2014-- Development Report

Fall 2014
“Faith in Action”
2014-2015 School Year Theme
What’s Inside...
Schools Are the Recipients of Generous Bequest
ohn and Anna Rerucha
were life-long residents of Butler County
and very devoted to their
Endowment Report-- parishes and the Catholic
Page 3
schools. Anna Samek
Rerucha passed away in
Heritage Club and
2008 and John in January
Named Funds--Page 4 of 2014. Their generosity
in their lives was carried
Did you know...
on with bequests to the
--Page 5
Catholic institutions they
so loved, and Aquinas and
Torch Club Campaign St. Mary’s was blessed to
Donors--Page 6
be one of those. John and
Anna’s bequest was the
Campaign Updatesecond largest gift ever
Page 7
received by the schools.
Anna (Samek) Rerucha
was born and raised in the
Donors--Pages 8-11
Appleton area. She graduated from Octavia High
Gold Rush--Page 12
School, went to two years
of college and then taught
in the Appleton area for
years. John was born
and raised in the Bruno
area. He was drafted in
It is in giving that 1942 into the Army. His
tour of duty included the
we receive.
-St. Francis European Theatre, fightof Assisi ing in Central Europe
and the Rhineland Campaigns. He was awarded
two bronze Battle stars
Report Page 2
during this time. Upon
his discharge in 1946, he
married Anna and they
settled near Abie to farm.
They lived there until
1984 when they built a
home in David City and
moved to town. Both
John and Anna loved to
work in their garden and
lawn in town.
ohn and Anna were
never able to have
children of their own, but
that didn’t stop them from
wanting to help insure the
availability of Catholic
education for the children
of the Butler County area.
Over their life-time, they
gave annual gifts to the
Endowment Fund that
allowed them to have a
named fund created in
their name within the
Endowment. (Page 4) In
death, they left a legacy
with a planned gift for the
John and Anna Reruchagenerous supporters of
Catholic education.
ohn and Anna were
members of the Heritage Club (see page 4) for
Aquinas and St. Mary’s
and attended the Masses
that were held at the
school for members of
the club. This gave the
school the opportunity
to thank them for desiring to remember us with
a planned gift upon their
death. Without knowledge of this generosity
during their lifetime, we
wouldn’t have had this
opportunity. May the
souls of John and Anna
and all the souls of the
faithful departed rest in
peace. Amen.
Page 2
last year. As of June 30,
2012, our endowment
was $4,716,121! We are
grateful for the support
one that we meet Jesus
of so many in our comChrist Himself. “Faith
munity for the Endowin Action” is also an apt
ment Fund that has
description of our Enbeen helping to support
dowment Fund, since by our school budget since
the faith of our generous 1983. Aquinas and St.
benefactors, the action
Mary’s is so blessed to
of helping to support
have dedicated board
Catholic education is oc- members, a solid Investcurring.
ment Policy Statement,
The Endowment
and very knowledgeable
Fund exists to assist
money managers.
us in providing a solid
“Faith in Action”,
Catholic education for
our theme, really deour young people. This
fines why we exist as
year the Endowment
a Catholic school. We
made total distribuare blessed with many
tions of $209,971.54
great traditions here of
for the benefit of our
vocations to the priestCatholic schools, which
hood and religious life,
is $14,516.56 more than academic excellence,
tendents O
the Superin
Dear Parishioners,
Alumni, and Friends,
Our theme for this new
school year is “Faith in
Action”. We are striving
this new school year
to emphasize that our
faith is not to be kept
to ourselves, but that it
should be demonstrated
by what we say and do.
Our faith is a gift from
God and should not be
hidden underneath a
basket (Luke 11:33),
but should be shining
for all to see. “Faith in
Action” also refers to
serving our brothers
and sisters in Christ.
We should see in every-
pment Offi
From the D
Dear Friends of Aquinas
and St. Mary’s,
I recently came across
a quote that said, “What
if you woke up today with
only the things you were
thankful for yesterday?”
Yikes! Did I voice my
thankfulness yesterday
to God and those around
me? It certainly was a
good reminder to me
that I am not always very
good at telling God and
those around me how
thankful I am for their
presence and support.
It’s easy to dwell on the
hardships and difficulties that each day brings
but why is remembering
to be thankful so difficult
As we go through a
school day here at Aquinas and St. Mary’s, I hope
that we can do a better
job of being thankful to
God for his mercy and
goodness in helping us
to persevere in keeping
our schools flourishing.
I also hope that at the
same time, we can be
thankful for all of our
benefactors who pray
for us and support us
each and every day. We
are blessed with so many
who volunteer hours of
time, sacrifice their treasure and share their talents to make sure that
our Catholic schools are
here for today’s students
and those of tomorrow.
This report is just a small
sample of all that we are
thankful for. It is a reminder of the hard work
and dedication that it
takes to keep our schools
superior athletic and
fine arts activities, and
a faculty and staff that
is second to none. But
these fine things mean
nothing if we are not advancing in holiness and
building up our children
in Christ. I am extremely
grateful for everyone
whose name is listed in
this annual report, and
for the many others who
give generously to our
parishes that support
our wonderful Catholic
Sincerely yours in
Fr. Sean Timmerman
Superintendent of Aquinas
and St. Mary’s Schools
providing an excellent
Catholic education.
