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Vaune’s April
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Where I’ll Be.......
Winter seems to have lown by - it is hard to believe it is
already April! I am soo sorry for the delay in sending out
this newsletter - my schedule has been busier than I realized, with fun, travel and teaching, as well as deadlines!
Even as I write this, I am on a plane, returning from New
Orleans. I have just spent several days here, teaching for
the New Orleans Guild and sightseeing. The ladies were
delightful, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing New Orleans
with Gayle Hanrath-Campbell as my guide. We went on a
tour of Oak Alley (beautiful) and on Sunday, we spent the
day in the French Quarter at New Orleans Fest. This was
my irst trip to New Orleans, and I can’t wait to come back
nad visit!
A shout out to the Zia Sun Smockers in Albuquerque - we had lots of fun there, too! and The Sewing and
Stitching Expo in Puyallup, WA, was wonderful, as usual.
For those of you who are planning to come to the SAGA
convention, it is in Anaheim, CA this year, my neck of the
woods! It will be nice to go without having to worry about
how much my suitcases weigh! Registration stars Monday, May 2, at 10 am Central time. It is always such a wonderful experience to be with women who enjoy stitching.
I have some new books and a couple of bargains that I
have found on some favorites.
Hope to see you soon, and Happy Stitching!
As always, just pop me an email if you want to place an
Santa Barbara, CA
Stitching Serenity
Anaheim, CA
August 18-22, 2011
ASG Conference
October 11-16, 2011
SAGA Convention
Anaheim, CA
New Classic Yoke from Classic
Couture for Children Size 2-6
Includes 3 collars (peter pan,
scalloped, and square) and 2
sleeve options (gathered and
Order yours today!
Sewing for Yourself!
One thing that I hear over and over again, from all over the country, is that you
want to sew smocked garments for yourself. Added to that, you do not want them to
be baggy and shapeless, the ‘caftan’ look. One of my goals is to bring you resources to help you do just that!
To start with, I am going to talk about FIT! Although it may seem like it, fit is NOT a
4 letter word. Yes, it takes some time, but if you end up with a garment that fits you
well, it is worth it! The goal is to have a garment that ‘fits like a glove’. You usually do
not find that with ready to wear, and you probably won’t find that with patterns either. Even I have to alter my Classic Couture patterns to fit me!
When patterns are created, they are made to a size 8 and then are graded
(sized) up and down from the basic size 8. If you have ever watched ‘Say Yes to the
Dress’ on TLC, you may have noticed that when someone orders a dress in an extra
small (size 2 or 0) or extra large (18+) sixe that there is an extra charge. While that
may seem to make sense for the larger sizes (you are using more fabric), it may seem
a bit odd to have to pay extra for LESS fabric. This is because when the size difference from the basic size 8 goes beyond a certain point, the pattern has to be be redrafted, thus the extra charge. Each designer has a set of basic measurements and
their own formula of ease that is used to create a pattern.
We all have our own personal measurements, and whether we like them or not,
they are what they are. Instead of fighting them, work with them! Learn them and alter your patterns to make them fit your body. It is more work in the beginning, but the
result is well worth it. You should choose your pattern size based on your bust measurement and then alter accordingly. Shoulder, neck t waist, arm length, crotch and
pant length are the starting points! Here are 2 books that offer a world of information!
The Alteration book is an investment - it is a text book and is not discounted much on
amazon. I will not be carrying this book all of the time (I can not get it consistently),
but will have some in stock for this newsletter.
Reg. $103
Fitting and Pattern
This book gives step by
step directions with easy
to follow illustrations to
alter patterns for various
adjustments. With 496
pages, this covers how
to correct fit for over 100
different figure variations. it will become your
alteration bible!
Reg. $35
One of the best sewing books that I have
seen, the Threads
Sewing Guide is a
wonderful reference
book from notions,
patterns and fabric
through sewing and
serging to embellishment and repair.
You will love it!
The Library Shelf
Deal of the Month!
All About Cotton
Reg. $60 Sale $35
All About Wool
All About Silk
Reg. $65 Sale $35
Reg. $55 Sale $35
Special!!! Complete Set
$100*** first come, first serve
*** One of my sources is clearing these out, which is why I am able to offer
these at such a wonderful price. Once this batch is gone, they will revert back
to the original price. This book is used as a text book in college textile classes even on Amaxon, there is not much of a discount, so if you have thought about
adding these to your library, now is the time.
New from Wendy Scheon! Mastering Shadow Work Embroidery
One look and you will be hooked! Wendy shares her shadow work
techniques, along with projects to practice your skills! Reg. $30,
Special $ 25
AS&E #94
does not disappoint. Smocking and embroidery projects for your favorite little girl! One of the best issues they have had! Besides the gorgeous dress on
the cover with the scalloped yoke, there is a jumper, a pretty bishop dress, a
sundress, an adorable romper, a special occasion dress and a button down
the front yoke dress.
