Shama Patel
Fashion Expert
ey girls! Hi there!! Hope you're being busy
again in the prep of Navratri after enjoying
Monsoon Masti in Janmashtami holidays. But
Navratri needs a special attention as it's a nine
days' festival. Youngsters are used to purchase or
design various outfits of all 9 days. Especially in
case of girls, No outfits should be repeated, isn't it?
Here I am to suggest you regarding backless cholis
which are the most hot favorite of you girls, not only
for navratri but with sarees for all season too.
The earliest evidence of an Indian blouse was a
piece of cloth stretched across the bosom and
knotted at the back. From there emerged the
backless cholis and then the trend started and still
going on. It got its fame from the bollywood movies
and songs that we had. It can make any simple
saree attractive and sexy. It has power to make
look an ordinary looking female stunningly
beautiful and appealing.
This navratri, pairing a backless kachchi top
with traditional Gamthi embroidered ghaghra with
sheer chiffon bandhni dupatta is the conventional
style. For some dramatic getup try pairing a
backless kachchi choli with Patiala pants in a solid
color. They will allow you to move freely and be
completely fashion forward.
Some girls are in not a mood to wear bulky and
volumous Ghaghra, for them too I have a brilliant
idea for fusion dressing. Wear a traditional Rabari
style Kediya with kachchi embroidery in team of
skinny jeans.
You can throw a bandhni stall to complement your indo-western
look. Don't forget to wear ample number of multi colored bangles,
oxidized zumkhas and necklace to keep it typical navratri look.
Among the most common sari blouse patterns
that are available for woman in the market today
are backless choli style blouse, halter neck, tube
choli, tie ups style blouse, bikini style, bias cut style ,
spaghetti style, low wide neck style, single shoulder
style, stringed back style, high choli style, bustier
etc. are the hottest among hot these days.
Halter dresses are in vogue all over the world so
how can the blouses of Indian sarees remain
untouched from their influence? Tie it up or get it
stitched experiment with neck designs to flaunt
your neck and back. In fact, a halter neck blouse has
many variations. The classic halter, the V halter
and the crossed halter are the various types among
it. However,
go for it only
if you have a long slender neck or it can give you an
awkward look.
A blouse with strings in different patterns sure
gives a sexy look to the wearer. No buttons, no zips,
just tie ups for a great style statement. This blouse
can have long straps that are tied in a knot at the
lower back. Or it can have straight strings side to
side tied at the middle. You can even get them
crossed strings.
Want to get some sexier looks? Then go for an
off shoulder blouse. Boat neck off-the –shoulder
look is the most common and also the most
popular. You can use the border of the sari or any
other kinds of trim. A single shoulder style blouse
can also do if you feel uncomfortable in both
shoulders off.
For bold and daring woman, a blouse with
spaghetti straps will also do wonders. Get noodle
thin straps or just flat strings. And if you want to
be some more unconventional get some sequined
or even jeweled straps.
These cholis are having sewed padding and
reinforcements on it so that a brassier is no longer
needed. These can be worn with ease and looks
gorgeous with Indian attire. In Bollywood
backless cholis have become a fashion statement
after the movie HUM AAPKE HAIN KAUN . The
gorgeous Madhuri Dixit wore one of this kind of
blouses and it made her stunningly beautiful. She
has proven how a simple saree can make you look
both traditional and glamorously sexy, as well.
There are various options to make these sexy blouses more
attractive. To make the look rich, you can embed them with gota, mirror,
lace works, beads, sequinnes, pearl . The embroidery can be placed of
the stripes of shoulders, cups in front, sleeves,
strings and spaghettis.
Decorate the strings of choli with big potli
hangings. Even neckline of these blouse also be in
different patterns and styles, such as V,U,round or
doori. A big BOW at the back of a backless blouse
can add glamour to simple plain saree be totally
feminine. Make it sure first, Backless choli wows
only on the clean, hairless and polished back.
Whether the skin tone is fair or wheatish, dsn't
matter. If the choli-ghaghra is not designer or
expensive, it is ok but the no excuse for hairy
and unpolished back. Shining back is must for
backless choli. So get ready to bang these festivals
with backless
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