I don’t know who the
quote came from that I
shared, but I do know
that the Bible is full of
“thankful” quotes and
so I end with this simple
“In everything, give
--1 Thes. 5:18
We are very gratefulfor all you do for our
In Christ,
Mrs. Deb Svec
Assistant Development
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Page 4
Aquinas and St. Mary’s Heritage Club
Have you made provisions in your will and estate planning for a gift to Aquinas and St. Mary’s Schools? If so,
we’d like to invite you to be a member of the Heritage Club. There are no offices to be held or meetings to attend. The Heritage Club gathers twice a year for Mass and a social time. This gives the school a chance to say
“thank you” to our benefactors for remembering the schools with a planned gift. We add new members each
year...could our next member be you?!? Contact Fr. Sean Timmerman or Deb Svec in the Development Office
(367-3175) if you would like more information.
Robert Adamy
Joe & Cece Bechtel
Jeremy Belsky
Rev. John Birkel
Rev. Brian Connor
Msgr. James Dawson
Kathleen Deavers
John & Barb Dehner
Irene Donoghue
Rev. Matthew Eickhoff
Carm Fiala
Rev. Jeremy Hazuka
Nicolas & Marlene Hein
Msgr. Adrian Herbek
Robert & Sue Hilger
Mary Ann Hotovy
Ernest & Judy Kabourek
John L. Kopecky
Robert & Lucille Litjen
Gene Loewer
Don & Laurie Luensmann
Rev. Thomas Lux
Marion Meister
Richard & Mary Ann Moravec
Fr. Rudy Oborny
Ken & Jody Pelan
Ken & Judy Polacek
Sharon Reisdorff
Lucille Rerucha
Msgr. Robert Roh
Harry & Sharon Schmit
Rev. Leo Seiker
Ernest & Doris Shonka
Jerry & Lillian Smith
Don & Rosa Lee Stara
Mark & Dolly Stara
John & Deb Svec
Fr. Sean Timmerman
Ronald & Patricia Vaca
Wilfred Vanderheiden
Joan Wolverton
Named Funds Within Endowment Leave Legacy
Named Funds can be created within the Endowment Fund with donations of $10,000 or more. Some of these
funds are for specific areas of the school while other gifts are simply sizeable donations or bequests. Contact
the Development Office at 367-3175 if you are interested in creating a named fund.
Leonard & Marlene Benes
Quentin & Marilyn Vraspir
Bill & Dorothy Samek
John & Mildred Hain Family
John & Isabel Tomek
Albin Kouba
Stephen Kouba
Knights of Columbus #1717
Edward Zegers
Dr. & Mrs. Ray Metzner
Rev. Gerald Messman
John & Anna Rerucha
Msgr. Adrian Herbek
Harry & Sharon Schmit
Diocese of Lincoln
Erma Steager
Joseph & Mary Masek
Rev. John Les Canac-Transportation Endowed Fund
Alumni Association
Elmer & MaryBeth Vanous-Guardian Angel Endowed
Henry J. & Mary Dehner
Herman Kutka
Tad DeWispelare Memorial
Scholarship Fund
Jon Moravec
Larry & Jean Pokorny
Ben & Eva Homan
Jolene Eller Memorial
Scholarship Fund
Dr. L. J. & Mary Ekeler (Aquinas
Founder) by Jack & Judy Ekeler
Edmee Cermak Endowed Fund for
Guardian Angel Tuition Assistance
Lillian Hotovy
Hotovy Scholarship Fund
Page 5
Did you know....
• St. Mary’s Elementary remodeled their library thanks to funds raised by
their annual soup supper and t-shirt fundraisers.
• Aquinas and St. Mary’s received $13,912.00 in memorials and honor gifts
this past year to various funds including the Endowment, Guardian Angel
Fund, Building Fund, and others.
• Aquinas and St. Mary’s grades K-8 receive a distribution from the Catholic
Foundation of the Diocese of Lincoln each year thanks to the Crossing the
Threshold Campaign. This past year, we received $13,137.28.
• The Guardian Angel Fund for Tuition Assistance received a total of
$9,183.81 this past year. $6,650 of that was in donations including larger
donations from the Knights of Columbus Council #8889, The Happy Quilters, St. Mary’s PCCW and the First Slovak Ladies. $2,533.81 of the total
received came from the Guardian Angel Endowed Fund. Fifteen students
received assistance from this fund this past year.
Thank You to our Endowment Fund Managers
The Catholic Foundation of the Diocese of Lincoln
Stewardship, planned giving, and development.
Strategic Legacy Advisors, Inc.
Brett A. Bayer
James D. Gilmore
216 E 12th, Schuyler, NE 68661
Office: 402-352-3553 or 800-939-5381
We work with Catholic Endowments, 401(K)s,
businesses that are privately owned whether
professional practices or individuals.
Registered representatives of and securities and investment advisory
services offered through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, Member FINRA/
SIPC. Cetera is under separate ownership from any other named entity.
