2015-16 Scheduling Preparations We are beginning our

2015-16 Scheduling Preparations
We are beginning our preparations of the master timetable for 2015-16, and will be asking for student
input in the way of course requests. In the next few weeks, students in Grades 9-11 will be brought to
computer labs to enter their requests online. We will do our best to meet the requests, but we are
unable to guarantee that all courses listed will be available, as course demand and staffing allotments
will determine the offerings.
Course Information for Parents
Parents are encouraged to ask about courses for next year when they attend Parent-Teacher interviews
this week. The current teachers, former teachers, administration and guidance counsellors will be
available to answer questions at that time. Parent teacher interviews are scheduled for Thursday, April
16th, from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm and Friday, April 17th, from 8:30 am to 11:30 am. If appropriate, you
could also phone the school to request a meeting or phone conversation with a guidance counsellor.
Course Recommendations
Teachers will prepare recommendations for selections of English and Math for all students, which will
automatically be entered as course requests for students. For students entering Grade 11, teachers will
also recommend courses in Science.
Course recommendations will be available through the PowerSchool Portal shortly. Please be watchful
of the ARHS website and the electronic billboard on front of the school for notification as to when these
recommendations are posted. If you need assistance using the PowerSchool Portal, please phone the
school. We can help you set up your access and/or we can look up the recommendations for your
If a student wishes to select a course that deviates from the recommendation, they will proceed with
the Appeal Process, whereby students and their families meet with teachers to determine a plan for
success in the course. Further information about the Appeal Process, including the deadline for appeals,
will be available at the time of course selection.