Lola Gentry Originals Western and English Riding Patterns

Western and English
Riding Patterns
Patterns to sew for the whole Family
Lola Gentry Originals
Offered by Walker’s Western Wear of Arizona
Dear Customer:
Thank you for your interest and continued use of “Lola Gentry Patterns“. The first patterns, that
were made and sold in 1960, were for Bell Bottoms. Individual measurements were obtained
and each pattern was cut by hand out of brown wrapping paper. We have learned recently that
some of these original patterns are still being handed down to Great Grandchildren.
Most of the patterns are now printed, in house, on large sheets of white bond paper, as orders
are received. The following multi-sized styles are printed on tissue paper:
Range Rider Coat #1135 in two size ranges, as shown below.
Men and Boy’s Classic Western Shirt Patterns #1138, shown on page 16.
Women and Girls Basic Western Blouse Pattern #1137, shown on Page 4
Horse Blanket Pattern, One Size Fits All, shown on Page 15.
All Patterns are multi-sized unless otherwise stated.
Best Wishes,
Walker’s Western Wear of Arizona
1135 Range Rider Coat
(Shown on Front Cover)
This coat is one of our most popular patterns.
It is like those worn in the 1800’s, old west
movies, by Rhinestone Cowboys, and the real
Cowboys of yesterday and today. Make it
with denim or duck.
Ladies, it is a real show stopper made out of
velveteen or satin with added embellishments.
Men/Women 32-52 Chest ·······················$6.00
Boys/Girls 2-16 ······································$6.00
(printed on Tissue Paper)
Men/Women 1X-5X ·····························$14.00
(printed on White Bond Paper)
1233 Tiered Blouse
This tiered color block blouse with
mandarin collar zips in back. Use
lace for yoke and lower sleeve
section for a real show stopper.
Women 30-42 ……$9.00
9330 Raglan Sleeve Blouse
1216 Show Blouse
Use self ruffles or lace to set
off neck, front yoke, and
pointed cuffs. Extra long tail.
Zipper Back.
Great for any riding event.
Mix ‘n’ Match fabrics to make this
blouse. You could call it a blouse of
many colors’. It’s easy to make and
you’ll love it.
Women 30-46 ……$9.00
Women 30-38··············$9.00
Girls 8-14 ····················$8.00
4001 Body Blouse
Pattern requires stretch fabric and nylon zipper. Make it
with or without snap crotch. Child size 2-6 has full sleeve
only. Not Fitted
Women 30-38 bust ············································ $10.00
Girls 8-14 ···························································· $9.00
Children 2-6 ························································ $8.00
2184 Gibson Girl Blouse
This Old Fashioned blouse has many possibilities. Pattern
includes the Gibson Girl sleeve and leg-o-mutton sleeve.
Sleeves are interchangeable with other patterns such as
1137, 9502 and 2068. Zips in back.
Women 50-48···················································· $10.00
Girls 8-14 ··························································· $9.00
Child 2-6 ···························································· $8.00
2068 - Cotton Candy Blouse
Bib style front with rows of gathered lace. Mandarin collar,
front shirt type band for buttons or snaps. French and barrel
cuff patterns included.
Woman 30-44··························································· $9.00
9502 Sleeveless Blouse
This princess pattern has many
possibilities with fabrics as well
as adding different sleeve styles
to it. Shown here with spots
around collar and blouse tail.
Women bust 30-42 ······ $8.00
Girls 8-14 ···················· $8.00
1137 Basic Blouse
This pattern can be transformed into dozens of different styles. Included are two sleeve styles, mandarin and shirt collars, bib and three yoke patterns.
Use your own ideas to create additional styles.
Women bust 30-44································· $6.00
Girls 2-16················································· $6.00
9909 - Big Chief Shirt
Big Chief, Little Chief, Brave, Princess or Indian Squaw, this pattern is
decorated with fringe and a Thunderbird appliqué.
Men/Women, Chest Size 36-48············································· $9.00
Boy/Girl Size 8-14 ······························································· $8.00
Child Size 2-6 ······································································ $7.00
2173 Unlined Zipper Jacket
Use as a jacket or blouse pattern.
Fancy yokes are appliquéd on for
easier construction.
Women bust 30-42············ $8.00
Girls 8-14 ························· $7.00
8011 Equitation Shirt
Two matching yokes and cuff styles are included.
Concealed zipper or button front closure.
Women Bust 30-46············································· $9.00
Girls 8-14 ··························································· $9.00
9011 Equitation Pants
Side zipper, slash pockets in front and yokes to match shirt.