Page 6
2013-14 Torch Club Campaign
The 2013-14 Torch Club Campaign for our Aquinas and St. Mary’s teachers was kicked off last fall. The base
pay for our teachers has been frozen for many years now, and the incentive pay is the only way we can bring their
compensation up to a fair and just level. In this sense, it is not “bonus pay”, but rather a necessary fund to make
sure that we can be as competitive as possible when it comes to hiring new teachers and maintaining the great
teachers that we already have. We give thanks to the many donors who donated to this campaign last year.
AJ Farms*
Michael and Roberta Adamy
Joe and Cece Bechtel
Marcia Bohuslavsky
Frank and Carolyn Brabec
Eugene and Sharon Brecka
Chuck and Karla Brezina
Melvin and Kay Cihal
John and Maureen Coufal
Daryl Crook
John and Barb Dehner
Cork and Sharon DeWispelare
Rev. Matthew Eickhoff*
Bernie and Deb Eickmeier
Frank and Eleanor Eller*
Jon and Rachele Eller
Leon and Sue Eller
Charlie and Kristi Emswiler
Dan and Jan Engel*
Ben and Arlene Fricke
Ernest Havlovic
Ray and Orletha Havlovic
Leonard Havranek
Hildy Homes
Matt and Nissa Hilger*
Julius and Connie Hotovy
Ron and Kathy Hotovy*
Rose Hottovy
Lyle and Pam Jakub*
Rudy and Harriet Jakub
Jim and Cheryl Kozisek
Laverne and Norma Kozisek
Tony Krafka
Larry and Sue Kratochvil
Russ and Carol Krupicka
Robert and Ramona Kunasek
Robert and Lucille Litjen*
Kent and Michelle Longenecker
Tom and DeLores Medinger
Ryan and Jean Meister
Richard Messing
Al and Diane Moravec
Richard and Mary Ann Moravec*
Russ and Diane Moravec
Sharon Nemec
Terry and Connie Pachunka
Pegasus School Images*
Shirley Peters
James and Rose Pflum
Jean Pokorny*
Paul and Deanna Pokorny
Alice Policky
Tim and Cheryl Prothman
John and Helen Ptacek*
Sharon Reisdorff*
Ross and Linda Ridenour
Joan Riha
Susan Romshek
Joseph and Mary Pat Romshek
Class of 1969 by Tom Samek
Jack and Susan Schmid
Harry and Sharon Schmid*
Ernest and Doris Shonka*
Dean and Kelli Stara*
Don and Rosa Lee Stara*
Jim and Donna Stara*
Ryan and Heidy Svoboda
Steve and Gina Thompson
Fr. Sean Timmerman
LeRoy and Margaret Topil
Alice Vandenberg
Jim and Phyllis Vandenberg
Melvene Vanis
Greg and Maru Whitmore*
An “*” indicates Golden
Torch Club donors. These
are donors who gave $1,000
or more to this campaign.
Is your nam
If your name is omitted or
misspelled, please know it is a
slip of the pen and not of the
heart. We are grateful for all
donations received. Please let
us know of our error.
Page 7
Rejoice in the Past, Reach for the Future Campaign
anuary of 2012 was the
official kick-off for the
Rejoice in the Past, Reach
for the Future Campaign.
The campaign, which has
a five-year pledge period,
has completed two full
years of payments. At the
end of the five-year period, we will be publishing
a complete list of donors
to this campaign. At this
time, however, we would
like to give you an update
on how the pledges are
coming in.
total of $4,986,387.37
was pledged to this
campaign. Of that total,
$3,290,001.64 has been
paid. Since last year’s
Annual Report, we have
received over $750,000
towards pledges from
1,300 donors. As part of
the campaign, $250,000
was designated for the
Endowment Fund to help
cover increased expenses
with larger square footage. This money has been
invested in the Endowment Fund and is already
at work for the school providing a yearly income for
the schools’ budget.
oans were taken out
from the Diocese to
cover construction costs.
At this time, the school
has already made two payments towards those loans
with the pledge payments
that are coming in.
ishop James Conley was here last fall
around Thanksgiving to
bless and dedicate the
new addition at Aquinas.
He was joined by a large
crowd of people who were
anxious to see the new
space. As was reported
last year, the band and
chorus moved into their
area in October. By the
start of basketball season,
the entire addition was
ready for use including the
south gym, locker rooms,
concession stand and public restrooms. Landscaping for the outside of the
new addition will be completed this fall.
e invite anyone
who hasn’t had the
opportunity to see the new
facility to stop by. We’d
love to give you a tour.
All of the students, faculty
and staff at both Aquinas
and St. Mary’s are enjoying the benefit of having
year round climate control
with efficient heating and
air conditioning operating
at both campuses.
campaign and its benefits
are a true blessing, and
we are grateful for our
benefactors as they continue with their efforts to
pay on their pledges.
note from the Superintendent of Aquinas & St.
Mary’s Catholic Schools:
Dear Donors,
I am thrilled to report that the Rejoice in the Past,
Reach for the Future Campaign was a huge success.
The participation and generosity of our Aquinas and St.
Mary’s family and friends were instrumental in helping
us to embark on this truly historic journey.
I am overcome with gratitude for you and the sacrifices you had made for the good of our Catholic schools.
