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George Couros
NETA 2015
"The smartest person in the room is the room"
"If you simply give kids a device to take notes, you've given them a $1,000 pencil."
"Would you want to spend the whole day in your classroom?"
This is how we do
it! K-2
Bouncy balls
management for noise)
Apps gone free
Aging booth, bald booth
Agnitus (fundamentals)
Thinking visibly
Vocabulary: pic collage, quizlet,
popplet, haiku deck
Comprehension: thinglink, wevideo,
padlet, chatter pix, telagami
Writing: pre write using popplet
500,000 apps in 45
minutes shaded yellow= free vs not
500,000 apps in 45
Get a twitter account and follow educators!
Instead of "there's an app for that," think of twitter as,
"there's a person for that."
Tweechme (app for teaching teachers how to use twitter)
"If you don't know what a hashtag or handle is, you're
Follow me! @michellekopecky
eduClipper- a social learning network for sharing
content, creating assignments, and digital portfolios.
Substitution: same stuff, different device
Augmentation: FML functionally more
Modification: LMFAO leveraging more
functionally, artistry, & outreach
Redefinition: WTF without technology,
forget it.
Speaker from
We've been ready for districts to stop
buying textbooks for a decade.
Information should be coming from in to
out, not out to in. Must improve teacher
attitudes toward technology.
iPads are the crack cocaine of education
for 5 years, but districts buy thousands of
iPads with no plan how to use them.
Speaker from
iPads great for k-2, 3-6 need
Computers can not give adaptive
responses so supplement like crazy,
but an app is not your core
Another candid talk
about internet safety
Sergeant Eric Jones, Nebraska State
Patrol, internet crimes against
children task force
Child exploitation
unsafe sites
Yik yak
Kik messenger
Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter/vine
Resources for teaching lessons on internet safety