Pillars 2015 Administrative Instruction

Army Cadet League of Canada
British Columbia Branch
Lt-Gen E. C. Ashton Armoury
Room 21 – 724 Vanalman Avenue
Victoria BC, V8Z 3B5
Phone 250-708-0281 / Fax 250-708-0284
Toll Free: 1-877-733-1980
Pillars 2015 Conference and Annual General Meeting
“Building stronger foundations”
May 1 – 3, 2015
Victoria, BC
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“PILLARS 2015 – Building stronger foundations” is the eleventh meeting of its kind bringing together the
various major stakeholders who contribute to the success of the Army Cadet Program in British Columbia. The
conference is supported by the Army Cadet League of Canada (BC Branch) and the Department of National
Defence (DND). In the interests of efficiency, we hold in addition to the PILLARS conference, the Annual
General Meeting of the Army Cadet League of Canada (BC Branch). Collectively this series of events form a 3day gathering of all constituents of the Army Cadet Organization within BC.
Upon arrival Friday the 1st of May 2015, members of the Army Cadet League of Canada (BC Branch),
Canadian Armed Forces personnel, special attendees, and invited guests may register between 1200 - 2100 hrs
in the Work Point Barracks Gunroom (Annex of the Wardroom Officers Mess of CFB Esquimalt). This will also
be the location of the Meet & Greet for all conference attendee’s and invited guests. Late arrivals may register
Saturday morning from 0700 to 0800 hrs in the Gunroom.
Pillars 2015 is a great opportunity to take a weekend and learn through discussion, workshops and
presentations from a wide range of expert speakers, and each other, about optional training activities,
fundraising, community links, accommodations, gaming, fundraising, public affairs, local support allocation
(LSA), and more.
Eligibility to Attend the Annual General Meeting and PILLARS 2015 Conference:
Any member of the Army Cadet League of Canada (BC Branch) in good standing is eligible, welcome and
strongly encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting and PILLARS Conference. Corps Sponsoring
Committee members are considered in good standing if their annual League levy has been paid – there is no
requirement to pay the $20 annual membership dues. The annual membership dues only apply to ACLC-BC
Branch Executive, Zone Chairs and interested community supporters. Everyone should also be aware that
there is only one vote per Sponsoring Committee on each resolution or motion at the AGM.
Commanding Officers or their designated alternate officer are highly encouraged to attend the
conference. Local Sponsoring Committees are encouraged to remind, and to plan the attendance of, their
Corps Commanding Officer’s. DND is not funding the transportation costs of the corps CO’s – Sponsoring
Committees are requested to budget and pay for their CO to attend.
PILLARS Conference – Saturday the 2nd of May 2015:
The conference includes adult and cadet presenters from the national to local levels, as well as, joint
session discussions highlighting zone activities. Details known so far are attached as Annex E (the DRAFT
Conference Agenda), and updated / final drafts will be available at www.armycadetleague.bc.ca when the
agenda is finalized. It will also become part of the joining / registration package and will be available
electronically prior to the conference and at check-in as it is updated and finalized. Our evening social and
silent and live auction will occur on Saturday night.
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Annual General Meeting – Sunday the 3rd of May 2015:
The Annual General Meeting is planned for Sunday morning from 08:30 to 10:00 am. The outline agenda
will be made available on our website www.armycadetleague.bc.ca and an updated copy will be available
upon registration check in. Please note that the AGM is for Sponsoring Committee’s and members of the
Army Cadet League of Canada (BC Branch) only and not intended for Corps CIC Officers. CIC Officers will have a
concurrent meeting with their ACO’s during the AGM.
PILLARS Conference & AGM Administration Points:
The conference registration fee is $85.00 per person if paid by the 1st of April 2015, if paid after 1 April
2015 the fee is $100.00. The fee includes coffee, snacks, conference handouts, PowerPoint presentations,
facility fees, Work Point Barracks accommodations, all meals, attendance at the Friday meet and greet and the
Saturday night social and auction.
For those who wish to attend the AGM and the entire conference proceedings, it is recommended that
one arrive Friday in the late afternoon or early evening and depart after noon on Sunday. All attendees who
decided to not utilize the pre-approved accommodations and meals will be responsible for their own meals
and accommodation, as well as, transportation to and from your hotel.
