mare, Out the move
you've Jots more up i n t h e balloon. was successful, for she shot off in a
Had you got all -through with m e ? fine canter."
My chair is the middle one there,
and these are m y stockings i n front of
Tricks of Short Sight.
Not only the inanimate but the ani
"Well; I was kinder foolln' around
when you come in," confessed Santa mate world preseuts itself in strange
Claus; "but I reckon I'm through. forms to the myopic. Humanity, for
Them other chairs are your ma's a n ' instance, is often revealed in some
whut inhuman guise. Thus, so fill' a>
pa's, I take i t ? "
"Yes; mamma's is t h e rocker and oculur demonstration goes, the world
papa's is the other," informed the Lit- to the shorrsighied is peopled by uiei
tlest Boy, hurriedly. "Did you bring and women us faceless, sometime.",
me a red wagon and a silver napkin- even as headless, us. the horseman of
legendary fame. Indoors myopic perring?"
sons, get quite accustomed to talking
"Aren't they there?" queried Santa with persons who have neither eyes
hor uose. Out of doors the phenome•• "May I look?" asked the Littlest non is more striking because oftener
Boy, eagerly.
repeated. At quite a short distance
. "Sure," grunted Santa Claus, with the face melts into the atmosphere
his favorite word.
and becomes either a cloud or, like H.
The Littlest Boy was not slow In G, Wells' Invisible matti a nothingness.
taking advantage,of that permission, "1 see the hat and the figure, somein a> twinkling h e was at the chair, times the beard. I see the walking
and, oblivious to the rustling that he stick: If the hand is ungloved this
was producing, was burrowing; amidst stick Is Waving miraculously a little
its contests.
way from the-, sleeve edge, for 'the
He did not have to burrow to find hand, like the-face,, has vanished."—
the red wagon. Its two front wheels Strand Magazine.
were sticking straight up against the
chair's back!
"Oodb-ee!" jubilated the Littlest
Boy, turning with sparkling eyes. Nature Gives Timely" Warnings That So
Newark Citizen Can Afford to Ignore.
"Will its sides fold over?"
"You bet!" assured Santa Claus.
Danger Signal No. 1 comes from the
"Just bushels and bushels of thanks, kidney secretions. They will warn you
the kidneys are sick. Well kidneys
Santa Claus," purled the Littlest Boy,
a clear, amber fluid. Sick kidrapturously. "I hope it's bigger than . excrete
neys send put a thin, pale ai d foamy, or
my Cousin James' i s ! Is i t ? "
athic«, red, illstrnlliriK urine, full of sedi"Sure!" said Santa Claus. "Now, ment and irrign-arof passage.
about the ring? Ain't it there?"
Danger Signal No. 2 oomes from the
"I don't see it?" replied the Littlest back. Back pains, dull and heavy, or
sharp and acute, ted you of sick kidneys
Boy, rummaging.
"Mebbe it's in the stockin's," sug- and warn you of the approach of dropsy,
diabetes and Bright's disease. Doan's
gested Santa Claus.
Kidney Pills cure kidneys anil cure them
And it was!—a beautiful, shiny, sil- permanently. Here's Newark proof:
ver napkin ring, ail done up In tissueWillia.n C. Ho?f, farmer, rural free depaper!
livery, No. 3, Newark, N. Y., sayB " On
"Oooooo-eee!" gurgled the Littlest and off for years my baen gave mea great
Boy, unwrapped it. "I bet it's the ded of trouble. A feeling of lassitude also ciung to me constantly and the kidney
very solides' kind!"
secretions became irregular in passage
"Lemme' see," demanded Santa and filled with sediment. Seeing D jan's
"That's what I intended It to Kidney Pills highly recommended, I.probe, anyhpw, an' I hope I ain't made cbred a box at Hank's drug store and although
I had my doubts as to there
no mistake."
h-5lp:n$pp4e. I began the's use. I was
"Yes, it's solid, all right enough," he surprised
i n d gratified at the prompt
said, 'weighing it In his hand, while relief Lrepeived and in a short time my
the Littlest Boy watched him, anx- trouble had disapp ared. I have had one
iously. "But don't you think that that slight return attack but this remedy quickthere wagon an' this here ring, both ly disposed of it. I have been in good
together, are too much for a kid like health since and highly recommend
Doan's Kidney Pills."
IFor sale by all dealers. Price oOcenls.
"I don't know," responded the- Lit- I Foster-Jlilbnrii Co.. Buffa'o, New York,
tlest Boy, abashed. "I've tried to be 'sole agent for the tin ted'States.
awful good. I've picked u p kindlini.
the name—Doan's—and take
and went on errands and brushed my n Retnpmbt-r
o other.
