Young Leaders Conference 2015 - Australian School of Applied

The New South Wales Public Sector
Young Leaders Conference 2015
The forum for Australia’s emerging Public Sector Leaders
Thursday 7th May 2015
Rydges World Square, Sydney
389 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000
The NSW Public Sector Young Leaders Conference is a
unique developmental opportunity for aspiring leaders
and new managers.
Each year, hundreds of young leaders from NSW’s public sector gather
together for a powerful 1 day development program specifically
designed for emerging leaders. Offering a critical opportunity to
step away from everyday demands, the Conference allows new
managers time to reflect and refocus on their individual challenges
and aspirations.
By exploring first-hand the experiences of celebrated leaders at the
forefront of their industry the Conference equips young managers
with the tools to excel in the modern public sector, whilst assisting
them to make peer group connections vital to career success.
Conference aims and objectives
Teaching new leaders how to become great leaders and get results
Improving efficiency by giving young leaders the confidence to
make decisions and drive positive outcomes in their workplace
Exposing young leaders to the big picture of public sector business
Ensuring a future of strong, informed leadership within the
Australian Public Sector
I’m a young leader; how will the Conference help me?
The Conference is designed to equip you with highly practical
management tools and techniques and thereby instil the confidence
to lead effectively in any situation. High calibre public sector leaders
will share their insights on how you can achieve more in your role
whilst preparing you for both the challenges and the opportunities
that accompany an ever-changing public sector landscape.
2015 Themes
Understanding diversity and the value of difference
Leading through change
The art of giving feedback and managing
difficult conversations
Learn from inspirational leaders and leadership experts
Communicating with emotional intelligence
Improve your people management capability
Enhance your confidence and communication skills
Make friends and contacts to support your career development
Understand how to be a great leader and how to get the most
out of your team
What are the benefits for my organisation?
Leadership development is an important investment for both
individuals and their organisations. Over the past six years the
conference has assisted hundreds of public sector managers to
deliver increased value in their roles and prepared them for future
Utilising insights and advice from inspirational speakers, Conference
participants will be better able to manage both their professional
responsibilities and their key stakeholder relationships. Surpassing
the mere transmission of theories, the Conference will equip young
leaders with the ability to adapt to a demanding work environment,
instil the confidence to step up and provide the vision to guide other
employees towards peak performance.
The Conference has been developed for public sector employees
ranging from aspiring people managers through to developing young
leaders. Delegates will come from a diverse range of public sector
organisations across both metropolitan and regional locations.
To discuss the appropriateness of the Conference for yourself or
other employees, please contact the Australian School of Applied
Management (ASAM) on 1300 138 037
The Public Sector Young Leaders Conference has been organised by
the Australian Public Sector Leadership Forum (APSLF) – a consortium
comprising the Workplace Training Advisory of Australia (WTAA) and a
national collegiate of public sector agencies. The APSLF is guided by a
specific charter to support the development of leadership excellence
at all levels of the public sector. By supporting the quality of public
sector leadership, the APSLF aims to increase the attractiveness of
careers in public service.
For further information contact
Program Manager
Shaun Zapadlo
[email protected]
1300 138 037
Enquiries and registrations
Registrations can be made by completing the registration form at
the back of this brochure. Registrations should be returned to the
Australian School of Applied Management via fax or email.
For all enquiries please contact the
Australian School of Applied Management.
Telephone: 1300 138 037
Email: [email protected]
Leadership is about establishing an enduring and flexible
architecture that makes performance happen, gets the work done,
and achieves results. Knowing when and how to select new leaders is
critical in building depth in an organisation and achieving long term
goals. Leaders that are identified and nurtured early on in their careers
often display a heightened level of contentment in their role which
leads to increased productivity and a stronger sense of accountability.
Conference Facilitators
Paul Larkin
General Manager, Education
Paul is a skilled facilitator and program
developer specialising in leadership,
coaching & mentoring, team dynamics,
performance and change management.