Thank you for continuing to faithfully fulfill the pledge
you made to our campaign. Your diligence in this effort
is deeply appreciated.
Please know of my prayers for you and your family.
May God bless you and continue to reward you for your
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Rev. Sean M Timmerman
Aquinas & St. Mary’s Catholic Schools
Bishop James Conley walks through and blesses
the new South Gym at Aquinas.
Page 8
Alumni Phone-a-thon 2013
nce again, the Aquinas Alumni have out done themselves. Thank you Alumni for helping to get the
Phone-a-thon total to its highest ever--$53,266.37! The funds from phone-a-thon help to bridge the gap
between tuition and parish assessments. Calls were made during two evenings in November thanks to alumni
of the David City area. The top class this year was the class of 1976 with a total of $2,722.50. The rest of the
classes filling out the top ten are: ‘63, ‘81, ‘79, ‘68, ‘66, ‘87, ‘65, ‘80 and ‘67. The top six classes gave over
$2,000.00 per class and the rest of the top ten all gave over $1,000.00 per class.
hank you to everyone who donated their time, talent and treasure to the 2013-2014 Phone-a-thon. Your
help each year is greatly appreciated.
Class of 1962--$875.00
Aerts, David
Beebe, James
Bouc, Therese Vrbka
Brochtrup, Paul
Dolezal, Karen Navratil
Kohout, John
Kuhnel, Stephen
Lake, Clarice Brannen
Meysenburg, Donald
Reisdorff, Patricia Kozisek
Rerucha, Mary Jane Kunasek
Tomek, Bill
Tvrdy, Patricia Shanahan
Zegers, Jeanne Hladky
Class of 1963--$2,587.50
Andel, Donna Dolezal
Birkel, James
Bolton, Janet Jisa
Camejo, Beatriz Subil
Codr, Robert
Dolezal, Donald
Foltz, Barbara Kelso
Hain, John
Hain, Robert
Helgoth, James & Judy Birkel
Hilger, Robert
Hoxie, Mary Kay Sutter
Klein, George
Kobza, Sylvester
Kobza, Wilma Cockson
Malovec, Janet
Masek, Mary Sedlak
Meysenburg, Gret & Mag
Niemann, Carol Maca
Oborny, Fr. Rudolf
Ronkar, Elizabeth Kovar
Rosno, Kathryn Bougger
Roubel, Elizabeth Kovar
Rosno, Kathryn Bougger
Roubal, Judy Miratsky
Steager, Ben
Study, Margaret Morbach
Thompson, Carol Hain
Vanis, Judy Cermak
Class of 1964--$1,247.50
Bennett, Sharon Humlicek
Brecka, Sharon Woita
Ekeler, John
Gannon, Tom
Hain, Beverly Meysenburg
Hilger, Daniel & Mary Jane
Hotovy, Steven
Jakub, Jean Kozisek
Juranek, Robert
Klein, Emily Kouma
Kovar, Constance Ronkar
Kriz, Dean
Kuhnel, Gregory & Donna Rech
Kunasek, Martha
Masek, Shirley Pallas
Orender, Dolores Cihal
Osmera, Joan Miratsky
Puetz, Judy Behrns
Schmitt, Marilyn Jirovsky
Svoboda, Barbara Curda
Tomasevicz, Elain Kohout
Trowbridge, Jane Kosch
Class of 1965--$2,000.00
Almgren, Constance Samek
Augustin, Arthur
Bougger, Donald
Brodersen, Carol Hiller
Brown, Mary Gannon
Cockson, Robert
Conn, Linda Shorney
Dey, Judy Ann Demuth
Ebel, Delores
Ekeler, Judy Martin
Gibson, Jane Birkel
Helgoth, Roger
Helman, Gary
Heng, Wilma Schmit
Hilger, Donald
Hladky, Rosemary Janak
Homan, James
Hottovy, Ronald
Juranek, Dorothy Chmelka
Krondak, William
Mach, Dianne Bartek
Mahoney, Sandra Brannen
Masek, Wayne
Oborny, Stephen*
Puetz, Gary & Judy Kozisek
Reisdorff, Patricia
Riha, Bonnie
Sanley, Daniel
Scholl, Kathleen Kerr
Smith, Sheila Kelch
Stuhr, Delores Shonka
Sypal, Ronald
Trojan, Gary
Zegers, Ronald
Class of 1966--$2,090.00
Barber, Judith Hain
Birkel, Mike
Bohuslavsky, Marcia Urbanek
Enevoldssen, Pat Pospichal
Geiger, Terry
Heinemen, Carol Aerts
Hilger, Marvin
Hook, James
Hottovy, Larry
Koerin, Constance Hiller
Kopecky, Rick
Kriz, Lynelle Polacek
Krumbach, Barbara
