Bailey Island Hobo Bag (Advanced Beginner Level)

Bailey Island Hobo Bag
(Advanced Beginner Level)
Class Supply List
Instructor: Carol McLeod
Got lots of leftover batting? How about 2 ½” fabric strips? Here’s a practical
and decorative bag project using both! Cut batting into 2 ½” x 45” strips. (If
your 2 ½” wide strips are not long enough, learn to use batting seam tape to
fuse them together.) Layer batting strips onto 2 ½” x 44” fabric strips, fold
and stitch to enclose raw edges and form tubes. Then zigzag stitch these
tubes together.
Class goal is to complete SMALL BAG - if you want to make the LARGE BAG please follow the instructions to sew
38 batting tubes BEFORE coming to class -you will zigzag stitch the tubes together in class
Materials and Tools:
(Cutting your fabric and batting before class is preferred)
Pattern Required: Bailey Island Hobo by Aunties Two
Fabric Requirements:
Strips for Bag Body:
Small Bag:
12 - 2 ½” x 44” strips
Binding, Handles, Pockets:
Small Bag:
¾ yard of fabric
Large Bag:
38 - 2 ½” x 44” strips
Large Bag:
1 ¾ yards of fabric
Batting 45” wide – use medium weight batting like Warm and White or Quilter’s Dream Deluxe
Cut strips 44" long or any length and learn to fuse them together in class (batting seam tape will be provided in
Small Bag:
1 yard of batting cut into 12- 2 ½” x 44” strips
Large Bag:
3 yards of batting cut into 38- 2 ½” x 44” strips
2 Large buttons (front and back), 2 medium buttons (sides), 4 small buttons (inside)
Magnetic Snap or Button
Matching Cotton Thread
Use a 50-weight 2-ply thread for machine sewing and heavy cotton thread (like embroidery or perl cotton)
Other Tools: Sewing Machine with a good zigzag stitch. Machine needles: Microtex 90/14 and Jean’s or Denim
needle 100/16 or 110/18. A plexi-glass extension table is helpful. Scissors (both large and small), rotary mat and
cutter (60mm works best), acrylic ruler, hand sewing needles, marking tool like chalk, pins, a seam ripper and
measuring tape.
(Note: Although there is a video on a batting technique on our website,, do not use that technique
for this bag. The instructions that follow are different, a bit easier and result in tubes that are slightly wider.)
Select one 2 ½” x 42/44” fabric strip and one 2 ½” x 45” batting strip. Lay fabric strip wrong side up. Lay batting
strip on top, matching all edges. Treat these two layers as one.
Fold each long edge to the middle. Then, fold in half lengthwise with single folded edge to the left and double
fold on the right. Stitch all the way down the double fold edge close to the edge (about " seam). This seam will
show near the edge of the tube. Sew 38 tubes.
Bali Bag Class Summary
by Carol McLeod