Following a successful 10 year career
in leadership within the IT sector, Paul
became a Senior Global Consultant
with Royal Dutch Shell, developing and
delivering leadership and organisational
change programmes around the world. He holds a Graduate Diploma
in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and a Graduate Diploma in
Computer Science. Paul is a skilled practitioner in psychometric
instruments such as MBTI, TMS and Bar-On EQi, an accredited
facilitator of Accelerated Learning and has formal training in coaching
and NLP.
James Yorston
Senior Facilitator & Executive Coach
James is a seasoned facilitator, coach
and content developer. James boasts
extensive experience across diverse
industries, such as Banking and Finance,
Mining and Minerals, Retail, FMCG,
Professional Services and all levels of
Government. James has worked with
executives and senior managers in more
than 15 countries including Asia, the
Middle East and Australasia. He has both
worked and consulted across all key
business functions and is an accredited practitioner in Baron EQi,
MBTI, Human Synergistics LSI/ GSI, HBDI and various 360-degree
assessments. He also holds a double honours degree (Engineering/
Economics), a Graduate Diploma in Business and Applied Finance and
is a full member of the International Coaching Federation.
What have previous attendees said about the Conference?
“Great day, loads of take home messages”
“I liked the format of having a keynote speaker on a set
topic, followed by work-shopping the ideas.”
“I have learnt some valuable skills and enjoyed the
interaction process. I found today very interesting and will
be forwarding positive feedback to my departments.”
“Excellent organisation, venue and overall day. Would
definitely want to see what is on next year’s agenda.”
“Thank you for your time and fabulous insights into
leadership. It has given me some very valuable tools to take
back to other members of my management team.”
“Great opportunity to be in a room with government people
from a range of areas – really breaks down us/them, state/
local government attitudes.”
“Thank you – great mix of activity, concepts and theories.”
“This has been such a useful and worthwhile program. I
found the speakers very inspiring and I have learnt a lot that
I will take back to my workplace and use.”
The Conference Organising Committee wishes to thank all the
attendees from last year’s Conference for their contribution and
feedback. Building on feedback and learning from previous years
the Committee aims to ensure the 2015 Conference is once again a
highly rewarding experience for attendees and their organisations.
ASAM looks forward to seeing many familiar faces and sharing new
strategies and ideas.
Conference Agenda - Thursday 7th May - 2015
9:00 - 9:10
Welcome and introduction from lead facilitator
9:10 - 9:40
Session 1: Understanding diversity and the value of difference
Catherine Burn
Deputy Commissioner
Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn is a career police officer having joined the Police
Force at the age of 19. Her career has covered all areas across the NSW Police Force
including general duties, detectives, specialist and corporate areas.
Deputy Commissioner Burn was appointed as Deputy Commissioner Specialist Operations
in October 2012. She now has oversight of a number of technical and specialist areas
including Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics, Operational Communications, Police
Prosecutions, Aviation Support, Marine Area Command, Traffic & Highway Patrol, the Police
Transport Command and Public Affairs.
Deputy Commissioner Burn has received a number of awards including the Australian
Police Medal in 2007 and in 2011 was announced as the Telstra Australian Business Woman
of the year, having earlier won the NSW Award.
Deputy Commissioner Burn is also an Australia Day Ambassador.
9:40 - 10:30
Leadership Essentials Workshop: Understanding diversity and the value of
The second session of the Conference explores the concept of diversity — the wider the range of perspectives
you have in the team the better its ideas, and in most cases, the better the results. A critical part of a leader’s role
is creating an inclusive environment, learning how to get the best out of each member of the team and turning
differences into strengths How to. During this session participants will explore how to overcome the unconscious
bias’s we all hold and engage diversity as a vehicle to enhance their own leadership capacity.
10:30 - 11:00
Morning Tea
11:00 - 11:30
Session 2: Leading through change
Alia Karaman
Manager - Strategy, Policy and Governance at Bankstown City Council
Alia has over 12 years of local government experience covering diverse functions such as
community development, corporate planning and strategic land use planning, governance
and business improvement.