Kuzelka, Allen & Linda Kosch
Lavicky, Catherine Havlovic
Maly, Joann Patak
Matulka, Donald
Michaels, Sandra Hilger
Miratsky, James
Parker, Sharron Kuhnel
Pierce, Margaret Ekstein
Polivka, Judith Hotovy
Polivka, Marcene Helman
Ponec, Michael
Richter, Michael
Smith, George
Smith, John
Spatz, David
Stara, James
Sypal, Barbara Kastl
Wilson, Patricia Gall
Class of 1967--$1,810.00
Burroughs, Patricia Ohlinger
Chmelka, John
Gabel, Ila Mae Svoboda
Glasshoff, Carol Hottovy
Hladky, Edward
Kohout Francis
Kosch, Thomas, Kunasek, Robert
Letellier, Susan Kopecky
Lux, Steven
Matulka, David
McCawley, Mike
Meyer, Michaelene Rolenc
Meysenburg, Martin & Noreen
Meysenburg, Ray
Nicolas, Greg
Plasek, Larry
Reisdorff, Robert
Schmid, Thomas
Sokol, Mary Bougger
Svatora, Carol Svoboda
Sypal, Kenneth
Wesolowski, Cheryl Kobza
Zitek, Steve
Class of 1968--$2,395.00
Adamy, Michael
Blessing, Joan Janicek
Burch, Ginger Hutt
Chmelka, Leonard
Coufal, John
Page 9
DeWispelare, Cork
Ekstein, Dr. Frank
Furasek, Diane Roh
Goodman, Barbara Woita
Hain, Jerry
Hain, Thomas
Hilger, John
Hilger, Russ
Hotovy, Nicolas
Hottovy, Arnold
Hottovy, Tom
Ingwersen, Mark
Jirovsky, Ellen Havlovic
Johnson, Carol Meysenburg
Kimminau, Carmeleta Bartunek
Masek, Shirley Jakub
McCawley, Mary Helgoth
McCawley, Tom & Pam
Messing, John & JoAnn Fricke
Miriovsky, John
Miriovsky, Michael & Sharon
Pekarek, George
Schmid, Aloha Mae Stara
Schoenbein, Mary Birkel
Sifring, Pauline Augustin
Treadway, Cynthia Gabel
Vandenberg, Ed & Marie
Vanous, Michael
Wickert, Kathleen Hotovy
Class of 1969--$1,742.50
Bartek, David
Bartek, Margaret Kohout
Bomar, Gail Janicek
Brannen, Anthony
Brock, Pat Lavicky
Cockson, Eva Bougger
Grundman, Kathy Hotovy
Havlovic, Bernard
Hesman, Cathy Hiemer
Hodge, Sally Pekarek
Kelch, Delores
Krafka, John
Manning, Carol Helgoth
Mefford, Paul
Moravec, Allen
Morgan, Cliff
Pitts, Margaret Platz
Richter, Deb Bartunek
Roubal, Marvin
Sanley, John
Schendt, Nancy Miriovsky
Smith, Daniel & Sherrill
Smith, David
Stava, Gary
Stout, Betty Stevens
Vandenberg, Ed
Whitmore, Randall
Wilson, Patricia Hotovy
Zegers, Michael
Class of 1970--$1,735.00
Andrews, Bonnie Stara
Birkel, Dale
Birkel, Eugene & Lana Vidlak
Chmelka, Edward
Depauw, Louis & Carmelita
Ekstein, John
Hanus, Patricia Ann
Hein, Nicholas
Hottovy, Gary
Hottovy, John
Ingwersen, Jean Humlicek
Konsel, Carol Plasek
Kratochvil, Sue Fiala
Navratil, Kenneth
Pelan, Jim
Rees, Kathleen Bartunek
Rolenc, Bridget
Sypal, Steve
Class of 1971--$1,128.50
Bartek, Daryl
Bruner, Margaret Sypal
Coleman, Joanie Miriovsky
Danaher, Daniel
Davis, Kathleen Aerts
Gabel, Gary
Grubaugh, Janice Sabata
Hain, James
Helgoth, Bill
Homan, Jerry
Hottovy, Les
Johnson, Connie Hanus
Kantonk Linda DeWispelare
Kobus, Debbie Havlena
Lyons, Sheila Morbach
Pelan, Larry
Roh, Jacqueline
Schmid, Jack
Sneller, Mary Morgan
Warnholz, Louise Zegers
Class of 1972--$1,175.00
Andel, Eugene
Birkel, Max
Cockson, Paul
Hain, Jeanette Gillespie
Helgoth, Diane Stastny
Hilger, David
Karpisek, Phyllis Janak
Kohout, Raymond
Lalonde, Kathy Hoffbauer
Moravec, Diane Augustin
Osborn, Judy Richter
Pelan, Tom
Pelan, Kathy Kuhnel
Prigge, Mary Ann Pohl
Richter, Bill
Schmid, Janice Samek
Souba, Jeff
Vanous, Tom
Wasem, Julie Moravec
Wilson, Beatrice Kozisek
Zegers, Tom
Class of 1973--$672.50
Birkel, Sue Eller
Bredemeyer, Connie Hain
Caskey, Eileen Jirovsky
Danaher, Sharon Baer
Gerard, Joan Alt
Higgins, Lora Matulka
Hlavac, Joann Divis
Johnston, Pat Havlena
Kriz, Dennis & Paula Behrns
O’Dell, Anne Cockson
Policky, Dan
