Woody Austin

Senior PGA Championship 2015
Sunday, May 24
Quick Quotes
Woody Austin
just can't do that. It's just very upsetting and very
Q. Talk about the four days that you were able to
have here.
WOODY AUSTIN: Pretty good four days as far as ball
striking and my short game was good, but I should
have won this tournament by a mile. I just putted so
bad. I missed so many. So many short putts. It's just
very aggravating.
Q. When you have a course that's this tough how
important is it to convert those?
WOODY AUSTIN: Well that's the whole thing, like I
said, I mean you get -- you're going to get some really
bad bounces like I did on the third hole today. I missed
the fairway by five yards in the air and that ball
bounced 30 yards dead left into the hay and I had to
chip out. And I only missed the fairway by five yards.
So you can't afford to 3-putt the first hole and then miss
it from five feet you know what I mean, you just can't
miss all the putts I missed this week. Because you
know that's going to happen. The last hole was
another example. I only missed the green by maybe a
foot and I had to swing at it like I was going to hit it 30
yards to hit it 12 feet. So, I mean there's just a lot of
silliness and goofiness to the golf course. You can't
afford to let those shots slide. And I let a ton of them
Q. Four straight birdies on the front nine, did you
think that you were going to continue that?
WOODY AUSTIN: Like I said, I made a couple. I 3putted the very first hole right out of the gate from 20
feet. Then I hit it in there close on number 4 and
missed that from about eight feet. Then I hit the par-5
in two and I almost 3-putted that. I hit my first putt six
feet by on that one. So I snuck that one in. Then I hit it
close on the next hole. Made that 6-footer. Then I
made those two, what I would say are bombs for me
that are normal putts for everybody else, but they're
bombs for me on 7 and 8. Then I go and I yip it from
three feet on No. 9. And then I miss a 5-footer on
number 11. And then I miss a 10-footer on 13. It just,
it just aggravates me, it's very, very aggravating to miss
as many as I have.
Q. After walking this for four or five days, I mean is
this a place you would like to come back to?
WOODY AUSTIN: I said it before, it's the wrong golf
course, the wrong design, for this piece of property.
That's the way I can say it. You can't build a Pete Dye
Stadium Course on a bunch of hills. It just makes it
stupid. So, as far as coming back to play, I can't see it
Q. With what, with the number and what Colin is
doing, is that pretty much, he's just been
consistent with -WOODY AUSTIN: Well, obviously, yeah, if you look at
it. I was consist tenths every day, too. I was never
worse than 1-over any day, so I never made more than
a bogey. But I never -- let's see I made four birdies -- I
made a grand total of 11 birdies in four days. I
guarantee you he probably doubled that. And like I
said, I missed so many, I missed -- I bet I missed at
least 30 putts 20 feet or less and you can't do that. You
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