Payment of registration fee and forwarding of registration information:
10. Attendees are requested to return their completed Registration Form per Annex A no later than April 20,
2015 (to allow adequate time to adjust accommodations and meal allotments) to the Executive Assistant:
By mail to the address noted on the form; or
By FAX (1-250-708-0284); or
By e-mail: [email protected]
11. To facilitate accounting, cheques should normally be forwarded with Annex A. Cheques are to be made
payable to the “Army Cadet League of Canada – BC Branch” and submitted to the League office by mail to:
PILLARS Conference 2015
Army Cadet League of Canada – BC Branch
Lt Gen EC Ashton Armoury
Room 21 - 724 Vanalman Avenue
Victoria, BC, V8Z 3B5
Pillars 2015 Registration Desk:
The registration desk will be located:
Friday, 1st of May 2015 between 1200 – 2100 hrs in the Gunroom – Nixon Building 1367
(same location as Meet & Greet)
Saturday, 2nd of May 2015 between 0700 - 0800 hrs in the Gunroom – Nixon Building 1367
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Accommodation, Meals and Travel information:
13. Through special arrangements with DND and base accommodations, the conference fee of $85.00 per
person now includes: accommodation for one single bed in a four bed room at Work Point Barracks for the
Friday and Saturday night; all meals in the galley starting Friday night until Sunday at lunch; attendance at the
Meet & Greet and Saturday night social and auction; the conference proceedings; and all IT and venue costs.
14. These “on-base” rooms contain four single beds each and will be assigned based upon a first come, first
serve basis. The rooms are same – sex only. Please indicate on the registration form if you would like to share
a room with a specific roommate(s). Towels are not provided – please bring your own.
15. The League will not cover costs associated with other accommodations or meals out of the conference
fees. If a member or attendee does not wish to stay at these accommodations or eat at the Work Point galley
the conference fee remains at the current rate and members will be responsible for the cost of their own hotel
and meals.
For those arriving by car, parking near the Work Point Barracks Accommodations is free of charge.
17. The League can provide pre-arranged transportation from Swartz Bay Ferry and the airport to Work
Point on Friday with return transportation on Sunday. Please contact the Executive Assistant, Madeleine Dahl,
if you would like to request transportation – [email protected]
18. Members of Sponsoring Committees who are attending PILLARS 2015 are encouraged to consider
traveling with their respective Corps Commanding Officer or officer designate to help keep travel costs as low
as possible. The Regional Cadet Support Unit (Pacific) have no Temporary Duty allowances to facilitate CIC
Commercial Accommodations
19. For those who wish to stay at a local hotel instead of the military style barracks, the League have
arranged accommodations at the downtown Victoria Harbour Towers Hotel & Suites, off the Inner Harbour,
with rates starting at $120.00 per night which also includes breakfast for two. See the attached Annex D for
details on booking this excellent offer.
20. The cost for this hotel is not covered with your conference fees, however, if you still wish to enjoy the
meals offered at the Work Point Galley, those costs will be covered by your conference fees.
Saturday Evening Social / Reception & Fund Raiser
21. On Saturday, May 2, please arrive at the Gunroom between 1800 to 1830 hrs for the evening social /
reception. Planned activities start at 1845 hrs and include a number of awards and presentations; a silent and
live auction fundraiser; and live cadet band entertainment. Each corps is requested to prepare a basket for the
silent auction. It does not have to be a cadet theme – please get creative – see Annex B. There will be a nohost adult refreshments bar at your expense. There will be light finger food available as part of the cost of
admission. Dress is appropriate business attire or league jacket and tie. All members who have paid their
4 / 15
conference fee are eligible to attend at no cost. For those only attending the social, the admission is $15.00
per person, payable in advance, up until April 20th or $20.00 at the door - see Annex A.
Security and Space Control
22. The Conference Director and / or League Vice-President are responsible for security and allocation of
seating at all sessions. Depending upon local conditions, attendees may require a lapel pass or conference
identification for entrance to the Nixon Gym for the conference and the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
Should passes be necessary they will be included in individual registration packages. Sponsoring Committee
members should bring their Army Cadet League of Canada – identification card. CIC officers should bring their
military ID cards.
23. Dress for the conference on Saturday is appropriate business attire or league jacket and tie or sensible
equivalent. Dress for Sunday is casual attire. The dress for CIC Officers on Saturday and Sunday is 3B or 3C
except during the Meet & Greet and Saturday night social where the dress is appropriate business attire.