Thorson, Joyce Janicek
Ward, Diane Schmid
Wayne, Teresa Birkel
Wilson, Patrice Dobesh
Zegers, Deanna Mick
Class of 1974--$795.00
Ekstein, Chuck
Fiala, Peg Roh
Gabel, Patrick
Gillespie, Rich & Mary Homan
Hiller, Peter
Klement, Anita Zavodny
Logan, Teri Augustin
Longenecker, Michelle Romshek
McCawley, Daniel
Navratil, Deb Shipley
Pallat, Marie Coleman
Perry, Connie Grubaugh
Sabata, Rita Birkel
Sookram, Patricia Matulka
Stara, Mark
Wangler, Patricia Fox
Weiche, Peg Dehner
Class of 1975--$1,307.50
Aerts, Richard
Benesch, Steve
Bonk, Betsy Kreizinger
Eickmeier, Bernie
Eller, Tom
Fiala, Greg
Goggins, Mary Lou Hottovy
Hain, Joe
Hilger, Shorty
Hilger, Tim
Hoffbauer, Russ
Hottovy, Terry
Kallenbach, Dennis & Julee
Kinnett, Kathy Shipley
Kovar, Vicky Armstrong
Longenecker, Kent
Pohl, Tom & Cathy Novak
Souba, Cindy Kirby
Stara, Steve
Zastrow, Luann Moravec
Zimmer, Larry
Class of 1976--$2,722.50
Alt, Chris & Mary Hilger
Arps, Mark
Birkel, Jim
Dailey, Michelle Dehner
Eckrich, Mary Sypal
Fox, Mike
Grubaugh, Rick
Hotovy, Michelle Rech
Hotovy, Ron
Krafka, Marty
Krenk, David
Matulka, Joe
Meister, Brent
Pandorf, Phil
Policky Rosellen Jirovsky
Schaecher, Jayne
Schmid, Dale
Schultz, Mary Samek
Tonniges, Sheila Morgan
Woita, Paul
Class of 1977--$1,092.50
Andel, Jerome
Arps, Diane Klein
Burbach, Chris Hoeft
Eickmeier, Deb Nickolite
Frey, Mary Lynn Hiemer,
Hilger, Tom & Diane Stara
Hilger, Cindy Kuhnel
Ingram Theresa Janicek,
Meister, Sheryl Eller
Meysenburg, Ben
Meysenburg, Barry
Moravec, Russ
Nemec, Sharon
Reisdorff, Dan
Page 10
Romshek, Dan
Smith, Glynette Trojan
Stara, Dolly Bartek
Thompson, Gina Kosch
Vanous, Jim
Class of 1978--$795.00
Fox, Rosanne
Hook, Mary Ellen
Hotovy, Jerry
Liss, Jerry
McCawley, Cathy Stara
Miller, Ann Peters
Moravec, Diane Kush
Roh, John
Romshek, Susan
Rupert, Mary Jo Shipley
Santella, Lori McCawley
Winkelmann, Rose Hottovy
Class of 1979--$2,410.00
Allen, Audrey Stara
Bougger, Tom
Bowman, Mary Hain
Denson, Dan
Eller, Gerald
Hupp, Jeanne Hiemer
Kovar, Karl
Shipley, Terri
Svoboda, Deb Hoeft
Urbanek, Greg
Class of 1980--$1,845.00
Bartek, Doug
Dixon, Mary Kay Schmid
Eickmeier, Randy & Colleen
Hilger, Ken
Homan, Bob
Hotovy, Pat
Hottovy, Tracy
Janak, Connie Hottovy
Masek, Paula Nemec
Meysenburg, Dennis
Navratil, Mark
Pokorny, Kevin
Polacek, Renee Prochaska
Riha, Chris
Selzer, Scott
Shipley, Gerilyn Vanis
Wiegand Patrice Dehner
Zegers, Deanna Mick
Class of 1981--$2,412.37
Andel, Willis*
Bieker, Susan Homan
Gabel, Tony
Gall, Mark
Gill, Patty Vanis
Hansen, Paulette Zegers
Hilger, Jackie Tvrdy
Hottovy, Troy
Meysenburg, Fr. Jim
Plasek, Tim
Pokorny, Brian
Sheridan, Jeanne Riha
Shonka, Keith
Stara, Dale
Stara, Loran
Vrbka, Scott
Class of 1982--$1,665.00
Brezina, Chuck
Demuth, Janie Hottovy
Farrer, Mary Kay Peters
Holland, Judy Birkel
Hunter, Michelle Alt
Lyons, Chad & Kim From
Novacek, Connie Kovar
Pelan, Ken
Pokorny, Alan
Pokorny Kim Schmit
Polacek, Tom
Price, Alice Hain
Proskovec, John
Roh, Pat & Beth Fiala
Romshek, Scott
Svoboda, Jim
Vandenberg, Laura
Warholoski, Alan
Wells, Kim Vavrina
Class of 1983--$1,214.71
Birkel, Paul (In memory of
Clarence Birkel)
Brecht, Peggy Meister
Brecka, Ron
Brouillette, Carol Homan
Darby, Geannine Hladky
Engel, Dan
Fiala, Mary Chris Codr
Hall, Lynn Vavrina
Hanus, Bill
Hoeft, Tim
Kozisek, John
Meysenburg, Linus
Pokorny, Galen
Pokorny, Renee Zegers
Schoenhofer, Carol Krenk
Svoboda, Sherri
Thyren, Jenne’ Mick
Class of 1984--$995.00
Covey, Gwen Nemec
Dvorak, Chris Ostry
Heyen, Deb Svoboda
Juranek, Dale
Kozisek, Pat
