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No question, I think we would all agree
that this spring has been a most interesting
one in terms of weather, events, Wall
Street trends, etc. Let’s just say that there
Footwear 3-4
have been a lot of “ups and downs.” On
the other hand, from our perspective in
Headwear 4
the outdoor community, one thing that
has been “up” is the spring turkey season
Handwear 4
sales. We are having a great spring selling
Chief Sales Officer
season and it is in full swing with about
Hunting Accessories 5-7
Haas Outdoors, Inc.
a month to go in many northern states.
Mossy Oak Brand Camo
Reports and feedback within our group
Firearms & Optics
suggests that most everyone is having a
fantastic spring and perhaps the best in
many years for consumer activity. We speak with all distribution channels
and have determined that the consumer definitely responded to the
Archery 9-10
efforts at retail centered on the spring turkey season. For that, all of us at
Mossy Oak congratulate you for energizing the category and once again
Home Decor, Gifts
supporting Mossy Oak and our Obsession pattern across the spectrum of
& Accessories
turkey hunting products. As we close out the month of May, there are many
states where the spring season remains open. Please continue to provide
us feedback, as we are curious as to how strong we will finish up at the retail level and where inventories
will end up.
Apparel 2-3
As our focus now turns to fall expectations, you will begin to see more exciting and innovative products in
this issue dedicated to fall purchases. We are pleased to bring you many of our licensees and what they
will be highlighting this fall with their new products in Mossy Oak. We have spoken with many of these
licensees, and they too are extremely optimistic of the fall consumer activity especially after coming off of
a great spring. We ask that you please take a hard look at the many products and feel free to reach out
directly to the licensee, or you may contact your Mossy Oak account manager. Either way will work and we
hope you find something that you had not seen or maybe even needed some additional information on.
In the months to come, you will also see a very broad and comprehensive marketing effort from us to support
and drive our stable of camo patterns. You will also see a dedicated plan that delivers on messaging the
Mossy Oak brand and our many sub brands like never before. The consumer has responded very favorably
to our branded plays, and today our Mossy Oak brand is the strongest it has ever been. If you want to
see more on the Mossy Oak enterprise and a sneak peak to what we are doing, visit our newly renovated
website at www.mossyoak.com. You will quickly see the changes we made to the site and why the consumer
has made Mossy Oak the number one selling camo brand in the world.
From all of us at Mossy Oak, thank you for your support and as always, if you need anything, please do not
hesitate to call on any of us here at Mossy Oak.
Walls Industries
817-645-4366 • www.walls.com
Director of Soft Goods
Cell 662-275-7771
Office 740-965-5519
[email protected]
Account Manager
Soft Goods
Cell 662-275-3643
[email protected]
With decades of experience in the
hunting apparel industry, Walls is
excited to bring fresh styles to the
game this season. Not only is Walls
combining supreme garment quality
with Mossy Oak heritage, they are
bringing it to hunters in cotton! Additionally,
you will find updated takes on traditional
styles with details like accent color-blocking
and reversibility.
The Color-Blocked 6-Pocket Cargo Pant and
Long Sleeve Cape Back Shirt are new favorites that work for
spring or fall. In 100% cotton brushed twill, these items promise
lasting durability and comfort. With an ample amount of storage pockets and
a unique look, these pieces top it off with function and style. Pant available in
M-3XL Regular and shirt in M-5XL Regular in Break-Up Infinity and Brush.
For the hunter looking for options, Walls is offering reversible items like the
Insulated Hooded Jacket to make it easy to switch from work to play. The
camo side is 100% cotton brushed twill and the solid side is 100% cotton
canvas. Pockets on both sides are lined with brushed tricot for warmth. You
can’t go wrong with this versatile jacket. Available in M-5XL Regular in BreakUp Infinity and Brush.
SPG Apparel • 800-553-1098
• www.spgcompany.com
SPG Apparel is proud to present a brand new line of Mossy Oak
sweatshirts and Ts for men, women and youth. The Mossy Oak Applique
Sweatshirt is versatile and guarantees long wearing comfort. The
sweatshirt features Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity in the drawcord hood
and on the center chest logo. This sweatshirt makes an ideal layering
garment, yet is great worn alone, with rib-knit waist and sleeve cuffs.