Women Waist 22-40············································ $9.00
Girls size 8-14 ····················································· $9.00
1011 Panty Briefs - Easy to make panties for pennies.
Women hips 33-44·························································· $6.00
Girls 8-14 ······································································ $5.00
Children 1-7···································································· $4.00
1010 Pantaloons - Elastic waist, Lace ruffles and ribbon on legs.
Women waist 22-38 ························································ $7.00
1012 Camisole - May be made as a blouse or underneath thin blouses.
Women bust 30-44························································· $7.00
9406 Scroll Appliqué
This intricate scroll design
may be used in parts or
whole on jackets, shirts,
skirts, pants or anything
else your heart desires.
All sections are numbered
and can be reassembled in
the overall design.
1001 Blouse Yokes
Set of five … $8.00
8790 Prairie Swinger Skirt
Skirt gathers onto pointed yoke.
Wide double-headed ruffle around
bottom. Make it with lightweight
denim or any cotton fabric of your
choice. Pattern is sized for women’s
hip measurements.
Women hips 33-47 ··············· $9.00
5125 Wrap Around Skirt
Buttons at under lap on right side and ties
on the left side. Great for light weight
denim, chambray, cotton sheeting or make it
with Guatemalan Cloth.
Women One size fits all ·············· $10.00
9504 Broomstick Skirt
Fabrics such as challis, cottons,
velveteen, etc., may be used for this
pattern. Three to five tiers.
Elastic Waist.
Women Hip Size 33 - 48 ·· $8.00
7501 Long Fitted Skirt
Denim or leather work very well
for this pattern.
Women Hip Size 33-46 ··· $9.00
2123 Divided Riding Skirt
Make it whatever length you desire.
Yokes are optional. If using denim or
ultra suede .. just fringe it to avoid
Women waist 22-38·············· $14.00
1796 Square Dance Dress
Pattern has three bodice styles
from which to choose. Full two
tiered skirt.
Women size 8-24··········· $14.00
2096/2097 LaVaquera &
Meaning Cowgirl & Cowboy
This suit has the flavor of old Mexico.
The Bolero has a shawl type collar.
Pants have high-rise waist. It’s easy to
make. Sized by waist and chest measurements.
Women LaVaquera
2906W Jacket 30-42 ·············· $8.00
2907W Pants 24-35················ $9.00
Men LaVaquero
2906M Jacket 32-48················$8.00
2097M Pants 28-46 ·················$9.00
7117 Fitted V-Neck Vest
Pattern has three pieces and it’s lined.
Shown here made of Guatemalan cloth.
Talk about a Fashion Statement! This is it.
Women 30-42································· $8.00
Girls 8-14 ········································$7.00
Girls 2-6 ··········································$6.00
2107 Princess Vest w/Pleats
This eye catching vest has double
inverted pleats in back. Notched
lapels extending to pointed collar
in back.
Women bust 30-44 ············$8.00
2116 Scoop Neck Vest
Display ruffles with this low cut vest. This
pattern works well with Blouse 2068 (pg. 4).
Women bust 30-34 ·····························$7.00
Women bust 36-40 ·····························$7.00
2179 Beau Catcher Vest
V-Neck with front and back yokes. Zips down to
the bottom of band. For knits or stretch denim only.
Women bust 30-42····································· $7.00
8003 Short Lapel Front Jacket
Front and back pointed yokes in keeping
with traditional styling.
Women 8-12, 14-18, 20-24·········$8.00
Girls 8-14 ···································$7.00
Girls 2-6 ·····································$6.00
8002 Short Overlay Jacket
Front overlap buttons to the left. Back
pointed yoke is optional.
Women 8-12, 14-18, 20-24······ $9.00
Girls 8-14 ································ $8.00
Child 2-6 ································· $7.00
1022 Rodeo Queen Jacket
7502 Three Button Vest
2136 Saco (Jacket)
Ties in back at waist. Has
front and back yokes.
This most unusual Mexican
style easy to make wrap is
cut in one piece having only
underarm seams. Any fabric
that can be fringed will do.
Women bust 30-42 ···· $7.00
Girls 8-14 ·················· $6.00
Women 8-22 ········· $10.00
2133 Shawl Collar Jacket
Scroll design on this jacket uses
contrasting piping and inlay.
Gorgeous when made of ultra suede
or velvet.
Women 8-22························· $9.00
Traditional fingertip length
jacket used buy Rodeo Queen
Contestants. This jacket is a
great one to wear with skirts and
slacks too.
Women 8-22················· $10.00
Girls 8-14 ······················ $9.00
2183 Unlined Jacket
This pattern has pointed
yokes in front and back, flaps
over insert pockets and
pointed band in back over
double inverted pleat.
9405 Chihuahuan Desert Embroidery
The above skull is just one of the 20 designs in
this package··········································· $8.00
Women 8-22 ············$9.00
Girls 8-14·················$8.00
Note: these patterns are not iron-on and must
be traced by hand.