At the age of 30 Alia was elected on the LG Professionals NSW (formerly LGMA) Board and
in 2008, Alia was awarded the Young Manager of the Year Award by the Local Government
Managers Australia. She was also awarded the Young Leaders Award in 2014 from the
Institute of Public Administration Australia. (NSW).
In her role as the Manager, Strategy, Policy and Governance at Bankstown City Council, she
plays a key role in the Executive Leadership Team and encourages and embraces changes
that have led to better operating methods and a stronger service culture.
Alia is passionate about the need for Local Government to attract and retain professionals
that have the capacity to step outside the present challenges that occupy Local Government
and focusing on modernizing Local Government through the necessary reforms.
11:30 - 12:30
Leadership Essentials Workshop : Leading through change
In today’s fast paced environment, change is something we all have to face. As leaders it is imperative that we
understand the effects of change, how to engage people in change and how to support others through the change
process. Change can be anything from minor alterations to workflow systems to major organisational restructures and
downsizing. Many change efforts fail because the people leading them are not equipped with the skills to manage
them successfully. If handled badly change can lead to negative outcomes such as confusion and wasted effort, low
morale and decreases in productivity – handled well it can lead to lasting gains and increased job satisfaction. During
the session, participants are asked to consider change at both a personal and strategic level and go on to learn how to
enable those around them to embrace the change process and manage challenging situations more effectively.
12:30 - 13:30
13:30 - 14:00
Session 3 : The art of giving feedback and managing difficult conversations
Graeme Head
NSW Public Service Commissioner
Mr Graeme Head was appointed as the inaugural NSW Public Service Commissioner in
October 2011. Prior to his appointment, Graeme had most recently served as Deputy
Secretary with the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing and as Chief
Executive of the Health Reform Transition Office in 2010-11.
Prior to joining the Commonwealth Government, Graeme had around 30 years
experience in a variety of public sector roles in New South Wales, with more than
18 years in executive roles including the Department of Services, Technology &
Administration and the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC). Before that he
had spent 17 years in a range of senior roles in the environment portfolio and 11 years in
the health system.
14:00 - 15:00
The art of giving feedback and managing difficult conversations
When done in the right way, providing feedback can be the avenue to greater performance. It is inevitable that
at some point as a leader or manager, you will need to initiate or engage in a difficult conversation providing
feedback that may not be received so well. Many people avoid having difficult conversations because they make
them feel uncomfortable. As a leader it is important that we tackle these situations head on and while they can
be uncomfortable, they have the potential to be highly constructive interchanges when handled appropriately.
During this final session participants will explore the dynamics involved in providing feedback when it may involve
a difficult conversation, assisting their team to learn, grow and perform at their optimal level.
15:00 - 15:20
Afternoon Tea
15:20 - 15:50
Session 4 : Communicating with emotional intelligence
Dr Michele Bruniges AM
Secretary, NSW Department of Education and Communities
Dr Michele Bruniges leads one of Australia’s largest state government departments with a full
time equivalent workforce of approximately 85,000 staff. She is responsible for all state public
schools, providing education to more than 756,000 children.
Previously, she held senior roles in the Australian Government’s Department of Education,
Employment and Workplace Relations and senior positions in the ACT and NSW Departments
of Education and Training.
Dr Bruniges is a Member of the Order of Australia and is an Adjunct Professor at the
University of New South Wales. In 2012, Dr Bruniges was nationally recognised for her work in
public policy as a joint recipient of the Inaugural 100 Women of Influence Awards.
15:50 - 16:50
16:50 - 17:00
Communicating with emotional intelligence
Engaging followers and forging lasting relationships is a core leadership skill. Technical and functional skills are
critical to performance and the achievement of results; however it is the capacity to engage and communicate with
others and to understand oneself and those around them that enables great individual contributors to become
great leaders. The third session will explore ways to enhance your communication through a deeper understanding
of emotional intelligence.
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