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Annual Meeting
April 24, 2015
Rodd Charlottetown Hotel
Call to Order
Greetings – Anne Sutherland Boal, Chief Executive Officer, CNA
President’s Address
Presentation of Reports
Nutrition Break
Completion of Business
Lunch Break
Education Session - Problematic Substance Abuse in Colleagues: Do you know how to help?
Problematic substance use by nurses is important because of its negative impact on persons receiving care, on the public trust
and on the nursing profession. It is important to remember that the rational for intervening when a nurse exhibits
inappropriate nursing behavior is the protection of the patients, not the punishment of the nurse. It is also important to
understand that if nurses demonstrating problematic substance use do not receive help, they are in danger of harming
patients, themselves and colleagues, as well as damaging the public’s trust in the employer and in the nursing profession as a
whole. Nurses should be familiar with the warning signs of problematic substance use so they can fulfill their obligation to
protect the public and ensure their colleague receives appropriate care. (CNA 2008)
1315-1325 Introduction - Nancy MacFadyen, ARNPEI President
1325-1340 Substance Abuse Statistics - Paul Boudreau, ARNPEI Coordinator of Regulatory Services
1340-1500 Respond Now: Every RN’s Role with Problematic Substance Abuse Susanne Priest, Nursing Practice Consultant, Nurses Association of New Brunswick
1500-1530 Revisiting Self-Care - Jane Herring, MN
Closing Remarks/Evaluations