The durable Mossy Oak Break-Up sweatshirt is made of a 60/40
cotton/polyester blend and is soft to the touch. It features bright colors
lined in the drawcord hood and printed on the center chest logo. This
sweatshirt is a great addition to any hunter’s wardrobe. These are just
two offerings within a full line of quality casual Mossy Oak Ts and
Drake Waterfowl Systems
866-521-5012 • www.drakewaterfowl.com
The LST 4-in-1 Wader Coat 2.0 is designed with true waterfowling features that
can’t be found anywhere else. The shell jacket has Spring-Open(tm) shell pockets, a
Magnattach call pocket, zippered security chest pocket, Deep Water handwarmer
pockets, four zippered storage pockets, and an oversized rear pocket for storing
extra gloves, dog lead, heat packs, and other bulky items you want to keep out
of the way. The liner jacket even has its own set of features, including a Magnattach call pocket,
zippered chest pocket, and lower zippered hand pockets. The liner jacket is also reversible and
has 200 grams of poly-fill insulation.
The LST inslated bibs are loaded with features designed specifically for the harsh conditions of
duck and goose hunting. “Against The Body” fleece-lined hand-warmer pockets in the torso area
of the bib feed off your natural body heat to stay warm. Next, we incorporated three of Drake’s
Instinctive Features, The Magnetic Chest Call Pouch, Zippered License/Key Pouch and our Call
Separator into the bib. The most unique features are the two-way, top-to-bottom zippers on each
side of the bib making it easy to access your boots or under layers, but best of all, these bibs can be
zipped completely off without removing those muddy boots.
Itasca • 651-633-8800 • www.itascafootwear.com
The Itasca Bayou is the ideal boot and shoe for wet, muddy or sloppy conditions.
Weather is no longer an issue when you are in a pair of Bayous. In the duck blind,
the field, sitting around the campfire or working in the yard, your feet will always stay
warm and dry. Built with a durable and flexible rubber shell outsole and topped off
with a Break-Up Infinity neoprene upper, the Bayou is tough but light and comfortable
enough to wear all day.
LaCrosse • 503-262-0110 • www.lacrossefootwear.com
AeroForm technology is the revolutionary construction used to build the
AeroHead. It starts with a flexible and insulating neoprene sock. A liquid
rubber seal is applied to the back seam of the sock, adding durability and
allowing flexibility needed to slide the boot on and off. Finally, a liquid
polyurethane is injected into a mold around the sock, forming a lightweight
and insulating shell completely around the food and up the shin of the boot.
Inside the mold, a thick layer of polyurethane lies between the neoprene and
the outsole, joining the rubber outsole to the boot and creating a supportive
platform that offers cushion and comfort underfoot. The AeroHead is
comfortable and built to last.
Grubs • www.grubsnorthamerica.com
Frostline 5.0 has 5mm of insulation rated to below freezing. It has
5mm of CR-Foam and moisture wicking terry polyester lining. TRAX
sole and EVA midsole gives superior grip on all surfaces.
Treeline 8.5 has 8.5mm of insulation rated +60 to -40 degrees
Fahrenheit and tested to the extreme in the northern forests of
Sweden. The leg is covered in super protective (SP) rip-stop pattern
in Mossy Oak Break-Up camouflage. Vibram’s excellent multi sport sole gives superior
grip on all surfaces.
Treeline 10.5 has 8.5mm of insulation rated +60 to -40 degrees Fahrenheit and tested
to the extreme in the northern forests of Sweden. It combines fleece, Highloft and 5mm
of CR-Foam, with the addition of a 2mm natural rubber overlay on the shaft to protect
the wearer in dense scrub and woodland. A stretch calf panel at the top allows for a custom fit. Vibram’s
excellent multi sport sole gives superior grip on all surfaces.
Outdoor Cap• 888-639-4953 • www.outdoorcap.com
THUGS (Today’s Hunters United for Good) cap series: Turkey THUGS cap in
Obsession camo with a khaki mesh back. Deer THUGS cap in Bottomland camo
with a tan mesh back. Turkey THUGS cap for ladies in Break-Up Infinity camo and
pink accents. All caps are washed with adjustable closures.
Seirus• 800-447-3787 • www.seirus.com
The Dynamax Quick Headliner is a form-fitting 3-in-1 hat, facemask and neck warmer.
Featuring 4-way stretch for performance, micro-brushed liner for warmth and wind resistance,
this ultra thin and stretchy glove is lightweight, warm and moisture wicking.
