The Quilting Press President’s Message

The Quilting Press
Published by the Irving Quilt Guild, Inc.
July 2013
Volume 15, Issue 7
President’s Message
Happy July 4th to you all! What a great country we live in and what great contributions we are making
supporting our troops through Quilts of Valor. Please keep up the great work with this program. Carol
Cook is doing an awesome job with this and all you ladies who have contributed deserve a pat on the
We have TAQG Rally this month and I hope everyone can make it to that event.
We also have a good line up of speakers, classes for this month and the coming months. Kudos to
Julie Beck for the programs and instructors she has set up for us. Tonya Terry taught the microwave
bowl and they really look like a great project. Sorry I had to miss that, but hopefully I can get some made.
Ken Moore presented us with the instructions and rulers for the class he is doing, “The Feathered Star".
I'm excited about it. It will be a good challenge.
Don't forget to get your raffle quilt tickets...........
Stay healthy and happy ladies, thanks for being a Guild member.
As that oldies song goes.......Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy, days of summer......... See you at the meeting.
Kathleen Poole
President, IGQ
The Fourth of July, or Independence Day, celebrates the United States' independence from Great
Britain. Specifically, the holiday marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of
Independence. It has become a national holiday, celebrated with everything from flag raising
ceremonies to backyard barbecues and fireworks. Why celebrate with a picnic in July? July is
also the National month for Blueberries, Ice Cream and Hot Dogs!
Minutes from the June Meeting
Minutes from June 2013 Irving Quilt Guild Meeting
Meeting called to order by President Kathy Poole at 7:00 pm.
Corrections to minutes: Wanda Dunn's husband, George, was having injections in the back.
Sonya Bilbrey gave Treasury Report.
Julie Beck, classes: class Saturday will be Microwave Pot Holder at JC Park in the Big Room.
Tonya Terry showed the Microwave bowl. You will need two 10” squares of 100% cotton material and thread,
100% cotton Batting.
July 20 – So Many Little Quilts - $35.00 per person, must have 6 people to make.
August – Ken Moore will teach a class -Feathered Star. Showed sample. Need to buy a template no ruler. He gave
instructions on homework that needs to be done by class time. August 17.
September - Turning Twenty – 4 hour workshop; 20 people at $25.00 each and buy her 2 books.
Nancy Norris – Historian showed another block (Louisiana – Wagon Wheel) from the Pioneer Quilt.
Gail Walsh – Raffle Quilt- Will be selling tickets at Bear Creek Quilt Guild Aug, 20 and TAQG July 13. Thus far, we
have raised $1,370.00 – We need to raise $3,000.00 by Quilt Show.
Show Committee – Susan Turk – Be within budget. No decisions made yet. Still looking at different places: Center
Park – Holy Family.
New Born in Need
Quilt of Valor – Carol Cook - Make a block – sign – sample for Rally Day.
Donna Reid – Angel Quilts
Show Angel Quilts
Show and Tell
Welcome – Relda Smithwick and Lula Anerine
Hospitality – H - R
Fat Quarter Lotto
Door Prizes
Meeting Adjourned
Volunteer Points 2013
(Through May 31)
Ann Witherspoon
Barbara Berry
Barbara Coughlin
Barbara Martin
Bonnie Sloan
Carol Cook
Carolyn Evans
Connie Angeles
Cynthia Amador
Dolores Crook
Donna Reid
Donna Young
Ethel Rains
Evelyn Banks
Evelyn Moore
Evelyn Wray
Gail Walsh
Janie Merritt
Jeanette Verheist
Jerry Bowen
Jerry Tollett
Jody Rhea
Josie Holland
Joni Clary
Joyce Dugosh
Judy Doggett
Judy Poole
Julie Beck
June Page
Kathy Poole
Kristi Wilson
LaCora McSwain
Lassie Smith
Linda Scott
Lori Vauble
Mickie Ray
Nan Coleman
Nancy Norris
Pam Chenault
Pam Hendrick
Pansy Shehee
Sandy Beissel
Sarah Schacht
Shawn Carr
Sonya Bilbrey
Sue Gray
Susan Holt
Susan Turk
Suzann Rogers
Tonya Terry
Virginia Bobbitt
Virginia Glasgow
Yolanda Garcia
Volunteers are the only human beings on the face
of the earth who reflect this nation's compassion,
unselfish caring, patience, and just plain loving
one another.
