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Estate of Freeman Baker 1842, died insolvent – Reuben Ryder licensed to
Decree of distribution:
Note of hand to the estate of Freeman Baker Jr.
Uriah Baker Bill of provisions delivered to his father
Freeman Baker deceased
Jane Baker bill of nursing and attendance on her
father and mother form Feb. 22 – July 22, 1841
Silvenus Baker working on farm and taking cair the
cattle and cash paid for hay
Harrey Baker account allowed by judge Aug. 8, 1842
The account of Alpheus Baker and Harvey Baker of Dennis,
marinors, adm. of the estate of Freeman Baker, late of
Dennis, yeoman, died intestate.
Amount of real estate sold:
The deceased barn sold to Obed Baker 2d.
$ 25.00
The shoemaker shop & tools sold to Obed Baker 2d
The deceased homestead sold to Obed Baker 2d
The Old field sold to
The east part of Cashes piece sold to Watson Baker
The west part of same sold to Obed Baker 2d
The cranberry Hole lot sold to "
The Gages road piece
" " "
The Bassett Pond lot
" " "
The Venny Wood lot
" " "
8 Aug 1843
Dr. F. Dodge bill $12.67. Dr. Greenleaf Pratt bill $2.00
Watson Baker dissatisfied with settlement, guardian of Watson F. Baker.
Inventory taken 15 Feb 1842.
Allowance made to widow Susan Baker 8 Mar 1842
Widow's 1/3: To Susan Baker – the front room of the dwelling house by
the petition wall of Kitching threw out the west end of the said house
– with the front entry and chamber over the same with priviledg to of
baking in to the over in the kitchen part of the house and to us a
nesesery part of seller and pass through the kitching and out the
north door to bring in wood watter and what ever may be needful and
also a priviledg in the Buttery and the north room or kitching is to
have the priviledg of passing through the front room and up the front
stairway to com at the kitch part of the of the chamber that is over the
sam – and we also set of to the said widow a bought one half acre of
land that is under and ajoining the said dwelling hous and the same
is bounded as follows, viz: bg. at the NW corner at the county road in
the range of the land of Freeman Baker, dec and then sets S as a
fence now stands 11½ rods to a stake and thence a bought E until it
comes to a post standing in the doar yard fence about 7 feet to the W
of the hous and thence S as a fence now stands to the road and then
N by the road to the NE corner of the shoe makers ship that is by the
county road and thence W by county road to the first – with all the
fence now standing on described land – and also all the out buildings
except the barn and shoemakers shop – also one piece of woodland at
Bassets Lot – also one piece of land at the oald field – this 1/3 of real
estate and value $210.33. March 11, 1842
[signed] Jonathan Nickerson |
Nehemiah Crowell
| Commissioners
Reuben Ryder
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Estate of David Baker, 1790.
Isaiah Baker, guardian for Warren, Silvanus and House Baker, 16
May 1792.
Isaiah Baker, guardian of Freeman and David Baker, 16 Mar 1792.
David Baker, guardian of Freeman, Warren, Silvanus, Samuel, the
minor children of David Baker, late of Dennis, 13 Jan 1796
David Baker died intestate. Jane Baker, executor, 16 Nov 1790.
Jane Baker, widow allowed 34 , 16 Mar 1791.