Seirus• 800-447-3787 • www.seirus.com
The Xtreme Gauntlet camo glove is 100-percent waterproof with a great form-fit. Four-way
stretch allows for maximum performance and it features a sensitive trigger finger design.
Mi-T-M • 800-367-6486 • www.mitm.com
Account Manager
Sales & Licensing
Cell 662-295-5594
Office 662-513-0921
Built for tough jobs in tough environments, each generator
delivers reliable electric backup and are powerful enough
for anything the outdoorsman can throw at them. Power your
hunting cabin and campsite without worry because the built-in
receptacles let you plug in directly with no adapter. Available
in three wattages, 3600, 6000 and 8000, each is powered
by a Mi-T-M OHV engine with low oil shutdown and features
a rugged 1-inch steel tube frame. The 6000 and 8000 watt models come
standard with a wheel kit for easy portability.
[email protected]
Dead Ringer • 585-756-5850 • www.deadringerhunting.com
The Beard Buster and Duck Buster sights from Dead Ringer have been
engineered and manufactured as the perfect solution for Waterfowl Hunters
and Wing Shooters alike. The low profile mounting system and small diameter
optical locating devices have been designed for all-weather hunting conditions
with a lifetime guarantee. This product is made of 100-percent machined
aluminum and will outlast other brands made with fragile plastic components.
Quaker Boy• 800-544-1600 • www.quakerboy.com
The THUG Glass is a high-pitched, extremely loud glass call. This call is teamed up with a
waterproof carbon striker that will make it sing no matter the weather conditions.
The Big Bully is a user-friendly call that will make bucks come running. The Big Bully is built
with hardwood and carbon rod mixtures to produce the most realistic buck fight or sparring
match. You can rattle aggressively as an all out battle or simply rub the rods together to
simulate a harmless sparring match.
THUG Brawler is actually built to the specifications of a live whitetail buck’s throat with the
user-friendly mouth piece, bellows and reverse cone sound chamber. The sky is the limit as
far as reproducing all grunt sounds, loud or soft, tending or aggressive. This is a call that no
deer hunter should be without.
Travel Chair• 253-851-7519 • www.travelchair.com
Travel Chair introduces compact, portable seating for hunters and outdoorsmen. The
Blind Hunting Stools are available in two styles, Wingshooter and Ultimate Wingshooter.
Both stools feature adjustable seat height from 18-22 inches, pockets for ammo and
accessories and quick and easily set up and pack up. The Ultimate Wingshooter adds a
backrest for added comfort.
Radians• 877-723-4267 • www.radians.com
By combining electronic amplification and automatic compression technology, Radians Hunter’s
Ears have revolutionized hearing protection for the sports enthusiast. The main benefit of an
electronic earmuff is the enhancement of outdoor sounds while providing concealment, warmth,
comfort, and ear protection from muzzle blast sounds.
Radians also has Mossy Oak camouflage patterns available in its arsenal of vision protection.
Journey Jr. camo shooting glasses are specifically designed for younger shooting and
hunting enthusiasts. Polarized Cobalt safety glasses provide a quality polarized lens. This
specialty lens eliminates reflective glare that directly hits the lens and also a portion that hits
at other angles.
The Hunter’s Kit provides the combination of eyewear and hearing protection in one
convenient kit. The Journey shooting glasses with a full wrap around frame and 4-position
telescoping temple is available with a Cease Fire earplug or a pair of tan custom molded earplugs.
Duluth Pack• 800-777-4439 • www.duluthpack.com
Duluth Pack now offers shotgun and rifle cases that are as finely crafted as your
favorite firearm. Whether you choose all leather or canvas/leather, both come
with reinforced ends of leather and are lined with a premiumpadded fleece. Please indicate gun length when ordering. Order
4” longer than gun to ensure a proper fit.
Pistol Rug
Protect your prized pistol with one of our finely crafted Canvas or Leather Pistol Rugs. The
small size will accommodate pistols up to 10.5 inches in total length. The large size will accommodate pistols up to 13.5 inches in total length. Protect your investment with the highest quality pistol rug available. Now available in Mini for your smallest handguns.
All Day Lumbar Pack
Our All Day Lumbar Pack is the result of years of technical input from serious sportsmen and
women around the country. With enough room and support to carry all of your gear for a
serious adventure, this lumbar pack will help keep you going strong from dawn until dusk.
