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Using a SharePoint Effectively
Tracy Bardell
Betsy Clark
Cas McGeown
PDSB Assistive Technology Team
Katie Levalds – Special Education Coordinator –Secondary and Assistive Technology
Tracy Bardell – Special Education Consultant – Assistive Technology
Cas McGeown – Special Education Resource Teacher – Assistive Technology
Betsy Clark – Special Education Resource Teacher – Assistive Technology
SEA Administrative Staff:
• Susan Croteau
• Mihika Kumar
Victoria Pavao
• SEA PC LAN Tech Specialists:
• Robert Ferrie
• Ricardo Figueroa
Paul Ljubanovich
Dave Rocano
Peel District School Board Statistics
Peel District School Board currently
has :
• 153,700 Students
• 246 Schools
• 209 Elementary Schools
• 37 Secondary Schools
• 15,868 Full Time Staff with additional
part-time staff
• Second largest school board in
Assistive Technology Growing in PEEL
385% increase in AT use for EQAO (2009 - 14)
382% increase in SEA Claims (2010 - 14)
Growing Need for Assistive Technology Support
• Special Education Teachers
• In School Support Teachers
• Special Education Consultants
• Itinerant Teachers
• Speech and Language Pathologists
• Psychologists
• Educational Resource Facilitators (T.A.’s)
Equipment That We Support
Desktop Computer
Interactive White Boards (SMART, Epson)
Apple TV 3
Variety of other peripherals
Software That We Support
• Ministry Licensed Software (Clicker, Smart Ideas, Dragon
NaturallySpeaking, WordQ, etc…)
• Kurzweil Web Based Board License
• RM Easiteach
• SMART Notebook
History of Accessing Support for Assistive Technology
• Centralized Computer Support Services
• School Technicians
• Two Special Education Computer Technicians
• Help Desk
• Information Technology Resource Teachers
• Static link on our Special Education Site
What is Microsoft SharePoint?
Why we created our SharePoint for Assistive
Technology ?
Share information
Document collaborative communications
Respond to Professional Development Feedback
Provide training resources
Easy access to curriculum resources
Consistent messaging
Engage social media
Share calendars
Peel Assistive Technology SharePoint
Central location for teachers to build their personal capacity and keep current
Now we are able to share the following:
Organize/Share Resources
Calendar Events
Contact Information
Embed Twitter feed
Features of our site
Secure site
contact information
twitter thread for non twitter users
Answer the following questions on Padlet for your chance to
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1. Does your school board have an AT site?
1. If so, how is your site used effectively?
2. If not, how do you communicate to your staff and parents?
2. What do you think is key to include in an Assistive Technology SharePoint site?
Parent Assistive Technology Site
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