Gallos, AP U.S. History Written by: Long Essay Rubric Graded by:

Gallos, AP U.S. History
Long Essay Rubric
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Grading Scale: 6=100 5=95 4=85 3= 80 2=75 1=65 0=50 U=0
 Thesis specifically addresses the prompt and makes a coherent argument—does not
Thesis Point
Support for
simply restate the question.
Improvement Needed:
___Thesis is properly argumentative but is not specific enough
___Thesis is too vague and may simply restate the question
___Thesis is incoherent, confusing, and/or off-topic
___ Thesis did not specifically address the prompt using the language of the prompt.
2 Possible Points: Looking for excellent use of evidence in support of your thesis.
 Supports the thesis with specific evidence
 Supports the thesis with specific evidence AND clearly and consistently states how the
evidence supports the thesis AND establishes clear linkages between the evidence and
the thesis
Improvement Needed:
___Evidence used to support the prompt is too vague, irrelevant, inaccurate, or simply
not enough
___Attempts to use evidence and argumentation are unsuccessful
Change Over Time
 Describes historical continuity AND change over time
 Clearly and thoroughly analyzes both continuity and change using specific examples
 Describes similarities AND differences among historical developments
 Clearly and specifically analyzes the reasons for similarities and/or differences or,
of Targeted
DEPENDING ON THE PROMPT, evaluates the significance of the historical
 Describes causes AND/OR effects of a historical development
 Analyzes specific examples that illustrate causes and/or effects of a historical
 Describes the ways in which the historical development was similar OR different to
other historical eras
 Describes ways in which the historical development was similar AND different to other
historical eras AND provides analysis of specific examples
 Response to the prompt synthesizes argument, evidence, analysis of documents and
historical context into a coherent and persuasive essay by accomplishing one or more of
the following:
____ Appropriately extends or modifies the stated thesis or argument
____ Explicitly employs an additional appropriate category of analysis (political,
economic, social, cultural, geographical, race/ethnicity, gender) beyond what is called
for in the prompt
____ Connects the topic to other historical periods, regions, and circumstances.
Improvement Needed:
____ Attempts at synthesis are unsuccessful due to inaccuracy, irrelevancy, or a
lack of specificity
____ There are no attempts at synthesis
Additional Feedback: ___be specific!
___budget your time ___use past tense
___no shorthand ___address prompt ___more evidence
___more analysis ___more
depth ___oversimplifications ___improve organization
___historical context has to
connect to your topic