Great to use when hunting, fishing, or sport hiking.
Flambeau Outdoors
601-879-9323 • www.primos.com
Shotgun Case
Primos’ Hook Hunter mouth call
case holds up to 8 mouth calls and can be
mounted to your leg or worn around the
neck for easy access.
The WingMan turkey chair makes staying
still and comfortable easy. The steel frame
holds up to 300 pounds and features
a high, mesh back for comfort and
breathability on warm days.
The neoprene bow sling fits bows 28-38
inches. It protects your bow, cams and string
for all parallel limb bows.
Lightweight and comfortable, the Gobbler vest’s
pockets are designed for specific calls to keep
you organized.
A gun case that is as finely crafted as your favorite firearm. Whether you choose all leather
or leather/canvas, both come with reinforced ends of leather and are lined with a premiumpadded fleece. Please indicate length when ordering and whether the case will need to
accommodate a scope. Order 4” longer than gun to ensure a proper fit.
The patent pending
MAD MAX-Blind system
allows hunters to sit
flat on the ground,
instantly rendering them
invisible. The frame is
a basic shooting stick
that allows hunters to
rest their guns in the
ready position. Diecut blind material covers the shooting stick,
making it undetectable as well. In the ready
position, the hunter may reach up to each
fork of the shooting stick, pull up and over the
knob to create a fully extended blind in an X
configuration. The MAD MAX-Blind can be
setup and taken down in seconds.
Game Plan Gear • 877-544-6611
• www.gameplangear.com
GamePlan Gear’s Full Rut Backpack and Rattling System keeps horns
quiet and safely stowed. The rugged Hypalon-material ‘Wing System’
secures rattling antlers of virtually any size. Simple and effective, two
generous gear pockets secure the main beams, hugging them tightly
to the pack. Included with the Full Rut Backpack and Rattling System is
GamePlan Gear’s PackStrap, which can be easily customized on the
various webbing loop attachment points to better haul additional gear
such as a quiver or even a bow. Built for the hunter who wants a pack
with pockets, the Full Rut Backpack and Rattling System boasts countless storage options.
Rhino Chokes • 352-528-6110
Sr. Account Manager - Hard Goods
Cell 662-275-8272
Office 603-522-2199
[email protected]
• www.rhinochokes.com
RHINO’S Thunderbolt Series is designed around
our patented port hole design. The holes are
designed as wad strippers. This design allows the
shot stream to develop and maintain itself with
zero interruption and interference from the wad,
therefore producing 33-percent more consistent
and more uniform shot patterns than any other
choke. The Thunderbolt Series offers Turkey Thug, Waterfowl, Dove/
Pheasant and Predator.
Remington • 336-548-8632
• www.remington.com
The new Versa Max Sportsman Turkey in Obsession camo features
Remington’s revolutionary Versa Port Gas System. It cycles 2 ¾, 3,
3 ½ inch shells interchangeably. The recoil is comparable to 20-gauge and it has a 22-inch rifle sighted
Weaver Optics • 800-635-7656
• www.weaveroptics.com
Making a perfect shot on a gobbler has never been easier. Weaver’s new KASPA
1-4x24mm Turkey Scope features the revolutionary Vertical Zone Turkey (VZT)
Reticle. The VZT Reticle’s straight-sided, slot shape is designed to naturally settle
the center crosshair on the critical point in the middle of a turkey’s neck. The
two oval slots are designed to provide references for 20 and 40 yards at maximum magnification. At
close range, the top of the turkey’s head and base of its neck will fit inside the larger outer slot. At longer
distances, the top of the turkey’s head and base of its neck will fit inside the smaller, inner slot. In either
case, the center crosshair will sit on the center of the neck for precise shot placement.
Browning • 801-876-2711
• www.browning.com
Last year Browning resurrected the Auto-5 humpback
design and this year the company is offering the gun in 3
1/2-inch. Back and better than ever, these shotguns have
the same nostalgic appearance as the classic A5 with
state-of-the-art internals. The recoil-operated Kinematic
Drive cycling system is impervious to temperature, moisture and grime. It’s so reliable, in fact, that Browning
backs these guns with an incredible 100,000-round, five-year guarantee. The A5 is offered in new
Shadow Grass Blades.
