Minutes - Arroyo High School Knights Band and Color Guard Home

Arroyo Band Boosters Meeting Minutes
March 31, 2015
Meeting called to order @ 6:02 p.m.
Minutes Approved for 3/3/15 meeting
Minutes written by: Michelle Finke
Treasurer’s Report: Marcela Castro
Beginning Balance: $18,304.62
Total Deposits: $7,048.70
Total Disbursements: $17,761.97
Ending Balance: $7,591.35
Band President: Nicky Chow
● Leadership groups working on different banquet decorations
● Band made $68 selling pasta at the Knight Market during Open House on 3/25
President’s Report: Rose Lazo
● Banquet starts @ 6pm; arrive @ 4:30 to set up(decorate)
● Centerpiece with silhouettes on display; themed items can be added along with LED
tea lights; arrange a date prior to banquet to drop off decorations
● Voted on white linens with black napkins; centerpieces ½ black and ½ blue
● Extend formal invites to Administrators and staff(techs)
● Accepting banquet payments $32 per person due by 5/1
● Next meeting on Cinco de Mayo; potluck sign up sheet available on website
(meeting date may be changed)
● Signed up for Chamber of Commerce; create letter of introduction with info. directing
potential sponsors to website sponsorship page
● Begin process for swap meet during Spring break
● 4/30 Musical Night Coffee House put on by Drama Dept. asking for Boosters to
help decorate; cabaret style student run show
Colorguard VP: Rosy Algarin
● Winterguard took 1st place @ Nogales; moved to a higher division
● In order for winterguard to use the district truck w/lift it must be driven by a
district employee (Revised 5-6-15)
Indoor Drumline VP: Jesse Beserra
● Indoor drumline didn’t advance to finals; looked fantastic, great performance
Upcoming Events:
● 4/3-4/10 Spring Break
● 4/12 Winterguard @ Kaiser HS (Fontana)
● 4/17-4/19 Wind Ensemble (San Diego); leaving @ 11am on 4/17; leave zoo by 4pm on Sun.
● 4/25 Jazz Band @ Workman HS
Winterguard Championships @ H. B.
● 4/26 Winterguard Finals @ U.C.I.
● 5/2 Jazz Band @ Mt. Sac
● 5/5 Regional Festival (Wind Ensemble) @ Burbank HS; (Booster meeting scheduled
for 5/5 may be changed, date TBA on booster website)
● 5/9 Jazz Band @ RCC
● 5/19 dress rehearsal for Spring Spectacular
● 5/20 Spring Spectacular @ Arroyo Gym
● 5/23 Banquet @ Almansor Court (Alhambra)
● 6/2 Mandatory meeting for incoming and returning band/guard members
Kathy Evanilla:
● Seniors attended Open House @ Citrus College on Wed. 3/25
● Fair share should be paid in full
● Fundraisers are finished
Next Meeting: Scheduled for 5/5/15 may be moved to a different date
(updated info. will be posted on Booster website)
Meeting adjourned @ 7:08pm