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Centre for Asset Integrity Management
Globally there is a rapidly growing need to optimally manage the integrity of physical assets over their entire life cycles, from desig
assets are increasingly used past their original design lives. This happens in the context of growing safety and environmental conc
pressure. Trends like these require in-depth understanding of all aspects of the asset management process and a new generatio
educated with a proper understanding of the asset life cycle and the interdisciplinary nature of this process.
The Centre for Asset Integrity Management (C-AIM) at the University of Pretoria explore a wide range of aspects pertaining to the str
physical assets such as power generation equipment, petrochemical plant, water utility equipment and mining equipment.
Current research is focused on the following:
Identification of critical assets
Design for reliability (finite element analysis, modal analysis, compliance testing, accelerated testing)
Data acquisitioning (sensors, feature extraction)
Condition monitoring (failure modes and criticality, non destructive testing)
Diagnostics (anomaly detection, fault identification, confidence bounds, fluctuating conditions)
Prognostics (statistics and physics based models for residual life, fluctuating loads)
Life cycle decision support (data fusion, decision reasoning, maintenance, cost modeling)
Standards and databasis (asset management standards, testing standards)
Input loading (inverse problems for establishing input loading on structures and machines)
The C-AIM research domain may be schematically depicted as follows:
Our research agenda is driven through close interactions and collaboration with industry partners. We therefore invite interested part
contact our centre to explore mutually beneficial collaborations.
The centre is well-established with an excellent computational and experimental infrastructure, with specialist laboratories which
mid 1980's and a strong research program focused on vibration monitoring of rotating machinery under fluctuating load and speed
above, this programme has now expanded considerably.
C-AIM welcomes academics and researchers in the broad field of asset management as visitors and collaborators. For more infor
Heyns the director of the centre.
C-AIM Overview