41 w2
teeth—and—and gone down cellar
after dark, and—and—and I've hardly W H Y SALVES F A I L •
ever cried when I got hurt!"
"Still, seems to me," persisted
Santa Claus, gazing at the shiny ring They Clog the Pores—Only a Liquid
Can Reach the Inner Skin.
in his fingers, "that a wagon alone is
good enough for one kid, besides all
Since the old-fashioned theory of
them other things you've got in yon curing
eczema through the blood
chair and socks. I dunno but what has been given up by. scientists,
I'll take this an' give it som'ers else." many different salves have been
"Well," agreed the Littlest Boy, tried for skin diseases. But it has
gravely, "If—if you can find some lit- been found that these salves oniy
tle boy who ought
to have i t clopr the pores and can not penetrate '
more'n me, then you can—can take to the inner skin below the epider-,
mis where the eczema germs are
it; and p'raps next Christmas—"
"God!" roared the Biggest Boy, like
This—the quality of penetrating—
an angry lion, leaping through the li- probably explains the tremendous
brary doorway.
success of the only standard liquid
With a slam up sped the window; eczema cure, oil of winterRreen as
with an oath, out whirled Santa Claus. compounded in D. D. D. Prescrip"You've scared Santa Claus! You've tion. After ten years of cure after
scared Santa Claus!" wailed the Lit- cure, the world's leading skin specialists have accepted this as the
tlest Boy, in despair.
true eczema cure.
"I have,have I!" exclaimed the BigWe ourselves do not hesitate to
gest Boy, gathering the waller Into his recommend D . D. D. Prescription at
$1.00 a bottle, but for the benefit of
"And he took my ring," farther la- t h o s e w h o have never tried the p r e - '
scriptiori, we have arranged with the
mented the Littlest Boy.
"He did, did he!" repeated the lion D.<*D. t). Laboratories of Chicago
a special large trial bottle at 25
—that is, the Biggest Boy—in a comcents on a special offer now. This
miserating growl. "Never mind; we'll first bottle ought t o convince every
get another."
sufferer, and, at any rate, it will
"But I told him he might, if there's sucely take away the itch at once.
some other little boy who'd ought to
have it more," explained the Littlest
Don't Be Misled.
Boy, truthfully.
"Maybe he'll bring
Many a life has been cut short by a
me one next Christmas."
cough that was not believed to beserious.
Here the Biggest Boy shut the Many a backache and sideacbe follows a
treacherous window; and with the Big- Coughing spell. Many a night is passed
gest Girl, who by this time had ar- in restlessness caused by coughing. Many
rived and was hugging and kissing a cough" cure "that never cures is tried.
the Littlest Boy's two rosy feet, as Do not be misled. If you cough, take
old reliable Kemp's Balsam, the best
they hung down inside the Biggest the
cough cure. At druggists and dtalers, 25c.
Boy's arms, close accompanying, car4lwl
ried him upstairs to bed.
What do you think! Evidently Santa
Purging Don't Pay
Claus repented, or else he had only
been joking, or else h e could find no
Use Gentle Means
other little boy who was more worthy;
for, after all, at daylight there was To Cleanse the Bowels and Liver
The constant use of violent cathartics leads to
discovered, lying on the mat before oronic
constipation, very often accompanied by
the side-door, that very same ring— piles. The delioate membranes of the stomach
wrapped, it is true, not in fine tissue »hd bowels are tortured until! they are ho longer able to perform.there duties; then the germ
paper, but in coarse brown paper.
ofrtlspaicinfest the system and serious condition a- isp. If yotir bowels are constipated, try
However, upon the paper was HUN-ELAX
It willgiveoompleterelief in a
scrawled. In ragged but unmistakable natural comfortable manner, restore the disordered
a healthy state and leave ho
disagreeable after-effects.. For s'ckThendacKe,
"for the kid
biliousness, distress after eating, flotulenoy,
belching, drowsiness, indigestion, dyspepsia,
bad breath, worms, nervousness ai.d torpid
Drop by drop the offensive discharge
caused by Nasal Catarrah falls from the
back of the hose into the throat, setting
up an inflammation that is like'y to mean
Chronic Bronchitis, Tile most satisfactory
remedy for Oatarrah is Ely's Oream Balm,
s n d t h e relief that follows even t h e first
application cannot be told in words.
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mailed by Ely Bros , 66 Warren Street,
New York.
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