~Erma Bombeck
My Quilt
My neighbor is washing her windows
And scrubbing and mopping her floors
But my house is all topsy-turvy
And dust’s behind all the doors.
My neighbor, she keeps her house spotless
And she goes all day at a trot,
But no-one will know in a fortnight
If she swept today or not.
The task I’m doing is enticing,
(my poor neighbor is worn like a rag)
I am making a quilt out of pieces
I’ve saved in a pretty chintz bag.
Oh, and this quilt, I know my descendants
Will exhibit with pride in their hearts,
“It is lovely, my grandmother made it,
such an example of patience and art.”
But will her grandchildren remember
All her struggles with dirt and decay?
Upcoming Events
July 13- TAQG Rally Day will be held at the
Mimosa Lane Baptist Church, 1233 Belt Line
Road, in Mesquite, TX
July 19 – July 20 – Ellis County Quilt Show, “A
World of Color” will be held at the Midlothian
Conference Center, 1 Community Drive,
Midlothian, TX 76065
At The Guild
JULY - Cheryl Morschauser & Deborah Cooley will be
giving a trunk show on Sew Many Little Quilts
featuring over 75 unique little quilts.
JULY Workshop - Cheryl and Deborah will be teaching
courthouse steps in a 6 hour class for a fee of $35 per
student. We need a minimum of 6 students for this
workshop to meet.
AUGUST - Annual garage sale where you can sell any
sewing related articles you no longer love enough to
keep at your home. Bring all you want but remember
that you must tend to the sale of all of your things.
AUGUST Workshop - Ken Moore will be teaching
feathered star. Special ruler required but Ken can get
us group pricing for this.
SEPTEMBER - Tricia Cribbs, author of the "Turning
Twenty" patterns will be speaking.
SEPTEMBER Workshop - Tricia will be teaching a
pattern to be announced. Class fee is $25 per student
with a minimum of 20 students to hold the 4 hour
They will not - they will wish she had made
Them a quilt like I’m making today.
(Submitted by Kristi Wilson)
If you have something you would like to share with
the guild in the newsletter, please feel free to forward
it to me! Also, feel free to send any suggestions, ideas,
recipes, hints or helpful quilting tips to me at
[email protected]
Newborns in Need
The count of items donated in June was 185 receiving blankets, 60 booties and 120 hats. Thanks so much to Cynthia,
Connie, Judy, LaCora, and Lassie for all your hard work last month!
Remember--- The Newborns in Need program provides you with the fabric to use for the donated items you make so if
your stash is short and you want to earn volunteer points- see me. If you would like any special amount of receiving
blankets or quilts please email me or call and I will bring them to next meeting for you.
Small quilts are 2 for 1 hour
Surging the receiving blankets 10 for 1 hour
Hats, diaper shirts and booties are 10 for 1 hour
Please, if you have Receiving blankets that have been out for several months PLEASE, get those back to me at the next
meeting. Newborn’s is in need of everything they send out to be returned on a monthly basis so they can full fill the
needs they have.
If you have any questions, please contact me.
We thank you – and the Newborns in Need thank you.
LaCora McSwain
[email protected]
To see more about this national organization go to or
Quilts of Valor
Mission statement - The mission of Quilts of Valor
Foundation is to cover all those service members
and veterans touched by war with wartime quilts
Called Quilts of Valor (QOV’s). Quilts of Valor
Foundation is not about politics. It is about
Raffle Quilts
Members - please pick up and sell raffle Tickets. We need to sell as many as possible to help the Guild meet their
expenses and to make the scholarship funds available. Please consider taking your share and get them sold.
Gail Walsh 972-259-3949 or [email protected] cell: 214-707-2591.
2014 Quilt Show
Miniature Quilt Auction
Quilts will be donated to the IQG for sale to the highest bidder at the Miniature Quilt Auction at the 2014 Quilt Show.
The quilt must have a label (IQG, maker , quilter name, date) and sleeve for hanging. These quilts will be judged and
three to five ribbons will be given in this category.
Miniature Quilt sizes:
They can be as small as 6 inches square and as large as 24 inches square. They do not have to be square, just be
between these measurements.
