Medway Community Health Care CIC, UK MedOCC, an

We record & analyze communications
CASE STUDY - Medway Community Health Care, UK
Medway Community Health Care CIC, UK
MedOCC Implements ASC`s Communications
Recording Solutions
Medway Community Health Care
Medway Community Healthcare (MCH), a dynamic
and successful provider of Healthcare in Southeast
England, supports 280,000 service users in the
Medway area, including Rochester, Strood, Chatham,
Gillingham and Rainham. MCH provides a range of
community and specialist services ,including unscheduled care via its 24/7 GP/nurse service, Medway On
Call Care (MedOCC). MedOCC offers urgent care to
local residents and vistors to Medway 365 days per
year and aims to provide safe and high quality health
throughout the community.
ASC telecom AG
ASC is a leading global provider of innovative solutions
to record, analyze and evaluate multimedia-based
communications. ASC’s solutions reveal information,
enabling companies and organizations to considerably improve their value creation: contact centers
enhance customer service, efficiently deploy staff
and increase productivity. Financial institutions fulfill
documentation requirements, achieve a higher level
of legal security and reduce costs. First responders
and public safety organizations enhance reactivity in
emergency situations.
“ASC’s communications recorder
exceeded all our expectations. It
has simplified and saved time in
searching for calls, increasing
protection for our patients and
staff alike. ”
Karen Morgan, Head of Unscheduled Care
for Medway Community Healthcare
MedOCC, an urgent care service provided by Medway Community Healthcare in Southeast England,
provides 24/7 GP support for 280,000 service users
in the Medway area. MCH is keen to ensure that money is spent in the best possible way, creating real
improvements in people’s health and healthcare within the Medway community. MedOCC handles calls
from the public at two separate locations at Quayside
House and Medway Maritime Hospital.
recorder at Quayside House and MARATHON
EVOlite at their base at Medway Maritime Hospital.
The recorders were integrated with Nortel digital
handsets and Adastra Software’s patient management system. ASC’s solutions help to save up to three
hours per week in lost administration time, previously
spent retrieving calls from their old system.
MedOCC reports that ASC`s call recording helps to
facilitate QR (quality requirement) audits, ensuring
clinical assessments are completed effectively and
improving training and coaching of non-clinical staff.
The Partnership: ASC and Adastra Software
Adastra Software, part of the Advanced Group, a
leading system provider for urgent care, supplies a
patient management system for unscheduled care in
England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the
Republic of Ireland. More than 95 percent of out-ofhours general practitioner services in United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, and over half of
all walk-in centres in England, use Adastra integration
services and 24x7 technology infrastructure solutions.
A primary connector to national healthcare I.T. spines
and core clinical system records, Adastra offers multi-lingual support and directly accesses the patient’s
The Challenge: Call Recording in a busy Healthcare environment to ensure Consistency and
Quality of Service
MedOCC desperately needed a call recording solution to improve its operational efficiency.
The fundamental importance was the need to record
all ‘out of hours’ clinical assessments made by GPs
for mandatory QR (Quality Requirement) audits and
additionally, for training and coaching of non clinical
staff, in the correct procedure for call handling.
Regular audits are required to ensure non-clinical taff
followed best practices and were able to identify "red
flags” indicating when a patient required additional
clinical support.
At MedOCC calls are recorded for both patient and
staff protection and dispute avoidance. At particularly
busy periods, the ‘out of hours’ service can take up to
500 calls per day in an average weekend. Calls can
often be challenging, both in terms of call volumes
and the customer interaction itself. Patients can be
anxious and sometimes demanding and may complain, if not fully satisfied. Service expectations are
high and given the volume of calls received, there are
often queries and concerns, which require archived
calls to be retrieved and assessed. Staffing levels vary
according to peak periods, typically up to eight advisors receive calls on a weekday shift, six advisors at
an evening shift and up to twenty four advisors during
the weekend. Given the constraints of using the old
call recording system, it was taking up to three hours
per week in administration time, to retrieve calls for
QR audits and training purposes situations.
We record & analyze communications
CASE STUDY - Medway Community Health Care, UK
The Benefits:
ASC provided a MARATHON EVOLUTION recorder at
Quayside House and a MARATHON EVOlite recorder
at Medway Maritime Hospital.
The MARATHON EVOLUTION system included dual
DVD drives for archiving and hosted an Interactions
server for centralized replay as well as search-andretrieval of calls from both locations.
The recording solutions were configured for Nortel
digital handsets and integrated with Adastra Patient
Management software.
The integration to Adastra Patient Management software was developed by Adastra engineers. It was
achieved using ASC’s search-and-replay API. This is
a software toolkit which provides an open interface
to the recorder.
MARATHON EVOLUTION, the world’s first Linux-based recorder, preserves all transmissions and customer interactions for four to thousands of channels,
with a minimum online storage of 15,000 hours.
Calls may be played back over LAN/WAN connections and archived to redundant, removable media,
such as DVD or AIT.
MARATHON EVOlite captures and records all customer interactions from four up to 60 channels simultaneously and offers online storage of up to 175,000
recording hours. Mirrored and hotswap hard disks
provide optimal data security.
ASC’s recorders enabled several specific capabilities
praised highly by Medway:
=The system allowed searching by extension, a feature particularly useful when accessing clinicians’
calls at a variety of rooms.
=The ASC Solution fully integrated to the Adastra
Patient Management software, enabling recorded
calls to be easily accessed and retrieved via the
Adastra software
=Staff can search for a call by incoming or outgoing
phone number in order to access a particular
patient’s call record.
=Centralized storage of calls allows access to all interactions without physically travelling to a remote
“We can now access calls directly
using the Adastra software or
independently via webplay and
saved us up to three hours in lost
administration time per week.”
Karen Morgan
Head of Unscheduled Care for Medway
Community Healthcare
=Different security levels provide restricted access
to customer advisors and higher-level access to
management and authorized personnel.
=Browser access allows review of calls from any
Highlights: ASC Recording Solutions
=Multi-site recording on one server with central
=Easy deployment, configuration and operation
=Fast and efficient searching to save time for other
=Compatibility with organisation’s existing CRM and
PBX infrastructure
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