Dom Pattinson Adrian Pritchard Georg Scheele George

Dom Pattinson Adrian Pritchard Georg Scheele George Underwood Pascale Fey
Dom Pattinson
Dom was born in Suffolk in 1969 and studied at the Winchester
expression, his clever use of repetition, highlights that we may
School of Art and Glasgow School of Art. His fascination with
appear similar like all animals but each of us have our own
Urban and Street art stems from his time living in the Soviet
distinct personality. For amongst the black and white zebras
Union and Northern Ireland, as he recognised the murals
some are painted with a myriad of colours, wearing comedy
and graffiti as forms of dissent and protest. Today, he works
glasses and are the jokers in the pack. The same applies to his
primarily on canvas, producing playful images alluding to a
roaring bears. Dom alternates between strict stencilling and
social-political context, be it concern for the natural world or
loose over painting giving the work an immediacy and fluidity.
human rights.
He subverts our expectations, with humour and vitality. The
The artist has previously set up treasure hunts which took
place in Washington DC and London, where his iconic
multicoloured zebras were hidden around the city under the
idea of ‘hidden art’ perhaps stems from ‘found art’, whereby
art is given value in context of it being in a gallery, otherwise
it is something just discarded and abandoned.
title ‘Stand Proud, Stand Out’. The artist is doing the same
Dom is an outstanding urban artist, his work has a massive
for this exhibition in the Algarve with 10 original pieces each
high profile following. George Clooney gave a piece of his
worth €2,600 hidden around the areas of Quinta do Lago,
work as a wedding present to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
Vale do Lobo, Almancil, Vilamoura and Loulé.
Dom Pattinson’s work celebrates individuality and freedom of
At times they appear mischievous and whimsical, yet they are
also subtly subversive and seriously collected.
Mixed media on canvas
Bear Roar
130 x 140cm
Mixed media on canvas
I Herd You Coming
100 x 140cm
Mixed media on canvas
Stand proud, Stand Out
130 x 140cm
Adrian Pritchard was born in 1973 in Lancashire and did his
Masters at Slade School of Art. Adrian has a deep rooted
interest in physics and therefore has a scientific approach to his
art, which culminates in his creative use of geometric patterns.
His work has always been a play between ordered and disordered
states, using viscous fluids in a free flowing way. Patterns are
formed partly by design and in part by happy accident. Adrian’s
source material for this series stems from decorative Islamic art.
Simple forms such as the circle and the square are combined,
duplicated, interlaced and arranged in intricate combinations.
Ceramic tiles are also an important source material, but
Adrian Pritchard
Oil-Based Polyurethane
Focal Red Exclipse
118 x 118cm
fundamentally Adrian is a contemporary artist, whose work
explores the materiality of his medium, allowing the paint to
create is own shapes and patterns through gravity and time.
Oil-Based Polyurethane
Blue Coats of Arms
118 x 118cm
Oil-Based Polyurethane
DNA Lost
118 x 118cm
Georg was born in Germany in 1961 and studied as a stonemason
in the marble centre of Europe in Carrara, Italy, where he honed
his skills. His pieces explore space in the most sublime way, he
creates incredible free flowing forms, abstracted lines, which
interlock and curve graciously around a central point. What is
remarkable is the sense of lightness, the fluidity of movement,
which defies the hard medium of marble.
Georg Scheele has seen the great Modernist sculptures, such as
Hepworth, Moore and Arp. These artists played with absence,
where what is removed is just as important as what remains.
Scheele’s work has a sensual delicacy, which spirals into itself,
Georg Scheele
94 X 72 x 46cm
generating fascinating interconnections. These sculptures are
poetic, they are tightly controlled yet are conversely loose and
free. They confound our expectations of what marble carving
should be in beautiful and brilliant ways.
76 x 65 x 43cm
88 x 64 x 44cm
George Underwood was born in 1947 and studied at Bekenham Art
School. He worked on numerous books and album covers, including
the artwork for David Bowie’s Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust. David
Bowie a friend and collector has said that, ‘George has refined his
work to the point where I would put him among the top figurative
painters coming out of the UK right now’.
There is something rather dark and mysterious about his figures, a
nod to the medieval Gothic. George takes this odd array of stern
looking characters and plays with symmetry and repetition.
Oils on Linen
81 x 81cm
At times, we enter a dream-like surreal world, where the faces
appear on curved paper cut outs, a strange wall of geometric
shapes and forms. These expressionless faces, muted colours and
refined costumes are all part of Underwood’s psyche. This weird
and wonderful world appeals to numerous collectors from around
the world.
Oils on Linen
55 x 70cm
Oils on Linen
81 x 107cm
Pascale Fay was born in La Rochelle, France and moved to Portugal
after falling in love with the country and its people. Her experience
as a graphic designer allowed her to create rich and thick areas of
paint, initially covering the canvas in black to make for a darker
tableau whereupon she layers blocks of colour, making a simple
and refined world for her fantasy character ‘George’ to explore.
There is real physical presence to this dream-like realm.
‘George’ is her avatar and is a quirky, mysterious character, like a
1950’s detective he explores the world around him always curious
and discovering the new. At times ‘George’ climbs up to heaven
to reach for the stars at others he stares at posters perhaps
looking for clues.
Pascale Fey
The artist creates a world full of humour and intrigue. Who is
‘George’ and what will he get up to next? Pascale denies us any
direct answers but delights us with a character on a voyage of
Acrylic on canvas
Acrylic on canvas
Le voyageur
100 x 100cm
Acrylic on canvas
Le Sens de la Vie
150 x 90cm
Defense d’afficher 2015
60 x 92cm
Back Cover
Dom Pattinson
That’s All Folks! 2
130 x 140 cm
Mixed media on canvas
Acrylic on canvas
le caresseur d’étoiles
70 x 150cm
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