203-230-5300 • www.mossberg.com
Mossberg is pleased to offer the latest in waterfowler
concealment by debuting the new Mossy Oak Shadow
Grass Blades pattern on six fully-camouflaged Waterfowl 12-gauge shotguns for 2013. Choose from
dedicated Waterfowl versions of our 835 Ulti-Mag, 535 ATS and 500 Pump-Actions or our softer-shooting
935 Magnum and 930 autoloaders. Combining Mossy Oak’s new true-to-life Shadow Grass Blades pattern
with the legendary reliability and performance of Mossberg shotguns is almost a guarantee that the ducks
don’t stand a chance!
Winchester • 800-945-5237 • www.winchesterguns.com
The bold look of the Super X3 is more than just
aesthetic. The stock, grip and forearm dimensions
are slimmer for a lighter, more controlled feel.
Contributing to the feeling of lightness is an
ultralight alloy magazine tube and recoil spring
system that removes a half pound of weight. The
new lightweight barrel further reduces weight with a
narrow profile and a machined rib. Inside the barrel you’ll find .742” Back-Bored Technology for the ideal
combination of shot uniformity and velocity.
Whether its super-speed clays or fast-flushing upland game, keep up with shooting’s fastest action with the
Super X Pump, the perfect choice for pump shotgun lovers. Because of its inertia-assisted slide-action, it’s the
fastest in the world for follow-up shots. Three shots can be delivered in just a half second. Cycle one through
and see if it’s not the finest fitting, sweetest handling and fastest pump out there.
Ranch Fiberglass • 574-294-7550 • www.ranchfiberglass.com
This high quality tonneau cover enables outdoor sporting and hunting
enthusiasts everywhere to seal and secure their valuable gear while
outfitting their truck in Mossy Oak camo. Though features, options, and
structure are extremely important, the stand-out feature of the Camo Lid is
the finish. The smooth glossy finish, combined with the depth of the pattern,
has heads turning and several people asking how it was made. It’s not a
standard wrap, sticker, or dipping process. It’s a new process involving
a very specific, high-quality print on a fiberglass (type) veil, and a new
chemical technology. The result is an extremely deep and beautiful finish
with several layers of UV protection.
SPG Auto • 800-553-1098 • www.spgcompany.com
She can bring a splash of color to her ride while keeping the
interior protected from dirt and water with Mossy Oak BreakUp pink camo seat covers, steering wheel cover and floor
mats. Seat covers made from durable 600D fabric protects or
covers seats while stretchable padded neoprene fabric grips
the steering wheel for added comfort. Molded rubber and fabric
insert keeps floors cleaner in any element.
SPG’s Ducks Unlimited branded automotive line up gets a refresh
with the Shadow Grass Blades pattern. A variety of interior and exterior accessories
ranging from seat covers, floor mats and license plate frames will feature the pattern.
541-284-4711 • www.bowtecharchery.com
Account Manager - Archery
Cell 662-275-0340
[email protected]
Now archers everywhere can have the ultimate archery experience.
BowTech Archery, the industry
leader in innovation, introduces
Experience, an incredibly smooth
compound bow built to enhance
every hunt with exceptional
performance and ultimate stealth.
Featuring new industry changing
technologies, Experience delivers
a smooth draw and silent shot with ultra low vibration and pinpoint
accuracy every time. Available in Break-Up Infinity.
Covert Scouting
520-884-9065 • www.pse-archery.com
877-462-1799 • www.dlccovert.com
Introducing the Dream Season DNA by
PSE. Created by using a riser forged out
of state-of-the-art, ultra-light and ultrastrong aluminum alloy, the new DNA
weighs in at only 3.7 lbs. It features
PSE’s new Center Pull technology that
places the arrow in the exact center of
the bow for unparalleled tuneability and
exceptional performance. The amazing
new Core cam produces speeds of
up to 352 fps, has 5 inches of draw
length adjustment on the inner-cam,
and is incredibly smooth. The DNA
also features the new Centerlock 2 Limb
Pockets, FleX Cable Slide, Backstop 2 and all the other
features you expect from PSE.
TenPoint Crossbows •800-548-6837
New for 2013 by
popular demand, Covert
Scouting Cameras has
added HD video with
audio to the popular
Extreme Series. On
the Black 60 and Red
40 cameras, we also
increased the megapixles
from 8 to 12. Both
models have a nighttime
flash range of over 60 feet, a 1.2 second
trigger speed, plot watcher capabilities,
and 32GB SD card capacity all backed by
Covert’s one-year warranty.
