Pretty Heirloom Pinafore

Pretty Heirloom Pinafore
Add a delicate touch to a little girl’s dress with our beautiful heirloom
pinafore. Monogram, as we did, the bodice to match a pretty dress or
embellish it with a holiday motif for a special holiday party.
Pinafore pattern of choice
Cotton batiste, handkerchief linen, or organdy-yardage according to pattern
Pfaff creative embroidery card of choice.
Tear-away stabilizer
Sulky® KK 2000 temporary spray adhesive
Spray starch or Sullivans Sew Stable
Pintuck Foot
Twin needle, sized to Pintuck Foot
2 yards of insertion lace
Narrow Edge Foot
1. Cut out the pinafore according to the pattern directions.
2. Mark a line 4" up from the bottom edge of the pinafore skirt section.
3. Mark additional lines 4" and 7" above the first line.
1. Mark the placement for the embroidery on the pinafore bodice as desired. NOTE:
We used stitched monogram within an embroidered circular design.
2. Set your embroidery sewing machine for embroidery and insert the desired Pfaff
creative design card.
3. Place the tear-away stabilizer in the hoop and spray with the Sulky® KK 2200
temporary spray adhesive. Position the fabric in place over the stabilizer.
Embroider the chosen motif and remove from hoop. Remove the stabilizer from
the stitched design.
1. Cut a strip of stabilizer 1"-wide by the width of the pinafore skirt.
2. Lightly spray the spray starch or fabric stabilizer on the skirt piece, press and
3. Center the insertion lace over the bottom line, placing the tear-away stabilizer
strip on the wrong side of the fabric under the lace. Pin every 10".
4. Using a narrow zigzag stitch and a Narrow Edge Foot, stitch each side of the
lace through the header, adjusting your needle position if necessary, removing
the pins as you sew. NOTE: one swig of the zigzag stitch should fall into the
fabric and the other swing into the lace.
5. Trim the fabric close to stitching from behind the lace.
6. Insert a twin needle and thread your machine with two needle threads. Using
your Pintuck Foot, stitch two rows of pintucks above and below the center
marked line.
7. Attach the Fancy stitch foot No. 1 A and select small leaf and flower (stitch #165
on Pfaff creative 2140). Stitch along the top marked line.
8. Turn under and press a 1" double-fold hem. Stitch in place with a cross-hem
stitch (stitch #13 on Pfaff creative 2140).
9. Complete the pinafore according to the pattern instructions.