2135 Fringed Jacket
Fringed Leather Jacket pattern is easy to
sew using Ultra Suede or Suede Skins.
Beading works well on this jacket. Pattern
includes lining. May be used for men or
Size 8-18······································ $10.00
9312 Long Unlined Coat
You will want to make more than one coat like this.
Make it out of denim, ultra suede, blankets, or any
other fabric suited for coats. Add spots, crystals or what
ever embellishments you desire to suede or denim. Lots
of possibilities with this pattern.
Women 8-18 ··············································· $12.00
Women 1X-5X············································ $14.00
9362 Western Tuxedo Coat
This Western Tuxedo lined coat has yokes, notched
lapels, fitted at waist with long tails and is easy to sew.
Women 8-18 ················································ $12.00
Women 1X-5X ············································· $14.00
7001 “Sixties” Bell Bottoms
At the end of World War II, the Bell Bottom craze
was like non other the fashion industry has ever
known. Now, high fashion designers are bringing
them back into the pants scene. As a result, I have
pulled out my master pattern and modified the bell.
Shown is my original pattern. The new bell is
smaller than the picture shown here, but the leg and
fit are still the same.
Women waist 22-38······································ $9.00
Girls 8-14 ····················································· $8.00
Child 2-6 ······················································ $7.00
5002 Jeans
Good Fitting five pocket pattern. Straight legs.
Women waist 22-38···························$9.00
Girls 8-14 ··········································$8.00
Child 2-5 ···········································$7.00
2159 Baby Buckaroo Shirt
Button front and snaps at crotch.
Pattern includes yokes and pockets
for boys and ruffles for girls.
Toddlers 6-24 months·········· $7.00
9360 Range Romper
Your littlest cowgirl will love
the comfort of this jumpsuit.
Moon, Star and deer appliqué
patterns included. Drop seat.
1002 Pant Yokes
Toddlers 6-18 month···· $8.00
Set of five······· $8.00
1776 Bicentennial Belle Dress
This old fashioned dress has tucks, scallops and
embroidery. So typically feminine of the 1800’s.
Women 8-20···········································$16.00
1790 Sun Bonnet
This bonnet came West with the early settlers and
was still popular much later ······················$5.00
1836 Independence Day Dress
In 1836 when Texas gained it independence, this
dress was very much in style and is a great idea for
today's fairs, centennials and other celebrations.
High collar, puffy three quarter sleeves, back zipper
and bustle.
Women 8-18··············································· $18.00
Side Saddle Dress
2049 Side Saddle Dress
Jacket has notched lapels and peplum with
back vent. Skirt buttons on left side for
walking or mounting for riding. Unbutton
when mounted. See sketch at left.
Women 8-18 ·································$20.00
Hat can be any large floppy straw
hat… Cover it with matching dress
fabric and plumes.
Special Sale
2172 Horse Blanket
Pattern can be lengthened or shortened
to fit all breeds and sizes. This pattern
is printed on tissue paper.
Was $4.00
Now $2.00
9908 Prince Albert Frock Coat
During the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s,
the frock coat was very popular. Now that
we are into a new Millennium we must keep
the ‘old fashioned look’ alive. Pattern is
knee length with pointed front and back
yokes, flaps over inset front pockets at
waistline and high center back vent with
inverted pleats on each side.
Men’s 32-52 chest ··························· $16.00
Men’s 1X-5X ·································· $18.00
9314 Old West Shirt
Shirt overlaps and buttons to the right side.
Denim, chambray, suede or just about any
shirt fabric will do.
Men’s chest 32-48························· $10.00
Men’s 1XL-5XL ··························· $12.00
2100 Raglan Sleeve Shirt
Raglan sleeve shirts are about the
most comfortable shirt you’ll ever
Men’s neck 14½-18½ ·········· $9.00
Shirts for Men and Boys
1138 Western Shirt
This classic western shirt pattern is easy to make and with almost any
type of fabric. Three extra (fancy) shirt sleeves included. Instructions
for all.
Men’s 32-56 chest···················································· $6.00 (tissue)
Boy’s 2-16 ······························································· $6.00 (tissue)
Men’s 2X-5X························································· $12.00 (white bond)
2169 Batwing Chaps
Buckle leg closures. A,B,C’s included. Three
buckle closures on each leg. Yokes, fringe and
ABC patterns included.
Men/Women 20-30 ·····································$10.00
Boy/Girl (youth) 16-19 ·································$9.00
Child 9-15·····················································$8.00
2170 Shotgun Chaps
Legs have zippers (average 24”). Yokes
pockets and ABC’s pattern included.
Men/Women 20-30···························· $10.00
Boy/Girl (youth) 16-19 ························ $9.00
Child 9-15 ··········································· $8.00
Batwing chaps 2169 or Shotgun Chaps 2170 may be laced
in front with buckle in back or visa versa, depending on
your preference. Order by thigh measurements.
