Association of Professional Trainers SINGAPORE

Association of Professional Trainers SINGAPORE
‘Jimmy Ong Motivation and Coaching’ was founded by Jimmy, an individual who had
gone through extreme circumstances in life. But despite facing heart breaking failures and
insurmountable challenges which drove him to the edge of ending his life, he found a way to
overcome his plight. Through sheer determination and leveraging on new life strategies,
Jimmy successfully embarked on a new beginning that saw a reversal in his “fortune” and
his wildest dreams becoming a reality.
Today, Jimmy has incorporated his own life experiences and established methodologies into
several training programs and coaching series. These programmes are designed to inspire
working professionals to overcome challenges in life and at work so that they can be
equipped to transform seemingly impossible situations to positive outcomes.
His programmes are customized to fit the needs of the client. Key topics and expanded
features; “Are You Future Ready?”, “My New Beginnings”, “Thriving in Tough Times” and
“Shield Your Career in Times of Uncertainty”. When asked to describe the central message
of his presentations, Jimmy advocates, “Get your life balanced, be happy, and get back to
work!” Jimmy truly believes that a happy worker will lead to improved productivity, enhanced
customer satisfaction and reduced organizational cost, resulting in overall growth for the
Prior to becoming a Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Author; Jimmy spent more than 22 years
in Retail Sales, Marketing and Regional Business Development roles. His last position was
Deputy General Manager of Employee Engagement and in-house trainer in a publicly listed
company with over 1,000 employees. Jimmy holds an Advanced Certificate in Training and
Assessment (ACTA); in addition, Jimmy is also an official trainer with Muscular Dystrophy
Association Singapore and a recognized trainer for ‘Lose to Win’, a weight management
program organized by the Singapore Health Promotion Board.
Jimmy’s life story has been featured on:
MediaCorp Radio9.38live, Jan 2013: “They are making a difference”
The Sunday Times, 30 Sep, 2012: “To hell and back”
Simply Her Magazine, Jun, 2009: “A Life Reloaded”