Inquiries and returns concerning the meeting and conference should first be directed to:
PILLARS Conference 2015
Army Cadet League of Canada – BC Branch
Lt-Gen E. C. Ashton Armoury
Room 21 - 724 Vanalman Avenue
Victoria BC V8Z 3B5
Email: Madeleine Dahl, Executive Assistant - [email protected]
Local 250-708-0281
Toll free at 1-877-733-1980
We are looking forward to seeing you at PILLARS 2015.
//Original signed by//
Philip A. Sherwin
Email: [email protected]
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Annex A - Registration form for AGM, Conference and Social
Annex B - Pillars Silent Auction Basket Request Form
Annex C - Map of Victoria (Work Point Barracks) and surroundings
Annex D - Downtown Hotel (Harbour Towers Hotel & Suites) Registration Information
Annex E - Saturday Seminar/Conference Agenda (Draft enclosed / Final to be promulgated)
Advisory Council
Zone Chairs
League or Corps Sponsors
Corps Sponsoring Committees
6 / 15
All Army Cadet Corps of BC (CO’s)
RCSU (Pac)
Area Cadet Instructor Cadre Officers (ACICO’s)
39 CBG Affiliated Unit CO’s or their Rep’s
Vernon Army Cadet Camp Alumni
Honorary Officers Association of BC
Pacific Region LO to ACLC (BC)
Air Cadet League of BC
Navy League of Canada BC Branch
National Office of the Army Cadet League of Canada
Guest Speakers
NavPA Esquimalt
Royal Canadian Legion BC/Yukon Division
Annex A - PILLARS Conference 2015 Registration Form
Please complete and submit this form alongside the conference fee payment to:
PILLARS Conference 2015
Army Cadet League of Canada – BC Branch
Lt-Gen E. C. Ashton Armoury
Room 21 - 724 Vanalman Avenue
Victoria, BC, V8Z 3B5
Email – [email protected]
The conference fee is $85.00 by April 1, 2015 or $100.00 after April 1st.
The conference fee includes: Work Point Barracks accommodations, all meals at the galley, entrance to the
Friday meet and greet, and entrance to the Saturday evening social and auction, and AGM.
Cheques are made payable to the “Army Cadet League of Canada – BC Branch”
Please complete the following:
Corps Number and Location
Position or Association
with Corps or League
Complete mailing address
Phone number
Please complete the applicable travel information:
Flight number and date and time of arrival and
Ferry sailing and date and time of arrival and
ARRIVAL - Do you require transport from the Victoria
airport or ferry to Work Point?
DEPARTURE - Do you require transport from Work
Point back to the airport or ferry?
7 / 15
Will you be staying in the military accommodations provided at Work Point? YES
If yes, is there anyone you would like to request as your roommate? (4 people per room)
Will you be staying at the Victoria Harbour Towers Hotel & Suites? YES
IMPORTANT - The cost for this hotel is not covered with your conference fees, however, if you still wish to
enjoy the meals offered at the Work Point Galley, those costs will be covered with your conference fees. No
transport is provided from the hotel to the conference.
Please circle the answer that applies to you:
Will you be eating all of your meals at the galley?
Do you have any dietary allergies / preferences?
If yes, please specify the allergy or preference:
Will you attend the Friday meet and greet?
Will you attend the entire Pillars conference?
Will you attend the social on Saturday night?
* If only attending the social the fee is $15 if paid by April 20th, 2015. Or it is $20 at the door.
Are you attending the AGM?
Is your conference fee enclosed?
8 / 15
Annex B - Pillars Silent Auction Basket Request Form
We need your help with the Silent Auction…
Each cadet corps is encouraged to donate a basket for the Silent auction on Saturday night. Funds raised help
offset the conference fees, as well as, raise money for the BC Army Cadet League to assist Corps Sponsoring
Committees throughout the cadet training year. Your participation in this silent auction is greatly appreciated.
Name: _______________________________________________________________________
Role/Rank: ____________________________________________________________________
Email: ________________________________________________________________________
Phone/cell: ___________________________________________________________________
Corps: ________________________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
Auction item: (If you are contributing a basket, and items cannot be seen readily, please list the items the
basket includes so bidders will know what they are getting)
Title of the basket: _____________________________________________________________
(Have some fun with this, be creative!)
