Flower Garden Shirt Dress Created especially for Pfaff

Flower Garden Shirt Dress
Created especially for Pfaff
Tailored shirt dresses are once again a fashion must. Create a special one-of-akind dress right out of the garden with beautiful decorative stitching and
embroidered floral motifs.
Shirt dress pattern (e.g. Butterick # 3651 or similar)
Linen yardage according to pattern
Pfaff creative Card No. 309
Rayon thread (Robison-Anton in assorted colors)
Tear-away stabilizer
Air- or water-soluble marking pen
1. Cut your fabric according to the pattern instructions. NOTE: We shortened
this dress to make it knee rather than ankle length
1. Set up your embroidery sewing machine for embroidery and insert Pfaff
creative Card NO. 309.
2. Mark the placement for the motifs along the dress front and back pieces so
the bottom of the embroidery is about 4" up from the bottom edge of the
3. Back fabric with two layers of tear-away stabilizer. Embroider the desired
flower motifs at the marks. Color coordinate the thread colors with each
4. Remove the fabric from the hoop and tear away all the stabilizer.
1. Construct the dress according to the pattern instructions with the exception of
the sleeve and dress hems.
2. For hemming, first finish the raw edge of the fabric with a 3-thread serger
stitch or overcast stitch (such as stitch #26 on the Pfaff creative 2140) to keep
the edge from raveling.
3. Turn under a 1 1/2" hem on the sleeves and along the bottom edge. Press in
place. Machine-baste the hems.
4. Select a pinstitch on your machine (such as stitch #18 on the Pfaff creative
2140) and stitch the sleeve and bottom hem from the right side of the fabric
close to the top of the turned up edge. Use a slightly darker thread color than
the fabric as an accent.