2178 Western Jacket
This classic pattern has front and back yokes and flaps
over inset pockets. Gent below band at waist in back
Men’s chest 34-52 ··········································· $12.00
9329 Western Dress Pants
This is another classic pattern with keystone belt loops
and flaps over back inset pockets.
Men’s waist 28-46··········································· $10.00
2082 Jockey Shirt
Easy to make and a great money saver.
Ladies, sew one up for yourself and add
pipe beads on the front and you’ve got a
neat jacket.
Men’s chest 32-40·························$8.00
2079 Lined Vest
This popular style vest is available
in all sizes
Men’s chest 32-52 ············ $7.00
Men 1X-5X ······················ $9.00
Women bust 32-46 ··········· $7.00
Women 1X-5X ················· $9.00
Boys/Girls 8-14 ················ $6.00
Child 2-6 ·························· $5.00
6101 Classic Jeans
This pattern is one the whole family
will want jeans made from.
Men/Women waist 28-42 ······ $9.00
Men/Women 1X-5X············ $12.00
Boys/Girls 8-14 ····················· $8.00
Child 2-6 ······························· $7.00
9920 Coveralls
Western style yokes. Inverted pleats
in back at shoulders. Plenty of
roomy pockets. Zips in front and at
lower side seams.
Men/Women 1X-5X ············ $18.00
1190 Shearling Vest
This vest can be made on most
home sewing machines.
Men’s chest 32-52 ······· $8.00
1061 Shearling Coat
Can be made on most home sewing
machines, if instructions are followed.
Men’s chest 32-52 ··············· $9.00
1075 Jean Jacket
This classic jean jacket has been around
a long time and it’s still very popular.
Men’s chest 36-48·····················$10.00
1299 Classic Western Blazer
Elbow patches, yokes, outside pockets with flap are all
characteristic of this type blazer.
Fabrics such as wool, suede, denim, etc. may be used.
Men’s chest 32-52··········································· $10.00
Men’s 2X-5X·················································· $12.00
Women 8-24 ····················································· $9.00
2129 Saddle Seat Coat
Double inverted pleats in back.
Men’s chest 36-52·········$12.00
Women 8-24 ·················$12.00
Boy/Girl 8-16················$10.00
Child 2-6·························$8.00
2073 Long Saddle Seat Coat
Notched lapels, inset pockets with flaps.
High center vent in back with knife
pleats on each side.
Women 8-24 ···························· $12.00
Girls 8-16································· $10.00
1779 Olympic Riding Coat
Buttons to waist with flaps over inset pockets.
Back pleats on each side.
Women 8-22······································ $10.00
2130 Hunt Coat
Coat has high center vent in back. Flaps
over inset pockets and notched lapels.
Men’s Chest 36-52··················· $12.00
Women 8-24 ···························· $12.00
Boy/Girl 8-16··························· $10.00
Child 2-6···································· $8.00
2168 Flared Riding Breeches
Front Fly zipper and slash pockets. Velcro ankle closure.
Women waist 22-38············································· $9.00
2125M English Riding Breeches
Men’s waist 28-38 ····················· $9.00
2176 No Flair Riding Breeches
Snug fit with side zipper, slash
pockets, ankle length with zippers.
Men’s waist 28-44 ············ $9.00
Women waist 22-34·········· $9.00
Boy/Girl 8-16 ··················· $9.00
Men’s and boy’s 2176 have fly front.
2059 Kentucky Jodphurs
For Women and Girls
Side zipper, front pockets, reinforced knees.
Women waist 22-42 ·············· $9.00
Girl’s 8-16····························· $8.00
Child 2-6······························· $7.00
2166 Kentucky Jodphurs
for Men and Boys
2055 Dressage Breeches
Waist band, slight flare, reinforced knees and pockets.
Side Zipper, reinforced knees
and Velcro ankle closure.
Men’s waist 28-38····· $10.00
Boy’s waist 8-16 ·········$9.00
Women waist 22-38 ··· $9.00
2022 Formal Riding Shirt
French cuffs, detachable choker. ABC’s for
embroidery and hidden front zipper.
Women 32-44 ································· $8.00
Girls 8-16 ······································· $8.00
Child 2-6 ········································ $7.00
2012 Riding Shirt
Detachable choker, fitted cuffs and ABC’s
for embroidery on cuffs and choker.
Women 32-44······························· $8.00
Girls 8-16 ····································· $8.00
Child 2-6 ······································ $7.00
2063 Shadbelly Coat
Fully lined, double breasted, center back vent.
Pattern includes front points.
Women 8-22 ···································· $12.00
9206 Long Hunt Coat
Breast pocket and flap over pockets
at waistline. Center back vent.
Men 34-44 ·························$12.00
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