VALUE of basket/item: _________________
Contents include:
If the auction items were donated by a business – please provide their name and address.
Business’ Name: ________________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
If the item is a gift certificate, hotel stay, etc. Please provide specifics that will help sell the item to our bidders
(i.e. overnight stay - how many days, for how many people, what the donation includes - i.e. A bottle of wine,
breakfast, etc.)
Please complete this form and email to [email protected]
Baskets will be collected at the Pillars registration desk.
9 / 15
Annex C - Location of Work Point Barracks Gunroom / Nixon Gym /Accommodations / Galley
Entrance to Work Point will be at the Peter’s Street Main Gate entrance. Government ID may be required to
enter the base. Please bring your League ID card or Military ID.
The Nixon Building 1367 is where you will find the Pillars Registration booth and Friday night Meet & Greet.
The conference will be held at this building in the gym.
10 / 15
Annex D - Downtown Hotel Registration Information
Rates start at $120 per room and includes breakfast for two people.
For those of you who wish to register online, please follow the URL below:
(if the link does not work, copy / paste into your Internet Browser)
Or telephone the hotel directly at Reservations: 1-800-663-5896
For both methods of booking a reservation, please use the booking code:
For our conference attendees who wish to bring families or friends and arrive a little earlier in the week or
stay a little later after the conference, Harbour Towers Hotel & Suites have offered us the opportunity to book
up to three days in advance or after the conference, at the same great rate (under the same booking code
Some information on the hotel: Harbour Towers Hotel & Suites is
located within Victoria's Inner Harbour, just steps away from
Victoria and minutes away from the Work Point Barracks
Gunroom/Nixon Gym & Base Accommodations (main location for the
Pillars 2015
Harbour Towers is walking distance to wide variety of shopping, dining and exciting
activities. Our friendly and knowledgeable guest service associates will do their best
to make you feel at home, because we understand the smallest detail can make the
difference between a good stay and a great stay.
Enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep in our guest rooms‚ some of which
dramatic vistas of the Inner Harbour and surrounding mountains. These
guest rooms range from standard to one-bedroom, two-bedroom and
Penthouse suites. Enhance your stay by savouring West Coast cuisine
perfectly crafted cocktails in Vic’s, our hotel restaurant, and keep
up with your daily routine in our fitness centre - complete with
weight room, indoor pool, hot tub and sauna.
11 / 15
Annex E – Pillars 2015 Draft Agenda
1 - 3 May 2015
Work Point Barracks
Friday, 1 May 2015
Delegates arrive from around Province
- Executive
Registration & check in at Gunroom or Nixon Gym – Bldg 1367
Pre-arranged transportation from Ferry & Airport
- Paul MacDonald
Supper (Work Point Galley – Bldg 1373)
(for those who are on the meal check-list or paying cash)
Meet & Greet in Gunroom (Bldg 1367)
Continued Registration – 1630 – 2100
- All Attendees
- Invited Guests
Military - smart casual
Civilian - smart casual
League - smart casual with appropriate name tags
12 / 15
Bar Closes
- Mess Manager
Saturday, 2 May 2015
Breakfast (Work Point Galley – Bldg 1373)
(for those who are on the meal check-list or paying cash)
Late Arrival Registration (Nixon Gym – Bldg 1367)
- Executive
Arrival / Administration Points – Nixon Gym (Bldg 1367)
- All Attendees
- Invited Guests
Military - #3B / #3C;
Civilian - appropriate business attire;
ACLC-BC Branch Exec/Zone Chairs – appropriate League attire
Keynote Address - TBA
- President
ACLC-BC Branch Update / National ACLC Update:
- President
- Vice-President
- Executive Assistant
- Cathy Bach
- Roger Prouse
Introduction of Invited / Special Guests
(RCSU CO as an example);
Introduction of Executive and Zone Chairs;
Discussion of National ACLC AGM (April 24-26); and
CO RCSU (Pac), Cdr Muir to address Conference
- President
What is the role of the 39 Canadian Brigade Group?