Due Date: April 30, 2014
Any technique may be used to make your miniature quilt. Paper piecing seems to have brought in more money at past
shows, so you might give it a try. We want to encourage new and different techniques to challenge our guild to be the
very best we can be.
There are lots of free patterns on the internet and lots of books for Miniature Quilts. If you have any questions or need
help in any way please contact me!
Kristi Wilson at 972-554-0962 [email protected]
Evelyn Banks 972-254-5290
[email protected]
Fifty Dollar Program
Just a reminder to you that we have a $50 Incentive program for volunteer points! This program will run from
January – November 2013. How does it work? First you must earn 48 points anyway the Irving Quilt Guild
allows you to earn them. You earn one chance in the drawing for the $50 for every 8 points earned after the
48 for turning in quilts. These points can be for the top or quilting. These quilts are Angel Quilts, QOV, Keeper
Quilts and Newborns in Need. Everyone’s chances are the same as everyone else. At the November and
December meetings I’ll have the chances that everyone earned. We’ll draw a name at the December meeting.
Lori Vauble is the first person to earn 8 points past the 48. She has one chance already in for being the first.
The purpose of this program is to provide incentive to get more charity quilts turned in.
Donna Reid 972 986-2161
[email protected]
Friendship Groups
Guild members are cordially invited to join a sewing group for fellowship, growth and stitching.
Most groups have room for new members.
Material Women
(Third Monday - 6-9 pm - Holy Family Church)
Material Woman
We worked on heart blocks again. We have a pattern
for our show quilt. Sorry can’t tell you what it looks
like. It’s a secret.
Donna Reid
[email protected]
Threadpickers has a new home. We have been invited
to meet at Angels and Moore in downtown Irving.
Our meeting days and times remain the same. If you
are looking for a friendly daytime group, please meet
with us at Angels and Moore, second Thursday of
each month, from 10 am to 2 pm. Brown bag your
lunch and a drink or choose one of the restaurants in
downtown Irving. Bring a project to work on and be
ready for a couple of hours of friendship and good
For more information, contact me!
Cynthia Gladden
Frayed Knots
(Second Monday – 6 - 9 pm - Jaycee Park, 2018 Puritan)
The Frayed Knots will meet Monday, July 8th at
Jaycee Park at 6:00p.m. We are working on a block of
the month featuring stars.
Everyone's blocks are looking great and so many
different color schemes. Everyone is welcome and
you don't have to do the block, just come and visit.
Have a great month with friends, family, and of
course piecing.
Happy Quilting!
Linda Scott
The Fancy Stitchers
[machine embroidery]
(Last Tuesday – 6 pm - St Mary's Anglican Church,
635 North Story Road)
We have a show and tell; discuss techniques, projects,
and a long-term project for those interested in taking
part. At the present we have a "Challenge Project"
using the same embroidery design. This should test
our imagination. New members are always
Sandra Barton
Our lives are like
quilts - bits and pieces,
joy and sorrow,
stitched with love.
Programs & Workshops
The program for July will feature more than fifty little quilts made by Cheryl Morschauser and Deborah Cooley.
These two ladies have been good friends and have quilted together for more than twenty years - they have lots of
tips to share. They have been teaching the Jo Morton Little Women's and the Prairie Women's Sewing Circle classes
in the McKinney area for the past six years. Most of the quilts that will be presented will be from these classes. In
addition, Cheryl and Debbie will be teaching a Courthouse Steps workshop. The Courthouse Steps is a traditional
log cabin block originating around 1870.
This class will teach you how to make an antique block with a different technique using many fabrics that are
usually mediums and darks with low contrast. Your quilt can be made small with just twenty blocks or as large as
you want it to be.
The pattern is included in the $35.00 class fee.
Some prior work must be done before class so sign up as early as possible!
If you love reproductions and want a quilt that lies flat, this is the class for you. It will be fun and easy!
Julie Beck
Program Chair, 2013
Angel Quilts
WOW! Do you know how many Angel quilts were turned in? First let me say you rock! We were able to give
Scottish Rite 45 Angel quilts. They were so cute. This brings our total of donated quilts to 120. IQG is the only guild
that donates quilts on a regular basis. Scottish Rite can use all we give them. I would like to reach the 300 mark this
year. I can only reach this goal when you help. Gail Walsh won the 4 points in the drawing.
