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Aseptia’s pioneering food technology achieves gold at 2015 Edison Awards
International honor celebrates company among world-renowned inventors and innovators
RALEIGH, N.C. – (4/24/2015) For its game-changing, microwave-assisted aseptic food processing
technology, Aseptia was named a gold winner for innovation at the 2015 Edison Awards, hosted April
23 in New York City. Company leadership joined other executives and representatives from
distinguished, global businesses for this 28th annual gala, recognizing award winners across multiple
industry disciplines for their recent contributions to successful innovation.
Said Michael Druga, Aseptia’s Chief Technology Officer, who attended the black-tie awards gala, “The
need for better food processing and preservation options long existed. Aseptia recognized this lack, this
void that businesses and consumers wanted filled, and we worked tirelessly to create a groundbreaking
technology that successfully meets these needs.”
Aseptia’s fresh formula for food preservation harnesses microwave technology to create a shelf-stable
product that retains flavor, nutrients and aroma. Shelf life extends to 12 months or more for food items
processed and packaged using the company’s patented AseptiWave™ technology – capabilities
considerably recognized by the Edison Awards.
Druga added, “We’re humbled and honored to be acknowledged for our innovative achievements as
well as among world-class leaders that also accomplish remarkable feats.”
The Edison Awards™ – named for famed innovator Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931), who achieved
vast notoriety with 1,093 U.S. patents, becoming a worldwide household name – annually honor the
best in innovations and innovators. The ballot of nominees for the Edison Awards was judged by a
panel of more than 3,000 leading business executives including past award winners, academics and
leaders in the fields of product development, design, engineering, science and medical.
“It’s exciting to see companies like Aseptia continuing Thomas Edison’s legacy of challenging
conventional thinking,” said Frank Bonafilia, Edison Awards’ executive director. “Edison Awards
recognizes the game-changing products and services, and the teams that brought them to consumers.”
The April 23 Awards Gala event in New York City included the highlighting awards ceremony as well as
a “Meet the Innovators Forum” and an “Innovators Showcase,” offering a hands-on experience with
many of the winning products.
Added Druga, “We’re grateful that this Edison Award recognizes our strides in innovation and our
technology’s availability within the marketplace, but we know it’s only the beginning. Aseptia remains
dedicated to freshness perfected, advancing our own preservation methods at every possible
opportunity. We plan to stay on the forefront and continue being an innovator with the end goal of
always meeting and surpassing market demands.”
About Aseptia
Aseptia is a state-of-the-art food technology company, founded in 2006. Partnered with North Carolina State University and its
team of scientists, Aseptia developed ground-breaking U.S. technology, which enables the preservation of food products that
maintain freshness, flavors, nutrients and superior taste without the use of additives or the need for refrigeration. For this
patented technology, Aseptia and N.C. State received a variety of accolades and recognition, including acknowledgment by
the FDA. The progressive Aseptia brand is built on innovation, safety and quality in the technology utilized for packaged food.
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About the Edison Awards™
The Edison Awards is a program conducted by Edison Universe, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to fostering
future innovators. The Awards have been recognizing and honoring the best in innovations and innovators since 1987. They
honor game-changing innovations that are at the forefront of new product and service development, marketing and humancentered design, and are one of the highest accolades a company can receive in the name of successful innovation. For more
information about the Edison Awards complete program and a list of past winners, visit