24.04.15 Common Representation to 7th CPC

Submission of Common Representation of 10
Associations to 7th CPC.
Central Office is aware about Member’s concern about inclusion in 7th CPC.
ARTEE took an initiative to generate consensus to submit a common
memorandum to 7th CPC on behalf of All Recognized Associations.
We succeeded and today the 24.04.15, a Memorandum is submitted to 7th CPC
by ARTEE President along with Office bearers of PSA- Executive Member Sh.
Dashrath Prasad, Sh. Rajiv Dubey and Sh. Arvind Dhanwick, Gen.Secy. AREA.
While submitting Memorandum, a brief meeting was also held and Sh.
Mahendra Singh, Officer Concerned, informed that he is aware of this issue of
Central Government Employees working in Prasar Bharati on Deemed
Deputation. He also assured to consider the Representation submitted today
Click here for Representation submitted on behalf of All Recognized
Associations to 7th CPC.
Central Office has also received information that there are some efforts going on
to mislead Members about submission of ARTEE’s Memorandum to 7th CPC. It is
informed that ARTEE submitted its Memorandum on 29th August 2014. Today
(24.04.2015) we inquired in 7th CPC about issuance of Acknowledgement. It was
informed by the concerned Office that, due to some problem in the software
system acknowledgement could not be generated for many Associations, but the
officer acknowledged from the records that, our Representation is received and
being considered along with other Memorandums.
Click here for Cover note of ARTEE’s Memorandum
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We want to assure our Members that, all efforts are being made with full
sincerity that the benefit of 7th CPC is extended to our Members.
Central Office