Tom Lehman

Senior PGA Championship 2015
Thursday, May 21
Quick Quotes
Tom Lehman
have no chance to get it up-and-down. And I think
learning all that, knowing it, and then getting a game
plan to deal with it is everything.
Q. A seventh trip for you to a Senior PGA
Championship. Grand total.
TOM LEHMAN: Yeah, I guess it could be.
Q. And just evaluate the location and where you
are this year for you and what this kind of golf
course does to you, in any conditions, let alone
TOM LEHMAN: Well, yeah, it's an incredibly beautiful
place here. Wonderful people. I think it's an amazing
location to have this tournament. Big crowd today,
even though the weather was bad. It's a big deal for
this part of southern Indiana. And the golf course is
really suited to guys who have a complete game.
There's no -- boy, there is no way to get around having
to drive it well and be accurate with your irons and putt
well. You just have to do it all well or it's going to
punish you. I think it's going to produce a great
Q. You had a nice moment after the green where
you ran one in. What about holding -- did that hold
your round together for you, really?
TOM LEHMAN: I played really poorly today. Although
the last I started playing better. But the first 13 holes or
better, I just played awful. And I made a lot of really
good putts. I made a you couple putts, like that one
there on 16. So 73 is never going to hurt you out here.
So, it kind of keeps you in the game. Hopefully, I start
to hit it a little bit better and give myself a few more
chances, but it's the kind of course though where I
always kind of feel like Pete Dye, what he does more
than anything is he challenges you mentally. He forces
you to be patient. Or else he's going to get you.
There's so many pins out here where if you get
aggressive and/or you're upset or frustrated and
impatient and you want to go for something, you end
up going from bad to worse. So it's a true patient
person's course.
Q. You have lot of experience on Pete Dye golf
TOM LEHMAN: Yeah, and I really like them. I love his
strategy, I love the way he forces you to think and to
play. You have to challenge hazards to get the right
angle and there's places to miss where you just simply
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