• www.tenpointcrossbows.com
TenPoint Crossbow Technologies’ Stealth SS crossbow has a new stock assembly
featuring the Functionally Superior Bullpup (FSB) stock, which uses strategically
placed cutouts or ports to reduce weight and improve balance. The ergonomic
design is configured with optimal comb-height and length of pull. Its embedded
barrel employs rubber inserts and dual-purpose rubber safety wings to further
reduce noise and vibration. With the new FSB stock and barrel configuration, the
Stealth SS measures just 34.4-inches long and weighs only 6.8-pounds, making it
the most compact crossbow TenPoint has ever produced.
Director of Licensing Operations
662-494-8859 x2209
[email protected]
Airstrike offers a wide variety of Mossy Oak
license plates featuring camouflage and wildlife imagery. The license
plates are made out of aluminum metal making them durable and long
lasting. Each plate is printed using fine detail and bright vivid colors for the
best graphics. The license plates are clear coated with a UV resistant clear
to protect the plate from fading.
Girls with Guns, Inc.
Lavish Aprons
951-545-0662 • www.lavishaprons.com
Hoodie is made
of 60/40 cottonpolyester fleece.
The hoodie
features Sherpa
lining and faux
fur trimmed
drawstring hood.
Nite Ize • 800-678-6483
Mossy Oak is happy to partner with
Lavish Aprons to offer camouflage aprons
that appeal to women. Featuring Mossy
Oak Break-Up and pink accents, ruffles
and even bling, these aprons make great
The aprons are available in three styles,
all made in the USA. Each style has extra
long waist ties and inset pockets with
removable satin bow with rhinestones.
• www.niteize.com
This Rugged Holster is made of durable ballistic nylon to protect from impacts, and
accented with weather-resistant, rugged hypalon material. This case is designed to
keep your phone safe and at-hand on your belt, in a fixed horizontal position. Two
universal sizes accommodate most phone sizes with or without form fit cases. Your
phone stays secure with a durable hook and loop closure, and an interior pocket
provides a handy place to store ID, credit cards, or cash.
Croakies • 800-443-8620
• www.croakies.com
Artisan Belt: Lightweight and fashionable, Croakies Artisan Belts
are based in function. The sublimated printing gives the Mossy
Oak patterns a vibrant and detailed one size fits all, cut-to-fit belt.
Eyewear retainer: The original neoprene eyewear retainer
keeps your glasses held in place. Color fast, washable and
comes in both regular size and XL with Mossy Oak patterns.
Suiters cotton eyewear retainer: Made of comfortable and soft polyester, these adjustable
eyewear retainers with Mossy Oak prints are 14-inches long, washable and made in the USA.
Jamberly Group
The ciao! baby
folding baby
chair will make
travel, camping,
tailgating, picnics,
and trips to
grandma’s house
more convenient.
This portable high
chair is perfect for
the family on-thego.
Knight Sleeping Bags
720-413-1174 • www.knightsleepingbags.com
The ComforT Bag is a lightweight
sleeping bag with the perfect
combination of warmth and comfort
for indoor and warmer weather
use (50-70 degrees). Although
conceived for use by Firefighters as a
convenient sleep system for rotation
duties, anyone can enjoy its benefits.
Whatever your passion or profession,
the versatility of Knight
sleeping bags make them
an unmatched choice.
ATV Logic • 800-624-1297 • www.atvlogic.com
ATV Logic provides the highest quality ATV
accessories and storage solutions for all types of ATV
users. Our Deluxe ATV Pack features a wrap-around
design to keep lots of gear handy on the back of
ATVs. It has three roomy, lined compartments. Two of
the compartments are insulated with leak proof liners to double as coolers. The
ATV Handlebar Pack is great for keeping necessities like your wallet, phone,
keys, and GPS handy and protected as you ride.