Inventory: The real estate which deceased to him from his honorable
father which the old gentleman had a right of dower is in and is
undivided. Israel Nickerson, Joseph White and James Nickerson,
Will of David Baker, 5 Dec 1768, of Yarmouth, labourer, being very sick,
etc. – eldest son John Baker, David Baker and Jeremiah Baker my
sloop and money that I have obtained this last summer by her fishing
and they three my sons must pay the remainder that is due towards
the sloop – a certain piece of meadow lying in Harwich at a place
called Boreman's island that I own shall be sold by my executors,
Samuel Baker and John Baker, my sons they together shall give good
conveyance by deed to pay my lawful debts. Daughter Thankful
Swain 40s. Daughter Elizabeth Baker 40s when she becomes 18 and
also priviledge to live in house and to cut her firewood so long as she
is single. Wife Thankful improvement of real estate, etc., but debts
must first be paid before she comes into possession, when she dies or
remarries I give the rest to my four sons, John, David, Jeremiah, Paul
– beginning at a stake marked on four sides standing the north side of
the road standing a little distance from the SE corner of my cleared
[land] that lies the E side of the way that goes by my house and from
the said stake running N until it comes to Duck Pond, all that land of
mine that lies to the E of said stake and range together with an other
piece of land and cedar swamp lying to the southward on the first
mentioned way beginning at the first cross fence to the eastward of
my house running at said fence about south and by west across
through said arm of swamp to a pine tree marked on four sides
standing on the south side of an upland in the swamp to the pond –
all that to the eastward of said fence and range I give to my two sons
David Baker and Paul Baker equal divided between the two. And also
to my other two sons, John Baker and Jeremiah Baker I give all my
land and swamp with my buildings that lies to the westward of the
above, equally divided, together with the rest of my lands and
meadows at Swan Pond River I give to my four sons. Son Paul all out
door moveables after wife done with them.
[Witnesses:] Edward Baker, Heman Baker, Allen Bangs.
Probated 26 Dec 1768.
Book 14, p183. Alpheus Baker and Harvey Baker, adm. of estate of
Freeman Baker, to Obed Baker 2d for $605.38 – a certain piece of
land with the dwelling house, barn and shoe makers shop and corn
crib and other small outbuildings standing thereon, in south part of
Dennis, 1 acre – bounded on the N by the highway and on the W by
the heirs of Freeman Baker, Jr., deceased, and on the S by said heirs,
and on the E by the road – also other pieces of land. 3 Aug 1843.
Book 28, p181. Obed Baker 2d to Alpheus Baker, Mariner – the
following pieces and parcels of land that was sold to Obed Baker 2d,
the estate of Freeman Baker, deceased, which deed bears date of 3
Aug 1843. Signed by Obed Baker 2d and Miriam Baker, 4 Aug 1843.
Dennis Book 1, p.442. Edward Baker of Dennis, mariner, for $380 to
Freeman Baker, mariner – a tract of land with a dwelling house –
bounded beg. at SW corner by the road, setting thence N by said road
till it comes to the land of Allen Bangs, E by said Bangs till it comes to
James Nickersons woodland then W by said Nickerson until it comes
to 1st. Edward & Patience Baker, 15 Oct 1806.
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Dennis Book 1, p.444. Venney Kelley, Innholder, for $65 to Freeman
Baker, mariner – a certain piece of cleared and brush land with a
dwelling house standing thereon laying in said Dennis – W by widow
Betsey Nickerson woodland, N by James Nickerson woodland, E by
the road that leads from John Bakers to Duck Pond and S by John
and Levi Nickerson woodland, 2 acres. Signed Vinney and Esther
Kelley, 21 Mar 1810
Dennis Book 2, p224. Thomas Baxter and Prudence Baxter of
Providence, R.I., for $50 paid by Freeman and Sylvanus Baker – all
our right title and interest in and to our Father, David Baker's, late of
Yarmouth, dec. died seized of. 26 Sep 1819, recorded 29 Jan 1820.
Dennis Book 2, p229. Samuel Baker Jr. of Dennis, mariner, for $1 to
Freeman and Sylvanus Baker – all right, etc., in estate of my father
David Baker. 15 Apr 1819.
Dennis Book 2, p301. Enoch Nickerson & wife Jedidah of Constantia,
Oswego Co., N.Y. to Freeman Baker & Sylvanus Baker, for $100, all
right etc. in estate of David Baker, dec. 8 Nov 1819.
Dennis Book 2, p.254. Freeman Baker & Sylvanus Baker to Reuben
Baker and Thomas Crowell for $6.70 – all right, etc., to that of David
Baker has prior to this date deeded to them. 3 Feb 1820.
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