- Capt Mike Stephan
Linkage into RCSU(Pac) as well as RegF / ResF Support
39 CBG Affiliated Support Unit vs Affiliated Unit
Coffee Break – Gunroom (Bldg 1367)
- All Attendees
- Invited Guests
1000 -1130
Interactive Stations by Zones (10 min per station)
- Zone chairs rotate
through all stations with
Trg Groups
1) Best Practices / Lessons Learned – Cathy & Shannon & Jan
2) Recruiting & Retention – TBA
3) Screening & League ID’s – Suman Kumar
4) RCSU (Pac) – Cdr Muir, Maj Deck, ACO’s, Capt Russell
5) Gaming & Fundraising – Grant & Daphne
6) Tax Receipts & Awards – Madeleine & Louise
7) Recruitment of CIC – Philip
8) Public Affairs – PAO & Richard
Lunch (Work Point Galley – Bldg 1373)
(for those who are on the meal check-list or paying cash)
1240 - 1300
What is the Local Support Allocation (LSA) fund?
1300 - 1315
Cadet Corps Success Story
1315 - 1330
Senior Cadet Experience:
“My cadet career and what cadets means to me”
13 / 15
1330 - 1355
Award Presentations:
- President
President’s Trophy – Top Cadet
BGen (Ret’d) Darrell Dean Fitness Award –
Top Fitness Male & Female
Maj Sam Meckbach – Top Para Cadet
Coffee Break – Gunroom / Lobby of Nixon Gym
- All Attendees
- Invited Guests
1420 - 1440
Introduction to Orienteering
- Maj Hildebrandt
1440 - 1500
Introduction to Marksmanship
Open Forum Panel Discussion
- President
- Vice-President
- Executive Assistant
- Cathy Bach
See end of agenda for a possible list of topics to be discussed
Supper (Work Point Galley – Bldg 1373)
(for those who are on the meal check-list or who have paid in advance)
Move to Gunroom (Bldg 1367) for Reception.
(at Reception: ACLC (BC Branch) & RCSU(Pac) Awards + Silent &
- All Attendees
- Invited Guests
Live Auction Fundraisers)
Military - Smart Business
Civilian - Smart Business
League - Smart Business with appropriate League name tag
(concurrent with events during the evening)
- OPI Silent / Live
Static display of Cadet(s) activities
- President
Silent Auction Fundraiser
(mass band on patio or alternate Nixon Gym)
2483 / 2289 / 3005 Combined Brass & Reed Band
- 2136 Drum Line & Pipers
Awards Presentations:
14 / 15
Awards of Excellence for:
First Aid
Most Improved Corps;
Maj Charles Whisker Award (Top Volunteer);
Roy Rigby-Jones Trophy (Best Corps);
Gerard Buckley Fund
- President
- Vice-President
Silent Auction continues
- OPI Silent / Live
Live Auction
- OPI Silent / Live
Bar Closes
- Mess Manager
Sunday, 3 May 2015
Breakfast (Work Point Galley – Bldg 1373)
(for those who are on the meal check-list or paying cash)
(Bldg 1367 Nixon Gym) - See separate agenda
- President
- Vice-President
CIC Meeting with ACO’s
- ACO Land
Annual General Meeting of the ACLC-BC Branch
(Seamanship Division Classroom (off the Nixon Gym)
or Collier Building Theatre)
Carry-over of discussion from Saturday or final points
for Conference Attendee’s
- President
- Vice-President
- Executive Assistant
End of Conference & AGM
- All Attendees
Pre-arranged transportation to Ferry / Airport
- Paul MacDonald
Lunch (Work Point Galley – Bldg 1373)
(for those who are on the meal check-list or paying cash)
Potential Open Forum Panel Discussion Topics - Saturday, 1500 – 1630 HRS
15 / 15
Role of Sponsoring Committee(s) (Cathy / Grant):
Sponsoring Committee Handbook (Roger / Cathy);
Accommodations (Phil / Grant):
Insurance (Liability & Fire / Theft);
Recruitment (RCSU / Phil / Cathy); and
Training Support - budget & scheduling (Madeleine / Grant);
Volunteer Screening (Suman);
Finances (Shannon);
Financial Aspects & Obligations (Shannon):
Local Support Allocation Claims (RCSU):
Annual Allocation; and
Fitness Allocation;
Budget & Budget accountability (Cathy / Shannon / Grant);
Fundraising (Cathy / Shannon / Grant);
Government Grants (Cathy / Shannon / Grant):
BC Government; and
Donation Requests (Phil / Cathy / Grant):
Service Organizations;
Veterans Groups;
Commercial / Private Donations; and
Tax Receipts (donors); and
Working relations with the CIC (ACO / Madeleine).