Pacific Cycle • 608-268-2468 • www.pacificcycle.com
Pacific Cycle offers the Mossy Oak Mountain Hunter mountain bike, which
comes equipped with 24 speeds for maximum performance. This dualsuspension mountain bike has four bars, allowing for a smooth ride in rough
terrain. The 26” mountain bike rides on Kenda Cortez tires with 36-hole
alloy rims. Also featured on this bike are Promax front disc brakes that allow
the rider to control their downhill descents. A rear alloy linear pull brake is
ready for extra braking power when guiding this dual-suspension mountain
bike down a steep slope. Featuring a Mossy Oak camouflage patterned frame, this bike is perfect for any
Tool Tamer
Preserve the freshcaught taste and
texture of your game
– keep it as tasty as
the day you brought
it home. Butcher
wrapping and icepacking can’t prevent
freezer burn, but
vacuum packaging with FoodSaver
Appliances will. Game lasts up to three years after
vacuum sealing. Created for avid sportsmen who are
drawn to gear that reflects their passion for hunting,
fishing and the outdoor lifestyle, the Bronze unit
features Break-Up Infinity and is reliable and rugged
to the core.
TK2 LLC has added
Mossy Oak camo Tool
Tamers to their line
of portable storage
systems. All of TK2’s
Tool Tamers combine
versatility, durability
and portability so users,
especially hunters and fishermen, can organize
objects of all shapes and sizes. Tool Tamers
can be easily installed on any vertical surface
such as doors or walls in hunting camps, sheds,
garages, deer stands and duck blinds. Users
can take advantage of the Tool Tamer’s slim
profile and eliminate bulky shelving that eats up
valuable floor space. It is also perfect to hang
on the roll cage of a UTV.
877-777-8042 • www.foodsaver.com
225-907-0993 • www.tooltamer.com
Koss Corporation • 414-967-1519 • www.koss.com
The Koss KMO20g is a full size stereophone built for comfort, durability and performance.
Dynamic elements are employed for extended frequency response and paired with
large leatherette ear cushions that deliver maximum isolation. A tough
exterior and additional headband sling make the KMO20g headphones
both comfortable and reliable.
The Koss KMO15 on-ear stereophone is a lightweight headphone perfect
for the outdoor lifestyle. In-line volume control allows for quick and easy
volume adjustment without the hassle of fiddling around with the MP3
Durability, portability and the Sound of Koss are all seamlessly packed together in the reliable KMO5
earbud, ideal for the outdoors user. The Koss KMO10 earbud includes two earbuds so you never have to
go without the Sound of Koss.
My Pool Pal • 800-453-9399 • www.mypoolpal.com
My Pool Pal offers Mossy Oak boys and girls flotation swimsuits, swimwear
and accessories to keep your little ones safe by the pool or at the beach.
Mossy Oak Salsa • 888-800-0828 • www.mossyoaksalsa.com
All natural with a sweet and fruity flavor, Mossy Oak Honey Apple Salsa contains tomatoes,
peppers, onions, garlic, honey, and pieces of apples. Enjoy on chips or your
favorite grilled hotdog or hamburger. It’s a great ingredient to use in cooking.
Mossy Oak Roasted Garlic Salsa heaps tomatoes, garlic, peppers, onions, and
spices in every jar. It’s a great addition to tacos, salads, or homemade burritos,
also a timeless classic with a bag of chips.
For those who enjoy smoky Southwest flavors, Mossy Oak Black Bean and Corn
Salsa is a great accompaniment to any southwestern dish. Made with tomatoes,
peppers, sweet corn, black beans, brown sugar, and natural smoke flavor.
Marvel Group
Pursuit Energy
Regardless of your work
space, you can show your
love for the outdoors with
these camo office chairs from
Marvel. Marvel produces
over 20 models of chairs
featuring Break-Up Infinity
including “Fermata” Mesh
Back Executive, Operational
and Task Chairs. The
“Allegra” series consists
of a complete line of fully
cushioned upholstered chairs with a wide
range of features.
Finally, Mossy Oak fans and outdoor
sportspeople have the energy drink they’ve
been waiting for. Introducing Mossy Oak
Pursuit Energy Drink, the thrill of the hunt,
canned. This drink has it all. It looks great
with Mossy Oak’s famous camo on the
outside. High quality ingredients, with
just the right amount of caffeine, taurine
and B-vitamins, give it smooth energy and great flavor
on the inside. Help your Mossy Oak fans stay sharp
and focused while enjoying the great outdoors. Mossy
Oak Pursuit Energy is available in 4-pack crates or 24pack cases and is the perfect complement to all outdoor
related inventory.
773-843-7550 • www.marvelgroup.com
888-606-3353 • www.pursuitenergy.com
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