Scraps, Inc.

36" x 48", designed, made, and quilted by Linda K.
Johnson for her grandson Griffin
This pattern incorporates scraps into a beautiful
quilt that is so much fun to make, you may want
to cut new scraps! The scraps are pieced onto
foundation fabric that stabilizes the bias edges and
remains a permanent part of the quilt. Try making
this as a large bed quilt, too. The foundation fabric
will make it extra warm and cozy.
Fabric Tips
A true scrap quilt will incorporate all different
fabrics: plaids, florals, batiks, whatever is
left over from any previous quilts, and so on.
However, you may also plan your scrap quilt
by theme or color, such as a baby quilt, ’30s
fabrics, homespun plaids, holiday fabrics, etc.
You will achieve the best look by including light,
medium, and dark values and mixing in large
and small prints. Feel free to make larger blocks
for big bed quilts.
Fabric Requirements
Lightweight foundation fabric: 1⅝ yards (We
used muslin.)
An assortment of MANY light, medium, and
dark fabrics, the more the merrier: 4½ yards
Backing: 1⅔ yards
Batting: 42" x 56"
Binding: ¼ yard
Additional Supplies
6½" square ruler
Linda K. Johnson & Jane K. Wells 2 Cuddly Snuggly Quilts
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9/2/10 1:20 PM
Scraps, Inc.
Sew along
pencil line
Cut 48 squares 6½" x 6½" from your foundation
Cut scraps (or new fabric) into various width strips:1",
1½", and 2". The length of the strips does not matter.
Each time you add strips to the block, simply select
strips long enough to cover the foundation. The
excess will be trimmed off after sewing. Triangleshaped scraps are perfect to use as the last piece
at the corners. If you run out of strips that are long
enough, piece 2 strips together at a 45-degree angle
(see page 36).
Strip-Pieced Blocks
Draw a pencil line diagonally across the foundation
squares about ½" away from the center.
Select 2 strips at least 9½" long. Place right sides
together and position them underneath the
foundation square approximately ¼" beyond the
pencil line. Sew exactly on the drawn line.
Open the 2 strips and press.
From now on you will sew with the fabric strips on
top. Place a third strip right sides together on one
of your first strips, and sew with a ¼" seam. Press
open. Continue in this manner until the foundation
square is completely covered with strips. Trim on all
four sides so your block measures 6½" x 6½".
You can work on several blocks at a time by chain
piecing them. If you are using varying widths of
strips, make sure you alternate between wide and
thin strips. Make 48 blocks.
Cuddly Snuggly Quilts 2 Linda K. Johnson & Jane K. Wells
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9/2/10 1:20 PM
Scraps, Inc.
Quilt Assembly
Arrange the blocks in 8 rows of 6 blocks each,
alternating the direction of the strips to form the
diamond design. Sew the blocks into rows. Press
the seam allowances in alternate rows in opposite
directions. Sew the rows together nesting the seam
allowances, and press all the seams in the same
This version was planned ahead on graph paper to
achieve the colored hearts on the green background.
Fun, right? I told you you’d want to make new scraps!
Block layout
Love Affair with Color, 36½" x 48½", designed,
made, and quilted by Jane K. Wells
Block layout
Layer with batting and backing, then quilt as desired.
Make a single-fold binding with 1¼" strips cut on the
straight of grain.
Experiment with your blocks to find other pleasing
layout designs. These blocks work with an optional
plain or appliquéd border.
Alternate layout
Linda K. Johnson & Jane K. Wells 2 Cuddly Snuggly Quilts
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9/2/10 1:20 PM