Tip: When storing your stash (and don’t
we all have one?!), fold each length size
(1 yd, 1 1/2 yd, 2 yd) in a different configuration. That way, when they are stored,
all you have to do is look at how they are
folded and you will know the yardage!
Tip: Tired of having the wires pull out
of the needle threaders? Just put a
drop of super glue over the wires - this
will strengthen the join where the wires
are inserted into the aluminum so they
won’t pull out as easily!
Here is a chance to put a bit of smocking to your busy life! Add a
smocked insert to the front of a lunch bag or one of the other projects to
make a one of a kind tote! 25 different sacks and wraps (there is even
a crocheted apple wrap to keep your apple from getting bruised). See
below for helpful notions for making bags!
Soft and Stable
stabilizes the sides
of your soft bags
so they will stand
Shape ‘n Create is a
stabilizer that you put
in the bottom of your
tote or bag
up! $12 18”x58”
Create a Strap is
interfacing that
helps you make
straps quick as a
wink! $6.75
Soft and Stable and Shape and Create is available in White or
Dovo Scissors
New from DOVO - a 4 1/2 inch
silver Art Deco scissor with an Art
Deco sheath. A wonderful addition to your scissor collection!
Reg. $70, Special
Just Released on April 12!
For those of you familiar with
Cindy Foose, her daughter,
Martha, has just released her
2nd cookbook, A Southerly
Course. Filled with delicious
recipes and wonderful stories
(she gets the wonderful gift of
story-telling from her mother!)
Her first book, Screen Doors and Sweet Tea,
won the James Beard Award dfor American
cookbooks..........will this one follow in the
same footsteps? Available on
6 inch Art Nouveau shear is also new
from DOVO Reg $70
Special $63
The last new item from
DOVO is the 4 piece set.
It includes the 4 inch embroi-
dery scissor and the 5 in and
6 in shears in a red leather
flap case. Reg $225
Special $200
DOVO scissors are handcrafted in Germany. Each pair is made with a pair of blades
(not massed produced right blades and left
blades that are put together) that is balanced. 90% of their scissors are hot forged
for a stronger result. Once you use them, you
will understand!
Sam / Samantha
One of my new class proposals, Made with fine
Dimity, it has tiny pintucks
and embroidery on the
bodice. Tatting edges the
linen collar and cuffs. Also
includes puff sleeve and
peter pan collar.
Next newsletter I will include information on all of my new classes. If you
have a request fir a specific project or
something you would like to see, let
me know!
Oak Alley
If you are in Southern California or
want to take a visit to Santa Barbara, our
smocking guild, ‘Berry Good Smockers, is
hosting a sewing weekend in Santa Barbara. Cost is $175 for the weekend, which
includes sleeping accommodations on
Friday and Saturday night, 3 meals on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. We have a wonderful room to work in with lots of light! You
can work to your own schedule, whether
you are an early bird or a night owl - the
room is available 24/7. It is truly a delight to
spend time with women who love sewing
and needle work. If you want information,
just send me an email - [email protected]
An incredible view,
beautiful flowers and
wonderful history. If
my kids were little, the
first thing they would
say would be that they
had good climbing
Bourbon Street, here I
come................. Well, I
was a tourist, right?! Gayle
was a perfect guide and
The French Quarter Fest was
wonderful. I can’t wait to
visit again!
Marfy Patterns
***Not for the faint at heart!***
I don’t know if you are familiar with
Marfy patterns...........they are patterns from
Italy. High fashion, unique and incredible designs! If you go to
(sorry - pdf, so you can’t click) you can see
the patterns. They are NOT multi-sized, they
are already cut out and do NOT have directions or seam allowances.
Day 2 with the
Greater New Orleans
Smocking Guild - they
were the definition of
Southern Hospitality!
As we head into Easter, I hope you have
a safe and joyful holiday - may you share it
with friends and family!
Keep those creative juices flowing,
and try to do a little bit of sewing or stitching
everyday - it will keep you sane!
If you are interested, email me and i will
give you the contact information for Nancy,
who orders directly from Marfy (it is easier
and cheaper to go through her rather than
Vogue). she has 4 ‘postage amnesty’ days
per year. If you do not have to have the
pattern right away, she sends in the orders
all together, so everyone saves on postage
(postage ended up being about $2 per pattern doing it this way - different patterns had
different prices, but in general, it was about
$22 per pattern, including conversion rate
and shipping).
I hope to see many of you in the near
P.S. - I will NOT be in Arlington this year. I am
so sad - first time I will miss in about 9 years.
Martha’s show is late this year and conflicts
with our Santa Barbara weekend, which is
always the last weekend in June.
Happy Stitching!