Liss, Rod
Rerucha, Steve & Lyne’ Mick
Schmit, Joe
Shipley, Tim
Smith, Tony & Julie DeWispelare
Vavrina, Rick
Class of 1985--$700.00
Demuth, Marty
Hain, James
Havlovic Michael
Henry, Sandra Siroky
Hoeft, Lisa Brecka
Janicek, Ken
Lawson, Kevin
Lilly, Susan Eller
Shonka, Dave
Shonka, Karen Fuxa
Stara, Gary
Vavrina, Randy
Class of 1986--$832.50
Albrecht, Mary Meysenburg
Birkel, Kent
Birkel, Michelle Beringer
Hamik, Kimberly Semin
Hanus, Dan
Kozisek, Jim
Longenecker, Brent
Matulka, Craig
Osborn, Jean Cihal
Pelan, Wayne
Policky, Bill
Reisdorff, Tom
Vavrina, Sandy Romshek
Class of 1987--$1,996.25
Bullock, Drlynn DeWispelare
Forbes, Marie Oborny
Krenk, Galen
Lammers, Pam Beringer
Ratkovec, Wayne
Shipley, Rob
Simon, Ronna Hilger
Smith, Jeff
Vandenberg, Julie Kobza
Vanis, Brian
Villamonte, Rogene Lyons
Voboril, James & Margaret
Class of 1988--$1,030.00
Andel, Patricia Augustin
Daro, Jim & Diane Pokorny
Hilger, Rick
Jakub, Lyle
Janak, Dan
Medinger, Charles
Oborny, Charles
Ossian, Deb Vanis
Pachta, Bob
Schmit, Lee & Cori Fiala
Class of 1989--$585.00
Behne, Brad
Birkel, Tracy Stara
Hain, Richard*
Kobza, Rob
Kozisek, Chris & Jodi Daro
Portrey, Doug
Stara, Lyle
Svoboda, Sharon Pachta
Class of 1990--$455.00
Hake, Tracy Mick
Kriz, Terry
Meysenburg, Galen
Rezac, Chad & Julie Oborny
Romshek, Andy
Slama, Amy Lanspa
Class of 1991--$510.00
Baer, Julie Vanis
Bohuslavsky, Dawn Demuth
Bucknell, Jennifer Oborny
Coufal, Jeremy
Hain, Vicki Plasek*
Lechtenberg, Karla Polivka
Meysenburg, Eric
Oborny, Louis Jr.
Romshek, Patty Pachta
Class of 1992--$1,070.00
Black, Rachael Smith
Duke, Rachel Augustin
Hemminghaus, Janae Messing
Hilger, Matt
Mick, Joe
Miratsky, James Jr.
Schmit, Tricia
White, Jennifer Shipley
Wollmer, Lori Yindrick
Class of 1993--$485.00
Asche, Renee Birkel
Buman, Janet Reisdorff
Clark, Emily Egr
Juranek, David
Pechous, Nicole Schmit
Ratkovec, Dean
Sabata, John
Stara, Dean
Suelter, Sherri Shonka
Class of 1994--$1,255.00
Emswiler, Kristi Kadavy
Gries, Jill Belsky
Juranek, Andrew
Meysenburg, Daren
Napier, Lance & Cindy Pohl
Prochaska, Pat
Pueppke, Jacqueline Egr
Page 11
Schmit, Karla
Steffens, Diane Schmit
Class of 1995--$647.50
Andel, Kevin
Coufal, Angie Kratochvil
Douglas, Sheila Cihal
Ebel, Joan Rerucha
Lavicky Matthew
Miratsky, Matthew*
Semin, Justin & Sara Lyons
Shipley, Chris
Yindrick, Jamie
Zwick, Renee Kobza
Class of 1996--$400.00
Adamy, Karey Eickmeier
Benes, Andrea Polivka
Coufal, Timothy
Jirovsky, Jason
Krafka, Curt
Masek, Amy McMahon
Romshek, Jason
Schmid, Jeff
Wurtz, Stephanie Schmit
Yindrick, Cathy Kobza
Class of 1997--$770.00
Behne, Aaron
Brabec, Daniel
Campbell, Jason & Corinne
Coufal, Michael
Hancock, Tammy Jakub
Krafka, Justin
Lavicky, Tori Hotovy
Polacek, Chris
Prochaska, Jodi Stara
Romshek, Becky Brecka
Schaub, Beth Semin
Svoboda, Ryan
Vodicka, John
Woolsey, Chris & Michelle
Class of 1998--$415.00
Brezina, Jeff
Daro, Laura Egr
Kadavy, Kelly
Riha, Jerod
Vandenberg, David
Vavrina, Lee
Class of 1999--$275.00
Coufal, Susi Vaca
Meister, Jean Semin
Pelan, Craig
Smith, Brad
Class of 2000--$310.00
Andel, Michelle Cihal
Egr, Michelle
Kobza, Aaron
Meister, Ryan
Polacek, Mark
Sabata, Mark
Schmid, Bobbi Stara
Class of 2001--$250.00
Bailey, Kate Semin
DeWispelare, Todd
Dorcey, Jodi Smith
Hanson, Deanna Pohl
Meysenburg, Ryan
Ploeger, Michelle Pohl
Class of 2002--$160.00
Kobus, Adam & Nicole Smith
Lovitt, Kristin Eller
Perillo, Shea Hilger
Raymond, Abby
Roh, Greg
Stara, Danielle
Class of 2003--$250.00
Bomar, Justin
Gabel, Allison Egr
Top Ten List!