Thank you.
Donna Reid [email protected]
Angel Quilt Measurements / Points Earned
Small Quilt = 4 Points -any quilt with a total measurement
of 90” up to 119”. Large Quilt = 8 Points – any quilt with a
total measurement of 120” or more. Please refer to the
IQG 2013 Membership book for additional information.
Officer’s Meetings
Officers 2013
Kathy Poole
Vice President:
Julie Beck
2nd Vice-President:
Tonya Terry
Sonya Bilbrey
Virginia Bobbitt
Virginia Bobbitt
Evelyn Wray
Jeanette Verheist
Sunshine & Shadow/ Welcoming:
Cynthia Gladden
Janie Merritt
Susan Turk
Long Arm Machine
Judy Doggett
Liza Faust
Pamela McWilliams 972-912-9805
Janie Merritt
Linda Scott
Bonnie Sloan
Chairpersons 2013
Angel Quilts:
Donna Reid
Sue Gray
Door Prizes/Fabric Lotto:
Shawn Carr
Festival Events:
Nancy Norris
Evelyn Wray
Keeper Quilts:
Janie Merritt
Nancy Norris
Newborns in Need:
LaCora McSwain
Ginny North
Kristi Wilson
Quilt Show:
Susan Turk
Janie Merritt
Quilts of Valor:
Carol Cook
Raffle Quilt:
Gail Walsh
The Officers and Committee
Members meet the second
Thursday of each month at
Oakview Baptist Church (north
entrance) at 1004 South Story
Road, Irving. We meet at 6:00 and
everyone is welcome.
The Guild’s annual dues are due at
the November meeting.
members are required to wear
their current membership card as
their name badge. A 50¢ fine is
charged if not worn at the
Active Members:
Under 65
65 or Older
Charter Members:
Under 65
65 or Older
Junior Members (10-17): $20
Current Members
New Members
Meeting Attendance
Susan Holt
Sue Gray
Cynthia Amador
Nan Coleman
Elaine Doell
Sandra Barton
July Fat Quarter
Lotto- Red, White
& or Blue
Irving Quilt Guild
The Quilting Press newsletter is
published monthly for the Irving
Quilt Guild, a not-for-profit
501(c)3, volunteer organization
founded in 1998.
Newsletter Deadlines
Please submit all newsletter
contributions, letters, reports,
black & white photos, prepaid
advertisements, etc. to the editor.
All ads must be prepaid, camera
ready, and fit the size requirement.
Ads received after the deadline will
be included in the next month’s
publication is the third Thursday of
each month for the following
month’s issue.
Advertising Rates:
1/8 pg (3.5X2) $3/mo; $8/3 mo;
$15.25/6 mo; $30/yr.
1/4 pg (3.5X4.5) $5.75/mo;
$15/3 mo; $29/6 mo; $57/yr.
1/2 pg (7X4.5) $11/mo;
$29/3 mo; $56/6 mo; $110/yr.
Full pg (7X9.5) $21/mo; $56.50/3
mo; $107/6 mo; $210/yr.
2nd Monday
2nd Thursday.
3 Monday
Last Tuesday
Officers Meeting
Guild Meeting
Frayed Knots
Material Women
Fancy Stitchers
Show and Tell
Angel Quilts
Newborns in Need
Workshop Show and Tell
Quilts of Valor
Raffle Ticket Money
Fat Quarter for Lotto
Food And Drinks H - R
Oakview Baptist Church
Oakview Baptist Church
Jaycee Park
Jaycee Park
Googly Eyes
Holy Family Church
St. Mary’s Angelica Church
Promote fellowship among persons interested in all aspects of quilt making. Preserve our
quilt-making heritage and traditions. Participate in quilt-related projects that are of service
to our community.
Irving Quilt Guild
P.O. Box 154291
Irving, TX 75015-4291
July Meeting Reminders:
July 2013
6:00 PM
6:30 – 9:00 pm
9:00 am – 3 pm
6:00 – 9:00 pm
10:00 am – 2 pm
6:00 – 9:00 pm
6:00 – 9:00 pm