Classes with top ten highest giving totals.
Sabata, Sara
Stara, Lindsey
Zimmer, Brian
Class of 2004--$505.00
Bongers, Sara
Daro, Robert
DeWispelare, Nolan
Eller, TJ
Polacek, Jennifer Marushak
Prigge, Elizabeth
Class of 2005--$160.00
Harms, Scott
Jantzi, Meghan Fiala
Lavicky, Luke
Class of 2006--$370.16
Birkel, Brian
Daro, Andrew & Melissa
Eller, Kyle
Moravec, Trevor
Paczosa, Mary
Swartz, Emilee Svec
Class of 2007--$77.50
Fozzard, Alison Prigge
Janak, Ross
Sabata, Katrina Kovar
Class of 2008--$42.50
Eller, Brandon
Sabata, Neil
Young Alumni Gift Club-$173.00
Daro, Doug ‘09
Sieck, Katie Svec ‘09
Amsler, Cassie ‘10
Hilger, Shanna ‘10
Daro, Katie ‘11
Eller, Jeffrey ‘11
Eller, Justin ‘11
Schmit, Jennifer ‘12
A special Thank
You to
Bank of the Valley,
David City Branch
for allowing us to
make phone calls
from their facility
for Phone-a-thon
each year
DeWispelare, Marissa ‘13
Marietta Alumni--$772.50
Andel, Bill ‘58
Dehner, Barb Reisdorff ‘53
DeWispelare, Gerald & Wilma
Vanis ‘48 & ‘50
Johnson, Marie Kopecky ‘40
Kobza, Jim ‘61
Kosch, John ‘46
Meister, Marion ‘51
Reisdorff, John ‘58
Rerucha, Leander ‘56
Ronkar, Jerome ‘60
Zwick, Marita Reisdorff ‘54
Dwight Assumption Alumni-$862.50
Albin, John ‘45
Bartunek, Eugene ‘44
Cook, Marcy Rolenc ‘42
Dehner, John ‘48
Dolezal, Richard ‘61
Hotovy, Julius & Connie Novacek ‘50 & ‘54
Masek, Eugene ‘55
Pleskac, Fr. Myron ‘52
Podolak, Wilma Krenka ‘43
Sabatka, Patsy Albin ‘54
Schneider, Therese Albin ‘55
Stanek, Darlene Sypal, ‘59
Zitek, Delores, Bartunek ‘45
St. Mary’s Alumni--$800.00
Chmelka, James ‘58
Havlovic, Orletha Kozisek ‘60
Policky, Alice Zegers, ‘60
Puetz, James ‘58
Reid, Anita Rolenc ‘58
Riha Joan Samek ‘58
Weaver, Joann Cockson ‘61
Matching Gifts were received
from the following companies:
American Express
Union Pacific
Becton Dickinson
*Gift designated by donor for
Endowment Fund
e missing?
Is your nam
If your name is omitted or
misspelled, please know it is a slip
of the pen and not of the heart.
We are grateful for all donations
received. Please let us know of
our error.
Non-Profit Org
US Postage
David City, NE
Permit No. 30
St. Mary’s
Aquinas &
P.O. Box 149
David City, NE 68632
Address Service Requested
-Gold Rush 2014
Sixteen years ago, Russ
and Diane Moravec approached the school about
hosting a major once-ayear fundraiser. That first
year $30,000 was made.
This year we made over
$260,000.00 and the total
raised in the past sixteen
years passed the Two
Million dollar mark! The
theme this year was “The
Great Outdoors!” Another sell-out crowd gathered
for the annual event where
they were surrounded by
decorations that depicted
“The Great Outdoors”
There were over 500 auction items donated by over
300 donors. The money
from Gold Rush is split
between teacher salaries
and capital expenditures
each year and is a tremendous help to the school
According to
Deb Svec, “Aquinas and
St. Mary’s have so many
volunteers with a wide variety of talents, and those
people are so generous
with sharing those talents
with the schools. Whether
it be decorating, creating
a video, auctioneering,
technology, or construction, our supporters share
those with us to put on
this event.” She went on
to say, “The weekend of
the event, we have a core
group of committee members along with the help of
a few more volunteers who
put in close to 40 hours of
work each in a three-day
period.” This adds up to
over 1300 volunteer hours
in just one weekend! Fr.
Sean Timmerman said,
“The amount of support
we receive for this event is
phenomenal.” The schools
are very grateful for the
funds that are raised for
this event. It takes volunteers and donors to make
this the success it is year
after year.
Gold Rush 2015
“Gold Rush 500”
April 11, 2015